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Last Updated on December 16, 2021 by Ted Mosby

Coachmen have a huge list of travel trailers that offer comfort and safety to the users, along with the necessary features of an RV. These campers come in various models with different specifications. The Viking series by Coachmen is another level. These travel trailers have various floorplans and inside amenities to impress a family.

There are two common models in the Viking travel trailers. These are the Viking Saga travel trailers and Viking Ultra-Lite travel trailers. We are going to review both of these trailers with their floorplans and features in detail to explain things in a better way.

Coachmen Viking Saga

Coachmen Viking Saga


The Viking Saga travel trailers offer the comfort of home with their design and construction. They have an attractive interior with LED lighting, and there is everything properly placed, which makes you feel like you are in your own home.

You will see the value in Dexter E-Z lube axles for smooth towing and the 40″ diamond plate for protecting the front from rocks that will keep your trailer shielded from rock and stones while heading to the camping area. Moving on to the outside, you will see numerous advantageous highlights, similar to the large power overhang, the uncompromising tongue jack, and the twofold doors for a simple entry.

The commonly found features in Viking Saga are:

Standard Features

  • Cable/Satellite Hook-up
  • Powered Range Vent
  • Nitro-Fill Radial Tires
  • Bathroom Skylight
  • LED Exterior Lights
  • Friction Hinge Entrance Door
  • LED Lighting
  • Heavy Duty Tongue Jack
  • Safety Chains
  • Aerodynamic Front Profile
  • Tinted Safety Glass Windows
  • Bath Vent
  • Eurotech Entrance Handle
  • Ultra Comfort High-Density Cushions

Coachmen Viking Saga Floorplans

1. Coachmen Viking Saga 14SR

Coachmen Viking Saga 14SR

In case you are keen on having a great time end of the week escape with the family without agonizing over high travel costs, then, at that point, the Saga 14SB is a great floorplan model for you. From its capacity to rest three individuals to its full kitchen with a two-burner range top, this unit gives you all that you want for a fruitful setting up camp experience. Every last trace of this unit has been used to its fullest potential with a lot of extra room.

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With the Saga, you get a reasonable setup camp experience that actually gives the entirety of the quality and solaces of other standard-size units. Due to its simple to-tow structure, the Saga travel trailer by Viking reclassifies worth and gives the economic family a solid unit to take on long trips. The Norco NXG structure with huck bolts adds toughness, and the 40″ diamond plate front security will assist with shielding your unit from stones during traveling.

Key Features

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  • Two-Burner Range
  • Wardrobe
  • Sleeps Three
  • Shower/Tub

2. Coachmen Viking Saga 17SBH

Coachmen Viking Saga 17SBH

The spending plan with the Viking Saga 17SBH travel trailer is always at worth because it is fully prepared for long camping trips. This is the ideal travel trailer for the family since it incorporates cots for the children and a regular bed front and center for mother and father. There is a two-burner reach to prepare suppers on and a sink to tidy up every day. You can eat at the stall dinette or take your plate outside to sit under the 12′ large power canopy. This model additionally incorporates a shower/tub to get tidied up every day and a shower lookout window for really standing space.

The Saga travel trailers incorporate consistent ledges inside, just as a EuroLatch entrance entryway, colored security glass windows, and ultra solace high-thickness pads for your comfort. Each model of this trailer is built with a Norco NXG case and substantial .030/.024 outside metal for a trailer made to endure. Towing is made problem-free with electric brakes, Dexter E-Z lube axles, and scissor-style settling jacks.

Key Features

  • Two-Burner Range
  • Full-Size Bed
  • Sleeps Five
  • Storage Space

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17SBH

The Viking Ultra-Lite is another range of series model by Coachmen, which is lightweight and offers great fuel efficiency alongside its great features for a small family. These models are equipped with a Norco NXG undercarriage, a streamlined front profile, and Dexter E-Z Lube axles. Inside, you will get Mortise and Tenon private cupboard entryways, consistent ledges, and ultra solace high-thickness pads.

