5 Excellent Pop Up Toy Haulers

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Pop up campers can bring exciting experiences to your journey when they are included with additional features. These campers have a lot of options to offer when they are custom built or when they have specialized addition of features.

The same is the case with pop up campers with toy haulers. These pop up toy haulers add more to the extra to profit more facility to the users in making their camping experience fun.

In case you want info about the best pop up toy haulers, then there are various campers available with this feature.

This includes the use of ATVs, Dirt Bikes, and Canoes, a.k.a. man toys that can be additionally loaded with the campers to complete the camping adventure.

Now we see which are the best pop up toy haulers,

Name Weight Price
Jayco Baja 2,320 lbs $11,157
Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility 2,100 lbs $13,495
Viking V3 V-Trec 3,065 lbs $18,458
Coleman Evolution 4,400 lbs $17,723
Forest River Flagstaff Sports 2,180 lbs $22,212

Jayco BajaJayco Baja
Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 UtilityJumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility
Viking V3 V-TrecViking V3 V-Trec
Coleman EvolutionColeman Evolution
Forest River Flagstaff Sports Forest River Flagstaff Sports

What is the Best Pop Up Toy Haulers?

1. Jayco Baja

Jayco Baja

The best pop up camper with toy haulers is the Jayco Baja which allows you to go in solace and style. This toy hauler camper has a living space that contains a king-size bed and twofold bed on one or the flip side of the trailer.

There’s likewise a dinette, refrigerator, bathroom area, and a water heater. This model has an external shower with the goal that you can spruce up or clean yourself and wash your equipment following a thrilling day outside.

Key Specifications

Dry Hitch Weight 300 lbs
Exterior Closed Height 69″
Exterior Width 85″
Unloaded Vehicle Weight 2,520 lbs
Cargo Carrying Capacity 2,030 lbs
Campsite Length 24’2″
Fresh Water Capacity 35 gallons

Key Features

  • Jayco’s unique, completely encased lifter framework with lifter post covers incorporated into the tent.
  • Heavy-Duty
  • E-Z Lube axles with leaf spring suspension framework
  • 15″ rough terrain Dunlop Mud Rover spiral tires
  • DuraTek water-repellent sectionalized tent with 1,050-lb. evaluated beds
  • Utility deck, appraised for 1,500 pounds, with inclines/deck railing (double use) with fast interface deck connection framework
  • Power rooftop lift with the hand-held distant key dandy
  • Customer Value Package: Awning, battery measure, sound system with outside speakers, cleaned aluminum edges, sun oriented prep, and water purifier
  • Erosion safe A-outline development

The front space of the trailer changes over into an uncompromising load deck where you can put your gears in the open air while traveling to someplace.

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The tent has been intended to withstand the components. It is water-repellent and opposes the weather conditions, and keeps out any bugs or any such things away from you.

Jayco Baja Floorplan

You have the choice to get a 16,000-BTU heater with auto-start, bed mattress warmers, an external barbecue, and a controlled rooftop vent. You’ll be astonished that the Jayco Baja accompanies a lifetime guarantee for its rooftop, dividers, floor, bed casings, and lifter system.

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It is probably one of the best pop up campers with toy haulers.

2. Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility

Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility

The Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility is our next suggestion that gives you the flexibility that you need for setting up your journey and planning the camping trip.

It permits you to load your huge stuff like additional bikes or ATVs and more travel stuff on top of it. This is uniquely intended to load around 3 ATVs that can make your trip even more fun.

These are the following specifications that this camper with toy hauler has to offer,

Key Specifications

Ground Clearance 14″
Sleeping Capacity 4
Trailer Dimensions Overall 195″x92″
Total Weight 1,950 lbs
GVWR 7,000 lbs
Deck Height 39″
Tent Headroom 7′

Key Features

  • Protective Bag: Heavy obligation vinyl polyester sack
  • Tent Shell: 13 oz. mold and water-safe marine material
  • Strong twofold sewed creases and built-up corners
  • Seven huge evaluated windows for cross ventilation and clear external view

This is one of our top recommended pop up toy haulers that are more or less fundamental and can be something worth being worth. It simply has beds and an inside table in its living room.

The individuals who love the true setting up camp experience would see the value in it as you’ll be nearer to nature and allowed to feel the real fun and delight outside.

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For the individuals who need to make their camp more open, Jumping Jack offers the choice to redesign your experience. You can get a kitchenette top and a lamp post for lighting at night.

You can likewise decide to have fine bars, water rack, cooler rack, and boat bars included in your trailer.

3. Viking V3 V-Trec

Viking V3 V-Trec

The Viking V-Trec is the next option to consider with a toy hauler as this includes a jumbo and sovereign size protected bunks with Ultra Comfort 4″ warmed beddings for a serene rest.

These are situated at the front and back segments of your pop up camper. It likewise has a sink, oven, and dinette in the living region.

Key Specifications

Cargo Carrying Capacity 1,210 pounds
Exterior Open Length 23’5″
Exterior Width 85″
Box Size 12′
Hitch Weight 427 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight 3,217 pounds

Key Features

  • Wide Trac Ultra Lube Torsion Axle.
  • “Zero Exposure” Bunk Technology.
  • Laminated Insulated Bed Platforms.
  • Bathroom Package.
  • Essentials Package: 3-Way 1.9 Cu. Ft. Cooler, 20,000 BTU, Furnace, Awning, Electric Brakes, Spare Tire, and Carrier.

You can decide to have a 13,500 BTU cooling unit and get 40 or 80-watt Zamp compact solar panels for getting the power that you need. To get your load and the toy that you’re carrying with you, you might need to get the “Jack It” Bike Rack and “Taylor” Cargo Security System.

