8 Best Van Conversion Companies

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Van conversions allow you to turn your van into something much better with additional features and mechanical perfection.

There are various van conversion companies that offer to modify and convert the van into a complete traveling home for you. These companies can convert any van type into the desired custom van lookout with complete interior changes as well.

In case you want to see what companies are offering van conversion services, then here we have listed the best van conversion companies that are in different countries and offer a service to convert a complete van into something that a user desires.

Some companies offer their own custom package in which they convert the whole van according to their custom layout.

So before moving on to the list of companies for converting vans, we need to know about how you should be choosing a specific company for your van conversion.

Van Life CustomsVan Life Customs
Outside VanOutside Van
Recon CampersRecon Campers
Van SpecialtiesVan Specialties

What are the Best Van Conversion Companies?

1. Sportsmobile


Sportsmobile started in 1961, and since then, it has been providing services in the world of van life. It has done van transformations longer than the vast majority of the organizations on this list.

They can do van changes on novel vehicles, as well as the classics.

The company works for you by just beginning with your model, or starting with your vehicle’s basic needs from three lengths, high or low rooftop statures, and regardless of whether you need a diesel or gas engine.

Then they provide a look over Sportsmobile’s list of features and elements to add along with system choices.

You can decide to change your van utilizing their standard version or Design Your Own (DYO) for about a similar expense. Dissimilar to numerous van change organizations, Sportsmobile can provide a better rundown of van models, including Mercedes Metris, Dodge Promaster, Chevy/Ford, and Sportsmobile Classic 4x4s.

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They even have a DYO studio with the goal that you can plan your custom van on their site.

One of the advantages of working with Sportsmobile is that the organization has an organization of sellers, which offer customary vehicle financing for up to 100% of the van and half of the transformation.

Sportsmobile offers van rental choices with the goal that you can experience van life firsthand before you purchase and convert one of your own.

2. Van Life Customs

Van Life Customs

Van Life Customs is also an organization that is contributing a lot to van conversion. The organization mostly converts the basic models like Sprinter, Promaster, and Transit.

They can also work for custom orders on different vans depending upon the choice of a customer.

Every transformation is exceptional and mirrors the necessities and taste of the van lifer who dispatched it. With this organization, you pick the look and the hardware that needs to be introduced, and they will construct something wonderful for you in return.

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The users have to get their meetings scheduled and settle for a timetable as there are lots of orders each week for this company. They’re right now taking requests around a half year out.

This organization also sells pre-built modified vans from different customers depending on the demand and requests from various clients.

In case you want to convert a van for yourself, you can book a counseling meeting with their specialists to assist you with sorting out your own design.

You can get a few materials straightforwardly from them, for example, protection guards, lighting, and inverters as a component of a campervan change pack.

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3. TouRig


TouRig is a big company name in the world of van conversion and modification. This organization was established 20 years ago, and they emphasized the focus to build such vans that can satisfy the needs of customers in one place.

They make their associations with their customers similarly as significant as the van assembles themselves.

They have some extraordinary custom choices for your van’s inside, from the floorplan to the materials. Past the form, TouRig offers a shop with a stock of must-have van accessories, for example, window covers, storage sacks, showers, and lighting.

The organization likewise sells new and used changed vans from a time over time.

Each van is worked to be lightweight, sturdy, and high in quality. The organization’s group of gifted dealers is comprised of experts with experience in the development, transportation, and business enterprises. Each devotes himself to phenomenal craftsmanship, delivering a van with the ultimate outcome.

4. Outside Van

Outside Van

Outside Van is also the best van conversion company with lots of additional benefits. This company was founded 30 years ago, which means it has years of experience in the field.

The group at Outside Van is contained more than 65 gifted experts. The organization does more than 100 van transformations consistently, with bunches of cheerful customers.

With Outside Van, each van assemble incorporates their Premium Interior Package. This bundle guarantees your van has the entirety of the important foundation, for example, protection and sound damping, completing the process of flooring, overhead lighting, a safety pack bundle, and outside vinyl.

They value being probably the most innovative and experienced in the business, with professionals who are gifted in everything from designing and frameworks to carpentry, metalworking, and upholstery.

Outside Van plans and assembles numerous inside and outside parts in-house.

Outside Van additionally offers updates for TV, sound, Wifi, and other such things. From that point, you can add some changes to the van like power, water, warming, cooling, lighting, capacity, and inside format for seating, dozing, cooking, and more.

5. Contravans


Contravans is an organization that can change over practically any vehicle into a campervan. They’re one of only a handful of exceptional camper van transformation organizations out there that convert the vans with the best features and utilize every inch of the space inside the van to make it better.

