Can Toyota Tundra Pull or Tow a Travel Trailer?

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Are you a proud owner of Toyota Tundra? Do you want to know what is the maximum Toyota Tundra towing capacity is? If you have answered yes, this piece of post is for you!

Toyota is a well-known auto manufacturing brand recognized for its product’s reliability and quality. Tundra is one of its other popular vehicles, which is a full-size pickup truck. If you have ever had a truck before, you know that the true worth is how much load a truck can pull or load.

So, in this post, we’ll take a look at Toyota Tundra towing capacity, how much load it can pull, and whether Toyota Tundra pulls or tow a travel trailer or not. So, let’s get started!

Can Toyota Tundra tow a travel trailer

The maximum towing capacity of Toyota Tundra is 10,200 lbs for two-wheel drive. Moreover, it is worth highlighting that Toyota Tundra 2020 features a Class IV receiver and trailer brake controller, which means its towing capacities are considerably high compared to its competitors. The lowest towing capacity of Toyota Tundra is 8,800 lbs with four-wheel drive.

Toyota Tundra Towing Capacities by Cab Size

Toyota Tundra offers three trim levels – Limited, Platinum, and 1794 Edition. As you can see above, it offers a small range of towing capacities since it has no drivetrain and powertrain features. However, it will be easy for you to get a truck according to your towing needs with its limited towing capacities.

You should know that adding additional features and options to your existing Toyota Tundra can lower its towing capacity. So, ensure to stay well within the gross weight limits mentioned on the door tag.

1. Toyota Tundra Double Cab

Toyota Tundra double cab has the highest towing capacity hitting up to 10,200 lbs for two-wheel drive. The second-highest tow rating in three configurations is 10,100 lbs in two-wheel drive. Similarly, the third-highest tow rating is 9,900 lbs in four-wheel drive.

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2. Toyota Tundra CrewMax

Toyota Tundra CrewMax is available with a 5.5 ft bed. The highest towing capacity of Toyota Tundra CrewMax is 10,100 lbs in two-wheel drive. The second and third-highest tow ratings are 9,800 lbs and 9,400 lbs in four and two-wheel drives.

Toyota Tundra Towing Features

Toyota Tundra is an amazing tow vehicle, equipped with everything you need for safe towing. Featuring outboard-mounted shocks and a mighty triple-tech frame along with an integrated hitch receiver offer all the muscles that a vehicle needs.

You can keep an eye on your Toyota Tundra performance while towing because of its combination meter along with a coolant voltmeter temperature, engine oil, and fuel.

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Some other towing features of Toyota Tundra include,

  • Towing Mode and 4/7 pin connector. The 4/7 pin connector feature allows you to tow heavy items with ease since the system automatically takes care of lower gears for extended, excessive throttle response, and more.
  • It also features an integrated trailer brake controller and sways control systems. These enable you to control the trailer braking amount and automatically apply the brakes when sway is detected.
  • Mirrors are available as accessories. These mirrors are on both driver and passenger sides, allowing you to keep an eye on your gear.

So, can Toyota Tundra pull or tow a travel trailer?

Travel Trailers that You Can Pull with Toyota Tundra

Here are some travel trailer options that you can pull with your Toyota Tundra,

1. Happier Camper HC1

Happier Camper HC1 Ultralight

Happier Camper is a popular option among road enthusiasts. The HC1 model is a great pick for people looking for lightweight trailers that they can tow with their Toyota Tundra. The trailer’s design is amazing, which is why it has gained so much attention in no time. The trailer is 13 feet long, wrapped with a fiberglass shell.

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It is an extremely durable one, so you don’t have to worry about weight or decay that can damage wood or metal frames. Besides its eye-catching exterior, the interior of the camper is what sets it apart. The adaptive built structure utilizes a range of grooves in the floor, enabling the owners to quickly reconfigure the layout as per their needs.

2. Livin Lite Camplite

Livin’ Lite Camplite

Livin Lite Camplite is one of my favorite lightweight travel trailers. It offers full aluminum construction, which is rare when it comes to low-budget trailers. Additionally, aluminum is also not the cheapest method of constructing a camper, it also minimizes corrosion and weight.

Moreover, another striking feature of Livin Lite is its compact size, so you can easily park it even in the tighter parking places. The model that I liked the most is Livin Lite 11FK. This model’s design is simple and features a dinette/bed combo, a wet bath, and a small kitchen. Since it is compact and lightweight, you can easily tow it with your Toyota Tundra.

3. Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite

Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25BRDS

Regardless of the diminutive size of these trailers, they offer spacious and incredibly functional interiors. One of the best models of Forest River is 21DS, which looks so appealing to the eyes. It features a murphy bed, which is surprising since it is not common in most other campers of the same size.

You will find an incredibly comfortable couch under the bed that you can couple with a dinette to create a space for up to seven people. Moreover, the L-shaped kitchen you will see inside is also a genius move. You can move the kitchen off the wall to double the counter space. The quality is respectable, and the color schemes and finishes of the interior are also pleasing. Since it is a lightweight, SUV-towable caper, you can easily use your Tundra to tow it.

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4. Dutchmen Aerolite

Aerolite Hybrid Travel Trailer

Dutchmen Aerolite is another Toyota Tundra towing a travel trailer. It should be your go-to if you are finding a larger trailer with less weight penalty. When designing a compact and smaller trailer, the bathroom is the first place to get sacrificed, but this is not the case with Dutchmen.

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Regardless of what model you go with, the bathrooms are spacious than other trailers of the same size – Especially for its 2133RB unit. If you want to have a smaller travel trailer but don’t want to feel cramped for the room, the Aerolite is for you.

Final Thoughts

Toyota Tundra is among the best full-size pickup trucks with respectable towing capacities. It can easily pull up to 10,200 lbs of weight behind it, which means you can find a range of campers and trailers that suits your Toyota Tundra towing capacity. Above I have also included some perfect options of travel trailers that are within your Tundra’s towing capacity. For questions and suggestions, feel free to post a comment below.


Can I tow a 5th wheel trailer with Toyota Tundra?

Most of the 5th-wheel trailers weigh more than 12,000 lbs, while the maximum towing capacity of Toyota Tundra is 10,200 lbs. It means it is not safe to pull a fifth-wheel behind Toyota Tundra.

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