5 Best Volkswagen VW Camper Van Models

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If you love the outdoors and wish to update your traveling gear, purchasing a VW camper van is a great option.

When looking for the ideal one for your demands, though, you should evaluate your lifestyle, the amount of room you require, and the way you want to use it.

The Volkswagen camper vans are, without a doubt, among the most well-known camper vans on the planet.

It was the beginning of the van living movement, with other van occupants, surfers, and explorers utilizing them to get away on a trip with all they needed.

Following years of invention and popularity, the Volkswagen camper van has received a much-needed makeover, both in terms of engine and equipment, but which Volkswagen camper van is ideal for you?

Let’s discuss some of the best Volkswagen VW camper van models in this article.

Name Fuel Type Price
Volkswagen Transporter Diesel and Petrol $51,490
Volkswagen California Diesel $82,990
Volkswagen Crafter Diesel and Petrol $54,390
Volkswagen Caddy Petrol $38,500
Volkswagen Caravelle Diesel $63,090

Volkswagen TransporterVolkswagen Transporter
VW CaliforniaVolkswagen California
Volkswagen CrafterVolkswagen Crafter
Volkswagen CaddyVolkswagen Caddy
Volkswagen CaravelleVolkswagen Caravelle

What are the Best VW Camper Van?

1. Volkswagen Transporter

Volkswagen Transporter

The Volkswagen Transporter is perhaps the most famous Volkswagen camper van and maybe Europe’s most successful compact campervan.

It all began with the original Volkswagen Bus in the 1960s, which some claim was the catalyst for the entire van life movement.

Volkswagen made it affordable to the common person and designed a car that would be utilized for another fifty years or more.

The Transporter is available in a variety of pricing levels.

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They may cost anywhere between $45,790 and $66,092 depending on customer customizations, engine performance, as well as a pop-top camper van.

It has all that you might expect, including a heated steering wheel, an electrical rooftop, an installed tablet, and among the most beautiful conversions you’ll ever see. But, if you’re anything like us, you won’t be able to buy it.

However, the T6 is without a doubt one of the best luxurious campervans on the market.

It will seldom give you any trouble, and it will drive like butter.

You may go a little vintage-like like most people do, and buy a Volkswagen T25 or T2 and convert it into the Volkswagen campervan of your dreams with a DIY modification.

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You’ll discover methods to insulate a campervan, the most suitable campervan batteries to employ, and the best campervan awnings to buy this method.

This is all part of the excursion, and that’s how you get to know the camper before you can even ride it!

Key Specifications

Height 6 feet 5 inches
Exterior Length 16 feet 1 inch
Exterior Width 6 feet 3 inches
Gross Weight 4,711 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity NA
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $66,092

2. Volkswagen California

VW California

The Volkswagen California is nearly similar to the Volkswagen Transporter, so you might be wondering why this is among the finest Volkswagen camper vans on this list.

That’s because California was designed particularly for campers, as opposed to the Transporter, which was designed for commercial purposes.

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Volkswagen saw there was a high demand for those who wanted to buy a Transporter and have it transformed, so they opted to do it on their own.

The Volkswagen California comes equipped with pop-top roofs, a pull-out bed, a kitchen, as well as plenty of storage, enabling customers to effectively “purchase and then go.”

As you may expect, they aren’t cheap, and because most Californias are brand new, they begin at $60,000 and go up to $82,990 for a fresh 2.0 model.

Leaving the price tag aside, these are fantastic vehicles that are specifically designed for the US roads This is why most American campers are compact and not massive overlanding trailers; they simply don’t have the room!

These are designed exclusively for people who wish to buy a ready-to-go campervan.

Key Specifications

Height 6 feet 6 inches
Exterior Length 16 feet
Exterior Width 7 feet 4 inches
Gross Weight 5,430 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity NA
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $82,990

3. Volkswagen Crafter

Volkswagen Crafter

The Volkswagen Crafter is a fantastic Volkswagen camper van since it’s essentially a panel van, which you can personalize.

Do you like a king-size bed? Do you wish to go to a quiet sauna? Do you desire a fully functional kitchenette that is larger than one at home? If you’re searching for a large Volkswagen camper van, the Volkswagen Crafter is the best option.

This vehicle doesn’t require a pop-top since it has 6.5 inches of headroom.

It is also offered in short and long wheelbases for anyone who wants to embark on some really long-distance excursions.

