Best Lightweight Truck Campers

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A truck camper is great for increasing space and providing an additional area for a person to rest comfortably or to cook food and use other accessories in one place, like at home. These campers make it easier for a truck user to rest inside their own truck with a bed having some storage compartments and much more.

The truck campers can come in different sizes and shapes, which makes them heavy or lightweight based upon their construction. In case you look forward to knowing about the best lightweight truck campers, then this discussion includes all the models for lightweight truck campers that have the best features to accommodate a user.

The good thing about truck campers is that they are not a permanent addition, and they can be dismounted when they are not in use. Before we move on to the list of best lightweight truck campers, let’s take a look at the benefits of having a lightweight truck camper for yourself.

Name Weight (lbs)
Lance 650 1,694 lbs
nuCamp Cirrus 920 3,530 lbs
Capri Retreat 1,500 lbs
Arctic Fox 865 3,236 lbs
Palomino SS-550 1,594 lbs


Benefits Of Lightweight Truck Campers

Lightweight truck campers have been found to be very useful in a number of ways. They are simpler to take along with yourself than a trailer or tear camper, as you don’t need to stress over keeping a different trailer with all of its moving parts and stability along with and weak connection.

There are additionally a lot of lightweight camper fans who will reveal to you they feel more open to having their living convenience with them consistently. Lightweight truck campers additionally will, in general, be more climate-safe in order to keep you protected under a solid roof structure.

They are waterproof than more resistant to any outside conditions, which makes them ideal to use in the longer run, all while giving you predominant security for holding high-esteem tools and appliances inside one place.

List of Best Lightweight Truck Campers

1. Lance 650

Lance 650

Lance 650 is the top choice as the lightweight truck camper with its best features. This 650 model is planned and sold by Lance Camper. It is an incredibly creative camper with a perfectly planned design and new present-day materials used in its construction to decrease the weight.

Lance 650 is a truly reasonable choice for most purchasers and makes one of the most outstanding truck campers. The good thing about this lightweight truck camper is that it has a great deal of room. There are lots of keen storage slots in this camper which in case you’re out and about with your family is vital.


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The racks and cupboards offer an extraordinary spot to take care of so many of the various things you will require to carry out for your outing. Numerous clients online have noticed that this model has a washroom that additionally feels extensive, that will be high up for solace on many individual choices.

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While the restroom is very open, the kitchen region draws good attention too. The area for a living has good features like open windows and a table-side with storage decking. It’s a truly extraordinary floor plan that meets up and causes this to feel so good.

The camper’s floor plan has drawn countless positive reviews on the web; it’s difficult not to suggest it to the camper lovers who are in search of an incredible truck camper. They should definitely try Lance 650 for once.

Lance 650 Floorplan

  • Great sleeping cushion
  • Furnished restroom with open space
  • The kitchen has all the useful appliances
  • The water-holding tanks are uncovered.

2. nuCamp Cirrus 920

nuCamp Cirrus 920

The Cirrus 920 truck camper is also one of the best lightweight options, which is very lavish. This model adds so many elements and features to its worth and other things that individuals love. It has a truly incredible bed, a noteworthy oven, an open and comfortable washroom space.

The one element individuals are constantly passed up is the thing that nuCamp calls a “Monster View Window.” The view capacities from that window are truly fascinating with a big area to enjoy all the lovely surroundings and environment. It’s an incredible component in a truck camper.


The kitchen in this truck camper has a huge load of counter space, just as a ton of space for capacity. The long-lasting dinette (where the colossal window is found) has sufficient room space with enough area to eat in. This truck camper has an appropriate Queen-sized bed that fits ordinary sheets.

This obliges the heating framework that will keep you warm, so you’re truly covered on all fronts there. The sink, shower, and latrine all offer the space in the Cirrus; however, you should, in any case, have space and feel great there also.

The room has storage compartments over the bed, and you have a window to look out of at the highest point of the room too. The Cirrus is a four-season model, which means the water lines are completely covered (not uncovered), so your lines will not freeze.

One disadvantage individuals have seen is that the electrical set-up of the truck camper isn’t the most grounded; thus, a great many people will presumably need to go for the discretionary generator – this sort of differs dependent on close to home inclination, however; so it’s not something to be put off by totally.

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nuCamp Cirrus 920 Floorplan

  • The Cirrus 920 has a sumptuous vibe
  • The floor plan is amazing
  • A Queen bed region with big picture window
  • Shower and latrine
  • The height of this trailer is not satisfactory
  • There have been electrical issues as a complaint from various clients

3. Capri Retreat

Capri Retreat

The Capri Retreat is a lightweight truck camper that can match your deal for the extras and features that are a must for any customer. This camper can help you build an incredible truck for your living as there are great floorplans and other useful features too.

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It is a genuine work of art yet blends in fresher thoughts and modern innovation. To finish it off, Capri Campers goes with high-quality materials for an intriguing blend of new school and old school thoughts.


