12 Lightweight Pop Up Campers under 1,500 lbs

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Pop up campers are an ideal source of joy as they look beautiful, and they can accommodate two or three-person for living inside while camping at a spot.

The best thing about pop up campers is that you can tow them to your favorite places with all your stuff loaded in one place and enjoy a great time when you reach your destination after popping up the camper.

Considering the lightweight pop up campers, it’s ideal to choose a weight less than 1500 lbs when you are going somewhere with your ordinary vehicle.

Such weight is easy to tow as it won’t put much pressure on your vehicle, and you will save a lot of fuel.

This is the reason you need to learn more about the best pop up campers under 1500 lbs that we have listed below.

Name Weight
Sylvan Sport Go 840 lbs
Aliner Ranger 12 1,450 lbs
Turtleback Trailer Adventure 1,160 lbs
Coachmen Clipper 9.0TD 1,080 lbs
EasyCaravanning Takeoff 1,650 lbs
Livin Lite Quicksilver 8.0 865 lbs
Forest River Rockwood Tent 1640LTD 1,465 lbs
Taxa Wooly Bear 1,270 lbs
Aliner Ranger 10 1,225 lbs
Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side T12RBTH 1,469 lbs
Aliner Scout-Lite 1,180 lbs
Taxa Tiger Moth 1,310 lbs

Sylvan Sport GOSylvan Sport Go
Aliner Ranger 12Aliner Ranger 12
Turtleback TrailerTurtleback Trailer Adventure
Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TDCoachmen Clipper 9.0TD
EasyCaravanning TakeoffEasyCaravanning Takeoff
Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0Livin Lite Quicksilver 8.0
Forest River Rockwood 1640LTDForest River Rockwood Tent 1640LTD
Taxa Outdoors Wooly BearTaxa Wooly Bear
Aliner Ranger 10Aliner Ranger 10
Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side T21DMHWForest River Flagstaff Hard Side T12RBTH
Aliner Scout LiteAliner Scout-Lite
Taxa TigerMothTaxa Tiger Moth

What are the Best Pop Up Campers under 1500 lbs?

1. Sylvan Sport Go

Sylvan Sport GO

Sylvan Sport Go is the best pop up camper that you can get under 1500 lbs.

This trailer only weighs about 840 pounds which makes it one of the lightest pop-up camper trailers ever.

This trailer is a lightweight choice; it tends to be pulled by practically any vehicle that can tow.

This dazzling green pop-up trailer sneaks up all of a sudden in its modest size. It tends to be a bed for four or a table for the family.

Possibly, it will load all your stuff and stay with you wherever you go throughout the country.

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The Sylvan Sport Go Trailer is an excellent decision for a lightweight and adaptable pop-up camper.

It tends to be changed from Travel mode, a smooth trailer plan, to Transport mode, holding 12 kays or bicycles or even a cruiser.

The body of this camper is made from aluminum. This trailer is made for any experience you can toss at it.

The GO accompanies a Kelty Tent System, yet you can move up to the Go Big or GO All Out for much more conveniences, similar to a canopy, protection drapery, sunlight charger pack, and other such optional features.

SylvanSport Go Dimensions

2. Aliner Ranger 12

Aliner Ranger 12

Aliner is a great organization that has been in the business for a long time and knows how to satisfy its customers over time.

The Ranger 12 is a pop-up that weighs 1450 pounds with a dry hitch weight of 150 pounds. It is a great choice to consider when you want a lightweight pop-up camper.

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It comes in two inside choices: a couch bed or two twin beds set up. Both have a dinette that switches to an additional bed and a sink, oven, fridge, and some storage.

Accessible choices to add you incorporate a barbecue, heater, front storage box, rough terrain bundle, and more features like these.

For a lightweight pop-up, all these features are essential, which is why Ranger 12 is one of our favorite picks.

Aliner Ranger 12 floorplan

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3. Turtleback Trailer Adventure

Turtleback Trailer

Turtleback Trailers are pretty good for camping, and when we talk about the Getaway Trailer Adventure, it’s one of the amazing choices that put a client to relax and enjoy his camping trip inside what he has spent.

