6 Excellent Camper Van with Slide Out

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If you ever had an experience of owning a camper van with slide out, then you know what it feels like to live inside a great RV.

Camper vans have different sizes and types, and most of them differ from one another based on their features like slideout and more.

A slideout can really change the living experience inside a camper van with more space to accommodate a small family very easily.

If you have been looking for the best camper vans with slideout, then I found the top and best choices that have everything that you will ever need.

I have made a list of these camper vans that are offering slide out for a more versatile experience in an enhanced and upgraded camper lifestyle.

So let’s see which is the best camper van with slide out available for you.

Name Number of Slideouts Power Retractable Slideout Price
Airstream Atlas 1 Yes $235,714
Thor Motor Coach Delano 1 Yes $152,850
Leisure Vans Unity 1 Yes $166,865
Regency Ultra Brougham 2 Yes $153,900
Winnebago Era 70M 1 Yes $169,900
Coachmen Leprechaun 2 Yes $105,000

Airstream AtlasAirstream Atlas
Thor Motor Coach DelanoThor Motor Coach Delano
Leisure Travel UnityLeisure Vans Unity
Regency Ultra BroughamRegency Ultra Brougham
Winnebago EraWinnebago Era 70M
Coachmen LeprechaunCoachmen Leprechaun

What are the Best Camper Van with Slide Out?

1. Airstream Atlas

Airstream Atlas

The first and best camper van with slide out, according to our experience, is the Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite.

It is based on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter suspension and elements all of the lovely inside plan that has made its name well known in the RV industry.

The Atlas has been intended for couples who need to travel to places, with every one of the solaces of home.


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The Atlas includes a slide-out controlled at the press of a button from the van’s Multiplex control board. This RV has been manufactured by adding an immense private style washroom with an encased shower, latrine, and sink.

There are ceaseless boiling water and a lot of capacity, as well.

The Atlas has a 40″ Samsung LED Smart TV that folds away when not being used. It has features like solar charges and an Onan diesel generator, which is a really extravagant method for traveling.

When the slide-out is reached out, there’s more space to loosen up on the sofa, and there is also a cool Murphy bed that pulls down without any problem.

Airstream Atlas Floor Plan

2. Thor Motor Coach Delano

Thor Motor Coach Delano

The next camper van we have here is the Thor Motor Coach Delano. This camper van is based on a Mercedes Sprinter that has a strong 3.0L V6 engine.

It is powerful, and it can take you to places that you will desire.

There are 3 floorplans to browse, all of which measure around 25 feet long. The Delano has additional space for relaxing over the cab, and the dinette converts to a bed, so this is a camper van that is great for families.


Different highlights of the Delano incorporate LED lighting, a LED TV, and a safety system tied to the dinette.

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In one floorplan, there’s even a flip-up counter that gives more space. Another format has 2 slide-outs, one having a dinette region opposite venue seating and the other at the back, with a regular, convertible bed.

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The kitchen is truly amazing. There’s a 2 burner cooktop, a convection broiler microwave, and a huge double entryway hardened steel refrigerator.

A choice is there for the users to have a full divider slide-out with a dinette on one side and a convertible wide-size bed on the other.

Thor Motor Coach Delano 24FB

3. Leisure Vans Unity

Leisure Travel Unity

The Leisure Vans Unity has been nicely intended to give a definitive in solace and accommodation, which is why we have put this van on the list.

This is maybe the most extravagant camper van that comes with a slideout. There are various choices for designing the seating, from seats with a focal table to a comfortable daybed for resting available in this camper.


The Unity has all of the entertainment choices you would expect, like a TV, USB outlets, a brilliant Blu-Ray DVD player, and the Winegard system.

The Unity’s completely mechanized slide-out houses the ‘Recreation Lounge’ that is carefully planned and considered. Outside LED lighting is one more touch that separates this camper van from the others.

You will find hand-crafted wood cabinetry and French-style upholstery that come as standard, yet there are various choices to customize the Unity.

The slide-out additionally has a jumbo Murphy bed that has a totally adjustable headrest.

Based on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500, the Unity has a perfect, polished outside plan that is smooth and streamlined.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity MB

4. Regency Ultra Brougham

Regency Ultra Brougham

Another camper van that will melt your heart with its features is the Regency Ultra Brougham.

This camper van has space for 2 inside and welcomes the solaces of home along with a stylish slideout to enhance your living standards.

The Regency has been mindfully planned and loaded with highlights and features that have been shared below.


The Regency Ultra Brougham has a huge restroom that has an encased shower, toilet, and a kitchen that has all that you would require while living inside any luxury camper van.

A stitched cowhide touch upholstery and hand-made American beechwood cabinetry make it stand apart from the other camper vans that we have listed.

The controlled slide-out makes additional room in the living region and has a Murphy bed that pulls down over the 2 suitable dinette seats and table.

This region is ideally suited for watching TV shows on the 40″ LED TV that is situated opposite the seating.

There’s a big 2 door fridge, treated steel sink, a convection microwave, and Corian ledges in the kitchen.

Regency Ultra Brougham 25TB

5. Winnebago Era 70M

Winnebago Era

The Winnebago Era 70M from 2019 is a great camper van that comes with a slideout. This is one of the first Sprinter-based models in quite a while class, and it is intended to be dependable and strong.

