7 Incredibly Small Travel Trailers with Bunk Beds

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Outdoor camping and activities are actually fun when you have a small travel trailer to tow with your SUV and travel to the countryside and make the best of the moments with your family or friends.

These small trailers can give you extra storage for room space along with a resting area so that you can get yourself relaxed by the end of the day after a long journey.

In case you want to buy a small trailer with bunk beds that can give you resting or sleeping benefits along with some free space, then there are several options from which you can decide for yourself.

We have compiled a list of the best small travel trailers with bunk beds for you and all the features and advantages of these trailers have been shared in this discussion below.

Name Number of Bunk Beds Max Sleeping Count
Shasta Oasis 18BH 2 6
Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17BH 2 6
Keystone Springdale Mini 1760BH 2 6
KZ Sportsmen Classic 1 3
Forest River Wildwood X-Lite FSX 2 8
Livin Lite Camplite CL16BHB 2 4
Coachmen Clipper 17BHS 2 6

Shasta Oasis 18BHShasta Oasis 18BH
Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17SBHCoachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17BH
Keystone Springdale Mini 1760BHKeystone Springdale Mini 1760BH
KZ Sportsmen ClassicKZ Sportsmen Classic
Forest River Wildwood FSX 181RTForest River Wildwood X-Lite FSX
Livin’ Lite CampliteLivin Lite Camplite CL16BHB
Coachmen Clipper 17CBHCoachmen Clipper 17BHS

What are the Best Small Travel Trailer with Bunk Beds?

Here, you can take a look at the best options with bunk beds to choose for your family and plan your camping trips easily.

1. Shasta Oasis 18BH

Shasta Oasis 18BH

The first option as a small travel trailer with bunk beds is the Shasta Oasis 18BH which is by far the best of small travel trailers. This is an economical and budget-friendly trailer that can help you on your long trips without putting enough stress on your pocket.

This is an excellent build trailer that can be towed behind your vehicle to any place you want to.

Shasta Oasis 18BH Bunk Beds

Some cool features of this trailer are,


  • It is made up of aluminum with R-7 fiberglass sidewalls, roof, and floor. This makes it a very light travel trailer.
  • It comes with two bunk beds that are foldable.
  • The fiberglass insulations keep the roof, sidewalls, and floor of the trailer temperature in moderate and optimum condition.
  • There are electronic room slides included in this trailer and it also has a rubber roof, and sixteen-inch on-center wood studs.
  • The kitchen area comes with a faucet and a sink, and cable TV hookups in front of the dinette.
  • It comes with safety features like a carbon dioxide detector, fire extinguisher, and an LP leak detector.

Shasta 18BH Floorplan

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  • There are multiple floor plans for this trailer.
  • The body is durable due to aluminum construction.
  • Tinted glass and fiberglass windows for better insulation.
  • High-quality and wide interior.
  • 13.5 BTU of air conditioning unit.
  • Three burner cooktop, and microwave.

2. Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17BH

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17SBH

If you are not happy with the features offered by Shasta Oasis, then you can take a look at Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17BH. This is an amazing small travel trailer that is pretty easy to set up, maintain, and live life in a trailer.

This type of lightweight trailer is best for a family of 5 people and it has pretty well aerodynamics to reduce air friction on your long drives.

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17BH Bunk Beds

These are the following features offered with this travel trailer,


  • It is really simple and easy to tow due to its lightweight body and aerodynamic shape that cuts through the wind easily.
  • The body of this trailer is equipped well with 6-sided R-7 insulation that keeps the temperature of the trailer moderate no matter whether it’s hot or cold outside.
  • There is an additional exterior speaker introduced with this trailer that helps you to enjoy your favorite music when you are camping for the night.
  • It has pretty durable flooring with great countertops and mini blinds along with window valances.
  • The kitchen area of this trailer is beautifully equipped with a kitchen sink and Dometic refrigerator along with a microwave and two-burner LP range.
  • It has multiple bunk beds to make a suitable sleeping space for a family of 6 people.

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite 17SBH

  • It is lightweight and easy to tow.
  • It has good space on the inside with bunk beds.
  • There is a refrigerator and microwave facility available in the kitchen.
  • There are entertainment accessories included in this package.
  • Additional features cost extra charges.

3. Keystone Springdale Mini 1760BH

Keystone Springdale Mini 1760BH

If you like bunk beds, you will like the Keystone Springdale Mini 1760BH travel trailer that has the best set of bunk beds for the kids as well as for the adults. This small trailer has a good living area room along with a beautiful bathroom setup at its back.

The trailer is completely stylish and it has the following features included in it.


  • This small travel trailer has a queen-sized bed with overhead cabinets along with multiple bunk beds for the kids to rest and sleep.
  • There is a booth dinette that can be folded and transformed into a sleeping place giving you more area to rest.
  • There is a small closet and a nightstand in the room area.
  • It’s lightweight and very easy to tow with small SUVs and such vehicles.
  • This trailer has tinted safety glass windows to see through on the outside.
  • The body of this trailer is very durable and its wheels are E-coated corrosion resistant.
  • It comes with a TV and a radio signal booster and the kitchen area has a microwave along with some LED lighting to give it a beautiful look.

Keystone Springdale Mini 1760BH Floorplan

  • It is a small travel trailer with bunk beds.
  • It is easy to tow.
  • There are LED lights in its interior.
  • It has a foldable booth dinette.
  • It doesn’t have a refrigerator for the kitchen.

4. KZ Sportsmen Classic

KZ Sportsmen Classic

If you want a small and comfy travel trailer, then KZ Sportsmen Classic Travel Trailer must be the option you are looking for. It is a useful trailer that can fit almost any parking space and you can tow it with your vehicles with a very economical fuel average.

