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Did you see a small camper trailer on your way home, and wishing to have one for yourself? Are you planning to buy the best small travel trailer that you can easily tow with a car? 

In this article, we will look at some of the best small travel trailers that are a must-have for every one of you if you love outdoor camping.

You will be able to pick the best out of them by comparing their features and pros and cons.

So, let’s start!

Name Weight Length Height
Polydrops P17 820 lbs 13.45 ft 9.5 ft
Forest River R-Pod RP-171 2504 lbs 19 ft 9.58 ft
Taxa Outdoors Cricket 1,753 lbs 18.25 ft 8.67 ft
nuCamp Tab 400 2,956 lbs 18.25 ft 8.67 ft
Escape Trailer 3,250 lbs 17.8 ft 6.3 ft
Happier Camper HC1 1,100 lbs 7.4 ft 7.4 ft
Sealander 882 lbs 5.6 ft 6.2 ft
United Recreational Vehicles iCamp Elite 2,366 lbs 14 ft 8.1 ft

Polydrop TrailerPolydrops Trailer
Forest River R-PodForest River r-pod
TAXA Outdoors CricketTaxa Outdoors Cricket Camper
NuCamp Tab 400nuCamp Tab 400
Escape TrailerEscape Trailer
Happier Camper HC1Happier Camper
iCamp EliteUnited Recreational Vehicles iCamp Elite

What are the Best Small Camper Trailers?

1. Polydrops P17

Polydrop Trailer

Polydrops P17 is one of the popular and best small travel trailers that you can have. Kyung-Hyun Lew is the founder of Polydrops.

It is not just a camping trailer, but also a portable private space that you can carry almost anywhere.

The travel trailer has an incredibly small but sufficient size and is capable of containing a mattress with a size of 48*75 inches. With gull-wing doors that you can open to the upward direction, that will expose the clean and bright interior.

Moreover, it is also equipped with a kitchenette area prepared with light-woods and has pull-out counters and sliding drawers. The thing that makes it popular is its ability to run on a hundred-watt solar panel and battery, which means it can be towed by any vehicle or car.

It has four models that are the same in size with different add-ons like an awning, two-burner stove, aluminum sliding, and a roof rack.

Key Specifications

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Height 5.4 ft
Exterior Length 13.7 ft
Exterior Width 5.4 ft
Gross Weight 820 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 6 gal
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $24,990

Polydrops P17

  • Incredibly compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to tow with any vehicle or car.
  • 8” thick insulation and a heater, which makes it a perfect one for all weather.
  • A combination of standard, stylish, and unique designs.
  • Gull-wing doors for easy access.
  • No cooler storage.
  • Hard to find due to its limited production.

Why Polydrops P17? If you love adventures and want to stay out camping, Polydrops is a great option since you can take it anywhere with ease. It is equipped with all the necessities that you are expecting. It acts like a portable private place for you.

2. Forest River R-Pod RP-171

Forest River R-Pod

iPod was first introduced in 2000 and since then stormed to popularity. Their popularity is not only their music playing ability, but also their size, cuteness, and fun. You might be wondering why I am talking about iPods since we are here to discuss the best small travel trailers.

Well, you are right, and the reason why iPods pop out from nowhere is just like iPods, R-Pod Travel Trailers are also cute and have super small sizes.

They have a shape distinctive shape along with a design that makes sure that you have a whole lot of fun when camping. You might have seen one of them on the road or heard about it from your friends who love camping.

Well, don’t worry if you haven’t, I will let you know about all of its features and what are its pros and cons, which means you will be able to determine whether is it the one you are searching for.

Because of their incredibly compact size, these tiny camping trailers are easy to tow with almost any vehicle. Moreover, they have sufficient room, which will be enough for you while traveling or camping since

Forest River is one of the most popular RV manufacturer companies in North America because it manufactures a vast range of RVs, including Class A and Class C motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, etc.

R-Pods are equipped with some wonderful features, and the majority of them are equipped with a Thule-powered awning along with an in-built LED light stip. People who want an outside kitchen when purchasing an R-Pod will get a two-burner along with a spray port that is all adjustable.

They also include a storage area that includes cargo netting, which lets you organize your things comfortably. Moreover, you can also have a microwave kitchen, air conditioner, and an LED flat screen.

All the R-Pods travel trailers are similar in terms of their rooftop-mounted solar prep. If you like to opt for a solar option, it will be equipped with a 110W solar panel, 1, 000 Watt inverter, and a digital controller.

