4 Ultra Lightweight Pop Up Campers under 1,000 lbs

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When you want to go out for short trips, and you want something on wheels where you can put your extra luggage and get some space to sleep, then a pop-up camper would fit well with such a need.

Considering that you will sleep or rest inside your camper, you will only need a pop up camper that is under 1000 lbs if you are traveling alone.

Such a camper will be cost-saving in terms of fuel, and your vehicle won’t be pushing too hard on the engine as well.

In case you want to learn about the best pop up campers under 1000 lbs, then we have got the info on each of them. 

Name Weight
Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0 865 lbs
Sylvan Sport Go 840 lbs
Aliner Ranger 12 940 lbs
Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0 712 lbs

Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0
Sylvan Sport GOSylvan Sport Go
Aliner Ranger 12Aliner Ranger 12
Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0

What are the Best Pop Up Campers under 1000 lbs?

1. Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0

The Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0 is the best lightweight pop up camper that you would find under 1000 lbs.

It is an expandable little pop-up camper that can be towed by vehicles easily, no matter whether it is an average size SUV or even a strong SUV.

The 124-pound hitch weight and a dry load of just shy of 1,000-pounds make it exceptionally simple for a family to take this lightweight pop-up camper pretty much anyplace, with, for all intents and purposes, any size vehicle.

The Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0 has a space to rest 6 individuals, but five would be more comfortable inside.

Something that truly stands apart with a camper is the way that it has an 8,000 BTU climate control system introduced as a feature of the standard bundle.

This is the sort of thing that is even uncommon with a portion of some expensive pop-up campers.

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A few models have the features like solar chargers for times when you need to boondock and camp off the network.

At the point when completely extended, two flip-out beds and dinette regions can be changed over into a big resting region.

Livin' Lite Quicksilver 8.0 Floorplan

2. Sylvan Sport Go

Sylvan Sport GO

The SylvanSport Go is in the classification of pop-up campers under 1000 lbs that you can tow with pretty much any vehicle.

It weighs only 840 pounds, but the quality of finishing on this camper is very strong.

Its powder-covered aluminum outline upholds the rooftop and assuming that you’re enjoying nature out in a tropical rainforest, the waterproof covering and coating have you covered.

What’s more indeed, even a camper this small can accommodate your entire family. Set this pop-up camper up as a dinette during the day and beds around evening time.

The big bed can fit four individuals. You can go through this pop camper as a utility trailer for all your stockpiling needs.

You can load up your bicycle on this camper too. You can even take it kayaking by the lake. It’s basically a complete package where you can pack up everything for your camping needs.

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There is enough space inside for everyone to be comfortable when you are taking a time out and stopping at any point for taking some rest.

The Sylvan Sport Go will give you the best experience to witness nature when you take up all the useful stuff with you. It has a hard rooftop, and an extensive stuff rack, and it is very easy to tow with vehicles.

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SylvanSport Go Dimensions

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3. Aliner Ranger 12

Aliner Ranger 12

The Aliner Ranger 12 is also one of the best small pop-up campers that weigh under 1000 lbs.

It is a durable, lightweight camper with conveniences to cause setting up camp to feel like home.

Its strong, A-outline rooftop gives you an at-home feel from the tough fiberglass outsides.

The diamond rock guard keeps it safe from the harsh surface while the tires keep a good track.

Inside, you get an indoor 2-burner for cooking your meal.

There is also a steel sink where you can wash the dishes and keep things clean.

You can keep up to 11 gallons of new water inside, which will go through the camper with a water siphon.

Assuming you’re exploring the great outdoors in the mountains, utilize the water heater so that it balances the water temperature.

This lightweight camper has total conveniences that one requires to manage inside a confined space.

It’s not roomy for messing about inside but is only meant to give the comfort you need.

Furthermore, for such a lightweight pop-up camper, you can tow such camper with even a smaller vehicle easily.

The Aliner Ranger 12 is extraordinary in case you need an experience more like a conventional RV than a tent.

When you really want a stuff loading trailer or more storage inside, you can rely on this choice with complete conveniences such as a profound sink for washing dishes and running water.

Aliner Ranger 12 floorplan

4. Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0

Livin' Lite Quicksilver 6.0

This pop up camper is undeniably light and weighs under 1,000 lbs.

An exceptionally light and extremely simple to haul behind practically any vehicle, this pop-up camper by Livin’ Lite is really something that you need to consider.

It has zippered windows considering fitting wind current. The zippered windows in this camper also ensure that the trailer can be opened totally.

This doesn’t impact its adaptability and comfort as it contains a 55-inch sofa inside, similarly to a king-sized space.

Inside you will get a table to work and a lot of suitable space to rest when you are not traveling with anyone else.

Things to Check While Buying a Pop Up Camper under 1,000 lbs

Following are a few of the crucial factors to check when you are making a choice for a pop up camper under 1,000 lbs.

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1. Camper Weight

When purchasing a camper, you must be aware of its GVWR, which lets you know the most extreme load of the camper when you’ve topped it off with everything, including water weight.

You can even surpass your GVWR without pulling a trailer.

The additional items to your trailer like freight, gear, water, and propane can add to the GVWR.

