5 Best Small Truck Campers

When purchasing a small truck camper, your only aim is to get the one that is durable, reliable, comfortable, and manufactured by a trusted brand since you will make a considerable investment. If you are the kind of person who loves the outdoors and wants to explore nature, you might want to get a truck that you can use for camping.

Nowadays, truck campers have bought a new dimension to make them better for truck owners. Now, not only can you use these trucks to transport items, but they can also be used for temporary living, where you can live with your family or friends when traveling.

If you have a truck camper, you can spend quality time with the people you love the most while on a road trip. All you have to do is to mark a location and pack all the necessary gear that you are going to need.

Another good aspect of these truck campers is manufacturers are constantly working on making them lighter so that they can suit your needs. In the market, you will find truck campers that are weighing more than a ton to as low as 300 lbs.

However, small truck campers are preferable for people who just need shelter and don’t want a mobile motor home. Moreover, these small truck campers are extremely versatile and can easily fit into most of the trucks available out there. They are hassle-free to mount and dismount, and you can do that in just a few minutes.

5 Best Small Truck Campers

Now you might be curious to know that what the best small truck campers are? Below, I have rounded up a list of 5 best small truck campers that you should check out before buying one. So, let’s dive in to check them out!

5 Best Small Truck Campers

  1. Hawk Four Wheel Pop-up Camper
  2. GFC XL Platform Camper
  3. The Snap Outfitter Treehouse
  4. Laveta Pop-Top Truck Camper
  5. AT Overland Summit
Hawk Four Wheel Pop-up CamperHawk Four Wheel Pop-up Camper
GFC XL Platform CamperGFC XL Platform Camper
The Snap Outfitter TreehouseThe Snap Outfitter Treehouse
Laveta Pop-Top Truck CamperLaveta Pop-Top Truck Camper
AT Overland SummitAT Overland Summit

5 Best Small Truck Campers

1. Hawk Four Wheel Pop-up Camper

Hawk Four Wheel Pop-up Camper

The best small truck campers on my list are Hawk Four Wheeler Pop Up Camper. The best aspect of these small pop-up campers is that they can easily be used on most trucks. If you would like to own a small camper, you should check this one out once.

When popped up, these small pop-up camper trucks have a height of just over six feet and offer sufficient space. For easy mobility, you can also pop them down. These campers are built with such a material that makes them compact. The most important part that I liked the most is that they can easily fit into the beds of different trucks.

You will find six latches that can be found in the front, at the back, and on both sides. It means you can pop up the camper anytime you want. Moreover, you will find four windows all around the Hawk camper, and each of its windows is armed with three layers to protect your privacy.

In addition to its ample space, you can open the countertop to extend the storage a bit more. You will also find more than sufficient storage as compared to other small camper trucks available out there. Furthermore, to make you more comfortable while inside the camper, it has a fully equipped and functional kitchen, including a deep sink, more than enough countertop space, and a two-burner cooktop.

Some of its other major features include 4 USB outlets, a 12V outlet, and an AC outlet, a furnace with a regulator, a water heater tank, and a freshwater tank.

What’s more, it has a dinette, and if you want an additional bed, you can layout the table on the tracks. If you are a family of two or three and want to own a small truck camper that can easily accommodate two or three people, this could be the best pick since it also features a king cabover with a three-inch mattress.

Hawk Four Wheeler Pop Up Camper Specifications

  • Dry weight: 1,100 lbs.
  • Height: 59 inches.
  • Width: 80 inches.
  • Floor Length: 128 inches.
  • Extended Interior Height: 6.6 feet.
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2 to three people.

Hawk Four Wheeler Pop Up Camper Features

  • Freshwater capacity: 20 gallons.
  • A 12V outlet.
  • Four USB outlets.
  • An AC outlet.
  • A Furnace with a regulator.
  • Water heater tank.
  • Well-equipped kitchen with a sink and a three-burner cooktop.
  • It is compact, comfortable, and well-designed.
  • It is an excellent pick if you like to have a durable four-wheel truck camper.
  • It has the capacity to hold up to twenty gallons of freshwater.
  • It is entirely welded with aluminum.
  • It offers more than enough space than other small truck campers available out there.
  • You might find it a bit high-priced if you want to own a brand new one.
  • It will be hard to find a used Hawk truck camper to buy.

2. GFC XL Platform Camper

GFC XL Platform Camper

GFC XL Platform Camper is built by Go Fast Campers, which is a trusted brand in the market. This small truck camper has a smart design and offers first-rate performance. It could be a great product for full-size trucks. Its sleeping area with a width of 6″ is wider than the GFC standard size models, as well as has a nicely-sized living area.

