5 Best Truck Campers

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Truck campers are massive, and they are meant to move from one place to another without towing any travel trailers as they have got everything packed on top of them.

These campers have multiple slide-outs, and some have other exquisite features to amaze the customers with the comfort and necessities.

Getting the best truck camper is hard as there are a lot of companies offering different models with attractive features, which is why we compiled the selected options for you.

You can’t just randomly select truck campers because some are perfectly smart and useful. You need to focus perfectly on what you desire and get a truck camper that fits well with your needs. The cost of the camper and other features can affect a lot of things.

But considering the best truck campers that have everything you need, here is a complete list of options.

Name Weight Price
Host Mammoth 11.5 3,955 lbs $65,000
Lance 650 2,264 lbs $38,995
Phoenix Mini Max 1,420 lbs $37,000
nuCamp Cirrus 920 2,905 lbs $42,995
Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath 2,650 lbs $57,030

Host Mammoth 11.5Host Mammoth 11.5
Lance 650Lance 650
Phoenix Mini MaxPhoenix Mini Max
nuCamp Cirrus 920nuCamp Cirrus 920
Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry BathNorthern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath

What are the Best Truck Campers?

1. Host Mammoth 11.5

Host Mammoth 11.5

Host Mammoth 11.5 is a big bulky truck camper that we will recommend at the top of the list because of its luxurious feel and elegant design.

There are several features in this truck camper because it is designed by Host Industries, which is famous for producing the best truck campers for travelers over the years.

This model named Mammoth because of its size, which makes it unique as it also has three slide-outs. This truck camper is 11-foot in size and has a 6-inch floorplan that incorporates an enormous dinette, a dry shower, a chimney, an agreeable loveseat, and a decent size bed with comfortable filling.

The Mammoth 11.5 is stacked with standard provisions, including a two-way 8-cubic foot refrigerator, a 6-gallon DSI water heater, a 25,000 BTU propane heater, and a 1,000-watt inverter, and a three-burner propane cooktop with a foldable cooktop cover.

Not just that, the holding tanks in this aluminum-outlined camper are most likely the biggest found in a slide-in truck camper, with 65 gallons of new, 51 gallons of light, and 31 gallons dark.

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Different components incorporate delightful strong surface ledges, a double battery compartment, an outside 6-foot sliding capacity, a 6-gallon water radiator, a 25,000 BTU heater, two 30-pound propane tanks, and a 1,000-watt inverter with an AC outlet.

At an astounding 4,700 pounds dry weight, this camper sits well with a Ford 3500/F-350 double back tire truck with a 5,500-pound payload to securely pull this monster-size camper.

Host Mammoth 11.5 Floorplan

2. Lance 650

Lance 650

Lance is offering Lance 650 truck camper. This is one of the ideal choices accessible in case you are looking for the best truck campers.

As Lance is famous for delivering exquisite luxury campers and trailers, this is also one of the masterpieces. This company is doing what it does the best, and the results are amazing.

Lance Camper is an amazingly creative organization that constructed this amazing truck camper by going through different processes for a lot of time. The designs and features included in this camper use new current materials to diminish weight.

The results are marvelous as it is a really lightweight camper as a truck camper as compared to most of the other options.

That makes the Lance 650 an entirely reasonable choice for most purchasers and makes it outstanding amongst other truck campers.

The best thing about this truck camper model is that it has a wide size of the room. There are, in reality, a lot of keen storage options here, which in case you’re out and about with your family is vital.

The racks and cupboards offer an incredible spot to take care of so many of the things you will require and welcome on your excursion.

This truck camper has a washroom that additionally feels roomy that will be high up for comfort for many individuals to relax. While the restroom is its biggest positive, the kitchen region draws close attention too.

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This model has a truly incredible floor plan that meets up to the requirements of a user and causes him to feel good. The camper’s floor plan has drawn countless positive surveys on the web; that it’s hard not to suggest that every individual who’s searching for an extraordinary truck camper shouldn’t search for this 650 model.

Lance 650 Floorplan

  • Roomy interior with comfortable mattress
  • Big size bathroom
  • Latest kitchen with all appliances
  • Lightweight truck camper.
  • Water holding tanks are exposed.
  • Weight distribution might be disturbing.

3. Phoenix Mini Max

Phoenix Mini Max

Phoenix Campers is a manufacturer that has produced some good campers, and the Mini Max is one of the best truck campers to find in the market today because of its latest features in compact space.

You don’t have to be amazed and get carried away with the name because it manages to give all the necessary features required by a customer in one place.

It comes stacked with a huge load of elements and features, and the size will be a shock to some who aren’t accustomed to something this little having such countless things packed in it. However, that is clearly the thought.

This is a premium and uniquely crafted truck camper, so be relied upon to pay a bit more than you ordinarily would for the product that you are getting.

It’s a truly interesting truck camper with a lookout as it is completely intended to meet your individual payload necessities and bed size requirements.

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You’ve additionally got a ton of capacity that comes under the bed attempting to off-put a portion of the size distinction.