2. Extra Features

There are some pop-up campers that are more like tents, and there are those which are decked up with conveniences to cause these trailers to feel like an RV.

You won’t track down an outside shower in such campers, yet it has a lot of different conveniences for an open resting place.

All things considered, that is actually everything you’ll require from a pop-up camper.

3. Beds

The bed is the essence of your camper. Without it, you will be facing a lot of problems in sleeping when you are traveling to places.

A pop-up camper without a bed isn’t actually a camper. You’d be lucky to be simply getting yourself a couple of tents.

So when you pick a camper, take the one that can give you enough sleeping space for your family. Normally, that implies getting a camper that can rest four individuals.

4. Kitchenette

You may not get a proper kitchen with these small campers, but you can expect to get propane ovens pre-introduced in a couple of pop-up trailers.

Check for them thoroughly, and then make a decision for the one that you think will be ideal for you. Chances are, you may even need to mount your own extra equipment to fill well with the needs.

5. Heater and Air Conditioner

A standard pop-up camper, for the most part, has a heater pre-introduced.

It’s difficult to control the temperature in nature. When it’s excessively hot or excessively cold, you’ll struggle to stay asleep with such changes.

Assuming that you’re a desert camper, consider picking a pop up camper furnished with an AC.

Benefits of Having A Pop Up Camper under 1000 lbs

Pop up campers are small, and they are very useful when the owners have to tow these trailers over long distances.

Some of the benefits that anyone can get from a pop-up camper under 1000 pounds are

1. Cheaper than a Motorhome

Motorhomes are colossal, costly, and hard to keep up with. A Motorhome can cost above $60,000, which is way too much for an ordinary traveler or camper.

A pop-up camper is way too cheap than a Motorhome while providing little space for resting and sleeping.

2. Suitable Size

In addition, it’s difficult to fit an RV in your carport, whereas on the other hand, a pop-up trailer is more flexible than an RV.

You can utilize your regular SUV on workdays and use it as a tow vehicle at the end of the week. Pop-up campers give you the adaptability to camp out however much you need and as frequently as you need.

These campers are little, and thusly, space will be left in the vehicle for an individual to rest.

Furthermore, its size will be of help to people that don’t have RVs or such vehicles.

3. Comfortable Tent

Assuming you’ve gone setting up camp previously, you’ll know it’s difficult to rest properly in tents. Little stones can be disturbing you all night from the floor and can even slip into your camping beds.

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You will not dislike these campers in terms of tents. Some campers simply pop up with the press of a button to form a tent, while some campers need to be fixed on the ground.

4. Simple to Maneuver

Assuming you’re the sort to go set up camp on rough mountains or steep slopes, you’ll find that pop-ups are simpler to move than your regular travel trailer.

These small trailers are ideal for going mud romping.

Since they’re lightweight, these campers are more streamlined and can endure a harsh surface or path.

5. Fits With Most Vehicles

In case you’ve looked for a trailer, you’d realize you’ll have to combine the greater part of them with an enormous truck for towing.

That is most certainly not the situation for a pop-up camper trailer. Since these campers have a lighter dry load than other trailers, you can utilize even a simple car or vehicle to tow these campers.

6. Less Weight

These pop-up campers are not so heavy as different RVs. The pop-up campers don’t have a lot of weight on their body which means they don’t impose much load on a vehicle.

7. Cost-Effective

The pop-up camper is cheap and very reasonable. One of the major reasons for that is that these trailers don’t have an engine, and they are small in size, which is why they save a lot of costs while providing a lot of features and amenities.

8. Good Mileage

These lightweight pop-up trailers can be good for your mileage as compared to bigger or bulkier travel trailers. You can easily tow them with a small vehicle or car to any place you like.

An important outcome of this is that the gas mileage or the impact of the traveling distance on how much gas is utilized by your vehicle will definitely be decreased due to less weight in comparison.


This was a discussion on pop up campers under 1,000 lbs. Thank You. 


What are the lightest campers?
  • Happier Camper HC1
  • MeerKat Trailer
  • nuCamp TAG
  • Scout Campers Olympic
  • Rockwood Geo Pro 12RK
  • Alaskan Campers Truck Camper Cabover
  • ProLite Mini

How much do small pop-up campers weigh?

More modest pop-up campers can weigh just 600 pounds and as much as 4,500 pounds for enormous pop-up campers; however, the normal load of a pop-up camper is 2,000 pounds.

What is the Smallest Pop-Up Camper?

The small pop-up camper available today is the Sylvansport Go Trailer, which has a dry load of just 840 pounds and a general length of only 11 feet 10 inches.

What is the lightest Jayco camper?

The fresh out of the box new Jay Feather Micro is Jayco’s lightest travel trailer. Weighing under 4,500 lbs., this camper conveys the fundamentals, to say the very least, in a more modest bundle.

What is the lightest teardrop trailer?

Earth Traveler, a New Mexico-based startup, has as of late exhibited its new T250LX tear trailer. This exclusively constructed unit weighs 298 pounds, contrasted with the heavier 300-pound T300 standard model, making it the lightest RV accessible available.

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