10 Excellent Slide In Campers

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Truck campers are very useful to take on any road and track because they use big engines that have enough power to move the vehicle all the way.

These campers have earned a great number of followers over the years due to their versatility in features and also their off-roading capabilities.

With such campers, you never have to worry about tracks, roads, or ground clearance problems. You can take these campers to any place you like.

People often get specific in terms of features when they are choosing a truck camper. This is where the need for slide in truck campers comes in.

Some people want to know more about these slide in campers, which is why we have researched and selected the best slide in campers available in the market and shared their information in this article below.

Name Weight Length
Lance 650 1,694 lbs 15.5 ft
Host Mammoth 11.6 3,955 lbs 19.3 ft
Northwood Arctic Fox 811 2,873 lbs 16.67 ft
Northstar 12 STC 3,419 lbs 12 ft
Northern Lite 8-11EX 2,832 lbs 16.25 ft
Palomino Backpack 1,910 lbs 14.33 ft
Outfitter APEX 8 2,130 lbs 15.41 ft
Four-Wheel Camper Hawk 1,100 lbs 6.6 ft
Alaskan 8.5 Cabover Camper 1,680 lbs 8.5 ft
Granite 11RL 3,720 lbs 18.7 ft

Lance 650Lance 650
Host Mammoth 11.6Host Mammoth 11.6
Northwood Arctic Fox 811Northwood Arctic Fox 811
Northstar 12 STCNorthstar 12 STC
Northern Lite 8-11EXNorthern Lite 8-11EX
Palomino Backpack HS-2902Palomino Backpack
Outfitter APEX 8Outfitter APEX 8
Four Wheel Camper HawkFour-Wheel Camper Hawk
Alaskan 8.5Alaskan 8.5 Cabover Camper
Granite 11RLGranite 11RL

What are the Best Slide In Campers?

1. Lance 650

Lance 650

Lance 650 is one of the best slide in campers that have new and present-day materials to keep the camper lightweight and reasonable.

It is really roomy with a lot of extra rooms like racks and closets.

The slide-in camper includes a major room and a similarly roomy restroom, so you can feel at solace regardless of where the streets take you.

The room has a limit of sleeping space for three individuals, with the adaptive padding bedding to assist you with a better sleeping routine.

Along with this, in case you are going on a lengthy, difficult experience trip, you don’t need to worry about small things.

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Simultaneously, this truck camper is developed with common sense to give space and solace.

You can, in a real sense, have everything without seizing up space.

The 650 model additionally has a kitchen with every one of the conveniences for a definitive cooking experience.

With covered floors and full windows, you can enjoy the environment in the entirety of its greatness without thinking twice about safety and solace.

  • Lightweight Truck Camper.
  • Adaptive padding bedding.
  • Open interior space and an extra room.
  • Complete kitchen.
  • Covered floors.
  • The tanks of this truck camper are uncovered.

Lance 650 Floorplan

2. Host Mammoth 11.6

Host Mammoth 11.6

This is a truck camper Host Campers which is among the top of the line and carefully assembled models.

The camper is known for its extreme quality and durability in all types of conditions and terrains. It has standard highlights and upgrade options for the owner to choose special features in order to modify the slide in camper.

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The Mammoth 11.6 Camper is large, and it has three slideouts.

The camper incorporates a dry shower, a king bed, a chimney, and a dinette. A fiberglass outside adds to the streamlined look of the camper.

Alongside cupboards and numerous other extra rooms, the standard highlights of the camper incorporate a 1000-watt inverter with an AC outlet, LED lighting, burner cover, and a water radiator.

The holding tanks in the camper are the biggest in a slide-in camper yet. Some different highlights incorporate lookout window rooftop vents, underlying inside entry step, and froth-protected dividers, floor, and roof.

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  • Dry shower.
  • 1000 watt inverter.
  • Fiberglass outside and Extra rooms inside.
  • Huge holding tanks.
  • The shape of the camper is not very amusing.

3. Northwood Arctic Fox 811

Northwood Arctic Fox 811

Northwood Arctic Fox 811 is a useful truck camper that conveys quality and solace.