R-Pod RP-171

Key Specifications

Height 9.58 ft
Exterior Length 19 ft
Exterior Width 8 ft
Gross Weight 2,504 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 30.0 gal
Grey Water Capacity 30.0 gal
Black Water Capacity 30.0 gal
Price $28,712
  • You would get a one-year warranty if you purchased it from an authorized dealer.
  • Lightweight with unique features, and can easily be towed with any vehicle.
  • Best for solo campers and couples with kids.
  • Incredible exterior storage is roomy and easy to access.
  • Well-designed and well-built for any weather.
  • Heats and cools well.
  • Affordable, and you don’t need to spend much on its maintenance.
  • Automotive window seals that don’t require servicing.
  • We don’t recommend it for large families.
  • Good from outside but fixed cheaply from inside.
  • You will need to empty its holding tanks manually.

Why Forest River R-Pod? It is lightweight, and you can take it wherever you go by easily towing it with your car. Features are great and perfectly justify their price.

3. Taxa Outdoors Cricket

TAXA Outdoors Cricket

For travelers and campers looking for a travel trailer designed traditionally, you might be disappointed with Taxa Outdoors Cricket. It is a great choice for people who love road adventures and wants to have a modern, sleek, and innovatively designed travel trailer.

Since it is a small, lightweight travel trailer, you can easily tow it with even four-cylinder vehicles. Another reason it is popular is it can be maneuvered anywhere, and you don’t have to struggle much to find a place where you can easily fit it.

Cricket is also a great option for solo campers and couples with up to two kids. It is designed by the CEO of TAXA Garrett Finney, who also served in ISS (International Space Station), and designed various useful small spaces. The design of this incredibly small travel trailer mainly focuses on its amazing functionalities.

It is equipped with a pop-up rooftop and has five mesh windows, which means you will feel like you are a part of the outdoors. Moreover, another advantage of it is you will be able to catch the fresh breeze while you have your privacy.

What makes these amazing travel trailers the best seller is their construction. Constructed with one-inch plywood floors, ABS laminate, and a no-slippery seamless nickel pattern of the floor, you won’t be able to this much durability in any other travel trailer.

Cricket Trailer Dimensions

Key Specifications

Height 8.67 ft
Exterior Length 18.25 ft
Exterior Width 6.7 ft
Gross Weight 1,753 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 15 gal
Grey Water Capacity 16 gal
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $33,317

TAXA Cricket Camper Floorplan

  • Best for couples with up to two kids, and it also has sufficient sitting space.
  • Easily accessible storage and you can also use under-bed storage space.
  • Kitchen with sink, stove, as well as the optional hot water system.
  • Windows for ventilation. You can open up its windows while still having your privacy.
  • Roof track and racks to store gear up top.
  • Optional portable toilet, windows, AC, and refrigerator.
  • Not a good option for lounging or using it as a workplace.

Why Cricket? People who love road adventures and camping cannot skip this because of its modern, sleek, and innovative design. You won’t find many small travel trailers with that many features. It also lets you build a custom travel trailer with the features you want.

4. nuCamp Tab 400

NuCamp Tab 400

Another best quality small travel trailer is nuCamp’s Tab 400. You will find it cozy, and it has a teardrop shape, but it is equipped with all the necessities. Though it is only 18-foot, you will even find a wet bath. It is another perfect choice for people who love adventure, outdoor camping and want to stay out for a prolonged time.

It is equipped with a dedicated queen-size sleeping space, roomy kitchen, wet bath, and plenty of storage space that you can use to arrange other things. Moreover, you can also convert its dinette to another sleeping area if required.

Furthermore, inside the Tab 400, you will find a big window, two-burner glass-top stove, heating and hot water system, and many other handy features. You will also find a flat-screen TV of 24″to entertain yourself. If you plan to go out camping, you should also consider adding more features to your Tab 400 through Boondock Package.

All of these things make Tab 400 your other home when you are away from your home. It is also another lightest and smallest travel trailer in our best small travel trailers list. Frankly, because it is a lightweight travel trailer and has a smaller tank capacity, you will find its specs just ok.

