10 Excellent RV with Murphy Beds

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RVs are immensely comfortable motorized RVs that take your kitchen, living space, and bedroom with you on the road.

People prefer motorhomes due to the ease it provides while you’re with family or friends on camping trips as it gives you the opportunity to travel while enjoying the comforts of home.

These RVs are “family-sized” as they accommodate the space of 6 – 7 people and provide comfort for all. Since a motorhome, is more so a living space, it requires all the entities of a home, which includes a bed.

The question of fitting a bed into an RV is a tricky one and always confuses people but with Murphy beds, the living space stays flexible as the bed folds down when need be and folds away when you need the space back.

Murphy beds are just as comfortable as any other bed and have the awesome feature of freeing up space in a closed surroundings which ideally suits the situation in an RV.

So, in all obviousness, RVs and Murphy Beds go hand in hand because they both create drastic comfort and efficiency.

A Murphy Bed is one of the prime features of an RV that pushes people to opt for RVs equipped with Murphy Beds.

But it leaves you wondering which RV with Murphy Beds is well suited for travel.

So, let’s take a look at these RVs with Murphy Beds that may best suit you and your family.

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Name Number of Murphy Beds Max Sleeping Count
Airstream Atlas 1 2
Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 24 FW 1 6
Winnebago Solis 1 4
Leisure Travel Vans Wonder MB 1 2
Winnebago Era 70M 1 2
Leisure Travel Vans Unity MB 1 2
Winnebago View 24D 1 6
Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RW 1 6
Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24RP 1 6
Thor Four Winds 25M 1 6

Airstream AtlasAirstream Atlas
Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RWCTiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 24 FW
Winnebago Solis 59PWinnebago Solis
Leisure Vans Wonder MBLeisure Travel Vans Wonder MB
Winnebago EraWinnebago Era 70M
Leisure Travel Unity U24RLLeisure Travel Vans Unity MB
Winnebago View Class C MotorhomeWinnebago View 24D
Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RWTiffin Wayfarer 25 RW
Jayco Melbourne PrestigeJayco Melbourne Prestige 24RP
Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 22BThor Four Winds 25M

What are the Best RV with Murphy Bed?

1. Airstream Atlas

Airstream Atlas

The best motorhome with a Murphy bed on our list is Airstream Atlas.

This class C motorhome has turned front driver and front seats that turn around towards a little table. Close to this is a rich calfskin sofa which additionally has a little table before it.

Opposite this is a diversion place with a TV just as a side-passage door.

Moving past the living area, you’ll find a little kitchen. The kitchen doesn’t have a lot of counter space, yet it has all that you want to prepare dinner.

A murphy bed folds down over the lounge chair by the dash of a button. The general width of this motorhome is 8’3″, and the inside tallness is 6’6″.

The freshwater tank is 23 gallons, the gray water tank is 31 gallons, and the black water tank is 23 gallons.

This RV is based on a Mercedes Sprinter.

It’s a diesel vehicle, and it estimates 24 feet in length. Assuming that you want to tow, you can pull as much as 5,000 pounds which rivals many little trucks.

Individuals searching for an RV with a top-of-the-line feel and the Airstream name should consider going with this motorhome.

Once past the kitchen region, you’ll enter a huge restroom that is opposite to washroom. It has an excellent standing shower, a latrine, a sink, and a huge wardrobe.

Airstream Atlas Floor Plan

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2. Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 24 FW

Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RWC

The next motorhome with a Murphy bed is Wayfarer 24 FW.

This RV is a unique and beautiful model in its own design. Nothing is situated under this, so you simply gain extra space to do anything you desire with.

This space is huge enough that you could reasonably do exercises or stretches. You could likewise utilize the space to store things while voyaging.

The bathroom is a touch thinner as it is housed on one side of the motorhome. This is cultivated using a long slide-out on the opposite side.

The restroom is still huge anyway and offers a 32’x24″ shower skillet, a toilet, and a different sink. Opposite this bathroom is a murphy bed that folds into the divider.

At the point when it is collapsed up, you have a somewhat large work area you can use for work or as an eating table.

