12 Best RV with Garage

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When you want to go on long trips with an RV, you have to get an RV with a Garage. These RVs won’t just amaze you with their design but the versatility will also catch your interest very deeply.

Getting the best RV with garage will be a smart thought where you will be able to load your toys or car for additional fun.

Name Length Price
Volkner Performance S 39.37 feet $7,700,000
Unicat MD56c 27 feet $1,510,000
Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 31 ft 2 in $139,900
Newmar Canyon Star 3927 39 ft 11 in $159,995
Dembell Motorhome 39.3 feet $1,250,000
Morelo Reisemobile Palace 27 feet $233,000
Vario Perfect Platinum 1200 39 feet $1,700,000
Renegade Classic 37 feet $209,900
Volkner Mobil Performance 39.37 feet $2,400,000
Ketterer Continental 12000 39 feet
Morelo Empire Liner 33 feet $433,000
Futuria Sport + Spa 36 feet $767,000

Volkner Performance SVolkner Performance S
Unicat MD56cUnicat MD56c
Thor Motor Coach OutlawThor Motor Coach Outlaw
Newmar Canyon Star 3927Newmar Canyon Star 3927
Dembell MotorhomeDembell Motorhome
Morelo Reisemobile PalaceMorelo Reisemobile Palace
Vario Perfect Platinum 1200Vario Perfect Platinum 1200
Renegade ClassicRenegade Classic
Volkner Mobil Performance PerfectionVolkner Mobil Performance
Ketterer Continental 12000Ketterer Continental 12000
Morelo Empire LinerMorelo Empire Liner
Futuria Sport + SpaFuturia Sport + Spa

The Best RV with Garage are

1. Volkner Performance S

Volkner Performance S

Volkner Performance S is a luxury motorhome with a garage that can slide one of the most expensive hypercars ever made.

It can slide a Bugatti Chiron in its simple garage easily.

Overall, the worth of both the RV and the car goes up to 7.7 million in general.

You also have the choice to use other supercars or hypercars in order to store them in the carport of this motorhome.

The garage is located on one side of the RV while slides in and out of the vehicle.

The water-driven area can be utilized as a veranda for outside eating.

The RV is furnished with a lithium battery bank, 2,000W housetop sunlight chargers, an 8-kW generator, and separate holding tanks for fresh water, gray water, and black water, making the Performance S an off-network RV that can also be used for boondocking.

You can reside in this RV for extended lengths of time without getting tired. What makes this RV stand apart from the rest is the uniquely crafted Burmester sound system.

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Aside from it, the rooms of the RV are docked with luxurious insides.

2. Unicat MD56c

Unicat MD56c

The Unicat MD56c is a 6×6 RV with a garage that can remain on the street for 2000 miles without refueling.

The mystery behind this component is RV is outfitted with a 264-gallon diesel tank which expands its trip reach to around 2,051 miles before a refueling stop is required.

Additionally, it has energy sources like sunlight-based chargers, inverters, and a battery framework for reinforcement.

This six-wheel vehicle has great features that one may desire, such as an aluminum rooftop rack, lightning bar, and a 6.2-foot stacking garage area that can hold two cruisers or an ATV.

You will get what you need with this RV.

3. Thor Motor Coach Outlaw

Thor Outlaw 38MB

The Outlaw by Thor is an RV with a garage that can rest up to eight individuals.

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It is based on an extreme Ford F-53 body, and it has two private versions with roomy living regions.

It has a drop-down overhead bunk, leatherette couch bed, and two closing leatherette folding blade couches in the carport, which upholds as much as 1,800 pounds.

Inside highlights incorporate high-glass strong wood cupboards, a drop-down zero-G incline door, a snap-in deck system, and a carport track plate with non-slip flooring.

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Outside highlights incorporate a remote filling station with siphon and spout and full go through the capacity for storage.