If you are a person who would like to keep their bed space, GFC XL is a great pick for you. The system acts as a treehouse that makes sure that your hauling space is free so that you can bring your other outdoor adventure gears, such as kayaks, bikes, etc.

GFC XL is a well-made and well-designed small camper that is a great pick to explore nature. It is durable since it has walls that are welded with vinyl fabric. Moreover, windows on the side have a clear vinyl layer so that you stay comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

The weight of the camper is 275 lbs or just a bit more depending on your exact vehicle. Moreover, you can also use it for work purposes since it has a crossbar and rack accessories that you can add. Furthermore, the rear door also has two layers that include a screen layer and an opaque vinyl layer. Since it has vinyl fabric welded walls, it is durable, waterproof, and even has the ability to dampen sound.

It is one of the best small truck campers that you should consider while buying one.

GFC XL Platform Camper Specifications

  • Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Width: 59 inches.
  • Length: 96 inches.
  • Height Down: 6 Inches.
  • Roof Storage Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2 people.

GFC XL Platform Camper Features

  • Camper assembly.
  • Choose the color of your choice.
  • An installation kit.
  • Operable hard side panels.
  • Mattress and cover.
  • The latches on the outside allow you to lock the panels partially for better ventilation.
  • It is versatile, durable, and has the ability to dampen sound.
  • The modular design allows you to organize your bed, fit solar power system, and facilitate mounting stuff, such as MaxTrax and fire extinguisher.
  • It has cracked between the floor panels, so you might feel a bit cold when the weather outside is freezing.
  • It doesn’t have a heater or insulation.

3. The Snap Outfitter Treehouse

The Snap Outfitter Treehouse

Another best small truck camper is The Snap Outfitter Treehouse. The best aspect of this small truck camper is you can easily fit it into any truck. It also has swing-open side hatches as well as a rear entry that makes it easy for you to access gear while keeping the elements out. Moreover, you can use it as a camper or as a truck.

The Snap Outfitter Treehouse small truck camper is built with such a material that makes it weatherproof and durable. This small truck camper usually weighs just about 340 lbs, and you can mount it using the sidewalls of your vehicle. This is an excellent option for different sizes of trucks that suit your needs.

Another aspect that I liked the most about this truck camper is its sleeping deck that is raised over the truck cabin. You will find a full-size mattress in the sleeping deck and windows that feature three layers to protect your privacy. It means you will have ample floor room to bring your stuff with you that you are going to need. Furthermore, the open floor space can be used to keep outdoor equipment and gears.

Since it is built with a waterproof and weatherproof material, it is fully insulated as well if you are traveling during summer. It also means it is a versatile option and a great pick for almost all weather conditions. Another thing I liked about it is you can open or close the camper in just a few minutes because of its hydraulic position.

However, it is worth mentioning that you don’t find any fancy amenities inside it except its bed and LED light that you can use to light up the camper. It means if you want something else, you have to fit it by yourself. It is a great pick if you want something for temporary living and doesn’t usually travel more frequently.

Moreover, you should own this small truck camper if you are traveling to a place with all the facilities and just need shelter. Since it is a custom-built truck camper, you can choose the size and other specs of your choice.

The Snap Outfitter Treehouse Features

  • LED light.
  • A bed.
  • It is a custom-built truck camper, which means you can have the one that is perfect for you and your family.
  • The sleeping deck is raised over the sleeping cabin so that you can have more space to bring your gears with you.
  • It is built with a special material that makes it both waterproof and weatherproof.
  • It doesn’t have any fancy interior, and you have to fit the amenities by yourself that you want.

4. Laveta Pop-Top Truck Camper

Laveta Pop-Top Truck Camper

Yet another one of the best small truck camper available out there is Laveta Pop-Top Truck Camper. It is a pop-top camper that is built by Hallmark. This is probably the tallest camper in our list with an extendable height of 6.5 feet. It means you will be able to travel with ease wherever you go as you can easily compress or decompress its height as per your needs.

It is also the unique aspect of this pop-top camper that attracted me the most. In comparison to other small truck campers, it is quite tall, which means you will have more room. It allows you to stand inside it when you raise it. Moreover, another best thing about Laveta is it is exceptionally flexible and lightweight since it is built with a molded fiberglass exterior frame and a one-piece composite roof.

All this means it has a structure that makes it incredibly durable and a great option to pick. Coming to its features, you will find real oak cabinetry, fully-insulated walls, DSI water heater, roof lift mechanism, LED interior lighting, a 12V compressor refrigerator, a three-way refrigerator, air propane furnace, 45 Ampere power system, dual battery, and a big view double window.

