6 Amazing Small Campers with Shower

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Traveling to places is fun when you have the right travel trailer with you that fits every parking space and that has every feature and accessory included in it when you want to go on a road trip.

This also includes the need for good room space to sleep and a bathroom with a shower so that you can refresh yourself during the hot summer season on your trips.

In case a small camper with a shower is what you need, then you are at the right spot to find the best choice for yourself from this article as we have listed the best ones so for that are available in the market.

Each of these small travel trailers with a shower has its own features and floor plans that differentiate them from the others. Take a deep look at them and choose which one you need for yourself.

Name Shower Location Price
Casita Spirit Deluxe Front $21,799
Lance 1575 Rear $44,336
Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Front $20,000
Little Guy Mini Max Front $38,995
Scamp 13′ Front $15,000
Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE Middle $15,823

Casita Spirit Travel TrailersCasita Spirit Deluxe
Lance 1575Lance 1575
Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TBForest River Flagstaff E-Pro
Little Guy Mini MaxLittle Guy Mini Max
Scamp 13Scamp 13'
Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSEForest River Flagstaff 228BHSE

What are the Best Small Campers with Shower?

Here is the complete list of the best small travel trailers with showers to provide you with everything that you need in a trailer.

1. Casita Spirit Deluxe

Casita Spirit Travel Trailers

The Casita Spirit Deluxe Trailer is our top recommended choice for you as this trailer makes it easier for you to go on long trips with all the accessories and equipment that you need.

This is a small travel trailer with a bathroom having a shower so you can take your showers whenever you feel the need. Besides that, the floorplan is pretty simple and beautiful to set up your things easily.

Casita Spirit Deluxe Shower

There are several features included in this travel trailer.


  • This trailer is 17 ft in length and it is very lightweight as well.
  • It has a convertible dining area that can transform into 2 sleeping beds so that a family of 4 can easily fit into rest.
  • It has enough space inside that you won’t feel restricted inside a small trailer.
  • It has the great ground clearance and it is made to go all on all types of tracks under any type of weather conditions which makes it a pretty durable small trailer.
  • The body of this trailer is made from reinforced fiberglass making it long-lasting and lightweight as well.
  • On the inside, you get a beautiful bathroom with a shower along with a toilet that is placed at a distance to keep privacy. There is also a fan for ventilation to provide clean and cool air to the person.
  • The trailer also has overhead space storage that is carpets lined in one place where you can easily put your extra stuff and save storage space.

Casita Spirit Deluxe Floorplan

  • It has a good power source on the exterior of a 110-volt outlet.
  • A battery pack with 12 volts.
  • A bathroom with a shower.
  • A lockable freshwater fill.
  • There is also exterior lighting.
  • It is lightweight and easy to tow.
  • The fiberglass body is pretty lightweight that is immune to strong winds.

2. Lance 1575

Lance 1575

Lance offers a great production line when we talk about the best travel trailers. Lance 1575 is a small travel trailer with a shower that might be your best pick-up choice.

This trailer Is a lightweight model at 2,700 lbs having tons of features for the users to explore. With Lance 1575, your trips are going to be fun as it has various features that you might want to look at.

Lance 1575 Bathroom


  • This small travel trailer has a bathroom with a shower and a toilet seat.
  • There is a black tank in this trailer that has the capacity to store a good amount of fresh water for use during long trips.
  • There is a lot of lighting in this camping trailer that gives you good visibility at night in the trailer and there is also a skylight roof that is to get the natural sunlight.
  • The bathroom of this travel trailer has a ventilation spot with a skylight roof and it is also filled with lots of light.
  • It has cleverly designed doors for easy open and close options.
  • The windows on this trailer are insulated and laminated.
  • There is also a separate system for freshwater as well as for wastewater.
  • The interior is beautifully designed having tables and a work area along with a key hook and an integrated clock to show you time. There are also curtains on the sides for putting shades through the windows.
  • The kitchen area has an integrated stove along with 3 gas burners and a medium-sized fridge.

Lance 1575 Floorplan

  • Easy control of temperature on the inside through thermostat.
  • Smart and clever doors.
  • Skylight roof and beautiful interior with curtains.
  • Lighted bathroom with shower.
  • Beautiful and easy access kitchen area.
  • Repairs and maintenance of this trailer are costly.

3. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TB

If you want to get stuck with a little bit of satisfying feeling, you might want to take a look at the Flagstaff E-Pro small travel trailer that comes with a bathroom having a shower too.

This is a small travel trailer that is fun for your long trips because it has basic features in it that would help you stay active and fresh even on your tiring day.

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Shower
Credits: Cheyenne Camping Center

The trailer has various features.