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This trailer weighs only 2,800 pounds and the body of this trailer has sturdy construction making it suitable for any track.

KZ Sportsmen Classic Bunk Beds

There are various features in this small travel trailer with bunk beds.


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  • There are seven different floor plans in this trailer and users can choose from which will help them according to their requirements.
  • It has a good living area with bunk beds at its back along with a slide-out with a U-shaped dinette that can accommodate a family of 6 people easily.
  • It’s pretty lightweight at 2800 pounds only.
  • Its body is made with a K-Z exclusive tough shield of .030 metal to give a very durable and sturdy base making it a strong travel trailer to take on any surface in any weather.
  • The trailer has the main bed at its front and there is a U-shaped dinette included in its plan which will come down as a bed that gives more space for the kitchen area.

KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH Floorplan

  • It has both bunk beds and a master bed.
  • The interior has thick cushioning on the bed for comfort.
  • The external body is made of high-quality metal.
  • There are 7 different floor plans for this trailer.
  • It gets hot in the summertime due to the metal body.

5. Forest River Wildwood X-Lite FSX

Forest River Wildwood FSX 181RT

There is always a need for a small travel trailer for camping that provides all the accessories for you to make your trip complete. The Forest River Wildwood X – Lite FSX is one of the campers that are a perfect fit in case you have a small family and you want an easily towable trailer behind your vehicle.

This is a small travel trailer with bunk beds to give your children the sleeping space they need.

Forest River Wildwood X-Lite FSX

There are several features of this trailer that are explained below.


  • The build quality of this Wildwood X-Lite FSX trailer is great and it’s one of the best due to construction from high-quality durable material.
  • The trailer has a meadow-resistant and cold crack vinyl patio awning, and a complete covering roof with 12 years of warranty for the customers.
  • The kitchen area of this trailer has countertops that run beyond the sink and there is also some space for the person too. It has a high-rise faucet and double bowl sink.
  • There are 2 burner cooktops and a microwave in the kitchen of this trailer with an electronic refrigerator to keep things cool.
  • The trailer has multiple floor plans that all include bunk beds and a master bedroom. The interior provides enough space for the family to live and rest easily in it.

Forest River Wildwood X-Lite FSX

  • Small and compact size trailer.
  • Good kitchen area with microwave, fridge, and burner.
  • Four-floor plans.
  • High build quality.
  • High-quality meadow-resistant and patio awning.
  • Too many options to choose from.

6. Livin Lite Camplite CL16BHB

Livin’ Lite Camplite

The Livin Lite Camplite CL16BHB is the next recommendation in our list of the best small camper with bunk beds. You get this lightweight trailer with some pretty awesome features like its body is made from an aluminum frame and also its exterior is made from fiberglass along with good insulation to withhold all types of weather conditions.

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It is a bit heavier than most of the other lightweight trailers mentioned in this list with the following set of features.

Livin Lite Camplite CL16BHB


  • It has a fiberglass body and aluminum frame that makes it rust-free and a very durable and long-lasting trailer that can also withstand any weather conditions.
  • It is a compact size travel trailer with bunk beds and a master bedroom.
  • It has a large electric awning to make your evening and nights very enjoyable with LED lights.
  • There is also a speaker included in this trailer that would help you to listen to and enjoy your favorite songs every day to spend the time.
  • It has 9 floorplans each of which includes a bunk bed option along with aluminum cabinets too.
  • It has a small but cleverly designed kitchen with high-rise faucets and lots of space.
  • It also has a bathroom with a tiny dry bath with a toilet.

Livin Lite Camplite CL16BHB Floorplan

  • Strong aluminum construction with fiberglass exterior.
  • Comfortable living area with bunk beds.
  • Aluminum cabinets.
  • Refrigerator and TV mount.
  • No such cons.

7. Coachmen Clipper 17BHS

Coachmen Clipper 17CBH

The last small travel trailer with bunk beds according to our suggestion list is the Coachmen Clipper 17BHS. This lightweight trailer is easy to tow and drive along with its economical and other benefits.

The body of this trailer is made for maximum protection and safety.

Coachmen Clipper 17BHS Bunk Beds

It has various features such as, 


  • It has Zam solar boards and a large storage area to put away your luggage.
  • This trailer comes with tinted glass windows along with grab handles for ease of use.
  • There is a pet-friendly stand included in this trailer.
  • It has cabinetry on the inside and bund beds with a rear bunkhouse area.
  • There is an external entry and a dinette slide-out for getting more interior space.
  • There is pretty LED lighting in this trailer with a laminated countertop to give it a very unique and different look.
  • It has a kitchen area with a stone-cast sink and a high-neck faucet. There is a refrigerator, and microwave in the kitchen too.
  • It comes with a bathroom having a flush toilet and tub for taking shower along with a skylight.

Coachmen Clipper 17BHS Floorplan

  • Durable and strong body trailer.
  • Beautiful and stylish interior.
  • Built-in sound system with marine-grade speakers.
  • It has Fridge and a microwave.
  • It is costly.

If you are interested in a big bunkhouse trailer like Quad bunkhouse then check out this list of 4 Bunk Beds Travel Trailers.


This was a discussion about the best small travel trailers with bunk beds and we discussed their additional features that provide benefits to the customers.

There is a lot more to know about these trailers but you can visit their official sources to get detailed descriptions for each.


Which one is the shortest travel trailer with a bunkhouse?

The KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH travel trailer is the shortest that comes under 30 feet with an exterior length of 20 feet. It is a luxury and comfortable travel trailer with all the necessities.

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