How Much Does a Pop Up Camper Cost?

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Pop up campers are a cheap option to consider as campers for traveling and having fun when you’re with your family. These trailers are offered by different manufacturers with their various features that may vary their price. Contingent upon the features of a pop up camper, the cost continues to increment.

A normal pop up camper with extra options like warmed sleeping cushions or front work area storage is normally more costly than a basic model. There is likewise a distinction in the costs of old and new pop up campers.

Normally, these pop up campers will cost between $10,000 to $25,000 with their specific features and variance in the models with multiple floorplans. You can get custom orders for even higher price tags. They are very cheap than an RV coach or a travel trailer because of less weight and their mobility, and easy towing capacity.

The features that these campers have to make them a very agreeable choice.

Here are some examples of the best pop up camper prices that you can expect.

Name Price
SylvanSport Go $10,000
Forest River Flagstaff $20,000
Jayco Jay Series Sport $11,500
Livin’ Lite $8,500
Coachmen Clipper Sport $14,000
Forest River Rockwood High $27,000
OPUS Camper OP4 $27,999
Taxa Outdoors Mantis $46,167
Aliner Classic $32,500
All the pricing is an estimated average that was found during our research, this is not the final price. Please contact a nearby dealer for the exact price.

What Pop Up Campers Offer For The Price?

You need to understand what you are getting into and why the camper costs what it does. In this way, here is the thing that you can anticipate from a pop up camper, which will assist you with understanding the wide value range. A pop up camper can hold one to six individuals, which makes it ideal for a wide range of families. Contingent upon how you plan and design the inside, there can really be a great deal of room for everyone.

A normal pop up camper appears as though an enormous box that is stick to an SUV or truck. It can be taken to campsites and long traveling journeys where it can find great use as it busts open to uncover a material tent-like covering, or a hard divider, with a taller roof in the middle that gets bolted or fixed on the sides to give you a wide space.

Opus Pop-up Camper

Within, there can be additional features like beds, full size or twin size, and also a jumbo bed. It simply relies upon the camper in regards to those points of interest. In the middle, you will generally discover a kitchenette and eating space. In the most fundamental models of these campers, the kitchenette will be furnished with a small-scale cooler, burner, and sink, just as some cabinetry. The sides will be fixed with seats that additionally twofold as more storage area, and now and then, there will be a table that can be pulled down from the divider when you need it.

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A table will simply be introduced, which normally implies the bed is set up over it when you need it. In some of the more costly models, a washroom is incorporated. It is quite uncommon. You will see a few restroom alternatives: either a wet bath, where the latrine and shower are in a similar space; a dry restroom, where the latrine and shower are independent; or simply a latrine, which can be covered by a seat only.

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Now we discuss how much does the cost of everything adds up to the cost of a pop up camper as a final result for the price tag on different models.

Cost Of Insurance

Protection is ordinarily less expensive for a camper trailer when you want safety. The insurance expense fluctuates dependent on the state, region, or nation of your home. The expense will likely be different for the new models versus the old ones also, so it is ideal for checking with your neighborhood insurance agency and the number of options they are providing.

Cost of Ownership

Getting a new pop up camper feels great as it has no work and requires no maintenance, but it still accompanies an expense. New models have a guarantee for most of the things, and you can spend your cost of ownership through a dealer for which you get to pay an extra price.

Cost Of Trading Up

Numerous pop up camper owners like to get the latest models with time and frequently move up to a fresher or greater version of that specific model on the experience they have with their present camper. After a couple of times, they develop a habit of trading up with different models that can cost a lot sometimes. There is the expense of devaluation and exchange costs as the dealer needs to bring in cash off of your pop up trailer when they sell it again to another person.

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Cost Of Repairs

In spite of the fact that when you purchase a new pop up camper, there’s a guarantee. It runs out, and the more your camper is utilized, the more it needs the maintenance with the mileage follows. In the end, handing over cash to get things fixed or kept up with is inescapable. However, in case you are helpful and you can source out parts, it is feasible to decrease this expense simply for the expense of the parts.

Cost Of Depreciation

The costs will, in general, be a lot less expensive for the used camper than a new one. Less with regards to the pop up camper trailers. The devaluation is substantially less on a rate than new. At first, new models devalue about 20% in the first year, then, at that point, drop about 10% for 2 to 8 years, then, at that point, they straighten out after the eighth year.

Cost Of Financing

Paying money is consistently the ideal alternative; however, this isn’t generally the situation for certain individuals. Or then again, the other alternative is to save some cash for the pop up camper, which could require a couple of years. The most well-known financing time is 20 years. In the event that you decide to back it, the extra expense in your price tag can be an extra 2/3rds of the sum over what you at first paid for the trailer. The expense of the devaluation would drop quicker than the cost of the camper.

Parking Costs

Pop up campers commonly make some more memories when you travel in the season to different places. But when it’s the off-season, and you don’t have to use the camper, you need a parking spot for your camper. So for the remainder of the time, the vehicle sits away. It very well may be your carport, your back yard, or some garage with paid storage. Paid limit truly shifts where you reside and regardless of whether it is inside or outside. Indoor price is presumably the most costly.


Leasing is another expense, but it’s likely the least expensive of passage to evaluate pop-up campers for your family. There are various leasing companies, and different options for you to go for that can vary your cost for the rentals at the businesses. A significant number of the dealers begin booking by the fall of the earlier year for a week after week rentals of these camper trailers. Large numbers of these renting services also offer towing options and other services to bring it down for you. You simply appear and load your stuff in the selected camper and begin setting up your camp.

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This was a discussion about how much does a pop up camper costs, and we discussed the prices of pop-up campers, and we also discussed the factors upon which these prices may vary from time to time. These campers are all available in various models with different warranties and offer that can vary their price range. Some companies also offer rental services for pop-up campers, which users can get for themselves for few days.

We hope this information about pop-up campers and their cost, along with another discussion, was helpful, and if you are interested to know more about campers, check out this site.


Is it worth buying a pop up camper?

A pop up camper is an ideal choice for the individuals who need a sample of the travel trailer’s way of life however aren’t exactly certain in case they’re prepared to focus on a major vehicle. These trailers hitch onto your truck or SUV for simple travels. All things considered, most pop up campers are small and can get along without any problem.

What is a decent cost for a pop up camper?

A pop up camper, you can expect between $10,000 to $25,000, conceivably more relying upon how luxurious you need to go. Used campers drop in cost essentially, regularly more in the $2,500 to $12,000 territory.

Which is the most affordable pop up camper?

The least expensive pop up camper is the Coachmen Viking Express 9.0TD, which has a normal cost of just $8,000 and a general length of just 13 feet. Making the Coachmen Viking Express 9.0TD is not just the least expensive camper you can purchase yet, in addition, one of the littlest.

Why shouldn’t you buy a pop up camper?

Pop up campers are intended to be lightweight and foldable. Along these lines, the dividers will be more slender than an RV or a trailer. This can be an issue for a few reasons, with the principal reason being environment control. It’s harder to control the environment, regardless of whether hot or cold, with very slight dividers.

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