13 Ultra Lightweight Pop Up Campers under 2,000 lbs

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For most people who travel alone or with their spouse only, a lightweight pop up campers under 2000 lbs is the best choice.

Pop up campers are the adequate choice for such conditions because these trailers don’t take much space, and they are not very heavy as well.

This makes it easier to tow them and save a lot of fuel on long trips as you won’t be carrying extra weight.

This is the reason pop up campers always have a huge demand in the market.

In case you want the ideal pop up camper under 2,000 lbs that you can tow along with your vehicle, then you can choose from some of the best options that we have listed in this discussion. 

Name Weight
TAXA Outdoors Cricket 1,753 lbs
Jayco Jay Sport 8SD 1,570 lbs
Aliner LXE 1,795 lbs
Coachmen Viking 1706XLS 1,642 lbs
Forest River Rockwood Freedom 1640 LTD 1,446 lbs
Black Series Sergeant 1,777 lbs
Forest River Flagstaff 206LTD 1,608 lbs
Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0 712 lbs
Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0 865 lbs
Sylvan Sport GO 840 lbs
Aliner Scout Lite 1,180 lbs
Aliner Ranger 12 1,450 lbs
Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD 2,122 lbs

TAXA Outdoors CricketTAXA Outdoors Cricket
Jayco Jay Sport Camping TrailerJayco Jay Sport 8SD
Aliner LXEAliner LXE
Coachmen VikingCoachmen Viking 1706XLS
Forest River Rockwood FreedomForest River Rockwood Freedom 1640 LTD
Black Series SergeantBlack Series Sergeant
Forest River Flagstaff 23SCSEForest River Flagstaff 206LTD
Livin' Lite Quicksilver 6.0Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0
Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0
Sylvan Sport GOSylvan Sport GO
Aliner Scout LiteAliner Scout Lite
Aliner Ranger 12Aliner Ranger 12
Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TDCoachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD

What are the Best Pop Up Campers under 2000 lbs?

1. TAXA Outdoors Cricket

TAXA Outdoors Cricket

The Cricket by TAXA is considered one of the best lightweight campers to tow for camping.

This pop-up camper can rest two grown-ups and two kids, and it has a crossover plan that is a part hard-side camper, part van-style pop-top.

It even has a climate control system so you can remain cool the entire summer and a back window for views and ventilation.

The Cricket has a 15-gallon freshwater tank and a 16-gallon black water tank.

You will find a water heating framework and a water channel. The special plan accompanies a two-burner oven, a sink, a cooler, a compact latrine, a regular bed, an extra cabinet room, a bistro table, and discretionary children’s billets.

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TAXA Cricket Camper Floorplan

2. Jayco Jay Sport 8SD

Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer

Jayco Jay Sport is a brilliant choice for campers who want to tow a lightweight camper and go on long trips for adventure.

It is family or couple-accommodating as it can contain up to 5 people.

In addition, It has cooking, additional freight, and surprisingly an inside sink.

This camper has a weight of 1,535 lbs, making it ideal for towing behind your vehicle. It can contain an extra heap of 500 lbs hence making it appropriate for a ton of minivans and hybrids.

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Jayco Jay Sport 8SD

3. Aliner LXE

Aliner LXE

Aliner LXE camper was intended to be, to a greater extent, a home on wheels, with an indoor shower and tape toilet, a sink, oven, microwave, and cooler.

You will be comfortable on the inside with this pop-up camper. This novel plan has all that you really want in a particularly little bundle.

It has a couch bed that pulls out to be 80×76 inches, two storage seats on one or the other side of a table, and a hard-side dormer that makes the shower space adequately enormous to remain in.

Aliner LXE Floorplan

4. Coachmen Viking 1706XLS

Coachmen Viking

Coachmen Viking 1706XLS is a camper by Coachmen that has the common two overlap-out beds, just as a dinette and kitchenette.

For a small trailer to tow, this camper has a huge load of inside space and feels huge because of the tall roofs all through. Nonetheless, with all material-sided campers, protection will be insignificant, so it’s ideal for a warm climate setting up camp.

Thick blinds keep the daylight out and assist with keeping the inside space cool and agreeable. This camper has no restroom area for you to take a dump.

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Coachmen Viking 1706XLS

5. Forest River Rockwood Freedom 1640 LTD

Forest River Rockwood Freedom

Forest River Rockwood Freedom 1640 LTD is a camper that very likely has similar conveniences to the other pop-up camper, however in a somewhat unique course of action.

The trailer is modest and lighter, and it can provide a resting space for four individuals at once.

Yet, you can get the cooking range outside for a BBQ.

Forest River Rockwood Freedom 1640 LTD

6. Black Series Sergeant

Black Series Sergeant

In case you want something that can be your off-roading partner, Black Series Sergeant may be the ideal lightweight pop-up camper under 2000 lbs for you.

The actual trailer is little; however, it folds out into a chateau of a tent. It’s even got a gigantic covered yard region where you can hang out in the shade.

At the point when unfurled, the tent has a dozing space on top of the trailer, a kitchen region, an additional space, and a living region.

For extra expenses, you can add more features and, surprisingly, an extension for keeping your children.

The trailer has muscular rough terrain suspension, a poly block hitch that can deal with even the toughest path, off-road tires, and surprisingly solar chargers to keep you fueled up in the wild.

Black Series Sergeant

7. Forest River Flagstaff 206LTD

Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE

The Flagstaff 206LTD is one of the campers for an outdoor experience in the wild.

This is a more conventional pop-up camper plan, with two creases out bed regions and a focal zone that contains a kitchenette and a dinette.

