7 Best Fiberglass Travel Trailers

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Fiberglass Travel Trailers are cute, compact, and look like an egg or a beverage cooler. They are easy to tow and allow you to pack all the stuff you want to carry with you while packing for a holiday.

These adorable travel trailers are not only affordable and reliable, but they are also water-resistant and provide better protection against water damage as compared to other travel trailers.

Fiberglass travel trailers don’t require you to spend your hard-earned money to buy a brand new large vehicle to tow them as they are compact and lightweight and can be towed with your current SUV.

Their plain cool look, size, and weight make them exceptional adventure vehicles for travelers looking for cozy, compact, and off-road friendly trailers.

This post is dedicated to the best fiberglass travel trailers available in the market and I will discuss everything about them.

I will make it easier for you to figure out the best fiberglass travel trailer that absolutely fits your traveling needs. I will also touch on their specs, features, and pros/cons to make things simpler for you.

So, let’s get started!

Name Body Material Weight Price
Scamp Trailer Fiberglass 1,500 lbs $15,590
Escape 5.0TA Fiberglass 3,910 lbs $36,995
Casita Spirit Fiberglass 2,480lbs $21,799
Oliver Legacy Elite 2 Fiberglass 4,900 lbs $73,500
Airstream Nest Fiberglass 3,400 lbs $47,234
Armadillo Trailers Fiberglass 2,700 lbs $19,500
Bigfoot 2500 Series Fiberglass 4,863 lbs $75,498
Scamp TrailerScamp Trailer
Escape 5.0Escape 5.0TA
Casita Spirit Travel TrailersCasita Spirit
Oliver Legacy Elite II Oliver Legacy Elite 2
Airstream NestAirstream Nest
Armadillo TrailersArmadillo Trailers
Bigfoot 2500 SeriesBigfoot 2500 Series

What are the Best Fiberglass Travel Trailers?

1. Scamp Trailer

Scamp Trailer

Scamp is on top of my list of best fiberglass travel trailers and rightly so. Most of us don’t have big towing vehicles to tow enormous travel trailers, or we don’t have that much budget to buy a big travel trailer.

If you love camping and outdoors and looking for a compact, cozy, and lightweight trailer and currently driving a smaller SUV, there is nothing better than a Scamp travel trailer.

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The length of these travel trailers runs between 13 to 16 feet. The smaller-length models don’t have a bathroom, and that is why its 16 feet models are popular among travelers. Since they are larger in length, they have a bathroom, a small kitchen, and a bed/dinette area.

However, when buying a scamp trailer, you will see multiple layouts for each highly customizable size. Scamp trailers are in the RVing business for quite some time now, and they haven’t changed much.

Key Specifications

Height 7.6 feet
Exterior Length 13 Feet
Exterior Width 6.8 feet
Gross Weight 1,500 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 12 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 9 gallons
Black Water Capacity 9 gallons
Price $15,590

Key Features

  • 30-amp power converter.
  • 1.9 cubic feet refrigerator.
  • 12V lighting.
  • Propane tank.
  • Safety chains.
  • Clothes closet.
  • Spare tire and cover.
  • Screen door.
  • Two-burner stove.
  • Curtains.
  • Sink.
  • Silverware drawer.
  • Convertible tables.
  • It is lightweight, compact, and cozy, and you can tow it with small SUVs.
  • It is equipped with a large refrigerator in terms of its size.
  • Regardless of its size and weight, it has ample storage space.
  • It can easily sleep up to three people.
  • It doesn’t have some essential appliances and amenities, such as a TV, microwave, etc.

Scamp 13 Floorplan

2. Escape 5.0TA

Escape 5.0

People with smaller families who are looking for a compact trailer that they can easily tow with their SUV or medium-sized pickup trucks should have a look at Escape 5.0, which could be an excellent pick for your family travel needs.

This fiberglass travel trailer is slightly different from other trailers available in the market. Unlike any other fifth-wheel trailer, this is significantly lighter and has a length of just 21.2 feet.

The amenities and features inside the trailer will make you surprised. This fiberglass camper is an ideal pick for a family of four who wants to go camping together.

Thanks to its lightweight, it can easily be towed with a medium-sized truck. With a dry weight of just 3,910 lbs, you will never find it hard to tow on any surface.

