Winnebago Era Review (Problems and Complaints)

Winnebago Era






Interior Design







  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis
  • Keyless Ignition
  • Dual Airbags
  • Active brake assist
  • Adjustable lumbar support


  • Low Quality Battery
  • Expensive

Winnebago Era is a Class B vehicle as a motorhome for the camping enthusiast who loves to travel to places in an RV. This motorhome has a stylish and elegant interior and the body of this vehicle is fitted with the fuel-efficient chassis of Mercedes-Benz. It is a turbo engine-powered vehicle that runs on diesel and provides great features and unstopping capabilities with its 4×4 drive.

Inside, you will get in a total kitchen with Corian ledges, a steel sink, and a blower-driven fridge. The Ultraleather furniture will bring you solace every step of the way, and you will see the value in the high-level features that have been added, similar to the dynamic brake system and the side cuts. Each model is outfitted with a Trauma Combi Eco Plus warming system that permits you to change between gas and electric models, and the Coleman Mach 10 NDQ Air Conditioner cools your RV discreetly and uniformly for a really open to living space.

Winnebago Era

This Class B RV is based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Frame with a 3.0-liter 6-chamber turbodiesel motor and a five-speed that allows “Tipshift” innovation to allow manual drive mode. The Era is fitted with ABS brakes, double back tires, and a hitch collector for towing as much as 5,000 pounds.

Winnebago Era Complaints and Problems

With all these features, the Era has also been found to have various problems that users have been facing for a long time. Multiple users reported multiple complaints about this model by Winnebago and we are going to discuss all those problems in our Winnebago Era Review.

1. Battery Not Working

One of the major issues that have been reported in several Winnebago Era is that the battery stops working. Every electronic component of the RV turns off and the user cannot do anything about it. The vehicle won’t even start like this. It doesn’t charge the battery sometimes which becomes a major reason that battery stops working after the charge is used. It requires some water to be filled with which the battery can start charging again.

The users who have faced this issue don’t know how to fix this issue on the spot which is why this discussion is for helping everyone out who has this RV and experiencing the same problems that are mentioned here. To fix this problem, water must be filled in the battery for charging. The user has to open the nuts of the battery and then he can fill it up keeping in mind that the switch and all the cables are unplugged from a socket.

After filling the battery, an external port should be used in order to fill the battery with a charge so that it can start to work again. If your vehicle doesn’t start up after doing all this, then it is possible that your battery is dead and there is no other way to start your vehicle except for replacing the battery.

There is a warranty service by Winnebago that can be claimed in case your issue isn’t fixed. You can contact their customer support and share your problem. They will provide you a replacement for better if this error occurs with your ride without any accident or disaster.

2. Satellite Issues

There is a satellite that comes with Winnebago Era and most people experience issues with this satellite as it stops catching the signals to view TV shows or channels. The satellite can malfunction anytime without you knowing about it and it won’t be fixed. You will need experts to deal with it. it is necessary to check for all the connections of your device and see the properly arrange satellite connection in case if there is an issue with the cable or any other thing. Otherwise, most people have reported these satellite issues.

A solution that you can try for yourself in case you are facing a satellite issue as Winnebago Era owner, you should check for the screws and bolts properly that they may have fallen or they might have turned loose which is why satellite Is having problems. You can try to tighten those bolts and screws of your satellite dish. Make sure to check the receive, as well as sometimes the problem, can be with the receiver. Screw the satellite and receiver with each other to see if your problem is fixed.

3. Refrigerator Issues

Another major issue with Winnebago Era that is found often is the problem with their refrigerator. A fridge is a useful component in motorhomes, especially in summers. For most of the customers, the problem was found to be with the connections and cables. Their refrigerator wasn’t taking the power at all. The connections were checked properly but no luck was found. It is possible that there might be a problem with the fuse that should have been checked but who knows what goes wrong and where does it go wrong with the electronics.

It’s not easy to guess by yourself but still, the problems have been reported and the possible solutions can be that you can try to change the power outlet where your refrigerator was connected to see if the socket had a problem or it might be a problem with the internal parts of the refrigerator. In this case, it won’t be able to fix and you will need a replacement for your refrigerator. The company offers client assistance in which they can replace the products under warranty instantly and cover most of your loss.

Make sure that before you try to fix such problems, you should inform a professional or your company to find a solution so that problem gets solved easily and quickly. You can make things worse in case you miss out on something and make a mistake that would cost you a lot. Here you can get free repairs and replacement for the warranty and you can get rid of the problem too.

