6 Excellent Pop Up Truck Campers

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Pop up truck campers are useful machines that give you the comfort of your home, allowing you to change the truck into a completely luxurious camper.

They are the best vehicles to consider for camping as they can go off-roading on tough terrains with their durable and resistant tires.

You don’t have to pull an extra trailer behind, which can cause more weight and fuel usage. There are a lot of pop up truck campers that are available in the market.

In case you are interested in finding out the best pop up truck campers, then we have a list compiled for you. These trucks are custom-built, and they offer lots of features.

The truck’s skeleton is likewise intended for weight load and what makes the half-ton truck the ideal apparatus for the camper is the low focus of gravity.

Having a low focus on gravity implies you can take this pop up truck camper to basically achieve any objective in the hard terrains that you want.

There is adequate ground clearance with these trucks to navigate the hardest of spots and paths without the dread of spilling the unit.

There are countless advantages to using a truck camper; for example, the vast majority of these camper units can be put away in a carport by covering it under a shed and used only during the season.

Following is the list of the best pop up truck campers that you would wish to know about.

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Name Weight Price
Alaskan Cabover 1,680 lbs $37,190
Outfitter Caribou Lite 6.5 950 lbs $22,995
BunduTecUSA’s Wild 1,670 lbs $26,593
Phoenix Mini-Max 1,209.9 lbs $37,000
AT Overland Summit 340 lbs $12,000
Overland Explorer Vehicles Camp-X 1310 lbs $43,888

Alaskan CaboverAlaskan Cabover
Outfitter Caribou Lite 6.5Outfitter Caribou Lite 6.5
BunduTecUSA's WildBunduTecUSA’s Wild
Phoenix Mini MaxPhoenix Mini-Max
AT Overland SummitAT Overland Summit
Overland Explorer Vehicles Camp-XOverland Explorer Vehicles Camp-X

What is the Best Pop Up Truck Campers?

1. Alaskan Cabover

Alaskan Cabover

Alaskan is a company that is offering only hard sided pop up truck campers for a very long time. They have won many awards for delivering the best truck campers in several categories.

The Cabover models are in different categories with variations from which users can make a custom choice for themselves.

These models start at 6 ½’ and go up to 10′. Having different weight capacities, they are the top camper trucks that you would want for your trips.


  • You get an Alaskan offer for two non-cab-over campers, which have different sizes such as 8′ and 10′.
  • There is an Iota 45 Amp converter/battery charger with this truck camper.
  • You also get some overhead storage cabinets.
  • There is a difference in the price tag, but still, you get them at a very affordable and reasonable range.
  • The basic models have an electric hydraulic pump motor that allows you to easily lift the roof from the truck camper.
  • There is an addition of a one-piece curved roof for your truck camper.
  • An extra feature also includes spray foam insulation.
  • It comes with a 7-gallon water tank.
  • Users have the choice to get Shurflo electric water pump.
  • If you need a toilet, you can get a Thetford cassette toilet as an additional option.
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2. Outfitter Caribou Lite 6.5

Outfitter Caribou Lite 6.5

The Caribou Lite 6.5 is a great option weighing 850 pounds as the best truck bed pop up camper with the lightest, lowest profile giving great features.

The body of this truck is beautifully constructed, and there are vacuum-bonded composite walls, along with a boxed aluminum frame and a full walk-on roof. The Caribou Lite is protected as far as possible with Owen Corning block froth protection in the hard dividers and Weblog three-layer protection in the delicate dividers.

One element that truly stands apart is the full-size cabover bed that enters a full-size sovereign.


  • Caribou Lite incorporates a 24-gallon new water tank, 5-gallon propane tank, and a 1.9-cubic foot three-way cooler.
  • It also has a Progressive Dynamics 45-amp converter-charger with a three-stage Charge setup.
  • A bend helped lift the framework along with a 16,000 BTU heater.
  • This truck camper has a three-burner cooktop, alluring birch inside doors and cupboards, and sun-oriented intelligent windows.
  • Outstanding choices of the Caribou Lite 6.5 incorporate a 5-gallon tape latrine, an external shower, and a 3.8-cubic foot Tundra DC blower cooler.
  • There is a 95-watt solar power panel, a King Dome satellite dish, a Yakima rooftop rack, and a climate control system.
  • This truck camper has a guarantee of a lifetime for the customers, and it is also one of the most affordable evaluated campers in this discussion.

3. BunduTecUSA’s Wild

BunduTecUSA's Wild

BunduTec has a primary model Wild as a popup truck camper that can be your next best choice. This truck is amazing with all the features that it has, having a total wet shower, yet additionally an enormous, water holding tank that makes utilizing that wet shower easy.

The standard color of this Wild truck is an appealing dark with regular white and elements differentiating dark trim and dark accents on the outside.

It has various features,

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  • The truck camper is cleaned with a smooth aluminum construction that looks extraordinary yet additionally holds up better capacity and resistance compared to standard fiberglass siding.
  • This truck camper has a kitchen and wet shower on the driver’s side, a cooler with heaps of capacity on the front divider, and a full-length dinette on the traveler’s side.
  • Standard elements incorporate a north-south 56×74-inch sleeping cushion with lift-up under-bed storage.
  • There is a 21-gallon new water tank, a 17-gallon water holding tank, a NovaKool R3000 blower fridge, a tempered steel sink, and windows.
  • Plenty of choices is offered by Bundutec. Three significant are a Zamp 160-watt sunlight-based power source, the BunduAwn fold over the canopy, and the progressive Truma Combi water radiator heater that saves money on weight and space.
  • It is a cost-effective truck camper where you can get everything for your cash.
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4. Phoenix Mini-Max

Phoenix Mini Max

There is another option as the best pop up truck camper by Phoenix called the Mini-Max. This is a business truck camper that is helpful for your long trips with its cool looks and amazing features on the go.

