5 Best A-Frame Campers

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Camper Travel Trailers are useful for camping and making trips with your loved ones as they provide more sleeping space and storage area so that you can have lots of things carried with you.

These trailers are the most important and useful things that you would want to consider for trips and having A-frame camper travel trailers can make your experience even better.

In case you want A-frame campers for your journey, then there are various options to choose from.

We made a list of the Best A-Frame Campers that are useful for long trips and they provide comfort too.

Name Weight Price
Forest River Rockwood A112 6,780 lbs $12,998
Jayco Jay Series Hardwall 3,250 lbs $9,000
Forest River Flagstaff 2,120 lbs $16,999
Aliner Expedition 1,850 lbs $27,889
Somerset Utah 2,565 lbs $19,695

Forest River Rockwood A112Forest River Rockwood A112
Jayco Jay Series HardwallJayco Jay Series Hardwall
Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side T21DMHWForest River Flagstaff
Aliner ExpeditionAliner Expedition
Somerset UtahSomerset Utah


What is A-Frame Camper?

A-Frame campers are those trailers having an outline as the top-of-the-line models. These are lightweight trailers and they have loads of features in them with a very well-organized interior.

These trailers fit all types of camping needs and they have wet baths and a beautiful kitchen area along with good sleeping space for a small family. The less weight makes them easier to tow.

How to Choose the Best A-Frame Camper Trailer?

Here is a way how you can choose an A-Frame Camper Travel Trailer for your use.

1. Space

When you look for an A-frame camper, always look for how much space is provided on the inside and how many beds are included for the sleeping area. More space will give more easy living area.

2. Exterior

The body of the trailer should also be considered to check if it’s made from aluminum or what type of wheels it has and how much weight can it carry along with the construction of doors and windows.

3. Bathroom

You would want a trailer with a good bathroom and a shower so that you can instantly get rid of your stress by taking a bath and enjoy your new day. It’s important to choose a trailer with a good bathroom setup.

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4. Capacity

The trailer should have good capacity on the inside because your family will need some space in the living area. Consider a trailer that has the capacity for at least 4 people to adjust easily without problems.

5. Weight

The weight of the camper plays a role as you have to tow it all the way with your vehicle which is why you should consider a lightweight A-Frame camper trailer for your family.

What are the Best A-Frame Campers?

1. Forest River Rockwood A112

Forest River Rockwood A112

You would want a trailer that has a compact size but a good living area, which is why the Forest River Rockwood A112 camper is the best fit for your need it can fit almost any place and go anywhere you would want to.

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It’s a durable little camper with reliability that makes it a strong option to take on the roads without worrying about any failures.

The features of this trailer are,


  • It is a 2000 lbs weighted camper trailer that is the best A-frame camper which makes it easy to tow with your vehicle.
  • There are various floorplans with this travel trailer that give more space and options for different features to accommodate you.
  • There is an interior design with vinyl flooring and a three-way refrigerator that makes it a different type of travel trailer along with ample bench seats for the comfort of a user.
  • The storage space in this travel trailer is enough for you to store extra items and equipment with you. You can carry all your closets and drawers to store your clothes and shoes.
  • There is a dinette in this trailer and a flip-up bed, a small kitchenette with all the basic appliances a fridge and a sink, and a propane grill.

Forest River Rockwood A112 Floorplan

  • Three-way refrigerator
  • Flip-up mattress
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Bench Seats
  • Optional patio awning
  • Forced air furnace
  • No such cons found

2. Jayco Jay Series Hardwall

Jayco Jay Series Hardwall

Jayco produces one of the best camper trailers and they have all the best choices for your comfort. The Jay Series Hardwall is the best A-frame camper travel trailer that fits the need of those travelers who want to go on vacations with an easy-to-use and easy tow trailer with all the necessities that are filled inside it.

It is a beautiful small trailer that can be taken out to enjoy your moment because of its various features.


  • This trailer comes with an expandable screen room that has extra space on it and it has been very helpful for lots of families with its space inside.
  • It is a weatherproof trailer which means the exterior is coated in such a way that no matter what the weather conditions are, your trailer doesn’t get any rust or corrosion.
  • It has a good kitchen area with stainless steel stovetop along with a microwave oven for heating.
  • It comes with electric brakes for its interior and it is suitable for only those who want a lounging display on the inside and feel the comfort of their home.
  • It includes a large water tank and a heater to warm the water and there are extra appliances such as a countertop and other useful equipment.

Jayco Jay Series Hardwall Floorplan

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3. Forest River Flagstaff

Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side T21DMHW

If you haven’t decided on your best A-frame camper travel trailer yet, then you might like the Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-up Camper. This is a camper trailer to love because of its sturdy exterior and intricate interior.