The external shower with blistering/cold water will permit you to wash off your climbing boots or fill the canines water bowl, and the larger than usual power overhang will give shade during different weather conditions.

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There are some common features that make each of the Viking Ultra-Lite models very special.

1. Exterior

The outside of the Viking Ultra-Lite is fully prepared and well constructed. It accompanies a bicycle storage door on the 16BH and 17BH floorplans. A one-piece elastic and range-supported rooftop will keep going for quite a long time, while 6 sided R-7 protection windows keep you warm and cool any place you’re traveling. Outside speakers permit you to appreciate paying attention to your cherished music at any time.

2. Chassis

Intended for the greatest eco-friendliness, the Viking Ultra-Lite undercarriage includes a powder-covered I-bar structure chassis, ultra lube leaf spring axles, E-Z wrench tongue jack, electric brakes, and spiral tires. The chassis is strong and very durable.

3. Inside

Viking Ultra-Lite accompanies numerous extravagance inside highlights that will make you feel cozy and sleepy when you lay down for rest at night. This interior design incorporates a tough private deck. High-stress overlay ledges, small blinds, and window valances add more to its internal beauty.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen you get in each of the Ultra-Lite models of Viking travel trailers is inconceivably exceptional. The kitchen sink permits you to effectively wash pots and skillet, while a microwave, two-burner LP reach, and 3 cubic foot Dometic cooler will help you make and keep food fresh. You’ll have the option to make delightful, good suppers for your family any place you are.

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5. Choices

Viking Ultra-Lite gives you additional choices to modify to address your issues. This incorporates adding Zamp versatile solar chargers, a front expandable bed, and many additional package items.

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite Floorplans

There are few common floorplans to notice about Viking Ultra Lite travel trailers.

1. Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17BHS

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17BHS

The Viking Ultra-Lite 17BHS is a common floorplan that comes as a small model trailer that can still stack up all the luggage of you and your family. This Viking Ultra-Lite travel trailer model can immediately set up the power canopy and dinette slide, and you can easily connect the power and water for easy accessibility.

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When you are prepared to eat, move inside to make supper with the two-burner stove and microwave. The children will adore their own arrangement of cots, and you will cherish having the security of your own 36″ tub. It has Dexter E-Z Lube axles and a streamlined front profile for a better ride to any track. There is a rock guard at the front for safety. The AM/FM Bluetooth sound system with application control and the inside room will give quick access for fun and entertainment.

Key Features

  • Dinette Slide
  • Pantry
  • Easy Store Door
  • Bunk Beds
  • Double-Size Bed
  • Two-Burner Range

2. Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 18RBSS

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 18RBSS

Another great floorplan for Viking Ultra-Lite is the 18RBSS. With this floorplan, you can envision having a huge slide out that offers seating for yourself as well as your visitors on a couch or stall dinette to have supper and play games. There is additionally a secret bunk with space for one kid to adjust and rest easily. There is an entertainment system at the back, and the divider gives access directly to the bathroom of this trailer.

You can enjoy the feel of tuning in with the simple AM/FM Bluetooth sound system with application control, and the inside room will give quick and direct access for connectivity and entertainment. There is a full bed front and center for any languid campers, and you will actually want to make every one of your suppers in the full kitchen that has a two-burner reach, microwave, and a 7 cubic foot cooler. With any Viking Ultra-Lite travel trailer, you can partake in a smooth tow with the Norco NXG undercarriage.

Key Features

  • Full Bed
  • Booth Dinette
  • Sofa
  • Hidden Bunk


This was the Coachmen Viking travel trailer review in which we have discussed the Viking Saga series and the Viking Ultra-Lite travel trailer model. We shared their features and floorplans in detail.


Is Viking a good pop-up camper?

The Viking camper trailer is a good camper with 16 unique choices. This little pop-up camper trailer is loaded with treats. Extraordinary for a family for seven days of setting up camp and simple to fit at any place for a great camping trip.

Is Coachmen RV a good brand?

Coachman is a great brand that manufactures RVs, travel trailers and motorhomes. They have a huge lineup of travel trailers and fifth-wheel along with small campers.

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