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The best thing to like about this RV is that it leaves the utilization of the extra space up to the owner.

Actually, some people would get some overlap office furniture and utilize the space as a portable office while out and about. Another person, nonetheless, could utilize the space to work out or to do anything more that suits their necessity.

Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RW Floorplan 3. Winnebago Solis

Winnebago Solis 59P

Camper Vans can some of the time cause you to feel confined in a small space with their area, but this is not the case with this one.

The Winnebago Solis is an RV with a Murphy bed that isn’t to be missed. The Solis accompanies underneath floor stockpiling so you can utilize the space you have.

The Murphy bed is toward the back and measures 59″x77″ and effectively overlays far removed.

At the point when the Murphy bed is up, you gain valuable floor space to make an incredible portable office or eating space.

It additionally includes a discretionary pop-top for additional resting space.

Another good thing is that the Winnebago Solis has a wet shower that incorporates a tap toilet.

Winnebago Solis 59PX Floorplan

4. Leisure Travel Vans Wonder MB

Leisure Vans Wonder MB

The Wonder is a class C motorhome having a Murphy bed to provide the comfort and space you need.

It has an enormous bathroom in the back of the RV with an independent shower, sink, toilet, and material storeroom. Close to the restroom is a kitchenette with an oven, sink, ice chest, and microwave.

There are overhead cupboards for food stockpiling. Opposite the oven is a huge storeroom with space to hang garments.

It is fabricated serenely for two. Moving past the kitchen, you’ll track down a well-outfitted lounge with a love seat that includes a crease down the table.

Individuals can drive the middle pad away and sit confronting each other as though the couch was a dinette table. Opposite the love seats are a huge TV and more storage.

Around evening time, a Murphy bed folds down over the love seat. This murphy bed can really go directly over the table without evening eliminating things from the table.

The Murphy bed has space around each side so either tenant can get up without upsetting the other person.

What to love most with regards to this motorhome is the way that the Murphy bed takes out the requirement for slides while as yet presenting sufficient room for a huge restroom.

This RV is 24’9″ long and 7’10″ wide. It has an outside stature of 10′ and inside tallness of 6’5″.

The freshwater tank is 34 gallons, the black water tank is 37 gallons, and the gray water tank is 28 gallons.

Leisure Vans Wonder MB

5. Winnebago Era 70M

Winnebago Era

The Winnebago Era 70M is another motorhome with Murphy beds.

In any case, this motorhome is more modest and is really a class B rather than a class C motorhome.

It is set up along these lines to the next two, with the exception of its shower being somewhat bigger.

The length of this motorhome is 24’3″, and the outside width with the slide-out shut is just 6’4″.

The freshwater tank is 44 gallons, the gray water tank is 25 gallons, and the black water tank is 22 gallons.

It has a Murphy bed that can be folded down easily. The kitchen offers a smidgen all the more counter space as one of the counters can flip all over for extra space.

It is additionally bigger as the Murphy bed doesn’t need to crease down horizontally on the grounds that it is situated on a slide-out.

Individuals looking for a more modest RV that desires more space should think about the Winnebago Era.

Winnebago Era 70M

6. Leisure Travel Vans Unity MB

Leisure Travel Unity FX

The Leisure Travel Vans coming in with their Unity MB model have a floorplan where they provide a Murphy bed inside the layout.

This murphy bed is almost jumbo at 68″ x 76″. Also, you can, in any case, utilize the bed collapsed down without expecting to work the slide-out.

That extra element works extraordinary, assuming you really want to involve the space as a day bed.

This motorhome is equipped with all the essential features required in an RV, so you won’t be disappointed taking this motorhome on your long trips to spend the vacations.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity MB

7. Winnebago View 24D

Winnebago View Class C Motorhome

The Winnebago Class C View 24D RV highlights heaps of seating space and resting space for the users with its Murphy bed.

Despite the fact that it’s not the biggest bed, it has a considerable amount of room. At the point when the bed is hidden, there’s a platform table for food, PCs, espresso, or whatever you like.