Since it is significantly larger in length than Scamp, it provides a lot of storage space, which makes it easier for you to bring all your outdoor adventure equipment when traveling.

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This amazing fiberglass travel trailer has a wet bathroom, a substantial kitchen, and a comfortable dinette-turned bedroom area. Both the bathroom and kitchen have enough space, and you can enjoy a meal inside the kitchen.

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The trailer’s interior is also customizable, and you can easily customize countertops, flooring, fabric, etc.

What’s more, this fiberglass camper trailer also comes equipped with an entertainment system that includes a DVD player, TV, and plenty of USB charging ports and electric outlets.

Key Specifications

Height 10 feet
Exterior Length 21.2 feet
Exterior Width 7.4 feet
Gross Weight 3,910 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 28 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 28 gallons
Black Water Capacity 30 gallons
Price $36,995

Key Features

  • Two roof vents.
  • 12,000 BTU furnace.
  • 12V Demand Water System.
  • Extra Insulation and Thermal.
  • Six cubic feet refrigerator.
  • Microwave ready cabinet.
  • Sink cover.
  • 120V interior outlets.
  • USB charging ports.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • LED interior/exterior lighting.
  • Electric brakes.
  • It is pretty light and cozy, and you can tow it with ease without any prior towing experience.
  • Thanks to its large size, you will have plenty of storage space that allows you to take your outdoor equipment and stuff with you when traveling.
  • The interior of this fiberglass camper trailer is incredibly customizable, so you can easily customize it as per your preferences.
  • It can easily sleep four people, making it an excellent choice for couples and small families.
  • There is no door in the bedroom, which means if you have kids with you traveling, you will not have privacy.
  • There are no bunk beds in this fiberglass trailer.

Escape 5.0 Floorplan

3. Casita Spirit

Casita Spirit Travel Trailers

Casita Spirit is another best fiberglass travel trailer that you can consider for your outdoor adventures if you are a solo traveler or a couple. These travel trailers have incredibly high production quality, which means they are extremely durable and keep their resale value for decades.

They are lightweight and affordable, which makes them a perfect option for outdoor lovers following a tight budget.

Regardless of their compactness, they have made excellent use of the available space. You will find a small kitchen, a bathroom, a dinette area that can be converted into a bedroom, and even a closet space.

They are built with two-piece fiberglass that makes them lightweight and durable.

The exterior of the camper is entirely water-proof and easy to clean. Moreover, they have a fiberglass bottom pan that prevents rust issues and water leakages. All of its interiors are entirely insulated, which means if you take it out in bitterly cold weather, you will stay comfortable inside the trailer.

The travel trailer also comes equipped with an air conditioning system and big screened windows. This should be the go-to option you don’t want to invest in an oversized trailer.

Key Specifications

Height 7.8 feet
Exterior Length 17 feet
Exterior Width 6.8 feet
Gross Weight 2,480lbs
Fresh Water Capacity NA
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $21,799

Key Features

  • Roof vents.
  • Furnace.
  • Water heater.
  • Wet bathroom with shower.
  • Sleeping sofa.
  • Full-size stationary bed.
  • Side kitchen.
  • Three-way refrigerator.
  • Microwave.
  • Stovetop.
  • Sink.
  • Like any other fiberglass travel trailer, it is also a lightweight and compact trailer that easily lets you tow it with smaller SUVs.
  • It has a galley that is equipped with all the basic appliances that you can expect from a trailer of this size.
  • If you don’t like its small bathroom, you have the option to add a full bathroom.
  • Thanks to its well-directed design, you will have a lot of storage space to carry all of your belongings with you when traveling.
  • It is entirely insulated which keeps you comfortable during winters and also has an air conditioning system to keep you cozy in hot weather.
  • You won’t find any entertainment features, such as a TV or sound system.
  • It has multiple models, but not all of them have a bathroom.
  • I don’t recommend it for families of four or more.

Casita Spirit Deluxe Floorplan

4. Oliver Legacy Elite 2

Oliver Travel Trailers Legacy Elite II

Another best fiberglass travel trailer in the market is Oliver Legacy Elite 2. Thanks to its double-hull, it is an extremely durable and long-lasting one. The travel trailers run 18 feet in length and armed with some molded features both inside and outside.

