9 Amazing Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome

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Bunkhouses are always preferred by the campers who are fond of traveling and spending their nights camping in their motorhomes.

Having a bunkhouse means they get additional space for sleeping where the kids or guests can sleep. This makes it important to select only a motorhome that provides the best bunkhouse in its layout.

In case you want the Best Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome, then you will find it as we have shared a list of motorhomes in the Class A category that offer the latest and most useful features alongside the addition of bunkhouses or bunk beds.

Name Max Sleeping Count Number Of Bunk Beds
Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS 10 2
Tiffin Motorhomes Open Road Allegro 36UA 10 2
Forest River FR3 32DS 10 2
Holiday Rambler Admiral 34J 10 2
Forest River Georgetown 7 Series 36K7 9 3
Forest River Berkshire XL 40C 8 2
Jayco Alante 29F 10 2
Coachmen Mirada 35ES 9 1
Newmar Bay Star 3616 8 2

Thor Motor Coach ChallengerThor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS
Tiffin Open Road AllegroTiffin Motorhomes Open Road Allegro 36UA
Forest River FR3Forest River FR3 32DS
Holiday Rambler AdmiralHoliday Rambler Admiral 34J
Forest River Georgetown 7 SeriesForest River Georgetown 7 Series 36K7
Forest River Berkshire XLForest River Berkshire XL 40C
Jayco AlanteJayco Alante 29F
Coachmen MiradaCoachmen Mirada 35ES
Newmar Bay StarNewmar Bay Star 3616

What are the Best Class A RV with Bunk Beds?

1. Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS

Thor Motor Coach Challenger

The top addition to our list of best class A bunkhouse motorhomes is the Challenger 37DS.

You will get what you want inside this motorhome and tons of space for kids or guests to sleep inside it.

The elements you will adore incorporate two full bathrooms and three slides to give you ideal space.

The over-the-cab bunk is great for extra dozing space or capacity.

You would never be tired of living inside this RV because there are cots of sufficient size that can fit a person of any size.

There is also a ledge extension available, and you get a slanting king bed inside your room.

There are two full bathrooms to meet your necessities. You can sit over the coffee table to enjoy your evenings while having a sip of your espresso.

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Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS

2. Tiffin Motorhomes Open Road Allegro 36UA

Tiffin Open Road Allegro Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome

The Tiffin Motorhomes Open Range Allegro 36 UA is a class A RV that offers a great range of comfort with its bunkhouse, where you can fulfill your sleeping needs.

You’ll cherish getting into bed around evening time because of the 72″ x 80″ extra-large adaptable padding bedding, which guarantees you generally get an incredible night’s rest.

The open-air entertainment region permits you to partake in each snapshot of the excellent climate without missing the major event. In the bathroom, you get a shower and also a seat.

Outside, you have a flat-panel TV and also an outside TV for entertainment.

The cots will allow you to sit comfortably in your own space without getting disturbed.

Tiffin Open Road Allegro 36UA

3. Forest River FR3 32DS

Forest River FR3 Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome

Contrasted with a portion of the other class A RVs with bunks we’ve seen, the FR3 32DS from Forest River is filled with areas and slots for resting.

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There is a master room w/king a bed, two convertible sleeper couches, a drop-down overhead bunk, slide-out dinette, turn cab seats, flip-up ledges, and more.

Notwithstanding the main room, there are two cots, one of which is a folding blade couch that can be twofold as other seating.

In case somebody can lay and rest on the other folding blade couch in the lounge, which converts to a bed also, this RV camper would provide comfort for it.

There is an overhead bunk over the cab. In this way, a group of four can rest with additional security.

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There is just a single washroom ready. You can go out on long trips with friends in this camper easily.

Forest River FR3 32DS

4. Holiday Rambler Admiral 34J

Holiday Rambler Admiral Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome

The Admiral is another class A bunkhouse motorhome that accompanies heaps of resting space and just a single washroom.

An extra-large bed is ideal for couples, everything being equal sizes, and you don’t need to stress over feeling squeezed while you rest.

You will get two cots with stable doors for security, an extra-large bed for the main room, a drop-down space bunk, an outside entertainment place, an outside kitchen, and also a cab table.

There are two cots/bunks encased by outside doors. This extra feature guarantees that everybody has total protection, which is consistently a reward for families out and about.

What separates the Admiral from others is the outside conveniences.

The TV has both an outside kitchenette and an entertainment community.

When going in someplace with a harsh climate, the capacity to remain inside or out is vital for everybody’s solace.

Despite the fact that this RV has an air conditioning system, it can indeed do a limited amount a lot.

Holiday Rambler Admiral 34J

5. Forest River Georgetown 7 Series 36K7

Forest River Georgetown 7 Series Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome

The Georgetown 7 series 36K7 is another RV to give your family the comfort and space they need.

Give your family a lot of room during each of your experiences when you travel in Georgetown 7 Series class A RV.

With this, you will have huge loads of choices to browse to guarantee your Georgetown class A RV is intended to address all your issues.

Appreciate highlights like the two full restrooms, king bed in the main room, and all-covered windshield.

You will get the main room full of features and two full baths for full-time access.

There is also an 18 Cu. Ft. Fridge inside the kitchen and a convection microwave.

You will find lofts and Drop-Down Power Queen Bunk.

Forest River Georgetown 7 Series 36K7

6. Forest River Berkshire XL 40C

Forest River Berkshire XL Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome

The Berkshire XL 40C is class A diesel powdered RV is an RV you would want to take on your special days.

This is filled with luxuries and amazing features for all your living needs.

Bring home extravagance readily available with the shower and a half plan that makes it simple for everybody to prepare toward the beginning of the day.

The bunks are outfitted with Teddy-Bear sleeping cushions, and component 22″ LED TVs.

