5 Best Luxury Pop Up Campers

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Pop Up Campers are a fun way to enjoy your vacations as these trailers give a lot of features and luxury to your comfort and living standards.

These campers have good storage options, and they provide a comfortable living room that can protect you from the environment or wild animals when you are camping out in the woods.

There are several luxury pop up campers that you might wanna see if they are to your taste.

In case you are interested in buying the best luxury pop up camper, then there are various options to consider.

Here is the list of the best luxury pop up campers to consider.

Name Weight Price
OPUS Camper OP4 3970 lbs $28,500
Aliner Classic 1725 lbs $28,995
Taxa Outdoors Mantis 2972 lbs  $46,000
Jayco Jay Sport 2250 lbs $12,997
Aliner Expedition 1985 lbs $28,000

Opus Camper OP-4OPUS Camper OP4
Aliner Classic Travel TrailerAliner Classic
TAXA MantisTaxa Outdoors Mantis
Jayco Jay Sport Camping TrailerJayco Jay Sport
Aliner ExpeditionAliner Expedition

What are the Best Luxury Pop Up Campers?

1. OPUS Camper OP4

Opus Pop-up Camper

The top option as the best luxury pop up camper is the OPUS camper OP4. For those of you inspired by extravagance pop-up camper That you can take rough terrain, you shouldn’t have to search any farther than the OPUS Camper OP4.

This pop up luxury trailer offers remarkable ground clearance and a rough, off-road structure that can deal with the paths that different campers could never fantasize about endeavoring.

The features of this luxury camper are,


  • Something to love about this luxury pop up camper is that it sets up in less than two minutes.
  • The cool part about this pop up camper trailer is that its lower profile assists in withholding your efficiency back from going in the tank when you’re towing it.
  • Also, there are good options to stack different things on top of it, like your equipment and gear while keeping up with simple admittance to that gear when you show up at your campsite.
  • At the point when you’re set up in camp, this luxury pop up offers a full slide-out kitchen with a tempered steel cooktop, sink, and prep table.
  • The tent is really inflatable, and that expansion cycle has been timed at a measly 90 seconds.
  • Besides, the tanks on this camp trailer are enormous enough for you to go through as long as four days off from the water source without expecting to connect, top off, or channel your tanks.
  • This camper assists you with saving space for eating or playing games inside the trailer.
  • This luxury pop up camper incorporates a separated shade that totally encases that kitchen region to keep you dry and sans bug when weather conditions are not good.

2. Aliner Classic

Aliner Classic Travel Trailer

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Another option as the best luxury pop up camper is the Aliner Classic with the latest model. This is a great choice to tow with your SUV and go to far-off places and enjoy the vacations with your family with ultimate luxury.

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This model additionally includes a remarkable A-frame structure that permits you to get the feeling of that A-frame lodge in the forest you’ve been dreaming about and take it out and about.

These are the following features in this luxury trailer,


  • The Aliner’s Classic is one of the littlest of the campers with luxury services which means you’ll have the option to camp almost anywhere with comfort and ease.
  • It incorporates a sun-oriented shade on top of it, which will allow you to set up boards on the rooftop and further develop your trailer’s off-roading capacities as you find more places that don’t offer your comfortable campsite locations.
  • You’ll have the option to get a lot of normal light through the bay windows in the top model of this unit.
  • You get to save battery power with the solar charging capacity of this trailer by depending on regular sunlight.
  • You get the option to pull the included nightshades across these windows when you need to dark things out and snooze for some time.
  • The Aliner Classic is ideally suited for independent explorers or those who love to travel with their families as it has a sink and microwave inside for fundamental food prep and dish cleaning.
  • There’s likewise a little cooler under the food prep table and a slide-out burner for cooking inside when you can’t invest energy cooking or grilling outside.

3. Taxa Outdoors Mantis

Mantis Camper

There is another luxury pop up camper by Taxa Outdoors called the Mantis. This is a very useful and effective trailer with all the luxurious options included in it.

It turns out to be the smallest option possible on this, which makes it simpler to fit in more modest camping areas that wouldn’t exactly have space for longer use, but it has what you will need for sure.

Following are its features,


  • This hard-sided popup setting up a camp trailer is outfitted for certain truly novel indoor-open air living travelers as there is a full-width back component that makes getting to the storage room and bed area very simple.
  • The trailer can be opened up as a whole for better ventilation in warm environments.
  • Quad stabilizer jacks help to keep this trailer stable while you’re moving all through it.
  • The eight-foot awning or canopy on the traveler’s side gives you a lot of concealed space outside the trailer to make a little side region for resting.
  • Furthermore, this camper flaunts flip-up windows that consider extra air ventilation and allows you to enjoy great views from your window easily.
  • The Mantis model additionally flaunts a full cookroom kitchen so you can have good setting up camp plans as opposed to depending on dried-out suppers.
  • This kitchen area has a sink, double burner oven, open racking, and top-shelf storage with milk box drawers.
  • There is a 16-gallon garbage bin and a cooler stage with a 12-volt source for interfacing an electric cooler.
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4. Jayco Jay Sport

Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer

Jayco has a Jay Sport camper trailer that is one of the best luxury pop-up campers with good features and noteworthy options to consider.