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You will surely appreciate its spacious bathroom with molded vanity and toilet. It also has a shower that is also spacious and hard to find in other travel trailers of the same size.

The whole of its interior is very well-directed to make excellent use of available space. It also has a dinette that you can transform into a queen bed or turn into twin beds. Moreover, it is also armed with a TV that you can find just above the dinette. However, I find it hard to watch the TV while in bed.

No matter what model you choose, you will find one twin bed along with dinette configurations in all the models. The galley is also nice and equipped with a small refrigerator, microwave, two-burner stove, a bit of storage, and a small sink.

However, you will be able to customize the countertops as per your preferences.

This fiberglass camper trailer’s dry weight is 4,900 lbs, which means you will need a medium-sized pickup truck to tow it safely. The awning of this fiberglass travel trailer is something that stroked me the most.

You will enjoy the outdoor time under its 16 feet awning. Furthermore, you also have the option to install solar panels over the roof.

Key Specifications

Height 8.6 feet
Exterior Length 23.6 feet
Exterior Width 7 feet
Gross Weight 4,900 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 32.5 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 35.5 gallons
Black Water Capacity 18.5 gallons
Price $73,500

Key Features

  • LED brake lights.
  • LED marker lights.
  • Freshwater fill hookup.
  • Powered awning.
  • Central heat vent.
  • Mirror tinted glass door.
  • Convertible side dinette.
  • 24-inch flat-screen TV.
  • Custom mounted speakers.
  • 110V outlets.
  • Smoke detector.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Unlike other fiberglass campers of the same size, it has a significantly spacious bathroom with a shower.
  • It is the best fiberglass trailer for a family of three.
  • Thanks to its double-hull, it is extremely durable.
  • It has a customizable interior that you can easily customize as per your needs.
  • Solar panels don’t come standard, and you will have to pay extra to install them.
  • The galley is a bit small than other trailers of such size.
  • TV placement is something that I didn’t like. You cannot watch it when in bed.

Oliver Legacy Elite Floorplan

5. Airstream Nest

Airstream Nest

Besides Airstream’s iconic bullet travel trailers, the brand also excels in producing fiberglass travel trailers. These retro-looking travel trailers have a modern twist. Airstream’s Nest travel trailers run 16 feet in length and have a dry weight of just 3,300 lbs, making light enough to tow with small SUVs and medium-sized pickup trucks.

Regardless of the small size, the trailer is armed with impressive features. You will love its mint green upholstery interior, which will make you feel like you are in an original Airstream.

The trailer is capable of sleeping up to two with a U-dinette that you can turn into a bed.

The bathroom is a bit compact but fully functional. In addition to its coziness, the travel trailer has windows that will keep you comfortable throughout your travel without making you feel cramped for room. Inside the trailer, you will find plenty of high-end tech features.

The most unusual feature of the Nest trailer is you can turn on and off the LED lights from your phone. The galley is nice and armed with a two-burner cooktop, multiple USB charging ports, and 110V outlets.

However, you will not find a refrigerator, microwave, TV, or any other entertainment features. It is equipped with an exterior awning to create some additional outdoor space so that you can enjoy the outdoor time under the shade.

Key Specifications

Height 9.6 feet
Exterior Length 16.7 feet
Exterior Width 7.1 feet
Gross Weight 3,400 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 24 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 30 gallons
Black Water Capacity 30 gallons
Price $47,234

Key Features

  • 16,000 BTU ducted furnace.
  • 30 Amp service.
  • Interior windows and skylights.
  • Queen bed.
  • Coat and key hooks.
  • Four manual stabilizer jacks.
  • Sliding screen door.
  • USB charging ports.
  • LED reading lights.
  • Stainless steel sink.
  • LED Taillights.
  • It is incredibly lightweight and can easily be pulled by small or medium-sized pickup trucks.
  • The retro-style fiberglass trailer is equipped with high-end tech features.
  •  There are lots of windows that make better ventilation.
  • It has a U-shaped dinette that can be turned into a sleeping area.
  • It doesn’t have any entertainment features, such as TV, Radio, etc.
  • The galley also has only limited appliances, and there is no refrigerator or microwave.
  • The bathroom is a bit small.