It is made considering the reasonableness of the camper. Inside this camper, 9-foot floor space can impeccably fit a little family, which clarifies the dozing limit of four individuals in the room.

It has heated sheet windows to lessen the flow of hot air from the windows.

This slide-in truck camper includes a wet shower, an angled church roof, protected dividers, and an enormous inside region space.

The one-piece fiberglass wet shower and LED outside lighting give the camper a basic yet tasteful look.

All treated steel tools in the kitchen space are of very high quality.

You will also get a productive 170-watt solar power framework in the camper.

  • Great floor covers.
  • Solar charging framework.
  • Extensive interior room.
  • One-piece fiberglass outside the body.
  • Driven outside lighting.
  • Hardened steel kitchen appliances.
  • It is heavier than other trucks.

Northwood Arctic Fox 811 floorplan

4. Northstar 12 STC

Northstar 12 STC

Northstar Campers is an organization that released the 12 STC model, which is famous for its quality and construction.

Northstar 12 STC is a 12-foot truck camper that worked to extravagant flawlessness. However, it doesn’t have additional weight or high dividers.

The capacity racks and cupboards are included spots that most campers don’t use. In this way, you have all the space alongside the storage.

The camper has open to seating pads, LED lighting, and a dry shower for solace and comfort. The dry shower has a conventional flushing tape latrine.

It additionally has a lot of extra rooms without additional weight or stature.

It is a slide-In truck camper that can be useful for long trips.

  • Open kitchenette.
  • Light-weight.
  • Beautiful lighting.
  • Dry shower.
  • Extra rooms.
  • You don’t get enough dinette space.

Northstar 12 STC floorplan

5. Northern Lite 8-11EX

Northern Lite 8-11EX

The Northern Lite 8 – 11EX stands apart from the wide range of various campers because of its fiberglass outside the structure.

For more than 30 years, Northern Lite has been planning four-season campers for camping purposes. The Northern Lite 8-11EX guarantees quality and satisfaction.

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The wet shower model has an ample shower that occupies less room in the camper.

Northern Lite slide-in campers are made for the short bed and long bed trucks.

The shaped fiberglass configuration gives the camper an interesting design and a phenomenal look.

The truck camper can be ordered with a dry shower, which gives the extra room for a different shower or bath.

It highlights a standard king bed, hardwood cupboards, an exceptionally open seating region, and a huge kitchenette with first-grade tools.

This camper offers heated sheet windows to protect you from the climate outside. Other than that, you have a 100-watt solar charger framework to help the LED lighting. Then, at that point, there’s a heated bay window as a top-up.

  • Heated sheet windows.
  • Extra room.
  • King bed.
  • Solar-powered charger framework.
  • Restricted 12-gallon tank limit.

Northern Lite 8-11 Floorplan

6. Palomino Backpack

Palomino Backpack HS-2902

Beginning around 1968, the Palomino organization has an assortment of slide-in campers to fit individual necessities. Their models offer advantageous floor plans and great inside at reasonable costs.

Palomino Backpack is also one of the useful campers that can be fitted with various trucks depending upon the need and type of use. With this truck camper, you get a roomy floorplan in which each element is intended for providing comfort.

A king bed, wet shower, and LED lighting are standard highlights of the camper.

The camper has pecan hardwood cupboards, Congoleum flooring, and a fold-over couch with extra room under it.

The kitchen includes top-notch conveniences, a hardened steel sink, and a burner. The wet shower holds a shower and a foot-flush latrine.

The hard-side camp has an overlaid walkable rooftop, as well.

  • Hardwood cupboards
  • Tempered steel sink
  • Top-notch kitchen conveniences
  • Open floor plan
  • Extra rooms
  • Driven lighting
  • Power lift rooftop can be problematic
  • Wood quality is not so good

Palomino Backpack HS-2902 Floorplan

7. Outfitter APEX 8

Outfitter APEX 8

Apex 8 is a slide-in truck camper that has an inside area of around eight feet, which gives a lot of space to your requirements and solace.