Outlaw Garage

4. Newmar Canyon Star 3927

Newmar Canyon Star 3927

At 39 feet in length, we have the Canyon Star 3927 RV that has a garage on a Ford 5-53 frame.

It has MC front-engine diesel suspension, and it provides a smooth and comfortable ride wherever you want to go. With a different 10-foot carport, this Newmar RV is loaded up with highlights that offer extravagance, class, and complexity.

There is a private room (with a sovereign estimated bed) and double passage in addition to highlights like the Bose Solo 5 soundbar framework, Samsung LED TV with DVD player in the parlor and room, and the Bluetooth system for the Sony radio.

Extra features incorporate a water filtration framework, a 35-inch-by-35-inch range shower, a 30-inch convection microwave, and a 5.5kW Cummins Onan generator.

Newmar Canyon Star 3927

5. Dembell Motorhome

Dembele Motorhome

Dembell Motorhome is a three-pivot Mercedes Actros truck that fills in as the base vehicle and accompanies two-three development slide-outs for expanding inside floor space.

The Dembele Motorhome accompanies a carport that can oblige a Ferrari California effortlessly.

The body of the vehicle is smooth with the organization concealing the edges, projecting parts, the windows, and surprisingly, the entryway handle to keep it as perfect as could be expected.

What’s more, the inside is adorned with alluring furniture decisions with any semblance of chief style collapsing eating seats, divider sconces, a clay latrine, and a vessel sink.

6. Morelo Reisemobile Palace

Morelo Reisemobile Palace

The next RV on our list of motorhomes with garages is the Morelo Reisemobile Palace.

This is the best motorhome which is 37-foot long.

It is a German camper that transports brilliant vehicles and bikes in its carport, which makes it simpler for you to go along those tight paths while traveling through your favorite places.

This RV is an outright take for RV lovers into an adventure where they would feel complete with everything in their hands.

Moreover, the front cab seats of the RV turn around to confront the enormous living region. Also, there are L-molded seat seats and a removable table accessible to add the most extreme solace.

You will get stored in the garage where you can place your toys or a small car.

7. Vario Perfect Platinum 1200

Vario Perfect Platinum 1200

The Vario Perfect Platinum 1200 is also one of the notable choices in the list of best RV with garages.

It depends on a triple-pivot Mercedes suspension that provides it with very good stability and comfort.

The vehicle comes stacked with an XXL carport that can accommodate a vehicle or small SUV easily.

This RV series includes a refreshed self-supporting fiberglass bodywork development and construction upgrading UV-separating all-encompassing windshield plan.

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It keeps you protected on the inside, and it has a lot of other features that you get under a very reasonable price tag.

8. Renegade Classic

Renegade Classic

The Renegade Classic is one of the motorhome options that are accessible with a carport that has a length of about 6 to 18 feet.

A pressure-driven liftgate is another choice, and you can browse four distinct kinds of undercarriage from Freightliner, Cummins, and Volvo. Indeed, the Renegade RVs are exceptionally adjustable to provide you with the perfect measure of carport space as opposed to living space.

Other Renegade Classic highlights incorporate a standard 48-inch bunk with standard size sleeping cushion, 4-point auto-leveling framework with hydrodynamics, power locking compartment doors for storage, covered capacity compartments, and an LED side docking light set.

Renegade Classic floor plan

9. Volkner Mobil Performance

Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection

Volkner Mobil Performance is a great class A RV that offers the luxury that you need.

You will find some great features like a garage that can hold up your toys or ATV, or any small car.

With a carport that sits under the primary bunk floor where luggage can be put away, you have enough space for keeping your things.

The board, as an afterthought, opens, the floor drops to the ground, and afterward, the floor moves out so the vehicle can be driven away.

The size of the vehicle that can be put away relies upon picking between the 34 or 40-foot choice. It’s the slickest feature for storage that you would find with any RV motorhome.

You could sell your home, and a couple could reside in one of these and joyfully spend their lives traveling to their favorite places.