This trailer is an incredible camper with a strong form quality and an extremely light in weight trailer that gives the simple towing ability to your SUV.

You get all the useful features in one place,

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  • It has a good weight capacity, and you can get a lot of storage area in this trailer. You get to place extra equipment and luggage along with gears easily.
  • This is a very sturdy trailer to go on with any sort of place with a decent grasp and the ability to remain tight on the streets.
  • The solace with this little luxury pop up camper is the best that you would need, and there is an astounding and delightful design on the inside with different floorplans.
  • It has to doze space for around four individuals without any problem.
  • The kitchen has a two-burner propane oven with a solitary sink, having huge 28-gallon freshwater tanks.

5. Aliner Expedition

Aliner Expedition

The last best luxury pop up camper suggestion on our list is the Aliner Expedition which is an A-Frame camper. It is a little lightweight camper trailer that has incredible provisions of its own, which will stun you and make you need one.

This camper accompanies a customary look of a trailer that fills every one of the necessities in a single spot. You get a decent lightweight trailer choice that can be towed behind a vehicle of ordinary size and travel to places.


  • This trailer has less weight which makes it a seriously reasonable camper for traveling.
  • It accompanies a couch and a dinette that can be changed over into a bed for comfort and rest.
  • There is enough space for resting four individuals soundly.
  • It has a decent 5,000 BTU forced air system alongside a 1,600 BTU propane heater.
  • There is a restroom with good space and a bathroom.
  • A mid-range SUV can undoubtedly tow this trailer that has great solidness on any street without giving you the stress of any shortcomings or disappointments.
  • It is a tent-style pop-up camper with all the additional conventional hardware added to its elements.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Luxury Pop up Camper

1. Size

The size of a luxury camper is always a priority, and you should be choosing the ideal size according to your area and the roads that you are going to travel to.

You will require the best and optimal size of the trailer that can fit into suitable parking spots and that doesn’t damage anything on the way to your destination, and it should be between 16 – 20 ft at most.

2. Full Kitchen

A luxurious pop up camper accompanies a full kitchen that would meet all your cooking and feasting needs. It implies you can plan and prepare delightful and good suppers while setting up camp and have an agreeable spot where you can partake in these extravagant dinners in the organization of loved ones.

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To have the option to do this, your kitchen ought to have an oven, microwave, broiler, sink, fridge, and cooler. This will make food storage and planning a great deal simpler.

3. Shower and Toilet

Another sign of a luxurious camper is that it should have a shower and a toilet for a user’s ease from which he can take a bath at the moment he wants to and go to the bathroom whenever he feels like he needs to go potty.

It would be uncomfortable to go for the potty in the brambles, which is why a toilet is a must in the luxurious pop up camper. Consider a good shower-based camper with proper toilet seating.

4. Resting Place

A resting spot or dozing spot is another factor, as you should see how much individuals can rest in the luxury pop up camper that you are considering.

Typically these campers have a limit of 8 to 12 grown-ups who easily fit in. Some even allow more than that, so you can choose to continue with such a luxury camper.

5. Additional Components

You can consider the additional features in the camper being offered to you. This can include more space, LED lighting, storage options, curtains or interior design, and inside planning alongside slide-out or dinette alternatives in your camper.

Each model can have various settings and choices, so you can choose which one suits best for you.

6. Weight

Weight is ideal thought while picking a useful luxury pop up camper as a lightweight option would be better in cost-saving and easy towing capacity.

You won’t have to burden your ride with more load and pressure in this way. A heavy trailer can weigh about 3000 pounds to 5000 pounds which is too much to tow.

So consider an option in a suitable range which you can tow easily.


This was a guiding article about the best luxury pop up campers with essential features that are required by a user. It includes all the best options available in the market that you can get easily.


What is the most luxurious pop up camper?

The best and the most luxurious pop up campers available today are

  • Aliner Somerset Utah Camper
  • Forest River Rockwood Hard Side Camper
  • Opus Off-Road Camper
  • Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285SST
  • Forest River Flagstaff Tent High Wall Series
  • Jayco Jay Sport 12UD
  • Sylvansport Go Pop Up Tent Camper

What is the most luxurious travel trailer brand?

The most luxurious travel trailers from different brands are,

  • Airstream Land Yacht
  • LaCrosse Luxury Lite
  • Grand Design Reflection
  • Heartland North Travel Trailer
  • Jayco Eagle
  • Bullet Premier Ultra Lite

How much does a pop up camper cost?

Pop up campers are generally cheaper than RV trailers, and they have different prices for their features. In case you want the latest model with the latest features, you may have to pay about $25,000 or more to get the best option.

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