Key Specifications

Height 8.67 ft
Exterior Length 18.25 ft
Exterior Width 9 ft
Gross Weight 2,956 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 18 Gal
Grey Water Capacity 22 Gal
Black Water Capacity 12 Gal
Price $32,876
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nuCamp Tab 400 Floorplan

  • Queen bed size.
  • Best for up to three persons.
  • Wet bath and roomy kitchen.
  • The basic package includes some amazing features, such as electric brakes, Bluetooth media center, Alloy wheels, LED lights, an Exterior shower, etc.
  • For its basic spec lever, the bathroom is a little pokey.

Why Tab 400? You might like the idea of carrying your home with you wherever you go. Tab 400 is what you are looking for. With features, such as incredible interior, up to three-person dinette, wet bath, pull-down sink, and more, it is a great choice.

5. Escape Trailer

Escape Trailer

Another great option for people who love adventures want to go out camping is Escape Trailer.  It is another best small-size travel trailer that you can easily toy with almost any vehicle. Escape manufactures four types of travel trailers, and each of them comes in a different size.

You will also be able to find an incredibly small travel trailer of just 21’ fifth wheel.

These small camper trailers are popular among travelers and campers because of the build quality that makes them durable, abundant amenities for an extremely compact space, and the ability to be towed by any vehicle and car.

Moreover, you also can custom-build your trailer to make everything as per your requirements. You might struggle to find such a compact travel trailer with more amenities.

They have an aerodynamic shape, which also reduces wind resistance for easy towing, while their low center of gravity keeps them stable.

Equipped with a window-view kitchen, you will find a double burner gas cooktop, seamless countertops, and more. Moreover, it is also equipped with Bluetooth and a twelve-volt dual USB port that include two speakers.

Regardless of their compactness, you will find a roomy storage space, where no nook and cranny has been ignored. Specifications of the Escape trailer entirely depend on what you are choosing from.

Escape Trailer Floorplan

Key Specifications

Height 6.3 ft
Exterior Length 17.8 ft
Exterior Width 6.8 ft
Gross Weight 3,250 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 20 Gal
Grey Water Capacity 26 Gal
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $28,995
  • Ultra-lightweight, which makes them easy to tow by just any vehicle or car.
  • Packed with wonderful features, including window-view kitchen, two gas burner cooktop, and more.
  • Make a custom Escape trailer of your own choice.
  • Best for having economical and affordable outdoor fun.
  • Queen size bed space.
  • LED lights and power awning.
  • It is not a good option for large families.

Why Escape Trailer? High-quality, lightweight, and personalized fiberglass trailers that are durable are the best choice for duos and solo campers to make their adventure more fun.

6. Happier Camper HC1

Happier Camper

Happier Camper has been around for quite some time, and loved by the majority of campers and travelers who love adventures. They are one of the cutest small travel trailers available in the market. Another highest selling point of Happier Camper trailers is their countless customization options, making it easy for you to build a travel trailer that is exactly what you want.

The interior module of the Happier Camper can easily be arranged and rearranged, which means you can adjust it as per your daily needs. They are available in seven different retro-style and colors. The length of HC1 is 13 feet while the height reaches up to 6’1”.

Utilizing the Adaptive dynamic interior, its interior isn’t broken into floor plans and is structured of 20 * 20 cubes that you can easily arrange in uncountable configurations. Moreover, if you have no clue from where to start, you can make use of their configuration examples that will explain everything.

Furthermore, HC1 floor panels also include some in-built features, such as table bases, a drain, etc. since its offers a whole lot of customizations, there is no specific place is reserved for sleeping, bathroom, kitchen, etc., which might be a hard one for people who aren’t creatively inclined.

However, for people who love customization ideas, it has offers a whole lot of accessories, such as AC/DC freezer, dry flush/turbo toilet, flexible reading lights, as well as exterior accessories, such as a hundred Watt solar panel package, loading ramp, hot and pressurized road shower, etc.

Happier Camper HC1 Colors

Key Specifications

Height 7.4 ft
Exterior Length 7.4 ft
Exterior Width 6.6 ft
Gross Weight 1,100 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 5 Gal
Grey Water Capacity 5 Gal
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $29,950
  • In-built floor drain at the front.
  • In-built sidestep.
  • One of the smallest Camper available out there, which makes towing easy.
  • Adaptive fridge cube.
  • It is RVIA certified.
  • It is not suitable for large families.

Why Happier Camper? Groundbreaking flexibility and super lightweight package, the modern retro style Happier Camper is the result of years of careful design. Equipped with an Adaptive interior, it is surely a must-have one for a couple of campers with kids.

