6 Best Flatbed Truck Campers

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Flatbed campers are big bulky rides with a whole lot of living necessities placed in one point to accommodate a family. These are useful vehicles as they define no limits and no stopping boundaries.

They can be taken on any path, even on the rough terrains, while carrying a whole load of a trailer on them, having all the household equipment inside without worrying about things getting broken down.

In case you are searching for the Best Flatbed Truck Campers, then there are lots of options to choose from. 

Now we move to the list of best flatbed truck campers for you.

Name Weight Price
Overland Explorer Summit Expedition 4,300 lbs $235,000
BunduTecUSA Truck Camper 1,700 lbs $29,690
Earth Cruiser EXD 2,500 lbs $370,000
Phoenix Custom Truck Camper 990 lbs $32,995
Four Wheel Camper Hawk 1,075 lbs $25,625
Overland Explorer Camp (HBE) 1,650 lbs $63,070

Overland Explorer Summit ExpeditionOverland Explorer Summit Expedition
BunduTecUSA Truck CampersBunduTecUSA Truck Camper
Earth Cruiser EXDEarth Cruiser EXD
Phoenix Custom Truck CampersPhoenix Custom Truck Camper
Hawk Four Wheel Pop-up CamperFour Wheel Camper Hawk
Overland Explorer Camp (HBE)Overland Explorer Camp (HBE)

What are the Best Flatbed Truck Campers?

1. Overland Explorer Summit Expedition

Overland Explorer Summit Expedition

The Overland Explorer Summit Expedition is the first choice as the best flatbed camper. It is an incredible truck that should be your partner on your next trip.

There are three models accessible, the Summit, Summit-X, and the Summit-XL. Every one of them accompanies a proper living lodge for any 60″ – 120″ c/an undercarriage.

Key Specifications

Width 7′ 0″
Height 10′ 1/2″
Interior Length 6′ 6″
Dry Weight 3,560 lbs
Floor Length 10.5′
Freshwater Tank 35 gal
Blackwater Tank 25 gal

The highest point can be mounted on a one-ton business skeleton with space to save on the GVW. The entirety of the lodges is fabricated utilizing an exclusive composite development technique to get the best output.

This truck has the good ground clearance and the best dynamic turning base construction that will guarantee that the truck camper goes on for quite a while. This trailer is additionally lightweight for its size.

Overland Explorer Summit Expedition Floorplan

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2. BunduTecUSA Truck Camper

BunduTecUSA Truck Campers

BunduTecUSA Truck Camper is your next best flatbed truck camper choice because of its vast space and openness for users. You can enter the trailer from the rear, and it opens up into the kitchen.

In it, you will get a two-burner, two dinettes, a sink, and a deep freezer. You ought to have all that you need to set up a feast. There is a restroom right next to the kitchen area with a flatbed in this truck camper.

Key Specifications

Width 7′ 0″
Height 5′ 0″
Interior Length 6′ 8″
Dry Weight 1670 lbs
Floor Length 8′ 2″
Freshwater Tank 30 gal
Blackwater Tank 5.1 gal

The front side of the truck camper is the place where you will track down your resting region. There is a huge sleeping bed for your rest, and there is additionally a place for the two sides of the bed.

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The weight of the truck camper is not very much, which means it can be used on a decent-sized pickup or SUV.

3. Earth Cruiser EXD

Earth Cruiser EXD

The Earth Cruiser EXD is our next recommendation for you to take out on your long trips. It is a suitable option that can be used to reach the highest points or even the farthest of the places without worrying about home necessities.

You will most likely call this place home. It companies a 4×4 American truck case.

Key Specifications

Width 6′ 11″
Height 5′ 3″
Interior Height 5′ 2″
Dry Weight up to 2500 lbs
Floor Length 10′ 0″
Freshwater Tank 48 gal
Blackwater Tank 12 gal

This trailer is a more modest option in our list than you will find in most of our options on this list. It defines no limits when you want it to go through any steep or rocky paths knowing it will take you to the other end.

Therefore, it has fewer impediments when making a trip to the spots you need to go. Also, this truck falls under a buyer classification, so it’s one of the best flatbed truck campers.

Earth Cruiser EXD Interiors

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4. Phoenix Custom Truck Camper

Phoenix Custom Truck Campers

When you are not impressed by the above-mentioned list of High-quality flatbed campers, you may take your interest in Phoenix custom truck campers that come in various sizes and models.

What makes Phoenix Custom Truck Campers unique is that you get to choose unique layouts and design a flatbed truck camper of your own.

You have to share specifications with the company, and they produce the truck. It is highly customizable. 

Regardless of whether you need a slide-in, pop-up, or some other plan of flatbed truck campers, you’re certain Phoenix campers are your best choice. They will actually quantify and fit the camper to your camber plate, so you don’t need to do it without anyone’s help.

All their flatbed campers accompany a twofold welded aluminum confine casing and fiberglass sidings to guarantee its solidness.

It additionally utilizes a shaped streamlined cab over and protected dividers to keep you comfortable. Pick the sort of section you need, contingent upon whether you need to free up the back for bicycles or other compartments or not.

As a matter of course, all Phoenix truck campers for flatbed trucks accompany a front opening window and a side louver window that serves as an ESCAPE WINDOW for any incidents.

5. Four Wheel Camper Hawk

Four Wheel Camper Hawk

Four Wheel Campers Hawk is a small and towable option in our list of best flatbed campers. This is suitable in case you have a small family, and you want to go easy with things while off-roading. It is notable for its looks while having the most enduring and most solid body as a pop-up camper on the lookout.

With the pop-up down, this truck camper’s tallness is about 4 feet and 11 inches (59″).

