6 Impressive Hard Side Pop Up Campers

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Do you want a camper with a lot of storage? Do you want a camper that offers you all the comforts of a traditional travel trailer? You need nothing but a hard side pop up camper.

Even if the budget isn’t an issue for you and you can afford a huge RV, there are some restrictions of their size that restrict you in limits. Having an RV means you will be able to carry the weight within a specific limit.

If you want to bring along all of your outdoor equipment and adventuring stuff, you will automatically start to think to have an alternative with plenty of storage.

This is where Hard side pop campers come in. Although these Hard side pop up campers compromise on providing more headroom, you will surely have so much room to work within your garage.

Moreover, these Hard sided campers also offer almost all the convenience and comfort of other types of RVs.

Below, I have bucketed some best hard-side pop-up campers that will make sure to provide you all the convenience and comfort you need when traveling or camping.

So, let’s get started!

Name Weight Price
Forest River Rockwood A214HW 2,700 lbs $35,749
Chalet A-Frame XL 1935 3,500 lbs $24,995
Chalet A-Frame Classic Alpine 1,505 lbs $17,495
Chalet A-Frame LTW 990 lbs $17,990
Coachmen Viking 2,500 lbs $24,215
Jayco Jay Series Sports Hard Sided Trailer 2,385 lbs $13,100

Forest River Rockwood A214HWForest River Rockwood A214HW
Chalet A-Frame XL 1935Chalet A-Frame XL 1935
Chalet A-Frame Classic AlpineChalet A-Frame Classic Alpine
Chalet A-Frame LTWChalet A-Frame LTW
Coachmen VikingCoachmen Viking
Jayco Jay Series Sports Hard Sided TrailerJayco Jay Series Sports Hard Sided Trailer

What is the Best Hard Sided Pop Up Campers?

1. Forest River Rockwood A214HW

Forest River Rockwood A214HW

Forest River is one of the incredible RV brands in the industry, manufacturing products that offer all the comfort and convenience to its consumers. Besides their RVs and travel trailers, Forest River’s hard-sided pop-up campers are also incredibly popular among campers and rod adventurers, and Forest River’s Rockwood line is not an exception.

Here I will highlight the Forest River Rockwood 214HW model because of its exciting features and excellent amenities. Since it is one of the best floorplans in the Forest River Rockwood line, it offers all the amenities and features along with the convenience and comfort one could ever dream of.

If you want luxury and comfort and budget isn’t an issue for you, I highly recommend checking this one out.

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Moreover, other than its enormous price tag, as the name suggests “HW” (High Walls), it is also one of the tallest hard-sided campers in line with up to 5.8 feet high walls, while other hard-sided pop up camper’s average height is 5.1 feet.

In addition to its height, it is also one of the heaviest hard-sided pop-up campers in its line with a weight of up to 2,700 lbs, making it up to 200 lbs heavier than other HW floorplans in its line.

Moreover, it is also the longest floorplan with a length running up to 20.10 feet.

All of this means it is equipped with more amenities and features than other hard-sided pop up campers in its line, while also offering more room. Unlike the shorter floorplans in line with a bed of 50×80, it is equipped with a 60×80 bed.

You might think there is not much difference, but it still matters when you are on the road with your family.

However, the main factor that differentiates the Rockwood A214HW from other floorplans in its line is that it is the only floorplan with an interior shower and toilet.

You will not find an interior bathroom in any other floorplans, except A213HW, which is equipped only with a toilet.

However, to offer you an indoor bathroom, it has a small dining area, while in other floorplans, you will see a spacious dining area because they don’t have a bathroom.

If you want a camper with extreme functionality and comfort, Rockwood A214HW is one of the best hard-sided popup camper that you should consider.