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You will get extra features like Shower, Cots, Chimney in the living room, Stowaway A-Bed-Sofa, and also a Hardened Steel Dishwasher in the kitchen.

There is a Dresser Base with a Full Wardrobe, and you will also get a Stackable Washer/Dryer.

For climate control, you have Three 15,000 BTU A/C inside the RV. There is also an additional Tire Pressure Monitoring System too.

Forest River Berkshire XL 40C

7. Jayco Alante 29F

Jayco Alante Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome

The Jayco Atlante is one of the class A motorhomes that rest up to seven people inside its space.

This RV gives in adoration with the full-divider slide that opens up your living region and gives a lot of room to every one of your visitors and family.

There is just a single washroom, yet you can get to it from the front room or the main room.

There is a main room with a sliding entryway so you can have security from all sides of the RV.

This TV accompanies two standard lofts; however, you can add an overhead bunk assuming you really want additional resting regions for visitors or explorers.

You will see Lofts, Full-Wall Slide, Legless Dinette Table, Ledge Extension, Twofold Entry Bath, and also outside LED TV with this RV for your camping needs.

Jayco Alante 29F

8. Coachmen Mirada 35ES

Coachmen Mirada Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome

The Coachmen Mirada 35ES is the next addition to this list that has two sorts of bunks.

The first is a bunch of two beds in a slide-out segment, which are ideally suited for youngsters. For the other, there is a drop-down overhead bunk over the cab, so you can change the standard beds over to an office space or closet.

In case you utilize every one of the resting game plans, you can undoubtedly rest eight or nine individuals inside.

One fascinating element included with the 35ES is an inherent rack for a CPAP machine.

It gives a great storage space, and you get other conveniences like a convertible couch bed, extra-large expert bed, master shower, drop-down overhead bunk, implicit CPAP storeroom, ranch sink, and outside LED TV.

You will see two washrooms that assist with guaranteeing that everybody can do their business without feeling restricted.

When going as a family, washroom advantages are consistently a disputed matter.

To the extent of entertainment, you can sit in front of the TV both inside and outside.

The inside area incorporates a chimney.

The outside TV is on a turning mount for added accommodation.

Coachmen Mirada 35ES

9. Newmar Bay Star 3616

Newmar Bay Star Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome

The Baystar 3616 is a Class A RV with bunks from Newmar.

The company named the 36 lines on the grounds that each of these models is 36 feet in length with different floor plans.

The 3616 gives the bunkhouse inside its layout plan. You will get a master room with a sliding door and washroom, two cots with drawers under, a convertible eating/dozing region, a dry bar with TV, and turning front seats.

With that much space to mess about, you get loads of inside space and conveniences to make your excursion as agreeable as could be expected.

One component we appreciate about this RV is that it has a main room and washroom. There’s a sliding entryway to keep the rooms separated with privacy.

Dissimilar to other class A RVs with bunks, this one has just had two bunks and a couch.

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All things considered, the dinette can be changed over into a resting region if vital. Basically, lower the table, place pads on top, and you’re all set.

Newmar Bay Star 3616

How to Choose a Class A Motorhomes With Bunkhouse?

Since there are such countless various sorts of RVs accessible, it’s pivotal to ensure that you comprehend the benefits of each model.

Here are some elements and features to think about when settling on your ultimate conclusion:

1. Size

Since class A RVs with bunks are the greatest accessible, you need to ensure that you can deal with the size and weight.

Making turns is continually going to be a test, as is maneuvering into parking spots.

Most of them are no less than 12 feet high, implying that you may need to keep away from low extensions and shades.

Assuming that you haven’t driven something this large previously, you’ll need to rehearse prior to taking off on your first excursion.

2. Fuel And Maintenance

One more result of having such an enormous RV is that you’ll need to spend significantly more on fuel to keep it running. Indeed, even somewhat brief trips can be costly since the fuel tank will be so huge.

Luckily, many class A RVs can run on diesel, which is both less expensive and more effective. So it’s always better that you find a diesel RV.

3. Slide-Outs

Practically all class A RVs with bunks have slide-out areas. These pieces are critical on the grounds that they grow your inside living space.

Nonetheless, remember that anything with dropping parts can generally separate quickly.

In case you just take your RV out a couple of times each year, you’ll need to assess the slide-out mechanics consistently.

4. Cost

The cost of the RV motorhome that you are buying is very important as you must get an RV for your suitable budget according to your needs.

Normally class A motorhomes definitely cost more than modest RVs. Sometimes, the cost is equivalent to purchasing a little house.

Because of the restrictive expense, you might need to rethink whether a class A RV is ideal for you.

5. Washrooms

While picking a class A RV with a bunkhouse, you must also choose the model with a couple of washrooms.

Normally, the subsequent washroom is close to the main room for better comfort. Assuming that you’re going with one individual, a solitary washroom will be okay.

In any case, in case you’re taking off with a bigger gathering, especially multiple individuals, you’ll need two latrines and showers if conceivable.


This was the Best Class A Bunkhouse Motorhome list in which we have listed all the basic models with their necessary features of a living camper.


What are the top Class A motorhomes for a full-time living?

The best motorhomes for a full-time living are

  • Fleetwood Discovery 36Q
  • Winnebago Forza 38D
  • Forest River Berkshire XLT 45CA
  • Newmar Kountry Star 4011
  • Holiday Rambler Vacationer 35P
  • Thor Challenger 37DS
  • Tiffin Allegro Red 38KA
  • Entegra Cornerstone 45Y

What are the best-selling Class A motorhomes?

Following are some of the best-selling Class A category motorhomes that you can find in the market.

  • Newmar Corporation
  • Thor Motor Coach
  • Monaco Coach
  • Nexus RV
  • Tiffin Motorhomes

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