  • This trailer is super fun as it has two twin-size beds at its back that can be easily converted and there is a king bed for a couple to easily adjust and rest.
  • This is a trailer with a good bathroom having a shower for a wet bath along with a Shower Miser water saver.
  • The kitchen area of this travel trailer is also simple and easy to work with as there are three-burner cooktops and a refrigerator.
  • There is a good space at the center to enjoy TV and DVD movies to spend your leisure time.
  • As it is a lightweight trailer, it’s easy to tow even with a small vehicle.
  • This trailer has a Water-Pur filtration system that helps to filter out the water to provide you with clean and drinkable water.
  • It has a WifiRanger for boosting the speed of your Wifi.
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Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TB Floorplan

  • Small travel trailer with the bathroom having a shower
  • A gas and electric water heater system.
  • TV setup and good DVD player.
  • Good bed space for resting and easy to use kitchen area.
  • Water filtration system.
  • It is not suitable to go on rough tracks or harsh surfaces.

4. Little Guy Mini Max

Little Guy Mini Max

The Little Guy Mini Max is an amazing travel trailer with a bathroom having a shower. This is a small travel trailer with an interior height of 6′, making it a very compact but roomy trailer for the user.

This little guy provides all the comforts of your home by giving you a good dinette and wet bath along with dual twin beds and queen size beds. What more could you ask from a small trailer having all these features?

Little Guy Mini Max Bathroom


  • This trailer has queen-sized beds and dual twin beds for a small family to rest easy.
  • There is a beautiful dinette and wet bath options with a glass shower door in this small trailer.
  • It has four large insulated dual pane windows that provide good light during the day by opening up to 90 degrees.
  • It has a wardrobe with room for clothes.
  • It has an open furnace along with an air conditioning feature.

Little Guy Mini Max Floorplan

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  • It has spacious cabinets and a pantry.
  • It has an electric water heater for a wet bath.
  • It is solar-powered.
  • Kitchen with a six-gallon gas capacity and microwave.
  • It has a rotating dinette tabletop to have food with comfort.
  • Comfortable beds for each member of a small family.
  • No such cons.

5. Scamp 13′

Scamp 13

Scamp 13 is a good small-size trailer that has all the packages wrapped up in one place. It is a very small 13 feet long travel trailer that is the smallest trailer on this list.

But don’t go on the size as this trailer can offer a lot unlike most of the other trailers. Despite its small size, Scamp 13 is available with 2 floorplans which users can use according to their choice. This trailer comes with various features.

Scamp 13 Bathroom and Shower


  • There are 2-floor plans that include different layouts and accessories for the users.
  • It comes with a bathroom that has a toilet and a shower depending on your floorplan that may shift the bathroom to either front or at the back.
  • It is suitable for a small family of 4 and it is intelligent enough to make little space for you along with some multimedia and electronics included.
  • There is a 12-gallon water tank in this small travel trailer.
  • There are options for additional accessories and features for extra charges.
  • It has a good sleeping area for a family that converts to an eating and sitting area.
  • Seats in this trailer have clever storage compartments.
  • There is also a gas-powered stove and sink along with reinforced cabinets.
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Scamp 13 Floorplan

  • It comes with carpeting or tough vinyl flooring.
  • There are additional power outlets.
  • It has a built-in air conditioner.
  • Small trailer with shower and bathroom.
  • Exterior lighting.
  • Extra features cost additional charges.

6. Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE

Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE

The last suggestion on this list of small lightweight travel trailers with showers in the Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE. This is a lightweight travel trailer that has enough space to store your equipment and luggage.

There are various floorplans with this trailer that you can choose to get your desired features.

Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE
Credits: Cheyenne Camping Center

Some of the important features of this trailer are.


  • It is a small and affordable trailer that makes it easier for your small car or SUV to tow it without any problem.
  • It requires very little maintenance as it is built with great quality.
  • It has large storage space for your stuff to store and keep aside without covering your living area.
  • There is an expendable metal decking that gives more space for packing extra gear and equipment.
  • It comes with FM/AM along with a USB port that allows you to charge your devices, etc. and it also has a Bluetooth mp3 player for playing songs and music and making your trip comfortable.
  • It has strong Mud Rover tires that are excellent on rough services making it suitable to take anywhere even on rough tracks.
  • It has a king-size bed a shelter is also a queen-size bed to give unmatched comfort.
  • There is also a dinette included on one side and a beautifully designed table where you can eat and study and even play games.
  • A beautiful and luxurious kitchen at the front tent end bed along with a cabinet where it is easy to fix things up and take the shower as well.

Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE Floorplan

  • It has a very reasonable price.
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • It has good storage along with multimedia.
  • Durable and sturdy grip and drive on a rough surface.
  • Luxurious interior.
  • Not easy to find the repairs.


This was a discussion about the best small travel trailers with showers and the features of each of these trailers are discussed to differentiate and demonstrate how each of them is unique in its own way.

For more details, join the FAQ section.


What is the smallest camper trailer with a shower?

Scamp 13 is the smallest travel trailer with 13 feet long body having all the essential equipment and accessories included. This trailer is one of the best small travel trailers.

What is the lightest camper with a bathroom?

Scamp 13 is the smallest and lightest camper trailer that fits the best for towing behind even a car or small SUV without a problem. This lightweight camper trailer can be taken anywhere on empty roads.

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