Any individual who buys one of their trailers is viewed as a component of the “group” and can join get-togethers and be important for the local area.

This Getaway Trailer weighs 1,300 pounds and can be pulled by most small vehicles like SUVs.

It has a steel body, electric brakes, and 50 cubic feet of capacity.

The kitchen in this camper slides out of the side and incorporates a strong maple ledge, a two-burner oven, and an 11-pound propane tank.

You can select a cooler, profound sink, suspension bundle, and more tents and overhangs.

This pop up camper trailer is unimaginably sturdy and made to get you out to the forest without letting your remove any of your cooking or sleeping needs.

4. Coachmen Clipper 9.0TD

Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD

Coachmen have always had some great models for camping.

The Clipper 9.0TD is another addition that comes under the lightweight pop-up camper category having every one of the basics wrapped up.

This little yet powerful pop-up trailer is a typical sight all over the US, making it simple to catch second-hand too.

It has a heater, AC unit, outside barbecue, refrigerator, Bluetooth sound system, sunlight charger connector, sink, portapotty, propane tank, indoor/open-air table, and a discretionary separated room off the back.

You can move up to a rough terrain bundle, which incorporates modified tires, an open-air shower, and a rooftop rack.

The Clipper weighs 1080 pounds, in spite of the fact that they additionally have a Clipper Express that has less capacity and weighs just 761 pounds.

Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD

5. EasyCaravanning Takeoff

EasyCaravanning Takeoff

Made in Holland, the Easy Caravanning’s TakeOff trailer is one of the notable pop-up campers to choose for your journey.

This pop-up camper has been gone over with the utmost attention to detail to guarantee convenience and super light style.

Assuming you need a really lightweight pop-up trailer to pull behind a vehicle, look at this one.

The maximum trailer weight is less than 1500 lbs when you have not loaded it with extra stuff. Inside, the bed of the trailer converts into a feasting space.

The TakeOff camper trailer has a double bed and a rooftop that springs up in thirty seconds. The snap-in and snap-out oven permit you to cook inside or out, contingent upon how you feel.

This trailer dribbles with European creativity and is definitely justified assuming you end up on that side of the lake or can have it delivered across the ocean.

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While two can rest inside, a jump-out tent off the back can house more people if necessary, in spite of the fact that they’ll be sleeping on the ground.

EasyCaravanning Takeoff interior

6. Livin Lite Quicksilver 8.0

Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0

The Quicksilver 8.0 is the next trailer on our list that has an unladen weight of only 1080 pounds. It is one of the best pop-up campers to choose from with its versatility and adaptiveness.

The position of safety permits you to put freight on top in case you need it as well. While this camper is not generally made, they are definitely worth considering, regardless of whether you need to get one in used condition.

The all-aluminum structure pops up and out effectively, giving admittance to the take-out bunks and zippered windows.

When completely opened, it allows the dinette seats to switch into additional beds. This pop-up can rest six grown-ups. The fundamental aluminum and composite storage regions are not especially interesting to the eye, yet they’re lightweight and take care of business.

You can add solar chargers to go off-grid, and the Livin Lite, as of now, has a 30 amp power converter on it.

A few models have discretionary electric brakes, a climate control system, an outside shower, a heated water tank, or overhangs.

Livin' Lite Quicksilver 8.0 Floorplan

7. Forest River Rockwood Tent 1640LTD

Forest River Rockwood 1640LTD Lightweight Pop Up Campers

One more incredible pop-up camper is the Rockwood Tent which weighs under 1500 lbs. It is tipping the scales at 1465 pounds directly from the plant. Yet, it utilizes all of that to bring its clients the best conveniences at an incredible cost.

Since this trailer is from a major organization, you will get a considerable amount for your spending plan. In case you’re searching for a customary pop-up trailer to fit three or four, this is an incredible spot to begin.

The Rockwood Tent is a pop-up trailer that comes with two beds, one twofold and one twin. It has a little dinette, sink, two cupboards, and an ice chest inside.

Outside, there’s a 7-foot canopy and a carryout range for a grill. At the point when open, it is a little more than 17-feet in length; when shut, it is just 12-feet, one inch long.