7. Sealander


Sealander stormed to popularity in the last few years and rightly so, because of its smart and amphibious functionalities. It is yet another best small travel trailer and has a teardrop shape. A German company manufactures it, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic makes it a modern and sleek travel trailer, which makes it float over the water to act like a boat.

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It is also packed with an outboard motor, which you can use to navigate it around the water. Sealander has a size of just 13sq and a weight of 1,100 lbs. It acts as a mobile camper on land, and a luxurious yacht in water. The trailer is ultra-lightweight, which means you can tow it easily even by small vehicles.

It is also much superior in terms of launching to the majority of traditional bots around. You just need to link its motor to it, make a few conversions, and you are all set to go. Another great thing I like about Sealander is its design, which is incredibly functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Moreover, it has a bench-lined interior with a table, where up to six persons can sit comfortably.

Sealander Floorplan

Key Specifications

Height 6.2 ft
Exterior Length 5.6 ft
Exterior Width 5.6 ft
Gross Weight 882 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 3.4 gal
Grey Water Capacity 4.2 gal
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $21,040
  • A vast range of customization options, including a kitchen and appliances.
  • Various interior electronics, such as sound systems, lighting, and more.
  • It can easily be towed by any vehicle because of its lighter weight.
  • Float on the water, and roam around nearby bays and lakes.
  • Only two people can sleep, which means it is not for large families.

Why Sealander? Sealander is a perfect option for campers and for people who like to float on water while having the luxurious feeling of a yacht. Connected to any car and carry it with you wherever you go.

8. United Recreational Vehicles iCamp Elite

iCamp Elite

If you don’t like TAXA design for some reason, here is another best small travel trailer worth trying. United Recreation Vehicles’ iCamp Elite is yet another cute mini travel trailer, entirely laminated with aluminum tubing frames. It makes it a super lightweight travel trailer, which means it is also fuel-efficient.

With retro styling and reminiscent of the traditional teardrop trailers, it seems like an old-fashioned travel trailer with modern amenities. Moreover, as far as I know, iCamp Elite is the only travel trailer model that integrates with an Apple iPod connection.

iCamp is also equipped with six gallons of water heater, a three-way freezer, and slider windows with the screen. You will get a massive amount of storage space, but you can also convert the dinette into a queen-sized sleeping place. However, it is only a great choice for couples with up to two kids or three people.

The total length of the iCamp Elite trailer is only fourteen feet, which like other small travel trailers in this list, makes it easy to tow it with small vehicles. Since its interior height is only 5’ 11”, which means taller campers won’t be able to get a headroom. Besides that, it has numerous other useful features that make it one of the best small travel trailers available around.

 It has only a single floor plan, and you will have the only option, whether you like its orange and blue colors. However, there are some other customization options that you can use, such as flat-screen TV and audio or video system.

It looks incredibly cute because of its modular design and is wonderfully easy to get in regardless of its size.

iCamp Elite Floorplan

Key Specifications

Height 8.1 ft
Exterior Length 14 ft
Exterior Width 6.8 ft
Gross Weight 2,366 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 22 gal
Grey Water Capacity 14 gal
Black Water Capacity 6 gal
Price $15,680
  • A great choice for the duo and solo travellers.
  • Super lightweight, which makes towing easy and reduces fuel consumption.
  • You can customize it through flat-screen TV, audio, and video system.
  • Incredibly cute modular design.
  • Glass slider windows screens.
  • It doesn’t have a kitchen or recliners.
  • Suitable only for duo or solo campers.

Why iCamp Elite? They are entirely a brand new and revolutionary class of recreational vehicles. Their unique design and manufacturing material are going to amaze people who love camping and outdoor life.


These are some of the best small travel trailers for people who love camping and the outdoor. Having a small camper trailer means you can take your home with you wherever you go and whenever you want.

They aren’t only easy to tow with almost any vehicle, but also fuel-efficient. Above, we have listed some of the best small-size travel trailers that you should consider when looking for a travel trailer.

You can determine which one is suitable for you by comparing the pros and cons we have listed above. My only intention in writing this post is to provide you with information about travel trailers, so you don’t pick the wrong one. Thank You.


What is the best travel trailer for a duo traveler?

Our best pick is Polydrops, a great choice for both solo and duo campers.

Which one is better between iCamp Elite and Tab 400?

Both of these travel trailers are incredibly lightweight, which makes them easy to tow. Both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it entirely depends on you which one you want to have.

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