Airstream Nest

6. Armadillo Trailers

Armadillo Trailers

Canadian-based Armadillo travel trailer is yet another best fiberglass camper trailer that is available in the market with a range of different floorplans. The standard length of this travel trailer is 13.5 feet, making it an extremely compact one.

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These travel trailers are extremely customizable, with a vast range of options. You can pick one by choosing its specs that fit your travel needs. Moreover, you can also have their upgraded backup option if you want to have more room inside the camper.

Their distinctive shape makes them look so adorable. They are extremely lightweight, and anyone can tow them with ease with a smaller SUV.

Key Specifications

Height 7.6 feet
Exterior Length 13.5 feet
Exterior Width 6.8 feet
Gross Weight 2,700 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 38 Gallon
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $19,500

Key Features

  • Two-burner cooktop.
  • 12,000 BTU furnace.
  • Stainless steel sink.
  • Six-gallon water heater.
  • Smoke detector.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • 12V and 110V outlets.
  • Bluetooth Stereo.
  • This compact and cozy fiberglass travel trailer is durable, lightweight, and can be pulled by smaller vehicles.
  • It is easy to two even by those new to towing.
  • The interior features are great and have an entertainment system as well.
  • I don’t recommend it for a family of three or more.

Armadillo floorplan

7. Bigfoot 2500 Series

Bigfoot 2500 Series

Yet another best fiberglass travel trailer in the market is Bigfoot which comes with eight different models. No matter what model you pick, all of them are built to provide you with a smooth towing experience and comfort when traveling.

In addition to its incredibly small and compact size, the trailer still offers plenty of storage area that allows you to carry almost all of your belongings with you when on the road.

The trailer has propane tank storage, kitchen, bedroom, cabinets, and dinette areas.

It is also armed with day and nightshades, two large windows, and reading lights. You will find ample storage of fresh, grey, and blackwater. In the dinette area, you will see a large window and enough legroom along with USB charging ports.

Regardless of its large windows, you will find the trailer quiet and noise-free. This fiberglass camper trailer is a great pick for families or duo travelers.

Key Specifications

Height 9.2 feet
Exterior Length 25.6 feet
Exterior Width 8.4 feet
Gross Weight 4,863 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 45 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 45 gallons
Black Water Capacity 45 gallons
Price $75,498

Key Features

  • 30,000 BTU furnace.
  • Queen bed.
  • Six cubic feet refrigerator.
  • Three-burner cooktop.
  • Six-gallon water heater.
  • 30 Amp electrical service.
  • It is durable, compact, and offers plenty of room so that you can carry your stuff and belongings with you while traveling.
  • It is easy for two and have an impressive water storage capacity.
  • The standard features of these fiberglass trailer campers are pretty impressive.
  • You will need a large vehicle to tow it safely.

Why Should You Buy A Fiberglass Travel Trailer?

Before listing the best fiberglass travel trailers, it is a good idea to discuss why you should buy a fiberglass travel trailer and what are their advantages?

Fiberglass travel trailers have enough benefits that are sufficient to convince you to buy one. Some of their significant benefits include,

1. Cost-Efficient

The best-selling point of fiberglass travel trailers is their cost. Despite their excellent features and cozy interior, they come at a reasonable price that is affordable for everyone. They are far cheaper than motorhomes and other enormous travel trailers. Moreover, they also offer a decent degree of luxury.

2. Easy Maintenance

Thanks to their size, compactness, and un-attached engine, you don’t have to spend much money to keep them at their peak. Unlike other RVs and travel trailers that require you to spend a serious amount on their maintenance, they don’t need much maintenance except cleaning.

3. Dual Use of Towing Card

You don’t have to purchase a new tow vehicle just because you need it for towing purposes. Fiberglass travel trailers can be towed with small SUVs, and you can use your vehicle for other purposes as well.

Wrapping Up

There you have it – the 7 best fiberglass travel trailers. All of them have a fiberglass body that makes them lightweight and durable. Moreover, take a look at their specs and features that I have mentioned before buying so that you get the one that suits you best.


What are some reliable fiberglass travel trailers?

I highly recommend Airstream Nest, Casita, Oliver Legacy Elite II, and Scamp travel trailers.

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