There are all sorts of choices and bundles that are accessible to you as a client. This is a truly decent touch that causes you to feel in charge all over the camper. The Retreat is difficult to understand at the start because of Capri’s custom blend and match approach.

The fundamental model has a ton of space to modify as you need it, and it should be a light and reasonable truck camper model. The nature of the model is very high, and the quality is worth it. The bed can be somewhat claustrophobic, particularly in case you’re tall. The shower is stripped down yet fits in well and should fit most requirements.

For a model like this, the capacity is truly incredible, and you have a lot of racks that can assist you with putting garments or whatever else you need in the ideal spot.

Capri Retreat Floorplan

  • It is a lightweight truck camper
  • There are lots of racks for additional storage
  • There is an open kitchen
  • You also get USB ports
  • There is no bathroom
  • Less storage in the kitchen
  • No storage cupboards

4. Arctic Fox 865

Arctic Fox 865

There is a useful and unique lightweight and small truck camper called the Artic Fox 865 that fulfills the need for a camper with sleeping space and a good outside display. It is a modern-day truck camper that has all that you need on the spot.


You have truly pleasant LED lighting with the Fox 865, just as church curve roofs that give quite possibly the most excellent design you’ll find in a truck camper. One more exceptional component of the Arctic Fox model is that it has a passage.

That is really unique when you ponder campers and the restricted space they need to manage, yet it really uses space well and can separate the regions so one individual could be in the super living region and not wake somebody sleeping in the bed.

Everything in the Arctic Fox has been dealt with all-around well, so you can advise they have high consideration regarding quality. The entryway truly makes three “rooms” in the camper: the kitchen, washroom, and room. The restroom has an extremely great feel to it, as it’s a fiberglass wet shower.

The curves and the windows and actually the entire plan in this model is extraordinary and make an incredible “inside plan” sort of feel for this truck camper. Users have found the floorplan to be very interesting and charming, whereas there are still some individuals who don’t like the floorplan very much.

Arctic Fox 865 floorplan

  • This lightweight camper has an incredible floorplan plan.
  • It has good window perspectives to the outside.
  • The shower is excellent, just as the entire camper.
  • There are huge loads of capacity slots as storage compartments.
  • The sink takes a lot of room in this model.
  • It’s hard to get to the rooftop.
  • The floorplan is not really the best.

5. Palomino SS-550

Palomino SS-550

Palomino SS-550 is the last option in our best lightweight truck campers rundown, which can make you feel exceptionally comfortable and happy. This is a truck camper that is easy to mount and dismount with your vehicle. There are lots of innovative provisions and features included in the floorplan of this camper.

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The SS-550 has a cabover. It’s not the lightest model available, but there are a lot of compromises made with the SS-550 in order to improve it and make it better. The manufacturers put forward as much as they could into this truck camper for the betterment of the users.


You ought to have a model that is half-ton viable as long as you set aside the effort to get your work done, which is why Palomino SS-550 is the optimal choice. The dinette region switches into an adequate bed, and the floor plan truly appears to bode well regardless of where you look.

All that appears to fit together in a reasonable manner and fits along with a decent plan that shows Palomino put some pleasant ideas into this model. In case you’re still in that old camp, it’s time for you to move on and try this latest and modern camper for your truck. It’s an excellent choice for your family.

Palomino SS-550 Floorplan

  • It has great value for money.
  • You get a lot of capacity slots and storage areas.
  • The dinette/bed switch feature is likable.
  • It doesn’t have a bathroom or shower.
  • There are no additional floorplans.


This was a discussion article about the best lightweight truck campers, and we mentioned some of the top choices with their best features to fit well according to a customer’s need. All of them share some good features, and you can enjoy as much as you want with your best choice after selection.


What is the lightest pop-up truck camper?

Here is the list of the lightest pop-up truck camper,

  • Camp King Industries Outback Series.
  • AT Overland Habitat.
  • AT Overland Summit
  • Go Fast Campers Platform
  • OVRLND Pop Top.
  • Vagabond Outdoors The Drifter.
  • Four-Wheel Pop Up Campers Project M.

What is the best truck to carry a camper?

All things considered, in case you’re purchasing your first truck and you’re genuinely taking a gander at getting a truck camper, we recommend avoiding the half-ton and 3/4-ton and purchase a one-ton truck rather like a Ford F-350, a Ram 2500, or a Chevy Silverado 3500 at least. Everything comes down to payload, and you need a greater amount of it.

Is a truck camper a good option?

In case that you are thinking about a truck camper according to its resale value to sell it back, you draw nearer to your actual cost. They don’t have much resale value, but they are good to use with your truck for a living.

How long will a truck camper last?

A great deal of the better-assembled truck campers can last about 20-30+ years in the case that they have solid construction from high-quality products. The cheapies may likewise in case they’d been put away inside or covered appropriately and not over-utilized.

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