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Key Specifications

Width 6′ 7.5″
Height 4′ 11″
Interior Height 6′ 6″
Dry Weight 1,325 lbs
Floor Length 6′ 7″
Freshwater Tank 20 gal
Blackwater Tank NA

Its dry weight is just 1325 pounds, so any flatbed truck will easily deal with this payload. Truth be told, it’s lightweight in any event when it’s completely stacked, at only 2100 pounds.

Inside this truck camper, you can anticipate a 72 x 78-inch bed, a small kitchenette, and an isotherm 1.7 cubic foot three-way blower fridge. For visitors, you have a bigger dinette in the back.

6. Overland Explorer Camp (HBE)

Overland Explorer Camp (HBE)

Overland Explorer Camp is the last suggestion as to the flatbed camper model that vows to give you the best experience of your life while traveling and off-roading to great spots.

This is the longest option as the truck campers on the list, so you’re certain to get more space. The floor, dividers, and rooftop are made of composite material gives you steadiness and unwavering quality.

Set forth plainly, the outside body has 1.5-inch boards with steel edging that can withstand all temperature and weather conditions. The delicate dividers are additionally all around protected and fire-safe, so you can remain protected, comfortable, and warm inside, paying little attention to the season.

The cabinetry is made of tough aluminum made to last for a long time.

Key Specifications

Width 6′ 8″
Height 6′ 8″
Interior Height 6′ 4″
Dry Weight 1550 lbs
Floor Length 12′ 7″
Freshwater tank 35 gal
Blackwater tank 15 gal

An element YOU WON’T FIND in most flatbed truck campers is the black water tank found in this model can hold up to 15 GAL. You additionally get a Bullfinch outside shower with a choice of water radiator to keep you clean following a whole day’s pleasure outside without freezing yourself.

You’ll discover a glass-top treated steel sink, 65L DC blower cooler ideal for putting away seven days of food or more, and safety highlights like a fire extinguisher, smoke/CO identifier, and a lot more.

Everything is fueled by a Victron 12-volt AGM battery, Redarc 30 power management, and a 170-watt solar charger. This is appropriate for anyone who wants 3/4 to 1-ton flatbeds.

What are Flatbed Truck Campers?

Flatbed truck campers are useful campers that are mounted on trucks with a flatbed. They don’t have any specific sides, rear end, or rooftop. Straps are commonly situated at the edge of the trailer. Certain individuals eliminate the truck bed from their pickup truck and change it with a flatbed.

Campers can be mounted on trucks as little as half-ton model SUVs called the pickups. They can be useful to load up the Flatbed Campers on them without having an issue.

Some of the common pickups that are best for this purpose are the Ford F-150, GMC Sierra 1500, Ram 1500, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Nissan Titan, and Toyota Tundra.

These trucks are built to carry a load of at least 1200 lbs without any worries.

Why Choose a Flatbed Truck Camper?

There can be several important reasons for choosing a flatbed truck camper.

1. All-Terrain Use

Trucks are powerful, and they have 4×4 which makes them suitable for traveling on trips and all kinds of roads and weather conditions that you have to face.

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Choosing a flatbed truck camper means you get a vehicle that can go through any muddy or rocky path without stopping and without even worrying about leaving something behind.

It can move you from point A to B without getting stuck at any point.

2. Towing Machines

The big trucks are very powerful, and they have a high towing capacity making them ideal for carrying flatbed campers on top of them.

They have impressive motors that make them extraordinary for towing boats, horse trailers, or utility trailers stacked with bikes, ATVs, stream skis, snowmobiles, or other “toys” that the present experience searchers need to bring along on holiday.

3. Extra Space

Flatbed truck campers are bulkier in size, which gives them more spots for extra space. They also have an extra room for a water warmer, water tanks, additional batteries, and propane, just as more extensive living quarters.

Some have storage boxes mounted at the rear of the camper.

4. Easy Drive

Truck campers are easy to handle as everything is under the control of the driver, even when towing big trailers.

They can be fit into any parking spot while carrying all your load of a camper on the body, making them compact yet very useful small motorhomes.


This was a discussion article about the best flatbed truck campers that you would find in the market with all the diverse features and exquisite highlights to fulfill your needs of camping and traveling.

All of these trucks are very powerful and useful to take on any path and assure you the safety and comfort that you need. Some are smaller in size, while some may be bulky with bigger engines to run under.


Can I use flatbed truck campers for multiple purposes?

You can eliminate the camper and utilize your flatbed truck for work or different exercises. Subsequently, your flatbed truck can be utilized in a lot of ways.

What makes flatbed truck campers different?

While pickup truck campers have customarily overwhelmed the truck camper field, flatbed campers have become progressively famous as of late. The slide-out plan fundamentally makes the pickup camper be thin on the base to squeeze into the truck bed, then, at that point, swell out over the truck sides. They can have different styles and floorplans.

What is the best flatbed truck?

Here is the list of the best flatbed truck campers that you can find.

  • Nimble Vehicles Evolution.
  • Overland Explorer Camp-HBE.
  • Four Wheel Camper Hawk.
  • Hallmark Nevada.
  • Alaskan 8.5 Flatbed.
  • Bundutec Odyssey.

Who makes the best quality truck camper?

Here are the best manufacturers for quality truck campers.

  • Lance Truck Campers.
  • Northwood Manufacturing Arctic Fox.
  • Northstar.
  • Northern Lite.
  • Rugged Mountain Granite.
  • NuCamp Cirrus.
  • Adventurer Truck Campers.
  • Livin’ Lite Camplite.

Can a truck camper go on a flatbed?

Almost any sort of flatbed truck can be fitted with an aluminum frame manufacturing plant truck camper, or you can work out your own custom camper. Different brands of campers are intended to be viable with certain flatbed lengths and sizes.

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