5 Best Small Pop Up Campers

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Small pop up campers are an ideal choice for camping and long trips as they are lightweight and very much affordable.

These small pop up campers have the necessary features to fit well with the needs of your trip, and you can make use of a lightweight Pop up camper to accommodate your family with some good sleeping space and a shelter while you are somewhere far away from your home.

The best small pop up campers are pretty amazing as they have the highest features in them as ordinary pop-up campers, and they provide the comfort that you.

In case you are one of the people who prefer a good quality small and comfortable pop-up camper for your trips, then we may have the best recommendation list for you.

You won’t be confused anymore as we have mentioned the best options that are lightweight and easy to tow behind your SUV.

Now we move to the list of best small and lightweight pop up camper trailers to consider in order to make your camping more fun.

Name Weight Length
Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0 994 lbs 12 ft
Jayco Jay Sport 2,250 lbs 11 ft 7 in
Opus OP4 2,870 lbs 14 ft 10 in
Aliner Expedition 1,800 lbs 18 ft
Forest River Flagstaff 205 1,997 lbs 20 ft

Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0
Jayco Jay Sport Camping TrailerJayco Jay Sport
Opus Camper OP-4Opus OP4
Aliner ExpeditionAliner Expedition
Forest River Flagstaff 205Forest River Flagstaff 205

What are the Best Small Pop Up Campers?

1. Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0

Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0

The first recommendation in our selection of the best small pop up camper is the Quicksilver 8.0 by Livin’ Lite.

This trailer is a beautifully designed pop-up camper that would feel good to your eyes when you look at it. This is a noticeable camper option that would provide all the benefits to you that a small trailer should have.

You get additional storage, cabinets, a sink, and a lot of things with quite exciting features in this trailer.


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  • This trailer has various cabinets to store your wardrobe and clothes along with extra accessories at aside.
  • You can get good sleeping space in this trailer for a family of 4, having good lighting in the interior and built-in fans for cooling.
  • For the kitchen, there is a countertop and a sink for cooking and washing your dishes.
  • It is a very lightweight option with only 994 pounds of weight which makes it an ideal choice to tow behind your vehicle and save a lot of fuel as compared to heavy campers.
  • The camper is also pre-wired for solar energy that can charge the battery, and electric appliances are having a 30 Amp converter.
  • You can get some pretty amazing option items like a furnace, awning, stovetop, and even AC if you pay the additional cost.
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Livin' Lite Quicksilver 8.0 Floorplan

  • Sink with a hand pump
  • 12v vent fan
  • 994-pound dry weight
  • Aluminum cabinets
  • Pre-wired for solar panels

2. Jayco Jay Sport

Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer

Jayco has one of the most selling, and well-known pop up campers called the Jayco Jay Sport Pop up camper which comes with lots of features. It is a great camper with durable build quality and a very light in weight trailer that provides easy towing capacity for your small car or an SUV.

Jayco never backs down when it comes to providing comfort, which is why this trailer has all the beneficiary features to accommodate you.


  • This is a super durable trailer to go on with any kind of road with its 14-inch wheels that have a good grip and capability to stay tight on the roads.
  • The comfort with this small and lightweight pop-up camper is the best that you would experience, and there is a surprising interior with a beautiful layout and multiple floorplans.
  • It has 225 pounds of hitch weight, and it can be easily towed with your SUV and be taken to places where you never imagined.
  • It has sleeping space for about four people easily.
  • The kitchen has a two-burner propane stove with a single basin sink, having large 28-gallon fresh water storage tanks.

Jayco Jay Sport Floorplan

  • Small and comfortable pop-up camper
  • Durable build quality
  • Good sleeping capacity and extra accessory support
  • Great customer service
  • No air conditioner as standard.
  • No formal bathroom or toilet.

3. Opus OP4

Opus Pop-up Camper

Opus is offering the best small lightweight pop up camper with a 2,870 dry weight that does give you the feel of the luxury camper.

This camper may have a little bit more weight than most of the other campers on this list, but it does offer the features that you need.

It has a hitch weight of 220 pounds, and you can tow it even with a mid-sized SUV to take it onto the long journies that you want to enjoy.

Some features of this pop-up camper are,


  • It has impressive pop out, and it gives enough space on the inside to accommodate a family of 6 people to rest and sleep without any disturbance.
  • It has a slide-out kitchen along with a refrigerator for cooling your things in the hot summers.
  • There is a freshwater tank in this pop-up camper that has a good capacity of 40 gallons.
  • You get a popout double bed and a lounge area with a bed and a C-shaped dinette that gives extra sleeping space to two people at once.
  • This camper can support your comfort when camping off the grid for several days.
  • The slide-out kitchen and fridge can be slid if there are any weather conditions that you want to avoid.

Opus OP4 Floorplan

  • This camper has a good hitch weight of 220 lbs.
  • It provides enough sleeping space for six people.
  • It has a freshwater tank of 40 gallons.
  • Slide Out kitchen and refrigerator.
  • You don’t get customizable options.