8. Taxa Wooly Bear

Taxa Outdoors Wooly Bear Lightweight Pop Up Campers

The Taxa Wooly Bear is a very small yet very useful pop-up camper that you need to see.

This is an additional conservative storage and sleeper pop-up camper that is very easy to tow.

It’s prepared to take rough terrain and will sleep 2 grown-ups in the roof tent. Your stuff is stored underneath alongside the standard set up the camp kitchen and versatile points for towing bicycles, sheets, boats, and more stuff.

It has a dry weight of 990 lbs while it is only 10 feet long. This means you can take this camper to any spot without hesitation and worry.

Pop-up trailer tents are worth the effort, assuming you are somebody who just camps a couple of times each year and is searching for something more modest and more reasonable than a standard travel trailer.

9. Aliner Ranger 10

Aliner Ranger 10 Lightweight Pop Up Campers

The Aliner Ranger 10 is another pop-up camper that weighs under 1500 lbs and gives all the basic necessities for your camping life.

As a completely highlighted minimal camper, it would earn enough to pay the rent for the solitary explorer. Stretch out dependent upon one of the three sizes to rest a couple of more travelers.

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This modest camper is as yet furnished with a smaller than usual kitchen, including a cooler.

You can pick a floorplan with a bigger dinette that proselytes to a bed or keep them separate with a little feasting region and a super durable bunk.

The dry weight of this pop-up camper is 1225 lbs. it is around 12.8 feet in length which is small enough to tow behind your vehicle without worrying.

Aliner Ranger 10 Floor Plan

10. Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side T12RBTH

Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side T21DMHW Lightweight Pop Up Campers

Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side is another pop-up camper that can be set up in a moment or two and highlights front deck storage for all of your adventuring gear.

You will love this trailer because it is from Forest River, which is a great brand to provides comfort and luxury.

You’ll partake in an incredible view from the enormous window area. Close them up around evening time with the shade covers for full protection during the day.

An outside canopy and gas barbecue is additional benefits of this camper.

It only weighs 1387 lbs, while it has a length of 22.3 feet.

Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side Floorplan

11. Aliner Scout-Lite

Aliner Scout Lite Lightweight Pop Up Campers

The Scout-Lite was made for setting up camp in the wild to the hardest destinations that you would possibly imagine.

It’s streamlined yet furnished with the latest conveniences, which let this trailer be your partner all along the trip.

It is best for a single traveler who has it’s stuff to carry and needs a break from the world to go out camping at his favorite spots.

Its light and stylish body will endure for an extremely long period with its solid materials like the marine-grade deck and thermoplastic dividers and roof.

The two bay windows offer good sunlight while the nightshades give you security in the evening.

This trailer weighs about 1180 lbs, while it has a total length of 13 feet.

Aliner Scout Lite Floorplan

12. Taxa Tiger Moth

Taxa TigerMoth Lightweight Pop Up Campers

The Taxa Tiger Moth is one of the useful pop-up campers for camping trips that are built to tackle the rough surface and allow you to go anyplace without stopping.

Inside this trailer, you can easily rest two individuals or choose the extra roof tent to fit 2 additional companions.

A big calculated side window gives you a stunning view of your surroundings.

Made considering effortlessness, it gives you an ensured resting space with bunches of capacity, yet it is great for outside living.

It has a dry weight of 1360 lbs while having a total length of 12.5 feet.

Taxa Tiger Moth


This was a discussion on best pop up campers under 1500 lbs. We have provided valuable information on all the greatest choices that you can pick from.


What pop up campers weigh less than 1500 pounds?

Some of the pop-up campers that weigh less than 1500 pounds are

  • Sylvan Sport Go Trailer
  • Coachmen Clipper 9.0TD
  • Rockwood Tent 1640LTD
  • Aliner Ranger 12
  • Livin Lite Quicksilver 8.0
  • Turtleback Trailer’s Getaway Trailer Adventure
  • EasyCaravanning Takeoff

Is there a camper that weighs less than 1000 lbs?

The SylvanSport GO pop-up camper is the one to focus on that weighs under 1,000 pounds. It’s advertised throughout the world, and it’s a great option made for full-time camping with huge loads of choices for use.

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