Key Specifications

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Height 5.67 ft
Exterior Length 20.10 feet
Exterior Width 7 ft
Gross Weight 2,700 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 20.0 gal
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $35,749

Key Features

  • 10,000 BTU air conditioning system.
  • 10,000 BTU heater system.
  • Radio.
  • Sleeping capacity: Up to 3.
  • Queen bed.
  • Convertible sofa
  • Mid-size refrigerator.
  • Three-burner stove.
  • Screened room.
  • Power retractable awning.
  • It is one of the best hard-sided pop-up campers that offers the convenience and comfort you want.
  • Thanks to its size and length, it offers a spacious interior and amenities.
  • It has an interior bathroom with a shower and toilet.
  • It is dependable and one of those hard-sided campers that will run for so long.
  • Some owners have complaints about its roof motor that it is under power.

Forest River Rockwood A214HW

2. Chalet A-Frame XL 1935

Chalet A-Frame XL 1935

Here is another best hard-sided pop-up camper that comes in with three different floorplans. These floorplans include 12.9 feet LTW, 18.7 XL, and 15.6 Classic. All of these floorplans are A-Frame, hard-sided pop-up campers, so I’m going to discuss all of them briefly.

Moreover, the Chalet XL line offers three different floorplans. Although all of these three floorplans are somehow similar to each other, the most exciting one that I have found is XL 1935. This floorplan is a minimalist hard-sided pop-up camper and offers a spacious floor room. However, it has a small dining area in its line, which you might find a bit uncomfortable.

However, the kitchen that you will see in this floorplan is more spacious than what you see in other floorplans, making it one of the best hard-sided pop-up campers. Another thing that makes the overall XL line one of my favorites is their toilet and shower compartment available as an option, and this is what you will not find in other smaller floorplans.

If you want a hard-sided pop-up camper with an interior bathroom, this could be your pick.

Another striking aspect of the XL line, making it more attractive, is its Power Lift system. It means you will be able to utilize its Power Lift system to take up and down its roof without much struggle.

The power Lift system is also exclusive to the XL series and not available in other floorplans.

Key Specifications

Height 133 inches
Exterior Length 18.7 feet
Exterior Width 87 inches
Gross Weight 3,500 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 15 gallons
Grey Water Capacity 20 gallons
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $24,995

Key Features

  • Queen bed 60×80.
  • Under-bed storage.
  • Dinette with seating (convertible).
  • Vinyl flooring.
  • Hardwood cabinet doors.
  • Windows curtains.
  • Door-side drawer.
  • Fabric wall-hinges.
  • Three-burner cooktop.
  • Double bowl sink.
  • Three cubic feet refrigerator.
  • 16,000 BTU furnace.
  • Exhaust fan.
  • 12V Power lift system.
  • Exterior/interior LED lighting.
  • This hard-sided pop-up camper is a great choice for smaller families with impressive features and amenities.
  • It offers convenience and comfort when you are on the road.
  • It is armed with a Power Lift system that makes it easier for you to live up or down the roof without much effort.
  • It offers an indoor shower and toilet as an option.
  • Because it has an indoor toilet and shower, the dining area is a bit smaller than other hard-sided pop-up campers.

Chalet A-Frame XL 1935

3. Chalet A-Frame Classic Alpine

Chalet A-Frame Classic Alpine

For people looking to buy a medium hard-sided pop-up camper, A-Frame Classic Alpine could be a great pick. The Classic series include Alpine and Arrowhead floorplans, and what attracted me most is the Alpine floorplan, so I’m going to highlight it here.

However, when comparing Alpine to the XL line, Classic Alpine doesn’t offer features that you can see in XL. The most crucial one that it lacks includes an optional bathroom with a shower and toilet, and if you need a hard-sided camper with an indoor bathroom, you can skip it.

The second feature that it lacks include doesn’t arm with the Power Lift system. It means you will be required to set up the rood and down by yourself.

Another factor that sets the Classic and XL series apart is Classic hard-sided campers are running 15 feet in length, making it shorter than XL.

It means Classic campers also have a bit small wiggle room than XL. 

Because of the limited room, it is the reason why Classic hard-sided camper lacks some features. Another minor difference between XL and Classic campers is, Classic is equipped with a three-burner while XL has three-burners, and while Classic has a single sink, XL is equipped with two stainless steel sinks.

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However, all of that means less weight as well, and a Classic camper with only 1,505 lbs of weight makes it lightweight. If you are ok with basic amenities and don’t want advanced features like XL, this should be your pick.