Moreover, this pop up truck campers also include a 30 gallon of freshwater storage capacity along with a three-gallon water heater, which is pretty impressive, and you don’t see it in other pop-up campers of this size and weight. It means you can take this camper anywhere you go for multiple days without requiring the water resupply.

If you don’t want or don’t like to buy food from outside, it has a kitchen that you can use to prepare your meal by yourself. In the kitchen, you will find a two-burner cooktop, a sink, and a cabinet. You can use cabinets for storage purposes. It is equipped with a king bed and a dinette to provide you more comfort while traveling.

All of these features make it one of the best small truck camper that you can have while considering buying one.

Laveta Pop-Top Truck Camper Specifications

  • Floor Length:80 inches.
  • Total Length: 140 inches.
  • Interior Height: 60 inches.
  • Total Interior Height: 80 inches.
  • Width: 83 inches.
  • Water Capacity: 30 gallons.

Laveta Pop-Top Truck Camper Features

  • Fully insulated walls.
  • LED interior lighting.
  • A three-way refrigerator.
  • A well-equipped kitchen.
  • Dual battery.
  • A large view window.
  • 45-Amp power system.
  • A water heater.
  • It is one of the best small truck campers with some amazing and advanced features.
  • It is an excellent pick if you want to spend some quality outdoor time with your family while having all the comfort.
  • It has sufficient room so you can pack your gear that you are going to need.
  • Although it has all the necessary features, some people might find it a bit pricey that it shouldn’t be an issue as its features justify its price perfectly.

5. AT Overland Summit

AT Overland Summit

If you have a small truck and looking for a lightweight, small truck camper, look no further than The AT Overland Summit. It is one of more best small truck camper that you should consider when buying one. With a honeycomb composites insulated roof, it has the capacity to hold your outdoor adventure gears, such as bikes and kayaks on it so you can make the most out of your camping.

This is also an excellent choice for those who want to travel with their outdoor gear but cannot fit them into the truck’s bed. Moreover, it also allows you to mount your tool on its roof while driving. Regardless of what weather conditions are, it is a comfortable shelter for you.

If you are traveling in summer, it will keep you comfortable against heat, while if you are traveling in winters, it will protect you against freezing weather conditions as the walls of the camper are built with retardant and insulated fabric.

With just a weight between 300 to 340 lbs, it is light enough, and you can fit it into most of the trucks. In addition to its lightness, you can easily drive it around wherever you go when it is attached to your vehicle. Moreover, you will also be able to park it anywhere without any trouble.

Furthermore, it features an upper sleeping place and a mattress that rises above to make it easy for you when moving the truck’s bed. It also means you will get more than sufficient space. With a 48*80″ bed and 2.5″ thick mattress, you will stay comfortable while on the road.

It has the capacity to support up to 500 lbs. Most of its equipment and appliances are mounted on the bed, and the camper comfortably holds them. What’s more, you can mount solar panels on the roof, and the roof is strong enough to hold more weight. It is also armed with 12 V and USB outlets that you can use to charge your electronics.

AT Overland Summit Specifications

  • Top Width: 53 inches.
  • Thickness: 8 inches.
  • Top Length: 124 inches.
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2 people.
  • Roof Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.

AT Overland Summit Features

  • Wiring raceways.
  • In-built mattress.
  • Weather friendly.
  • Waterproof.
  • Unchanged bedding when closed.
  • 12V USB outlets.
  • It is a great pick for those who have small trucks.
  • It is light and compact and can easily be fit into most trucks.
  • You can drive it around with ease.
  • It is weather-friendly and can protect you from the heat in summer and keep you warm in winter.
  • It has a strong roof that can hold up to 600 lbs, and you can bring your outdoor adventure gears with you.
  • Although it is a small and lightweight truck camper, I only recommend it to those who have small trucks since you might find it difficult to fit in large trucks.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, 5 best small truck campers. I have listed everything about each of them in detail and also mentioned their specs and features, as well as what are likes and dislikes so that you can compare them and pick the best out of them when buying one. Moreover, some of these truck campers have impressive features and amenities that allow you to enjoy your camping more while having all the comfort. If you are looking for a temporary living shelter or traveling with your family and need a shelter, you should consider these small truck campers. For suggestions and queries, do not hesitate to leave us a comment below.


What truck camper is best for a temporary living?

If you want something light and compact for temporary living, I highly recommend checking Hawk Truck Campers, Laveta Truck Camper, or GFC XL Truck Camper.

What is the Lightest Camper available out there?

In my opinion, the Tacoma-size modular camper is the smallest and lightest truck camper available in the market.

What Small Truck Camper should I buy?

If you want to buy a small truck camper that is durable, I highly suggest you check the GFC XL truck camper.

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