It additionally has a 9-foot overhang outside for an obscure spot to sit.

There are no restroom offices, so this sort of pop-up camper is the most ideal for use at coordinated camping areas or for those without any misgivings about heading outside.

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Forest River Flagstaff 206LTD

8. Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 6.0

Livin' Lite Quicksilver 6.0

A very light and very easy to drag behind almost any vehicle is the Quicksilver 6.0 camper.

This pop-up camper is unquestionably light and weighs under 1,000 lbs.

This doesn’t influence its flexibility and convenience as it contains a 55-inch couch just like a big-sized loft.

Inside you will also get a table to work on.

It additionally has zippered windows considering appropriate airflow.

The zippered windows additionally guarantee that the trailer can be opened completely.

9. Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0

Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0

Another one from the Livin’ Lite is the Quicksilver 8.0, which is slightly heavier than the previous model 6.0.

It has added weight and extra elements, but its weight is still beneath 1,000lbs.

The Quicksilver 8.0 contains slide-out beds on the different sides of the camper. It has a focal seating region just as an extra room.

Like the Quicksilver 6.0, the 8.0 is fitted with zippers to guarantee the appropriate flow of air where there is a change of weather.

In any case, it actually keeps in sync with its name, ‘Livin’ Light’, in this way, making it simple to tow with most vehicles.

Livin' Lite Quicksilver 8.0 Floorplan

10. Sylvan Sport GO

Sylvan Sport GO

Another lightweight pop-up camper under 2,000 lbs like the Quicksilver 8.0 is the Sylvan Sport Go.

The Sylvan is light and convenient. Notwithstanding its somewhat low weight, it contains a foldable table, a far-reaching bed, and a capacity that is zippable.

Its low weight implies that it tends to be pulled with any vehicle while the users can relax inside easily.

This pop-up camper can just rest 1 or 2 people inside its space.

SylvanSport Go Dimensions

11. Aliner Scout Lite

Aliner Scout Lite

Aliner Scout Lite is an extraordinary pop-up camper that can rest three, assuming you have a kid with you.

You will get a solitary bunk and dinette that proselytes into a comfortable bed.

This strangely dimensioned bed may genuinely be more agreeable for one individual or two children.

The camper incorporates an independent storage region just as capacity under the dinette seats and the kitchen counter, in addition to a sink.

This camper is minimal in excess of a tent as far as space and conveniences, yet it would be an incredible end-of-the-week independent camper.

Aliner Scout Lite Floorplan

12. Aliner Ranger 12

Aliner Ranger 12

This Aliner Ranger 12 camper has a couple of more conveniences than the other models.

It actually has the couch bed and bigger dinette/bed for sleeping and resting, yet it accompanies a sink, an oven, an outside shower, and a 1.9 cubic foot fridge.

The Ranger 12 has a golden patio light and a solar charging port too.

Aliner Ranger 12 floorplan

13. Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD

Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD

Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD pop-up camper is generally taken up by a 54×74-inch bed, yet it has minor counter space, a sink, a heater, a little freezer, and a seat.

The pop-top gives you space to remain at the foot of the bed and get dressed, plan food, and so forth. You can connect a camp oven outside to an outer propane hotspot for cooking.

Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0TD

Choosing a Pop Up Camper under 2000 lbs

There are some basic factors that you should be aware of before making a decision on finalizing a pop-up camper for your living.

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1. Towing Capacity

When choosing a pop-up camper, make sure to check the towing capacity of your vehicle to decide how much weight it can securely tow before you put resources into a camper.

Normally, your vehicle should have a tow hitch introduced, or you should figure one in your financial plan assuming you need to add one.

You need to be sure that your vehicle is evaluated to tow as much as 2,000 pounds, but still, that doesn’t mean you should stack it up with 1,999 pounds.

Just keep a limited profile.

2. Rough Terrain Capability

Assuming you’re intending to go Overlanding or going romping while at the same time towing your camper behind a Jeep, you’ll need to guarantee that the trailer can deal with the landscape and rough tracks.

There are a few trailers that are made to withstand the harshness from mud romping, yet your normal camper isn’t intended for such harsh use.

3. Sleeping Capacity

You should choose a camper that has space for the number of people you are taking with you. Some pop-up campers can rest up to four individuals, yet it very well may be a comfortable fit.

Notwithstanding, generally, these campers have sufficient freight room that you can store tents, pneumatic beds, and bedding for your entire party.

4. Bathroom

This is an extremely troublesome inquiry among campers and RVers. While it may be simple for some people to take a dump outside in the forest but not everyone is good with that.

That is why you must be picking a pop up camper with a bathroom. Due to this, you won’t need to find any campgrounds and trailer parks to relax.

Consider the convenience proportion of having a toilet, shower, and water tanks locally available versus going outside at the night to utilize the restroom.

5. Heater System

Some campers come with heaters that can help you stay warm inside during cold nights of the winter. But this will consume a lot of fuel.

Generally, these campers have material sides, so the protection power isn’t incredible.

For warm climate camping, you’ll probably need a camper with properly heated sheets and a durable body, assuming that you intend to camp in the colder time of year.


This was a list of the best pop up campers under 2000 lbs. We have listed the top models that are ideal for your long trips to save weight and also the fuel cost.


What travel trailers weigh under 2000 pounds?

Some trailers that weigh under 2000 pounds are

  • Riverside Retro
  • Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro
  • Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 
  • Jayco Hummingbird

What's the weight of a pop-up camper?

The normal load of a pop-up camper is roughly 2,000 lbs. This weight is for your common tent camper or a hard-sided pop-up camper. Some are more in weight depending on the extra features and specifications that are included among them.

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