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This is the Volkswagen camper van, which is ideal for van lifers on a tight budget.

You may live inside this campervan without being cramped, and if you desire, you can have it converted for you by some very fantastic conversion firms.

Key Specifications

Height 7 feet 11 inches
Exterior Length 22 feet 5 inches
Exterior Width 6 feet 6 inches
Gross Weight 7,710 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity NA
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $74,090

4. Volkswagen Caddy

Volkswagen Caddy

The Volkswagen Caddy is next on our list. You’d be shocked how many other van dwellers utilize this car only on weekends and for short journeys of one to two weeks.

It’s a campervan we’ve had our eye on for a while; it’s one of the greatest tiny campers on the market, and you will love to have one.

The Volkswagen Caddy is essentially a compact Transporter having a Volkswagen Golf appearance; everything is considerably more compact.

You can purchase a Maxi variant with 60CM+ of additional space, enabling you to include a normal bed and kitchen area and much more.

Additionally, campervan conversion firms may install a pop-top to your vehicle, transforming it into the ideal campervan.

Furthermore, they’re not that costly; a low-mileage, in-good-condition caddy can be had for below $25,000.

If that’s not sufficient, you may include a variety of van life basics and traveling equipment in this small campervan, such as awnings, showers, gazebos, as well as backup tents.

It’s a flexible camper, so it’s ideal for introducing additional titbits!

Key Specifications

Height 5 feet 11 inches
Exterior Length 14 feet 5 inches
Exterior Width 5 feet 10 inches
Gross Weight 3,349 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity NA
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $25,840

5. Volkswagen Caravelle

Volkswagen Caravelle

The new Caravelle comes equipped with a long range of safety features, including ESC traction control, Hill Starting Aid, Tyre Pressure Sensors, automatic emergency brakes, auto-dipping primary beam headlamps, and ParkPilot automatic parking.

The transition to electro-mechanical steering in the newer models has facilitated the inclusion of Cross Wind Assist which also serves to maintain the Caravelle stable once strong winds arrive from the sides, lane keep assist, as well as trailer assist, which allows you to reverse a vehicle by having to look back out the window.

There are also road sign interpretation and a comprehensive range of proximity sensors to aid navigating.

The Caravelle is covered by VW’s standard 3-year/100,000-mile warranty. The car is offered via Volkswagen van centers, which are centered on putting the campervan back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Thus warranty and other maintenance should be completed as soon as possible.

Key Specifications

Height 6 feet 6 inches
Exterior Length 17 feet 5 inches
Exterior Width 7 feet 6 inches
Gross Weight 5,255 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity NA
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $34,400

What is the Best Volkswagen VW Camper Van for You?

The answer to this is not simple. Well, it depends, but we’ll categorize everything for you. For individuals looking for a budget Volkswagen campervan for around $20,000, we recommend a VW T4, which can be found with little mileage and in decent shape for that price.

These will operate without issue, but anything older will require serious attention.

Those of you who have a larger budget should choose a VW T5 or T6, which will survive for several years and come equipped with numerous van living essentials.

We’re not suggesting you buy a completely new one; instead, choose a used one that is still in near-perfect condition.

And for all of you who prefer to live in a van, the Volkswagen Crafter is the vehicle for you. But be certain that you get it intact since the majority of the enjoyment is in the conversion!


For couples or households, purchasing a Volkswagen van is a substantial investment. As a result, it’s critical to know which option is best for you.

The decision depends on how long one wishes to stay there and what types of travel you plan to do.

In this article, the Best VW camper vans have been enlisted and discussed so that you may conveniently choose the most suitable camper van that can accommodate all your needs.

We hope this article has been able to assist with the purpose mentioned.


What is the best VW camper van?

These are the best VW camper vans

  • VW Transporter
  • VW California
  • VW Crafter
  • VW Caddy
  • VW Caravelle

Which VW Transporter is best?

In general, one should get the most recent campervan one can afford. If you’re looking for a VW Transporter, the T6 is the model to go for. Nevertheless, if your wallet doesn’t allow for it, a T5 might be an excellent pick if you do your research.

Are VW camper vans worth the money?

Volkswagen campervans keep their worth significantly better as compared to other types due to their constant demand and brand awareness. You might anticipate depreciation with just about any automobile, but by the time you’re ready to sell, the Volkswagen campervans have shown to be a fantastic investment.

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