Key Specifications

Exterior Length 15.6 feet
Gross Weight 1,505 lbs
Price $17,495

Key Features

  • 12V electric water pump.
  • Woodgrain vinyl flooring.
  • Hardwood cabinet doors.
  • Water swivel faucet.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • 35 Ampere converter.
  • Exterior/Interior LED lights.
  • Three cubic feet refrigerator.
  • Two-burner cooktop.
  • Roof opening vent.
  • AM/FM/CD/DVD Stereo.
  • Exhaust fan.
  • If you want to own a lightweight hard-sided camper with minimal design and interior, this is an excellent option.
  • It is great for smaller families, weekend warriors, and road adventurers.
  • Without any fancy features, it offers you all the basic amenities.
  • Thanks to its compactness and lightness, it can be pulled easily.
  • Because of its small size, it doesn’t have much interior space.
  • It is not armed with a Power Lift system.
  • It doesn’t have an indoor bathroom, even as an option.

Chalet A-Frame Classic Alpine

4. Chalet A-Frame LTW

Chalet A-Frame LTW

If you’re ready to compromise on your comfort to own a hard-sided pop-up camper that is compact and light, here is A-Frame LTW. You will surely appreciate this little beast for its small size and lightweight.

However, you won’t have options when buying this one as it comes as a single floorplan. Moreover, in addition to its lightness and compactness, it doesn’t offer advanced features as you have in other A-Frame heavy hard-sided campers.

But it will provide you with basic amenities that are possible within its 12.9 feet length.

The camper’s interior is equipped with two sofas that are convertible to a sleeping bed, a small kitchen area with a sink, a dinette, a two-burner cooktop, a countertop with storage space, and a refrigerator.

Everything you will see inside the camper is made to save and increase the area as much as possible.

However, if you cannot live without a shower and a toilet inside the camper, this is not for you. But it has an outdoor shower along with a water heating system. But again, there is no toilet.

Regardless of its small size, it has basic essentials that you want in a basic camper when traveling. It is the lightest hard-sided pop-up camper on my list with a weight of 1,300 lbs only.

If you do not have a big budget to buy a fully equipped larger camper and a big towing vehicle, check this one out.

Key Specifications

Exterior Length 12.9 feet
Gross Weight 990 lbs
Price $17,990

Key Features

  • A small kitchen.
  • Refrigerator.
  • A Sink.
  • Outdoor shower.
  • Outdoor water heating.
  • A small convertible dinette.
  • Two-burner cooktop.
  • It could be an option for couples or duo travelers who want no advanced features but a shelter camper when camping.
  • It has a kitchen, a sink, countertop space, and a two-burner to prepare a meal.
  • It features an outdoor shower with a water heating system.
  • It doesn’t have a toilet.
  • Because of its small size, the interior has a small space.
  • It doesn’t have any extra features.

Chalet A-Frame LTW

5. Coachmen Viking

Coachmen Viking

Yet another best hard-sided pop-up camper available out there is Coachmen Viking. This line of campers includes pop-up campers, soft-sided campers, tent campers, etc. This Coachmen Viking line offers various floorplans to choose from, but only two hard-sided pop-up campers are available.

Those two hard-sided campers include V12RBSTHW and V12RBST. Here I’ll mention only the V12RBSTHW floorplan. However, both of these floorplans are somehow similar, but what sets both of them apart is one has high walls, and the other one doesn’t.

V12RBSTHW floorplan has a length of 20.2 feet, making it significantly bigger than most of the hard-sided campers I have mentioned so far. Despite its length, it doesn’t have many amenities to offer. One of the most desired features that are missing in this floorplan is a bathroom, so if you want a camper with a bathroom, you can skip this one.

However, the reason for excluding the bathroom is that it can comfortably sleep up to four since it has a dinette that can be converted into a sleeping space and a flip-up bed with a 54×80 size. It means if you prefer more sleeping space to accommodate more people over a bathroom, you should take a look at this one.

This camper does have a small kitchen area, which isn’t as spacious as you will see in other campers of this size, but it is armed with all the appliances you want, including a sink, two-burner cooktop, and a refrigerator.