You will be happy inside this motorhome having a vast room inside.

This motorhome is also loaded with all the features required in a motorhome so that the owners don’t miss out on the best of their experience during long trips to spend the vacations.

Winnebago View 24D Floorplan

8. Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RW

Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RW

This RV with Murphy bed is made by Tiffin. It’s called the Wayfarer 25 RW.

It is a beautiful RV based on a Mercedes Sprinter Chassis. The Wayfarer 25 RW is a reasonable RV to consider, and it’s budget-friendly too.

The company offers four diverse floor plans for the 2022 Wayfarer, one of which has a Murphy bed option. There is a full washroom region that takes up the entire back area of the RV.

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The Murphy bed in the Tiffin Wayfarer is wide at a size of 60″ x 74″ and sits towards the rear of the vehicle. The bed goes all over with the press of a button so setting it up is really simple.

This model incorporates a discretionary tri-overlap couch which adds extra resting room. That implies the Wayfarer can rest more individuals contrasted with other motorhomes in this range.

The Wayfarer doesn’t have a lot of counter space, but it has bunches of extra room for food.

Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RW

9. Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24RP

Jayco Melbourne Class C Motorhome

Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24RP is another RV with a Murphy bed that you should see along with its features.

This RV comes in three distinctive floors intended to suit your necessities. You will cherish this motorhome because of the way that it has both a lounge room and a room slide inside its layout.

The room slides for giving access to another room. It has an incredible sort of styling to suit your necessities.

It is an incredible decision for a group of 3 to 4 people. You will love traveling inside it because the kitchen is roomy to allow you to set up super easily.

The room is one of a kind and made to serve as a resting area.

The Murphy bed is foldable and pays little mind to your sleeping requirements, and this interesting RV will totally cover you from the kitchen region to the lounge to the room.

Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24RP

10. Thor Four Winds 25M

Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 22B

Thor has an RV with a Murphy bed called the Four Winds 25M.

Anybody searching for an exceptional, minimal motorhome that is easy to drive should consider getting this option.

The unit offers awesome floor plans, and it is little yet fitted with utilitarian things to make your setting up camp life much fun. This is a little class C with special features like a Murphy bed.

Everybody cherishes this RV because of its imaginative plan, in addition to the wide corner room. It is extraordinarily made to allow you to save money on floor space.

This plan is incredible for your benefit; you can buy foldable furniture to add inside and relax with it.

A lot of modifications can be made inside this RV to keep things simple and easier for you.

Thor Four Winds 25M

What is a Murphy Bed?

murphy bed

A Murphy bed is additionally called a divider bed, pull-down bed, or overlay down bed, which is a bed that is pivoted toward one side to store upward against the divider or inside a wardrobe or cabinet.

This type of bed is mostly available in modest size motorhomes. Murphy beds have a surface and sleeping pad that can be put away in a divider or collapsed down into a bed around evening time.

You might have even had the idea of them being utilized in homes in their storm cellars as a visitor room solution.

With regards to RVs and motorhomes, the space can be utilized for different things during the day, which makes it a more productive utilization of room.

How Does a Murphy Bed Work?

Murphy bed is only included in some motorhome models, which is why most people are not familiar with it. It can take some time to fully understand how it works.

Once you understand, it becomes very simple to make use of such a bed. Each RV Murphy bed will look a little changed, yet the style and setting are very similar across various RVs.

A Murphy bed is locked to the divider with two metal hooks or any such thing. You fundamentally fix the locks and gradually haul the bed out of the divider.

Most Murphy beds for motorhomes have unique pivots that guarantee the bed descends in a controlled manner, so it doesn’t tumble down and crash on top of the owner.

To return the bed up, simply do the cycle backward. Lift up the bed, push it towards the divider, and secure it back into the divider.

You don’t actually need to hold the entire load of the bed as you bring it down or move it up since those unique pivots are there to help you carry the load easily.

Which Mattress Is Best For Murphy Bed?

Numerous users prefer the stock bedding as agreeable to their requirements, but certain individuals prefer to change the bedding with new mattresses.