It has rough terrain capacities as well as on-road grip too. You will find fine inside styling in this camper van too. With this, you can travel to every part of the country in style and solace.

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The actual RV is 24 feet and 3 inches long, and it can rest up to 3 individuals.

A good component of this camper van is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base.

The 4×4 is a great feature that gives off-roading capabilities to this camper van. It is designed to guarantee that the RV can deal with driving on asphalt or country roads.

The RV has an extensive kitchen that is extraordinary for making home-prepared dinners. It has all that you might at any point require, so you can make supper and feel like you are comfortable.

The camper van additionally comes completely outfitted, and the furniture is just fine. It is produced using extravagant Ultraleather.

There is additionally adaptable seating to guarantee that you have all the space you really want. Seats can rotate around with the goal that you can hang out in every aspect of the RV.

You can even rotate around the driver’s seats, so you have additional room to move in the RV.

Along these lines, it is a decent RV for new families that just have one kid.

By squeezing one button, you can control the deck canopy, LED lighting, and outside speakers.

Along these lines, you can rest, take a time out for napping at the camping area, and enjoy all the luxurious features inside this camper van with a slideout.

Winnebago Era 70M

6. Coachmen Leprechaun

Coachmen Leprechaun

Coachmen Leprechaun is an incredible decision as a camper van with slideout for big families.

There are 18 floorplans to browse in this camper van, and all floorplan choices include something like one slide-out.

You will be happy when you will get a Leprechaun and see what it is offering in one place.

Some of its features are


The 319 MB model offers a very much planned living region with a resting limit of 9. Based on a Ford structure, it has a length of 33 feet.

You can get a choice between 2 slide-outs, which make a huge measure of additional living space.

The standard elements incorporate a mechanized outside canopy, solar charging system, nightshades, and outside storage area.

All Leprechauns are built utilizing strong aluminum outlining and supported fiberglass sidewalls. Entertainment options that users get with this camper van are a 24″ TV, sound system, DVD player in the over-cab bunk, and a TV in the living region.

Coachmen Leprechaun Premier 319MB

Problems with Slide Outs

Slide outs in a camper van are usually amusing for many RV campers, but sometimes they can also be a headache.

Having the option to make an additional living and dozing space at the press of a button can be a distinct advantage, but nothing goes planned every time you are using a camper van for a long time.

The common problems with slideouts are

1. Spills

A typical issue that numerous camper van owners have is a defective slide out.

They experience leakage or spill from the rubbers or the seals. If the seals have been inappropriately introduced or aren’t adjusted accurately, water can enter the camper van.

Something beyond irritation, this spillage can be a problem for many users.

2. Faulty Motors

The slide outs in numerous camper vans run on motors, making them speedy and workable without putting any effort. Sadly, these motors can become faulty or dead after some time leading to disappointment, which can be truly disturbing.

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3. Pressure driven Slides Break

Pressure-driven slides are very complex, and it’s very normal for at least one section to fizzle. This can become a problem and turn into a headache with a costly issue.

4. Slide outs Closing Problem

It’s fundamental to close slide-outs appropriately, as driving with them open could bring about costly damage. In some cases, these slideouts stop closing properly.

Going in such a camper van can be very upsetting, which is why before you go to any place, there are numerous things to check first.

It is always a smart thought to invest somewhat more energy exploring answers now than it is after buying a camper van. If none of the choices for camper vans above appear to be interesting to you, you can generally do somewhat more exploration and track down another camper van for your choice.

There are many choices accessible, you simply need to observe the one that meets every one of your requirements.

RVing can unite families and companions in manners that nothing else can.

They furnish you with magnificent encounters in nature that you simply don’t get when you are hanging outside or watching movies and shows.

There is such a huge amount to anticipate, so don’t spare a moment, go out and buy the best camper van with a slideout for an amazing experience.

Check out Travel Trailer with Slide Outs or Travel Trailer with rear slide out bed.

Warranty for Camper Vans with Slide Out

There are more things to understand than just buying a camper van with slide outs.

You have to fully prepare yourself and understand what benefits you are getting.

Most companies offer a warranty for the features of the RV or sometimes for the overall camper vans.

Based on the previous Warranty claims records at several companies, more than 4 out of every 10 camper vans needed major repairs in their second year after purchase.

RVs and camper vans can break down easily at any point when they have been running around for about 5 years. Today’s motorhomes and camper vans are increasingly becoming more complex, and this increases the risk of things going wrong even more.

The need to safeguard your investment is more important than before. It’s best for you to claim a warranty and choose offers with a good guarantee that can save your investment in the long term.


This was our guide on the best camper van with slide out. We shared details on all of the best camper vans with luxurious features like a slideout.

For more details, ask away.


What is the most reliable camper van?

Some of the most reliable camper van options are.

  • Winnebago Revel 4×4
  • Volkswagen California
  • Chinook Bayside Camper Van
  • Sportsmobile Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter
  • Outside Van Wanderlust
  • RB Components Sawtooth Touring Van
  • Fiat Ducato Camper Van

What vans make good campers?

Following vans are great for making campers that can provide comfort for a lifetime

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Ford Transit
  • Volkswagen Transporter
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Renault Trafic

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