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Moreover, thanks to its large size, it offers a bit more storage space so you can carry your stuff with you while camping. You will see an exterior storage box, which is connected to the front of the camper, which offers significant storage.

That said, if you don’t mind not having a bathroom, but prefer more sleeping space to accommodate four, you will appreciate this one.

Key Specifications

Height 4.11 feet
Exterior Length 20.2 feet
Exterior Width 88 inches
Gross Weight 2,500 lbs
Price $24,215

Key Features

  • Refrigerator.
  • Two-burner cooktop.
  • A sink.
  • Convertible dinette.
  • Exterior storage box.
  • It could be a pick for those looking to have a minimal hard-sided camper with no additional features.
  • It is cost-efficient and lightweight great for the weekend warrior and frequent campers.
  • This camper is a great pick for people looking to own a camper that can accommodate four people.
  • It doesn’t have any advanced amenities.
  • It doesn’t have a bathroom.
  • It is not for you if you want to have a camper with great features and amenities.

Coachman Viking Express 9.0TD floorplan

6. Jayco Jay Series Sports

Jayco Jay Series Sports Hard Sided Trailer

Here is one more hard-side pop-up camper from Jayco Jay. As a titan in the TV market, Jayco manufactures its hard-sided Sports camper that you can trust. It comes equipped with some unique and eye-popping features that you will love.

It is equipped with rust-free stainless steel that you can operate from both inside and outside the camper, hardwood floors, a screen area, a sink, a bathroom along with a shower and a toilet, and enough storage shelves to give you enough storage so that you can store all of your stuff while traveling.

Moreover, this camper also offers a five-year warranty, which means you can invest in it without any worries. With mud tires, it is extremely easy to set up when you are camping.

If you are going with its hardwall floorplan, you will see a fiberglass roof, electric brakes, a microwave oven, three-burner cooktops, and much more.

This hardwood pop-up camper with a bathroom has everything you can ask for from this size camper. However, the only downside with the Jayco Sports camper is you might find it hard to two when traveling on rough terrains or bumpy roads.

Furthermore, it is also not an option for larger families as it doesn’t accommodate more than three people. I have highlighted it on my list because of its additional features and incredible functionality.

Key Specifications

Height 60 inches
Exterior Length 16.3 feet
Exterior Width 85 inches
Gross Weight 2,385 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 23 gallons
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $13,100

Key Features

  • Awning.
  • Screened room.
  • Three-burner cooktop.
  • Compact refrigerator.
  • Sleeping capacity: Up to 4.
  • Spare tire.
  • 11,500 BTU air conditioning system.
  • 16,000 BTU heater.
  • It offers a five-year warranty so you can own it without thinking much.
  • It is great for a small group of campers or smaller families.
  • It is incredibly functional and armed with some great additional features.
  • It has everything you can expect from a camper of this size, including a small kitchen, bathroom, etc.
  • You might find it hard to drive on bumpy roads and rough terrains.

Jayco Jay Sport 10SD Floorplan

Wrapping Up

Hard-sided pop-up campers with bathrooms are lightweight, compact, and easy to pull with smaller vehicles.

They are great for smaller families, weekend warriors, and frequent campers who want something affordable to spend great outdoor time.

Above I have bucketed some best hard-sided pop-up campers along with their major specs and features. Some of them have bathrooms, and some don’t.

You can compare their specs and features to pick the one that fits your traveling requirements.


What brand manufactures the best hard-sided pop-up campers with the bathroom?

There are many RV brands that produce the best hard-sided pop-up campers with a bathroom. Some well-known brands include Forest River, Jayco Jay, and Chalet A-Frame Campers.

Do all the hard-sided campers come with a bathroom?

No, there are many brands that manufacture hard-sided pop-up campers that don’t include the bathroom. However, some of them come with an outdoor shower and water heater.

Are hard-sided pop-up campers less in price than traditional campers and RVs?

Yes, hard-sided pop-up campers are significantly less in price than other traditional trailers and RVs. They are meant for smaller families and provide fewer features and amenities than RVs and full-size campers

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