This is the best match for your use on long journies as it’s a perfectly designed trailer that acts as a reliable camper that is easy to set up.

It is a well-equipped and hard-body camper trailer that is loaded with lots of features.

Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side Floorplan


  • The camper is made with a fiberglass vacuum and it has beautiful exterior construction that makes it safe for you and your family in any condition.
  • It comes with outdoor storage that makes it more spacious and provides extra area for your storage options so that you can store your luggage and equipment in your trailer.
  • There are multiple floor plans and they include personal customization options for the customers so that they can select designs and choose for themselves.
  • There are eight floorplans in this travel trailer and each of them differs from the other with multiple additional features and allows person customization in each of them too.
  • There is a construction of maple and wood-looking structure on the inside to add beauty to the interior of this trailer and still, there is enough space for your family to sit back and relax and even cook food easily.
  • Electric Water Pump.
  • Residential Flush Toilet.
  • 20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank.
  • Undercoated Structure Wood Flooring.
  • Stainless Steel Appliances.
  • Three Speed Ventilation.
  • It costs additional charges for some exquisite features.

4. Aliner Expedition

Aliner Expedition

You might not hear of it, but there is another exquisite A-frame camper travel trailer that you would love to see and experience things yourself. The Aliner Expedition A-Frame Camping Trailer is a choice with good capacity because of its bigger size than most of the trailers on this list.

It has a good class and has great features. This easy to tow trailer weighs about 1850 lbs and it is suitable for you in case you want long luxurious drives to your destination.


  • It is a trailer suitable for lower towing capacity vehicles and easy to carry around with a long and huge body for more space and accommodation.
  • There is a pop-up section inside this trailer with a beautiful interior that gives more storage room for keeping your goods and items. The countertops add more to the luxury and design of this trailer.
  • There is a tall bed that provides easy sleep and rest accommodation for your family.
  • The weight of this trailer is less at 1850 lbs which makes it suitable and towable behind your vehicles to take it on long trips.
  • It has good space capacity and storage area which means you get a lightweight body trailer with your vehicle to travel distant places with fuel efficiency.
  • It has LED lights for interior design that provide a beautiful layout on the inside.

Aliner Expedition Floorplan

5. Somerset Utah

Somerset Utah

One of the very few models, the Somerset UTAH A-frame travel trailer is another choice for you in case you want the best A-frame camper travel trailer for yourself.

This is a modern design RV trailer that gives all the necessities to you in the comfort of your home-like feeling. There is a powerful exterior body that is solid to keep it tension-free from any environmental conditions which are why you can take this trailer anywhere with you.


  • The best feature of this trailer is that you get two king-sized beds and they are both located at opposite ends of the trailer. They provide more sleeping areas for you.
  • The structure is very hard and durable to resist any weather conditions and keep you safe inside.
  • It comes with a switchable dinette that turns into a sleeping area to rest.
  • There are two-burner cooktops in its kitchen area with other appliances.
  • The bathroom area consists of a toilet shower and a cabinet with an adjustable mesh screen.
  • The body of the trailer is made from steel to give it a sturdy frame with aluminum wheels for better grip and stability on the roads.
  • You also get a retractable awning on the outside of this trailer with clear vinyl windows.

Somerset Utah Floorplan

  • Stainless steel life system
  • Stereo system
  • Domestic 3-way refrigerator
  • Atwood hydro flame 16,000 BTU furnace
  • Sturdy frame
  • Limited availability


This was a discussion about the best A-frame camper travel trailers that provide all the luxury and necessary features to a family and accommodate them with easiness.

The A-frame camper trailers are an absolute choice due to their small size and less weight which makes them the best towable option with cars or SUVs.

This was a whole discussion for multiple options and in case you want to know more, join the comment section.


Are A-frame campers worth it?

A-frame camper trailers are those trailers having the best and top-of-the-line features and they are pretty lightweight trailers that are loaded with features in them with a very well-organized interior. These trailers fit all types of camping needs and they have wet baths and a beautiful kitchen area along with good sleeping space for a small family. The less weight makes them easier to tow.

How long does an A-frame camper last?

The A-frame camper trailers are good trailers and they are made with high-quality materials which on average can give them a life span of 10 years easily. Some trailers can have an even higher life span if they are kept with proper care and attention.

What is the lightest A-frame camper?

There are various A-frame camper trailers but the lightest of them all is the Aligner travel trailers. These trailers come with lots of innovation and a good lightweight body that makes them easy to tow and even maintain. You can make the best use of these trailers to enjoy your trips with your family.

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