How Much Does Scamp Trailer Cost?

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Scamp is a manufacturer of trailers that is famous for its lightweight small campers and travel trailers. There is a variety of models available with these trailers, and customers can get them at different prices based on their models and features.

Usually, the costs for a Scamp trailer will go anyplace from just $2,000 used to as much as $21,500 in a pristine condition with all of the additional superior items included. Like most travel trailers, a pre-owned model will cost significantly, not exactly a pristine one, and most utilized trailers will be around $4,000 to $7,000.

Concerning another trailer, the costs will extraordinarily fluctuate contingent upon the provisions and choices that are added outside of the base cost. There are lots of variants in the Scamp trailers, as per the many characterized advertisements and dealers available to sell them at different prices.

These new trailers can go from $8,000 to $18,000. For instance, the base cost for a 13-foot trailer retails for around $8,000, while a 16 footer begins at around $11,000. You need to know that this is the base cost, and as provisions and choices are added, the cost will go up.

We understand more about Scamp trailer’s cost in our detailed review below.

Scamp Trailer Overview

Scamp Trailer

For Scamp trailers, normal sizes will incorporate 13, 15 (seasoned models), 16, and 19 feet in length, which is estimated for its overall length, which means the length inside is more limited than the predetermined length. In contrast to the other travel trailers around, Scamp trailers are worked in view of fuel costs.

They are intended to be towed by trucks, vans, and SUVs because of the lighter weight and the streamlined plan. Loads can go from 1,200 to 2,800 pounds, contingent upon the size. Floor plans, contingent upon the size, will incorporate a table that folds to a bed, diverse capacity choices, a little kitchen, washroom, shower, storeroom, and a couch that proselytes into a cot.

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Other essential details include propane tanks, shade, TV, 120v outlets, rooftop vent, window ornaments, sink, electric brakes, water tank, water warmer, propane oven, electric storage area, and an extra tire.

Premium choices, actually like an RV, can incorporate a lot more additional items, including updating the air conditioning system, inside tools, amusement choices, generators, jacks, batteries, canopy, gadgets, paint, window canopies, and other such things.

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Normally, most of the Scamp trailers have these features.

Scamp Trailers Features

  • Fiberglass construction
  • Porchlight
  • Silverware drawer
  • Curtains
  • 12V lighting
  • Clothes closet
  • Two burner propane stove
  • Rear side cabinets
  • A cabinet above the sink

Scamp Trailer Price

Scamp normally doesn’t show the cost of its trailers. The customers have to contact them to reveal the prices of the new models. There is a specific cost of the model you’re keen on. Additionally, there are just two different ways to get another Scamp trailer since the company can deliver it to you, or you visit the company by yourself to get your trailer.

The costs of Scamp 13′, 16′, and 19′ are not the equivalent, and as per the accessible data, they differ somewhere in the range of $11,500 and $23,000. This price changes over time depending on what the company is up to. Assuming that you need to become familiar with how you can arrange a Scamp trailer or distinctive conveyance zones, you can visit their site.

We have shared a table below that may give you an idea about Scamp trailers with different packages.


Average Price

Scamp 13′ Bath Package $7,200 to $11,895
Scamp 13′ Deluxe Front Dinette $8,000 to $13,600
Scamp 13′ Package $6,500 to $10,500
Scamp 13′ Deluxe Bath Package $11,600 to $19,200
Scamp 16′ Standard $9,100 to $15,000
Scamp 16′ Deluxe $11,600 to $19,200
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Scamp lightweight travel trailers can’t be bested for a helpful, fun setting up camp insight. Call upon the specialists to talk about whether the little, lightweight 13′ foot travel trailer is appropriate for you or the average size 16′ towable setting up camp trailer with side dinette would possess all the necessary qualities.

Setups for setting up camp trailers with washrooms and showers, cooling, and other helpful conveniences that are accessible from this manufacturer.

Additional Costs On Scamp Trailers

In case that your present vehicle doesn’t have a hitch, this can bring about extra expenses. There can be extra charges for anything that you want to include other than what the company is offering with the trailer. 

It very well might be feasible to request that the dealer delivers a trailer to your home; however, you ought to set yourself up for the extra expense that he might charge you. In case that you purchase a new trailer from a local dealer, most sellers will give the delivery free of any charges.

Despite the fact that the Scamp trailer is planned in view of eco-friendliness, you will, in any case, see an ascent in fuel utilization when pulling a Scamp trailer.

While discretionary, you might need to consider putting away your Scamp trailer throughout the cold weather months instead of leaving it outside in the open. This stockpiling will be an additional expense, yet it might assist with keeping the trailer in great condition.

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Scamp trailers give sufficient space to adjust up to four people. Lofts are excluded from the standard offers, and they are just accessible upon demand. In case you want the addition of more, then you have to include the extra expense of that. 

How To Save Cash?

You can save your cash in case you choose to go for a used Scamp trailer instead of buying a new one. Scamp trailers can be found in the used condition pretty easily. The charges to these trailers are very less, and you can get benefit from all the same features and extras that you will get from a fresh trailer but with more cost.


This was a discussion about how much does Scamp trailer cost, and we shared its pricing and all the details required by a customer. We hope you get the idea of the prices of these trailers, and for more information, you can visit Scamp Trailer’s Official Website. 


Do Scamp trailers hold their value?

One of the essential selling points of the Scamp is the fact that it is lightweight. The Scamp (and other fiberglass trailers) appear to be more durable than some of the other versions out there. As a result, it retains its value well and sells out as soon as second-hand goods are on the market.

Does the Scamp trailer have a toilet?

Scamp sells all trailers directly from the factory through a dealer in Bucks, Minnesota. In front of Floor Plan 2, there is a bathroom with a toilet and shower. This compact, affordable trailer, the 13-foot Scamp RV, is perfect for couples and small families.

Does the Scamp trailer fit in a garage?

In most cases, yes, even with a 7-foot garage opening. Some people need to remove the ventilation/hatch openings from their Scamp trailers to fit in. Others temporarily replace standard Scamps tires with 8-inch wheels and tires to reduce Scamp height by about 3 inches.

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