The Murphy bed in your RV will have a sleeping cushion along with it. If you are thinking of changing the mattress, you can change the cushion too.

The folding feature and how much space is accessible between the bed outline and the divider imply that normal sleeping cushions most likely won’t work in your Murphy bed.

Most campers view the included sleeping cushion are the best choice, and they don’t need any replacement. Assuming you feel that the pre-installed sleeping cushion is not what you want, then there are choices.

Many organizations make sleeping cushions explicitly for RVs, trucks, and campers; these beddings ordinarily boat to you in a container and afterward unfurl and extend when taken out from the crate.

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Benefits of Murphy Beds in RV

1. Easy to Use

The best thing about Murphy beds is that they are extremely simple to utilize.

It is suggested to use a bungee rope around the bed to hold your sheets and blanket set up when you stow the bed away.

Furthermore, a decent guideline is to ensure your RV is totally level prior to unfurling your murphy bed. You can fold it down and back up whenever you want easily.

2. Comfortable

Since a Murphy bed is a very smart solution, any upgrades to the bedding (like making it firmer, thicker, or adding a clincher) make it even more comfortable.

Assuming that you feel positive about your DIY abilities, you may have the option to change the locks to add a thicker sleeping pad. This makes it more comfortable.

Can I Build a Custom Murphy Bed?

Assuming you are sufficiently fortunate to know how the Murphy bed works and how you can make it function, then you can easily create your own Murphy bed in your RV.

The best benefit to doing this is that you can make the Murphy bed the specific size you need to fit the space. It might even set aside a little cash.

You can purchase RVs, travel trailers, and even toy haulers with murphy beds.

These beds augment the motorhome they are put inside and are a lot more straightforward to utilize when contrasted with more complicated functioning to provide dozing space with retractable beds.

Assuming you’re hoping to amplify how much space you get from your next RV, it very well may be smart to consider an RV with a Murphy bed.

Upsides and Downsides of Murphy Bed in an RV

Basically, Murphy beds are a brilliant addition to a motorhome, but they may not be for everybody for different reasons.

The following are a couple of upsides and downsides to getting a motorhome with a Murphy bed.

  • Likely the greatest benefit of getting an RV with a Murphy bed is that you will utilize space during the day that would make some way or another go to squander in view of a bed. Murphy beds let loose a ton of living space and might conceivably permit you to get a more modest motorhome since you won’t require as much floor space.
  • Additionally, not at all like a motorhome with a convertible bed that folds into a dinette, you don’t have to undo your Murphy bed. You should eliminate covers and quilts without a doubt, yet you can leave the sheets on and overlap the entire thing up into the divider until you really want it again that evening.
  • There are some cons, but rather the greatest inconvenience to a Murphy bed is that you lose your resting space during the day. Certain individuals additionally see that a Murphy bed sleeping pad is awkward, and any answer for fixing the bedding will either include a clincher you want to store independently during the day or will include changing the system that secures your bed to the divider.
  • Along these lines, assuming you like to rest or say, read in your bed during the evening, you might need to think about an alternate option. While a Murphy bed may not work for everybody, you might track down that it’s the ideal answer for yourself as well as your family.

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This was a discussion article on the best RV with Murphy Beds.

We have listed some of the top motorhomes that come with a murphy bed to make it easy for the family to spend their day and have the full road experience with the best road companions.


Why should I choose an RV with a Murphy bed?

A motorhome with a Murphy bed can provide an inside space and a spot to sit idle when you have nothing to do. This bed can be folded to a divider to space your space when not in use.

Are Murphy beds useful in RVs?

Murphy beds are useful in RVs in case you pick a legitimate edge size, sleeping cushion material, and bedding thickness. A 12-inch thick adaptive padding bedding on a wide sleeping cushion will squeeze into most studio lofts and RVs.

Which Winnebago has Murphy bed?

The Winnebago View 24D elements a more drawn-out full divider slide, with expanded slide room space at 36 inches accounting for the bigger dinette and a Murphy Bed with euro style configuration along with a gel sleeping cushion.

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