6 Excellent Small Travel Trailers with Queen Bed

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If you are a fun-loving person and you love enjoying long trips with friends to distant locations where you like to camp and spend the nights, then you must have a good travel trailer to accommodate your necessities.

For a journey with miles, you need to take rest and sleep as well in a comfortable place to stay active the next morning. This is where the need for the best small travel trailers with queen beds comes in.

The small rv campers with a queen bed are a great option to consider when you want to go down the road to the locations where you might need shelter and sleeping space.

The queen size bed offers enough space to fit you and your spouse in one place and even some space for your small kids.

In case you are looking for the best small travel trailer with a queen bed, here is a complete list for you.

Name Number of Queen Beds Max Sleeping Count
Cherokee Wolf Pup 18TO 1 7
Lance 1575 1 4
Winnebago Micro Minnie 1705RD 1 4
Grand Design Imagine XLS 21BHE 1 8
Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 19FD 1 3
Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE 1 8

Cherokee Wolf Pup 18TOCherokee Wolf Pup 18TO
Lance 1575Lance 1575
Winnebago Micro MinnieWinnebago Micro Minnie 1705RD
Grand Design Imagine XLS 21BHEGrand Design Imagine XLS 21BHE
Forest River Rockwood Geo ProForest River Rockwood Geo Pro 19FD
Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSEForest River Flagstaff 228BHSE

What are the Best Small Travel Trailers with Queen Beds?

1. Cherokee Wolf Pup 18TO

Cherokee Wolf Pup 18TO

Cherokee Wolf Pup 18TO is a top recommended choice in the list of best travel trailers with queen beds. This trailer has been on the top for many years with its fair price for all the features that it has to offer.

The floorplan in this trailer is a small option for a family that is very appealing to the eyes and has an attractive layout.

Cherokee Wolf Pup 18TO Queen Bed

This small travel trailer has the following features,

Key Features

  • It has a good family floorplan layout.
  • It has a super sliding dinette along with a jack knife sofa that gives it a more appealing look.
  • For extra sleeping space, there is additionally a hideaway bunk that comes out at the top of the sofa to give more sleeping space for your kids.
  • There are two queen bedrooms in this small travel trailer to give good sleeping space to your small family.
  • It has a kitchen with ample counter space having a 3.3 cubic foot fridge.
  • There is plenty of room on the inside for a family to live easily and feel relaxed to enjoy fresh air from the windows.

Cherokee Wolf Pup 19TO Floorplan

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  • It has a full-size super slide.
  • It has a kitchen with ample counter space.
  • There is an affordable entry-level model.
  • Hideaway bunk bed and a queen bed.
  • The body is not built from a strong material.

2. Lance 1575

Lance 1575

Lance 1575 is a trailer that has been one of the company’s most sold units because of its quality and variety of features added to it. This trailer lasts longer than you will think, and it is beautiful that one has to consider for themselves.

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This is a trailer with a good floorplan that includes a queen-size bed along with various options like a dinette and a bathroom. You get all the necessities in this one.

Lance 1575 Queen Bed

Some features of this trailer by Lance are,

Key Features

  • This trailer comes with a large u-shaped dinette to give good sitting space for the members of your family and a deep slide area to give good space to your guests.
  • The bathroom includes a toilet and a shower with a sliding pocket door.
  • It is a lightweight trailer that is also easy to tow.
  • It comes with beautiful Azdel interior wall panels and a queen bed for good sleeping space.
  • There are thermopane euro windows along with insulated and heated freshwater tanks in this trailer.

Lance 1575 Floorplan

  • Tankless water heater
  • Kitchen with 5 cubic foot refrigerator
  • Great build quality
  • Beautiful interior layout
  • Price is a bit high

3. Winnebago Micro Minnie 1705RD

Winnebago Micro Minnie

Winnebago trailers have a quality of their own with a separate class. You can see a trailer and tell that it’s by Winnebago with the glossy look finish that they add to their models and give them a unique and attractive finish that catches everyone’s eye.

The Micro Minnie 1705RD is a beautiful small travel trailer with a queen bed by Winnebago that offers beautiful looks along with various other features as a travel trailer.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 1705RD Queen Bed

Key Features

  • The body of this trailer is very attractive with its gel coat finish and a beautiful layout for giving good space for a small family.
  • The interior is a beautiful combination of lights and off-white color that gives it a very clean and pleasant look.
  • There is a great storage space in this trailer that can help you to store your luggage and extra equipment.
  • There is a U-shaped rear dinette in this trailer, offering a comfortable spot to relax with a queen bed.
  • It has enclosed and heated tanks for the water.
  • There is a great storage room with cabinets.
  • Its exterior comes with multiple exterior color options to choose from.
  • It has a battery disconnect switch built-in.
  • There are various windows that surround the dinette.
  • It has a kitchen area that has good space for cooking meals and a stainless steel sink.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 1705RD Floorplan

  • Good option for the money.
  • High gloss Gelcoat fiberglass exterior.
  • There are also dual propane tanks.
  • U-shaped rear dinette.
  • Kitchen with ample counter space.
  • The cost is a bit high.

4. Grand Design Imagine XLS 21BHE

Grand Design Imagine XLS 21BHE

The Grand Design Imagine is a luxurious small trailer with a queen bed that offers all the basic and necessary options required by a person in a travel trailer. This trailer can easily give good space to a family of 6-7 people.

