How Much to Rent a Pop Up Camper?

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In case if you are wondering how much to rent a pop-up camper, then you might want to know all things considered that would include in the charges. A short camping trip is not simple if you don’t have a proper plan due to which you will have to decide lots of things.

If you are rich and you have good money on your account, then you can consider buying a popup camper to spend your vacations with. But in case you don’t have enough money to afford a pop-up camper, then you can consider renting it as there are various renting services that provide pop-up campers for rent.

This makes your experience cheaper and easier as you don’t have to worry about all the things for the trailer. You just get a camper from the supplier and enjoy the trip. Before we move on to know how much it will cost to rent a pop-up camper, there are few things that you might want to know first.

What is a Pop Up Camper?

Large Pop Up Camper

A pop-up camper is an RV coach that accommodates you with the necessary sleeping place and resting area along with various accessories and storage. This trailer doesn’t have its own engine, and it requires to be towed behind a vehicle. This can be easily hitched with another vehicle, and you can spend your day off by resting in it with the comfort of your home.

These pop-up campers are pretty lightweight and are easy to handle, which makes them a more affordable option to tow behind your car or an SUV. These are also the most affordable campers in the market so that you can enjoy a great experience in your camping. There are varieties of options and necessities to provide you the luxury and comfort to make your day brighter.

The pop-up camper easily gets fold with its unique design, which you can convert into a compact and suitable trailer as a store or transport. They are basically enough to give space to the family of 4 people with more room for sleeping and resting.

How Much To Rent A Pop Up Camper?

Pop-up campers that are available to rent have different prices on the tag due to different models and different functionalities that they offer for your trips. Regardless of whether you are leasing or getting one, pop-up campers are savvy. In case that purchasing a pre-owned one, contingent upon the quality, you could spend as low as $2,200. For others, the cost could be anyplace somewhere in the range of $6,500 and $30,000, contingent upon its size, components, and options.

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Yet, these costs do exclude the drawn-out cost of keeping up with the camper. In case you are not a regular camper, you need to deposit some cash as could reasonably be expected, or essentially have the mind to not accept a pop-up camper, you are in an ideal situation for renting a camper. The amount it’ll cost to rent will rely upon the pop-up camper’s components, model, size, and the rental organization.

Likewise, during seasons when campers are popular, for example, top summer, costs might go up. Contingent upon the size, pop-up camper expenses somewhere in the range of $35 and $180 each day to rent. There are variations for rent on different online stores and live dealers.

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For instance, the least expensive arrangement we found on Outdoorsy for a 12ft pop-up camper that occupies family 6 was $45 each night. On other sources, we tracked down a 21ft pop-up camper that rests 9 for just $65 each night. These rates will change contingent upon the size, conveniences, the number of individuals rests, area, and so on.

In case you think you need something somewhat greater or with a bigger number of options than any pop-up camper, you can rely on other models of trailers that are also available for rent.

Why You Should Rent A Pop Up Camper?

It is the best option to consider a pop-up camper to rent because these campers are compact in size, and they are fuel-efficient along with an easy and suitable environment provided in case you have a small family. These campers don’t require much maintenance, and they don’t demand much from the user. The only problem you may feel is that in case you have a big family, it won’t accommodate them all.

Luckily, pop-up campers are so lightweight that a standard vehicle can tow little to medium-sized ones. For a bigger pop-up trailer, you may require a vehicle with a somewhat bigger towing limit. Another significant thought is the amount it costs to rent a pop-up camper; they’re far cheaper than other types of camper.

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There are different reasons why pop-up campers are helpful and pretty much best as a camper alternative,

1. Mobility

In view of its more modest observation when you are on long trips, a pop-up camper is not difficult to move. That implies cutting through traffic gets easier, particularly when driving on an occupied and heavy traffic city road. The camper’s low weight is additionally a benefit since it makes less drag when going rough terrain or on steep streets.

Another advantage of the pop-up camper’s little size is it requires negligible parking spots when it’s not in use. That implies you will not experience difficulty discovering parking spots during random stops while heading to the camping area. In any event, when you reach your campsite, you’ll, in any case, require less room than most of the different campers.

2. Affordable Choice

Pop-up campers are among the most financially friendly option as campers available, which permits you to make some great memories and save some cash. All things considered, the more features included for a camper, the more it’ll cost. But, it will still cost less than leasing or renting an RV coach.

3. Different Options

An essential pop-up camper has sufficient room for four individuals and some basic features to entertain as well. In case that is insufficient for you, there are more open alternatives that can take up to nine individuals, which may cost more for rent.

A better quality model campers can offer some extra features like an oven, AC cooling and heater, cooler, sleeping space, baggage space, and more. With countless such choices, you ought to have the option to track down a camper with all you require to remain agreeable while setting up your camp. Since we’ve seen every one of the options to rent a pop-up camper and accepting you are mature enough to rent a camper, we should take a look more about these campers.

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The reason that these campers are more affordable than an RV van is that they lack an engine in a pop-up camper. Unlike any other vehicle that has a motorized engine and easy transport facility with control, pop-up campers are just meant to be towed behind your vehicle. These campers are pretty much wallet-friendly as they don’t burn any fuel. They are towed behind your vehicle, which might impact the fuel efficiency of your car or an SUV but not as much as you would expect.

  • They are cost-friendly as they are the least expensive options out there because they don’t run on the engine.
  • They are easy to tow with even a small car with good towing capacity.
  • They are smaller and provide more mobility and control on the roads and even in the traffic.
  • They are easy to camp in areas and fit in parking spots, unlike big RVs.
  • Plenty of room for storage. You’ll find storage for outdoor activities and include extras like bikes and kayaks on the support racks.
  • They have a place to sleep and eat and kitchens, toilets, and showers too.
  • They provide easy and luxury-style camping.
  • They have bedrooms with curtains for privacy.
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  • Pop-up campers take more set-up and take-down times.
  • They’re not appropriate to use in Windy, rainy, or bad weather conditions.
  • They jiggle a lot due to being lightweight.


This was a discussion about how much to rent a pop-up camper and what benefits you get for renting a camper like this for your trips. We discussed all benefits and features that you may get from a travel trailer, and there are all necessary things included in these campers.


What is the cost to buy a pop-up camper?

An average pop-up camper can cost more than $10,000 dollars depending on the features and luxury it offers. But this range can boost up to $30,000 in case if it has more space for resting and all the luxury features included in the floorplan.

Does anyone rent pop-up campers?

Yes, people rent pop-up campers for long trips and journeys for their small families in order to accommodate themselves with the absolute necessities required along with them.

Should you rent a pop-up camper?

You should rent a pop-up camper to save your additional cost for buying a whole camper. You can pay few dollars for your day and enjoy the fun with the camper.

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