4. Warning Light

There has been another issue reported by many customers that the light in the dashboard starts illuminating that shows a warning signal. It can be anything with the electronics and you won’t notice it until you check properly what is wrong with your vehicle. For most of the users, the problem was with the LED lighting inside the RV and it showed that the lamp was out. For another Era user, the indicator showed the warning and he thought the bulk is out for which he replaced it with a new one and nothing happened. The problem was with the wiring due to some reason and it caused it to show a light warning issue.

This is another issue that shouldn’t be checked on your in case you encounter such a problem. It is required to get a suitable expert or electrician who can check the complete wiring of your ride and find out the problem for you.

Other than all these problems, the Winnebago Era overall is a good RV to spend your day with. It is a comfortable van that has the following specifications.

Winnebago Era Specifications

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis
  • Keyless entry w/remote
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Collision prevention assist
  • Traffic sign assist
  • Crosswind assist
  • Turbo-diesel engine, 3.0L 6-cylinder, 188-hp, 7G-Tronic automatic transmission, 220-amp.
  • Power door locks w/remote
  • Power windows
  • 12-volt powerpoints
  • Sunvisors
  • Power mirrors w/defrost and turn signal
  • 7-pin wiring connector
  • Spare Tire
  • 4-wheel ABS brakes
  • Stainless steel wheel liners
  • Trailer Hitch 5,000-lb. maximum weight
  • Dual airbags
  • Folding privacy screens for cab door windows
  • Appliqué package
  • Active lane-keeping assist
  • Active brake assist
  • Rain sensor w/integrated wet wiper system
  • MBUX Touchscreen Multimedia w/navigation
  • Interactive voice interface
  • Wi-Fi hotspot and rear camera
  • Ultraleather cab seat armrests
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Adjustable headrest
  • 3-point seat belts
  • DISTRONIC PLUS (adaptive cruise control)
  • Power steering w/tilt and telescoping wheel


  • 24″ HDTV
  • Sofa/bed (70A)
  • Touch screen systems monitor panel
  • Multiplex lighted wall switches
  • Mirror
  • USB charging points
  • OmniGo amplified HDTV antenna
  • Continuous track lighting w/dimmer switch
  • MCD blackout roller shades
  • Soft vinyl ceiling
  • Tinted coach windows
  • Removable companion seat w (70B, 70X)
  • Removable pedestal table


  • Sliding entrance door
  • Running boards, rocker trim w/mud guard
  • Rear mudguards
  • Exterior speaker system
  • Side screen door
  • Rear screen door
  • Powered patio awning w/LED lighting
  • Slideout compartment tray (70A)
  • Porchlight w/interior switch

Winnebago Era Floorplans

1. Winnebago Era 70A

Winnebago Era 70A


Exterior Length 24’3″
Exterior Height 9’8″/ 9’10″(C)
Exterior Width 6’4.25″
Awning Length 16′
Interior Height 6’3″
Interior Width 5’9.75″
Freshwater Tank Capacity (gal.) 25
Water Heater Capacity (gal.) 2.6
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 24.5
GVWR (lbs.) 11,030

2. Winnebago Era 70B

Winnebago Era 70B


Exterior Length 24’3″
Exterior Height 9’8″/ 9’10″(C)
Exterior Width 6’4.25″
Awning Length 16′
Interior Height 6’3″
Interior Width 5’9.75″
Freshwater Tank Capacity (gal.) 25
Water Heater Capacity (gal.) 2.6
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 24.5
GVWR (lbs.) 11,030

3. Winnebago Era 70X

Winnebago Era 70X


Exterior Length 24’3″
Exterior Height 9’8″/ 9’10″(C)
Exterior Width 6’4.25″
Awning Length 16′
Interior Height 6’3″
Interior Width 5’9.75″
Freshwater Tank Capacity (gal.) 25
Water Heater Capacity (gal.) 2.6
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 24.5
GVWR (lbs.) 11,030


This was Winnebago Era Review with complaints and problems that are faced by the customers regularly. We discussed everything in detail with specific points to target for the new Era users so that they can get rid of the trouble easily or avoid such problems.


Should I buy Winnebago Era?

You can Winnebago Era from the Winnebago motor industry which provides comfort and luxury travel trailers and RVs for camping trips and family members to enjoy their moments together. The Winnebago Era is a comfortable Class B motorhome for a small family.

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