The interior plan is simply acceptable yet not extraordinary. The quality may be somewhat good and somewhat bad in some aspects on different things, but it actually provides a useful floorplan.

It can be ordered with a custom design according to the requirement of a user, and some extras can also be included in the floorplan.

Phoenix Mini-Max Floorplan

  • The Mini Max can be custom ordered
  • A very decent and good interior design
  • Beautiful cabinetry
  • Standard size refrigerator
  • Ton of storage
  • It is costly because it’s made on custom orders.
  • Sometimes, it can have electric availability issues.

4. nuCamp Cirrus 920

nuCamp Cirrus 920

nuCamp is also a manufacturer that is providing the truck camper called the Cirrus 920. This is an amazing choice when you are looking for a truck camper that will give you the comfort you need and the features that you want.

The Cirrus 920 truck camper is certainly a model that is very lavish. This model accompanies so many elements of things that individuals love.

It has a truly incredible bed, an oven, and a roomy and comfortable inclination restroom, in addition to other things. There is a Beast Picture Window that provides amazing views of the outside and bright sunlight when you don’t put on the sunshades.

The view from that window will be your best experience on a camping trip as it will allow you to enjoy your entire journey from the big view. It’s an incredible element in a truck camper. The kitchen includes a huge load of counter space, just as a great deal of space for storage.

The long-lasting dinette has sufficient room and is certainly agreeable to eat in. The Cirrus 920 has an appropriate Queen-sized bed that fits typical sheets. The room has a capacity over the bed, and you have a window to watch out of at the highest point of the room too.

The Cirrus is a four-season model, which means the water lines are totally covered, so your lines will not freeze. This also benefits the heating system as it won’t let you freeze and keep the camper heated on the inside. The shower, sink, and latrine all offer the space in the Cirrus so that you can sit tight and relax.

Users can get an additional generator for the power as it is possible that you may experience issues sometimes with the electrical systems. This is something to look at keenly, and it requires proper attention before any kind of disaster at all.

nuCamp Cirrus 920 Floorplan

  • It has a luxurious feel
  • The floor plan is awesome
  • It includes all the essential features
  • It has a Queen bed area
  • There is a great picture window
  • Electrical components have constant issues
  • Height may not be the best feature of this truck camper

5. Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath

Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath

The last recommendation on the list of best truck campers is the Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath. This truck camper is one of the best options that you will find in the market. It is loved by the individuals who own it because its structure is very pretty, and it has covered all the features that one will require for dozing off and resting in a spacious camper.

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The company has improved this truck camper with lots of features to excite the new users. They added a dry shower clearly to separate this model from the other truck campers, which is truly expected to be a major accommodation for purchasers.

In any case, the washroom doesn’t actually feel like a customary dry shower model. The actual camper is produced using top-notch materials alongside incredible form quality.

The inside has a good interior design and an amazing floorplan, and Northern Lite is right when they believe that they have a decent design here.

The dinette additionally has added headroom from past models and should feel very roomy. While this model does a couple of things right, that you get for the right cost.

The dry shower is a beneficial element, and it very well is contingent upon your preferences; notwithstanding, the dry shower actually resembles a wet shower, and from our experience, it doesn’t generally keep the sink dry.

Simultaneously, the dry shower likewise doesn’t have an extraordinary storage area, and that incorporates an off-kilter spot for the bathroom tissue holder.

It’s a lovely camper basically and with the right floorplan, however relying upon your preferences with the dry shower, it may not be meant for you.

Northern Lite 8-11 Dry Bath Floorplan

  • It has a new and amazing dry bath
  • The quality of this trailer is amazing
  • Beautiful interior design
  • Comfortable bed and rest area
  • The sink with a dry bath may be problematic
  • Storage is not the optimal one
  • Lacks a lot of features

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This was a discussion about the best truck campers that you can buy today. All of these models have their unique properties and benefits for the customers.

Each one of them has its weight, and they require special trucks for carrying them. We hope this guide for the best truck campers is helpful for you.


What are the best quality truck campers manufacturers?

The best high-quality truck campers manufacturers are,

  • Livin’ Lite.
  • Northwood Manufacturing.
  • Northstar
  • Northern Lite.
  • Lance Truck Campers.
  • NuCamp Cirrus.
  • Adventurer Truck Campers.
  • Rugged Mountain Granite.

What is the best small truck camper?

The best small truck campers are the following,

  • Travel Lite 770R Super Lite.
  • Lance 650.
  • Capri Retreat.
  • Capri Cowboy.
  • Scout Olympic 6.5.
  • NuCamp Cirrus 620.
  • Northstar Liberty.
  • Adventurer 80RB.

Do truck campers have toilets and showers?

Truck campers give an astounding quality and features on the ground that they are also able to carry and accommodate a lot of load and weight.

They are more modest and more light-footed than RVs and travel trailers. Many even have latrines and showers, among different features.

How long does a truck camper last?

A normal truck camper can easily last around 10 years. In case you utilize your truck camper reliably, ten years is about the measure of time it would take to get a fair shake. Notwithstanding, the vast majority keep them and use them for any longer than that.

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