The eminent elements of the camper incorporate a completely heated under the case and big water holding tanks.

The camper has protected delicate dividers, double thermopane windows, a dry shower, and power trip drapes for a definitive journey experience.

This company has fast progressions in the RV business because they utilize sturdy and lightweight items to make astounding plans and elements.

You will find maple inside cupboards, including one overhead cabinet and storage under the bed area, making the camper even more amiable.

It is made to endure tough tracks and roads, and the company also offers a five-year guarantee for that.

  • Enormous holding tank
  • Double thermopane windows
  • Completely heated living area
  • Dry shower
  • Maple inside cupboards
  • Sometimes issues with the controls

Outfitter Apex 8 Floorplan

8. Four-Wheel Camper Hawk

Four Wheel Camper Hawk

This is one of the other slide-in truck campers that you may not have heard of.

The company has been in the business since 1972, but there are not many famous models released by them.

From that point forward, the organization has tried to achieve something good in the form of a Hawk camper.

It is one of the toughest slide-in campers on the lookout.

Assuming that you are searching for a camper that has a long life, you should look at this model that is straightforward, light, and reasonable.

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With a lot of extra rooms, inside space, and a dinette, it’s just about as straightforward as it can get.

The extra rooms in this model save you from the tension of picking what to get along with you. Its basic floorplan is one of the finest that you will get.

  • Extra rooms.
  • Lightweight.
  • Extensive inside space.
  • Quality and sturdy body.
  • Helpless electrical systems.

Four-Wheel Hawk Camper

9. Alaskan 8.5 Cabover Camper

Alaskan 8.5

Alaskan Campers is a little group organization that has a respectable history in the truck camper game.

Their set number of workers have some expertise in RVs and produce excellent campers in controlled conditions.

The 8.5 Cabover Camper is an all-around protected, weighty camper made with quality in view. It gives you a simple and useful body design to meet all your requirements.

The room incorporates uniquely crafted pads and bedding for client solace.

The camper additionally has a dinette, extra overhead room, wood-framed roof, maple cupboards, and fair ledge space.

You will also find a high-pressure cover inside, which adds to its uniqueness. The Alaskan Cabover has a 70-watt solar charging framework, LED roof lights, and a tape toilet.

It is a four-season camper with high strength.

  • Four-season camper.
  • Driven roof lights.
  • Top caliber.
  • Solar charger framework.
  • All around encased and protected.
  • It is weighty.
  • You will have limited capacity inside.

Alaskan 8.5 floorplan

10. Granite 11RL

Granite 11RL

Granite RV is the last truck camper we would like to suggest you as a slide-in camper.

It is an organization that has a profoundly productive group with many years of involvement with camper development.

They invest wholeheartedly in making the best RVs in the business with commitment.

The 11RL is one of the examples that is a 9.7 feet long truck camper having a serious outside finish. You get a lot of extra rooms like cupboards and two closets inside the camper.

The camper elements a dry shower with a step tub and rooftop vents, hardwood cabinet entryways, and a twofold advance room flight of stairs.

It additionally has genuine wood framing, LED lights, and double propane tanks.

This camper is known for its quality and fantastic worth. With its minimalistic living space, it can go anyplace with you and your spouse.

  • Extra rooms.
  • Driven lights.
  • Great design of the floorplan.
  • Dry shower.
  • Wood framing may decay over the long run.

Granite 11RL Floorplan


This was a discussion about the best slide in truck campers in the market.

We have discussed the top models in these campers and explained their features.

For more useful info, you can refer to our FAQ section below.


Are truck campers worth it?

Truck campers are actually worth using. The mobility of the truck camper is difficult to beat. The smaller size of the camper combined with the little turning range of the pickup truck implies you can move in the clear a lot more straightforwardly than with towable RVs and huge RVs.

Do truck campers have slideouts?

A few truck campers have enormous, full-divider slide-outs, while others have slide-outs that are little. Some have huge holding tanks, while others are more unobtrusive in size. These truck campers are fully equipped with all the necessary features that a person ever needs.

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