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This van transformation organization chips away at less expensive vehicles at less expensive costs. They work on all types of units including small vans or even the bigger wider units and SUVs, to greater and more refined stuff for freight vans.

Contravans utilize 3D demonstration to design a van’s format, then, at that point, a CNC shop slices parts to their accurate determinations then come to the parts prep process with the pre-gathering and developing stage.

Contravans are reserved around 90 days out for van transformations, and the most active occasions are spring through pre-winter.

While Contravans promote various vehicle changes, they can likewise deal with customs forms without any preparation or introduce an incomplete transformation. You can even test drive one of their vans to actually take a look at the nature of their work.

6. Recon Campers Van Conversion

Recon Campers

Recon Campers is an organization that does the conversion specifically for Nissan NV200. They also accept custom orders for various other vans, but you can choose a straightforward pop-top establishment or a full transformation.

Their Envy bundle is a special package with more charges to transform your van into a home on wheels with two beds, bunches of capacity, a sink, a cooler, a table, and an outside van life shower.

Despite the fact that they offer bundles, you can construct your transformation “individually” by picking what elements to have installed. You can back the van by means of a seller and up to half of the expense of the transformation.

They add cost for the dividers and door protection, just as the modern floor. There are lots of choices to look over, like nearby global entertainment, bug screens, and a rooftop rack.

Every one of their vans is worked to arrange, so to see a completed form, you’ll have to go to one of their open days.

7. Van Specialties

Van Specialties

If you are still not satisfied with any of the van conversion companies, then Van Specialties offer a more reasonable choice for customers. Van Specialties might be the ideal choice when you want to save a little from your budget and get the best results as output.

Their change costs start at a lower rate than a portion of different organizations in this article.

Van Specialties was established more than 40 years ago, and since the very first moment, their enthusiasm has been to assist clients with totally redoing their own van works for their choices.

Van Specialties has an accommodating web-based statement system with basic checkboxes so you can find out about your transformation costs.

The objective to make the ideal converted vehicle configuration has developed over time, and it has led to greater goals. Their originators and architects will work with you at all times on a van transformation that makes van life simpler and more agreeable, at a sensible value point.

Van Specialties development additionally fuses outstanding craftsmanship and powerful aptitude in each form. They just utilize the most amazing aspects and materials, with standard choices that actually go the distance for sturdiness and unwavering quality.

8. VanSmith


The last suggestion as the best van conversion company in our article is the VanSmith. This is a company from Boulder, Colorado. Here you will find some cool custom forms for basically every van out there.

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One of their most well-known vans fabricates a Volkswagen Vanagon that is turned into a web sensation on social media platforms.

They have good experience of working with bigger vans like RAM Promaster and Mercedes Sprinters. Vans constructed and converted over by VanSmith are generally very costly, relying upon what your plan resembles.

Tragically, this organization doesn’t have the choice to provide new vans or allow renting of vans.

On their site, VanSmith sets assumptions for van work to be in possession of its owner following 2-3 months of lead time and 5 two months of working out on their van when it’s next.

So generally, the whole process is completed in 3-5 months.

So, in case you’re sold on a VanSmith assembled van, you can request an RV credit or other advance to take care of the expenses of the form by using digital money or by transferring through the bank.

The company will work out on your van as you proposed.

How To Choose Camper Van Conversion Company?

Before you settle on which van transformation organization to go with, you need to know a couple of general insights regarding each organization.

Here are a few inquiries you should pose before you make the following stride with a van conversion company:

  • Do they work on a particular van? Make, model, length, and stature limits?
  • What is the turnaround time on a van after you hand over your cash?
  • Do they do custom work or just form “layout style” vans?
  • Do they provide vans (new or utilized) in case you don’t possess a van as of now?
  • Do they just full-form outs, or do they offer some fractional form outs? (in case you need sun oriented and electrical additions)
  • Do they do financing in-house?
  • Do they offer free transportation in case you choose to develop a van with them and live somewhere else?

This will clearly differ for every option, except you should know what you need and get some information about it before you choose to begin the conversion of your van with a certain company.


This was a discussion article on the best van conversion companies, and we have listed them all for your ease.

We hope that you find these companies used for your need and contact them when you are convinced of the services of any of them.


Is it cheaper to buy a campervan or convert a van?

It may be cheaper to buy a camper van in case you can find it in used condition, but converting a van to a camper van can be costly if you want things to be working really well. Purchasing a van and changing over it ought to be a lot less expensive than purchasing a new campervan. To ensure you don’t spend over the chances, set yourself a reasonable financial plan.

Is transformation for vans awesome?

Transformation vans are an incredible decision. Yet, it’s not difficult to purchase a decent van and convert it into a DIY vehicle with all the features that you had always wanted. A custom vehicle is always worth it.

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