There are double bunk beds and a kitchen along with a bathroom that fills all the necessities and makes the trailer very much preferable to the clients.

This trailer has a beautiful interior layout with a curtain interior that separates its sections for privacy.

Grand Design Imagine XLS 21BHE Queen Bed

There are the following features in this travel trailer.

Key Features

  • It’s a big trailer with good capacity to accommodate a family of 7 people and provide enough room space and resting area for them to sleep easily.
  • The interior design of this trailer is really attractive with curtains and separate sections for a family along with a queen size bed to fill the need for rest.
  • There are double bunk beds for providing more resting space for the kids.
  • The kitchen area is amazing with a stovetop having a small fridge and 2 burners that provide ease for cooking along with standing space and a sink.
  • It has 15 feet awning, and its weight is just equally distributed, which makes it suitable to tow around the city with an SUV.
  • This trailer gives good storage space for each individual with its pass-through storage capacity under the sofa area with a linen closet.
  • There are separate closets for your wardrobe.
  • There are cabinets and drawers provided that help the person store their shoes and other items or equipment in a separate place.

Grand Design Imagine XLS 21BHE Floorplan

  • It has beautiful interior space with queen size bed.
  • There is a booth dinette in this trailer.
  • It has a TV for entertainment in the living room area.
  • It has privacy curtains inside and an outside kitchen area to give more space.
  • There are separate cabinets and storage areas.
  • It comes with all these features, and there are no custom floorplans for this trailer.

5. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 19FD

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro

Forest River makes the finest trailers that you can tow behind your car and go for long trips with your friends and enjoy your time out with the best space and comfort offered by their trailers.

The Rockwood Geo Pro is a small travel trailer with a queen bed by Forest River that is lightweight and offers an easy option for towing behind a small SUV with good stability and luxurious comfort.

The trailer is one of a kind, and it has good features like a bathroom and a kitchen and a list of other options listed below.

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 19FD

Key Features

  • This is a trailer that gives stability at high speeds due to its shape and perfect design that provides enough living area room inside for a small family.
  • This trailer comes with a queen-size bed and bunk beds along with the option of a folding dinette that users can choose and decide for themselves.
  • The kitchen area of this trailer includes a beautiful layout that gives good cooking space and accessories like a burner stovetop and a microwave oven along with an outdoor gas griddle.
  • The users can either enjoy their food on the inside, or there is also space outside under a 13-foot awning to provide shelter and space for an easy and happy meal.
  • It has a good living room with an entertainment area provided with a TV and good speakers to enjoy your latest telecasts and programs and even enjoy the music when you want to.
  • The bathroom provides the facility of a rear bath for the users, and there are windows on each side to enjoy beautiful views on the journey.
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Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro 19FD Floorplan

  • Stable and smooth-riding trailer.
  • Good kitchen area with a variety of accessories and features.
  • Booth dinette and outside kitchen.
  • Rear Full Bath.
  • Additional packages include kayaks and bike racks on top of the trailer.
  • Lots of storage cabinets for a small family.
  • 13-foot awning and solar panel.
  • Additional packages are costly.

6. Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE

Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE

Another addition to this list of a small travel trailers with a queen bed is the Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE. We have included this trailer on the list because it’s a comfortable trailer and a perfect journey partner for long trips and a smooth experience.

The trailer has all that you need, and you get a good living area with this trailer, so what more would you want? This is a trailer that has a lot of floorplans, and each of them provides different features to meet the needs of users.

Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE Queen Bed
Credits: Cheyenne Camping Center

It has various unique features.

Key Features

  • It is a good trailer with great build quality by Forest River that offers a lightweight body and easy towable capacity even with a car or any small SUV.
  • It has a queen-size bed to give comfort to you and your spouse and provide enough resting space that you can easily relax on it all day.
  • There is a good room for a storage area, and It has the capacity to keep your stuff or luggage in a separate section to give you more room space on the inside.
  • It comes with an expendable metal decking that gives it a good look and unique touch with the addition of storage for any equipment and extra luggage.
  • It has multimedia controls and functions that allow you to listen to your favorite music and enjoy FM/AM and even charge your electronic devices with the cables.
  • The build quality of this trailer is really good, and it’s sturdy enough to go even on rough terrains without any problem.
  • There is a dinette included in its floorplan next to a queen bed that has enough table space to fit your family and enjoy their quality time together.
  • It comes with a kitchen with all the accessories and cabinet storage along with a bathroom with a toilet and shower.

Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE Floorplan

  • It has multimedia features.
  • It is built with great quality and requires less maintenance.
  • It comes with queen size bed with a good dinette area.
  • It is suitable to go on all types of terrains.
  • It is the value of a money trailer.
  • Repairs are hard to find.


This was a discussion of the best small travel trailers with queen beds, and we discussed each option having queen beds and various other features to offer to the users in these trailers.


Which is the best small travel trailer with a queen bed?

Following is a list of the best small travel trailers with a queen bed.

  • Cherokee Wolf Pup 18TO
  • Lance 1575
  • Winnebago Micro Minnie 1705RD
  • Grand Design Imagine XLS 21BHE

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