The users can get the basic model from the company having a 7 ft floorplan with a bed and dinette. There are various other customization choices accessible with this truck camper too.

Phoenix Mini-Max Floorplan

The features of this truck are,


  • It is made from an all-aluminum twofold welded tube confine outline, loaded down with high thickness froth, and ensured by an extreme external shell.
  • Mini-Max incorporates an 18-gallon new water tank, a Thetford tape latrine, an 8-gallon dark water holding tank, and Dometic 1.9 cubic foot blower cooler.
  • The 7-foot floorplan highlights an east-west 60×80-inch bed, a huge dinette, a wet shower on the driver’s side, and a little kitchenette on the traveler’s side.
  • The standard bureau tone is clear with a scratchless coat finish, however more outlandish cupboard materials like bamboo can be added on request.
  • Well-known choices incorporate power inverters with solar power systems of different sizes, rooftop racks, a backstepping stool, floodlights, and more.
  • You get a position of safety climate control system and Rotopax fuel-water compartments.
  • They’re likewise a handful of exceptional options for the paint to apply to your truck camper as custom with a two-tone effect.
  • It is among one of the best big-size pop-up truck campers to use for offroading and traveling to distant places.

5. AT Overland Summit

AT Overland Summit

There is one of the most affordable options as the best pop-up truck camper that gives you the most exquisite features like a premium quality trailer. You get a home with a layout and comfortable base where you can spend your time.

This pop-up truck camper is pretty cheap and a very suitable option for your trailer, which offers a sleeping space on the inside. There is not much on this truck as additional features, but it’s still enough to fulfill your requirements.


  • It is a lightweight truck as a camper that weighs just 340 pounds and pops up at a decent angle to provide 8-feet of headroom.
  • The pop-up time of this truck is 30 seconds, and the lowest height it can go is 6-feet.
  • It has a strong pop up roof to cover you from the environment and keep you protected in any weather conditions.
  • It has a thick mattress of 2.5″, which gives you a warm feeling to lay and rest.
  • There are double-pane acrylic windows and skylights for better lighting and ventilation.
  • It has a fire-resistant canvas on the top and a Thinsulate liner too.
  • There is space for cooking and hanging out outside.

6. Overland Explorer Vehicles Camp-X

Overland Explorer Vehicles Camp-X

The Camp-X is the last choice available on our list of the best truck bed pop up campers. This is an amazing truck that has good capacity, and it weighs more than other truck campers.

There is an aluminum extrusion system in this truck that increases the strength of the camper and provides a good base for your use. You can take this truck to any off-road points you like.

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The features of this truck camper are,

  • The 6-foot 2-inch floorplan highlights a bed, 6 feet 10″ of headroom.
  • There is a huge kitchen on the driver’s side and an L-shaped dinette on the traveler’s side.
  • Elements incorporate a 20-gallon new water holding tank, a 20-pound propane tank, a Victron bunch 27 100 amp hour battery.
  • Choices incorporate a 180-watt solar panel, a 125 amp-hour lithium battery, an OEV light bar, an OEV rooftop rack, and an OEV lord bed expansion pack with a cooler.
  • There is also a Dometic CFX DC blower cooler, a Remo Removable Dinette Table, Redarc Manager 30 with the show.
  • You also get a Trauma AquaGo water warmer and a Trauma Vario Heat heater.
  • The camper additionally accompanies an external shower walled-in area section pack with all-inclusive connectors, four Reico Titan manual lift jacks, and four Torklift Anchor Guard Derringer straps.
  • Planned explicitly for half-ton and 3/4-ton trucks with either a 5.5-foot or 6.5-footbed. The Overland Explorer Vehicles Camp-X records for $38,771 USD for the base model.

What is a Pop Up Truck Camper?

Any sort of truck can be utilized as a pop up truck camper. You essentially need to realize how much weight your truck can deal with and also the fact that you have a short or long box, also called a bed, on your truck.

Any truck can be easily made into a pop up truck camper when the manufacturers take an average size truck with a super short box and modify it as far as possible to fit it with an 8′ size bed.

In case you effectively own a truck, they can alter your camper to fit or have a model that will fit. Hard-sided truck campers have a dry load from 1,400 to 1,985 pounds. Their wet weight is from 1,555 to 2,260 pounds.

The lower the weight, the more modest the truck campers with fewer conveniences. Alternately, a bigger size and more load mean there is a washroom and kitchen in a truck camper.

Features of Pop Up Truck Campers

  • Exterior shower
  • Awning
  • The electric roof lift system
  • 20 lb. propane tank
  • Full or queen-sized bed
  • Electric jacks
  • Stove, sink, and small refrigerator
  • Porta-potty or wet bath with cassette toilet


This was a discussion about the best pop up truck campers with their best features. We explained the details for these truck campers, and we hope this info is useful to you so that you can clear your mind about your choice.


What is the lightest weight pop up truck camper?

You can get the Caribou Lite 6.5, which is the lightest, lowest-profile truck camper and only weighs about 850 pounds. This is a fuel-efficient and useful truck camper to take on your vacations for camping and exploring new locations. There is no stopping for this truck camper, and it comes well equipped with a boxed aluminum frame and composite walls.

What is the best pop up camper you can buy?

The best pop up campers that you can get from the market is.

  • Aliner Family Expedition
  • Forest River Rockwood
  • Air Opus
  • Jayco Jay Sport
  • Forest River Flagstaff.
  • Sylvansport Go
  • Turtleback Adventure Trail

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