4. Aliner Expedition

Aliner Expedition

Coming up next on our recommended list of the best small and lightweight pop up camper trailers is the Aliner Expedition A-Frame Camper which has great features of its own which will amaze you and make you want one.

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This camper comes with a traditional look of a travel trailer that fills all the necessities in one place. You get a good lightweight trailer option that can be towed behind a vehicle of normal size and travel to places.

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The features of this pop-up camper are


  • This trailer has a dry weight of 1800 lbs. and a hitch weight of 240 lbs which makes it quite a suitable camper for traveling.
  • A mid-range SUV can easily tow this trailer that has good stability on any road without giving you worries of any faults or failures.
  • It comes with a sofa and a dinette included in it that can be converted into a bed for comfort and rest. It allows the good sleeping capacity of four people to sleep well.
  • It has a good 5,000 BTU air conditioner along with a 1,600 BTU propane furnace.
  • There is a bathroom with a toilet system.
  • It is a tent-style pop-up camper with all the traditional extra equipment added to its features.

Aliner Expedition Floorplan

  • The dry weight of 1,800 lbs and a hitch weight of 240 lbs.
  • Sleeps up to 4 people
  • 5,000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 16,000 BTU Propane Furnace
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity of 11 gallons
  • Cassette Toilet
  • The tent quality is low when it can get damaged easily.

5. Forest River Flagstaff 205

Forest River Flagstaff 205

The last recommendation on our list is the Forest River Flagstaff 205 Pop up camper. It is one of the successful series of pop up campers by Flagstaff, and it is being sold worldwide at a rapid pace.

There is a wide range of floorplans options in this small pop-up camper, and there are various features that you should look upon before buying this camper trailer.


  • There is a good sleeping space and a capacity to accommodate a family of 6 people in this pop up camper.
  • You get a very lightweight pop up camper with a dry weight of 1997 lbs along with a hitch weight of 230 lbs.
  • The payload capacity that this camper has with its small size is 1233 lbs.
  • There are various floorplans for this camper to choose from, and there is a good inside room space for everyone to sit comfortably and enjoy their evening gossip.
  • There is a 26 gallon of water storage tank that gives good capacity for about 2,3 days of water usage easily.
  • It has a 20,000 BTU furnace giving a very warm feeling in the winters or when you camp at a high altitude.

Forest River Flagstaff 205 Floorplan

  • The trailer has good dry weight and hitches weight.
  • It has a good heater with 20,000 BTUs.
  • Freshwater tanks.
  • Good sleeping space for six people.
  • No air conditioning as default.

What to Look for in a Small Pop Up Camper?

1. Weight

Weight is ideal consideration when choosing a small pop up camper as these camper trailers usually have a weight of around 1500 pounds to 3000 pounds.

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The ideal weight for you will be between 1500 and 2500 pounds because it would be cost-efficient and save your fuel as well. Such pop-up trailers are easy to tow, and they are useful when you go on long trips.

2. Size

Size is the second factor to consider because when you are on your camping trip, you will need an ideal spot to fit your camper in.

The average size of small pop up campers is between 8 – 16 ft which is enough for a normal parking space. Choose an ideal size pop-up camper that won’t be a headache for you when you are parking or crossing any area.

3. Resting Place

A resting place or sleeping spot is another factor, as you should look at how much people can sleep in a small pop up camper that you are considering.

Normally these campers have a capacity between 2 to 8 adults to carry, but you can consider a camper with the capacity of 5 to 6 people as an ideal choice for a sleeping place.

This would let you and your family rest pretty easily with more space.

4. Features

You can look for additional features that you can get in a camper package which may include some luxurious benefits and comfortable options such as extra storage or interior design along with slide-out or dinette options in a small pop up camper.

Each model can have different settings and options, so you can select which one suits best for you.


This was a guide on the best small and lightweight pop-up camper trailers to provide the luxury and comfort of your home with your trips and long journeys.

We discussed various features of each of the best options in this category, and we hope that you find this small pop up camper article useful to make a decision. 


Are Pop Up Campers Worth It?

To the extent RVs go, pop-up campers are the most wallet-accommodating choice available. In the event that you just camp a couple of times each year, everything will work out for the best for you to spend heaps of cash on a full-size travel trailer. You can get a pop-up for a portion of the expense. What’s more, as they cost less to begin, they’re less expensive to maintain as well.

What is the lightest pop up camper?

The lightest pop up camper is the Sylvan Sport Go, tipping the scales at 840 pounds from the manufacturing plant. It is a good camper to tow behind your vehicle.

What is the most economical pop up camper?

The least expensive pop up camper is the conservative single-turn Coachmen Viking Express 9.0TD with a general length of just 13 feet. Making the Coachmen Viking Express 9.0TD is not just the least expensive pop-up camper you can purchase yet additionally one of the cheapest.

What is the best lightweight travel trailer?
  • Vintage Overland Lawrence
  • TAB S-Teardrop Camper
  • Escape
  • Forest River R-Pod
  • Hero Ranger
  • Forest River Rockwood ESP (Extreme Sports Package)
  • Patriot Campers X1

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