You can get into a Mobile Performance at a hefty price because this motorhome is all German with its amazing and exquisite features.

Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection

10. Ketterer Continental 12000

Ketterer Continental 12000

A motorhome straight from Germany is the Ketterer Continental 12000.

This is a motorhome with a garage that can offer a place for storing your bike or toys. Ketterer is another German brand that makes moving homes prepared for motorsport and even offers a stable for equestrians.

The Continental is based on a Mercedes Actros truck frame and highlights a regular room and a jacuzzi.

Assuming you go for the customs line, there’s essentially no restriction to the floorplan choices, and you have the choice to add as many features as you like for extra cost.

11. Morelo Empire Liner

Morelo Empire Liner

It is a motorhome that is based on an Iveco body rather than Mercedes.

The innovation utilized for the Empire Liner is stunning, with all the exquisite features required in an RV.

You get a smooth suspension framework under the body to the insane degree of protection made to keep out clamor and to keep the temperature as reliable as could really be expected.

It has a 300-hp 6.6-liter diesel engine that will allow you to make trips to any place you like. You can load up your toys into its carport and enjoy your family trips at ease.

The size of the vehicle can be adjusted based on the floor plan that is picked.

12. Futuria Sport + Spa

Futuria Sport + Spa

The last motorhome with a garage that we would like to suggest is the Futuria Sport + Spa.

This motorhome is not in production anymore, but you will be lucky if you can find an old model in used condition.

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The Future line, similar to the organization’s different lines as a whole, are roadshow trucks for use at events or big festivals.

Possibly the motivation for the Sport + Spa came from the organization being based close to the Nurburgring in light of the fact that it had a particular game for vehicle carport.

Inside there is a reflected roof and a coordinated brilliant LED sky. MORE had all the earmarks of being an unmistakable and decedent track end-of-the-week fighter.

You would be simply amazed at what you are looking for as an RV with a garage once you have it.

Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing an RV with Garage

Before you can make a choice for choosing a motorhome with a garage, you can consider some interesting points first in order to make the best decision.

1. Garage Space

The Garage space is recorded in the specs as far as the length and width of your motorhome go.

It is possible to select a motorhome that provides enough space for storing your car, ATV, and even a bike. You just need to check for adequate space to meet your necessity.

All things considered, you can scale down in your psyche and limit your hunt to more modest models.

2. Resting Space

You should also check for suitable resting space inside the motorhome you choose.

Class A RVs with carports ordinarily have the main room in addition to different regions that are intended for blended use, for example, couches and dinettes that crease out to become quarters for sleeping when required.

This is a major variable in figuring out what sort of RV is best for you.

3. Greatest Weight Capacity

Another thing to check out is how much weight the built-up floors of the motorhome garage space can uphold.

All producers list the greatest weight limit of every one of their models. This can be from 1,600 pounds up to at least 2,500 lbs.

So make sure you choose the model that has the accommodation for your toys or vehicle.

4. Extra Storage Space

Big motorhomes are known for having heaps of extra room, especially on the outside. It implies more space for greater water tanks, as well. This is vital, assuming you intend to camp for longer periods of time.

Usually, Class A RVs have the best extra storage space in such a manner. Assuming you have a great deal of stuff and frill you need to bring (other than your toys), this sort of RV might just be exactly what you want.


This was discussed on RV with garages in which we have listed the best RVs offering carport space to load extra vehicles or toys to make camping trips more fun.


What RV has the largest garage?

Showhauler Motorhome is the biggest carport RV. They range from 9’6″ to 12″ long, making it the RV with the biggest carport choices. Showhauler fabricates their RVs on an amazing truck undercarriage for their customers according to the requirements.

Will a Class B RV fit in a garage?

Most Class B vans are sufficiently little to fit in a carport or standard parking spot. They can get into the most secure of camping areas. At the point when you’re not voyaging, these RVs will be easy to fit anyplace other than a garage.

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