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The floor plan is incredibly intended to fit all you require and need while setting up camp. It offers a great deal of extra room in the body of the trailer beside the loading deck that fills in as your toy hauler.

The Viking is exceptionally simple to tow, set up, and store. The company has ensured that they add an entirely different measurement to your camper’s features in this model.

4. Coleman Evolution

Coleman Evolution

Coleman is offering its camper with a toy hauler called the Evolution. This is a reliable and smooth RV camper that allows you some additional space to fit extra luggage and bikes or ATVs.

The quality of this camper is very high. This pop up camper is no special case as it has the same features as most of the other campers on this list, where you can consider it as a choice for your ease.

It’s a perfect toy hauler camper that you can consider.

Key Specifications

Body Construction Steel
Sidewall Tent Fabric
Sleeping limit 6 Max
Jumbo Beds 2
Kitchen Centrally found
Length 27 feet
Width 11 feet
Dry weight 3030 lbs

Its general length is 27 feet camper with toy hauler having a dry load capacity of 3030 lbs, and GVWR is 4400 lbs.

Most standard vehicles of this basic model will actually be easy to pull with your ride, and you can make use of the user manual provided with it for additional service.

This trailer by Coleman has a 100% steel lift body that is protected from erosion or different issues. The rooftop is a one-piece with a good inclined position and better aerodynamics.

There are a number of discretionary things to add, like power vents, a water holding tank of the limit of 5 gallons, and a screen room.

It has a rooftop guarantee of 5 years which is a standard term, and you ought to be essential with that. The fundamental guarantee and construction guarantee is anyway a year. The kitchen is outfitted with a 3-way fridge, 3 burner oven, and bowl sink.

The water-holding limit is 20 gallons, and the same for the holding tank too. You can consider this trailer as your best pop up camper with a toy hauler when you want to go out camping.

5. Forest River Flagstaff Sports

Forest River Flagstaff Sports
Credits: Cheyenne Camping Center

The last suggestion we have as the best pop up camper with a toy hauler is the Forest River Flagstaff Sports. This trailer is an incredible choice where there are different floorplans according to the choice of the user, which can be selected with some custom options.

There is a 1.9 cu ft ice cooler, three-speed ventilation fan, open-air gas barbecue with a table, and outside speaker. The pop up tent uncovers sewed top bed beddings to give you some rest and take your day off.

Key Specifications

Exterior Open Length 20’1″
Exterior Closed Height 5’11”
Hitch Weight 221 lbs
Unloaded Vehicle Weight 2,076 lbs
Cargo Carrying Capacity 724 lbs
Exterior Width 84″
Box Size 10′

Key Features

  • One Piece Vacuum Bonded Fiberglass Roof with Metal Interior Ceiling.
  • Plywood Bunk Ends W/1000 LB Weight Rating.
  • Full Perimeter Aluminum Bed Frames.
  • (4) E-Z Crank-Down Stabilizer Jacks w/Sand Pads.
  • Five Piece Sectionalized Hurculite Supreme Tenting.
  • Tent Permanently Attached on Bunk Ends and Slide Out.
  • 2000 pound Tongue Jack w/Swivel Wheel.
  • Under Floor 20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank.
  • Steel Air Conditioner Reinforcing Laminated Into Roof.
  • 3-Stage Double Arm Lifter Posts.
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What truly makes this unit extraordinary is that it has a ton of choices for the clients to overhaul and modify the package that is offered by Forest River. You can get Prozac Systems in the toy hauler that would permit you to bring your bicycles and kayaks when you travel.

Prozac additionally has straps and burden prevents produced using hardcore steel to build up the strength and holding limit of the transporters.

There are additionally alternatives to update your camper with some mods and features for more charges to make you comfortable and easier with your camper.

You can select to get a compact latrine, heater, climate control system, and also solar panel systems.

What is a Toy Hauler?

A toy hauler is a mixture of a travel trailer or a cargo trailer that is available as a towable RV.

It is good for providing some space as a garage to store your bikes or canoe when you go off-roading or for camping. There is also some living space in case you want to take a nap.

The front of a toy hauler is just like an RV with a living area that has a kitchen, bed, dinette, and various other features.

At the back of a toy hauler, a rig is attached to the cargo trailer that acts as a rolling garage. These haulers have heavier frames and sturdier bodies that can lift any weight you put onto them and take them across the countryside for traveling.


This was a discussion about the best pop up campers with toy haulers where we mentioned each one of the campers has various advantages and features to offer for the clients.

We hope this guide was helpful for you.


How much does a toy hauler camper cost?

Toy hauler campers can cost $12,000 to $80,000 or more, contingent upon size (14′- 40′ long) and conveniences, which can go from resting and eating essentials to every one of the solaces of home.

Do they make an RV that is a toy hauler?

Any RV with a carport or garage is viewed as a toy hauler. The back carport gives space to bring ATVs, cruisers, kayaks, and golf trucks. Most toy haulers are enormous fifth wheels or travel trailers. Toy hauler RVs are incredible for versatile workplaces.

Why are toy haulers so costly?

Indeed, toy haulers are doubtlessly more costly than movement trailers, however, more reasonable than mechanized RVs. This is on the grounds that toy haulers are produced using top-notch material than movement trailers.

What is the most luxurious toy hauler?

Here is the list of the most luxurious toy haulers,

  • Dutchmen Voltage 3800
  • Northwood Desert Fox 29SB
  • Redwood 39HH
  • Heartland Road Warrior RW390
  • Jayco Seismic 3914
  • Keystone Fuzion 390
  • Keystone Raptor 310TS
  • New Horizons Majestic F42TY4SS

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