11 Amazing Mini And Tiny RVs

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Mini RVs are easy to ride and take to places where you want to visit without worrying about the parking space.

These RVs have a number of features inside them that may not be in abundance, like big motorhomes, but they are enough to accommodate a couple or a small family.

Tiny RVs have a huge variety from which we can choose the best mini and tiny RV.

Picking the best drivable RV in a small size is difficult. Each model of these RVs has its upsides and downsides and arrives in a wide scope of costs depending on its features.

What is incredible is that numerous makers offer their own line of specific models with different floorplans from which customers can choose.

If you want to select for yourself, here are some Mini and Tiny RVs to look at.

Name Length Height
Winnebago Ekko 23.17 ft 10′ 6″
Winnebago Revel 19.58 ft 10′
Airstream Interstate 24GT 24.5 ft 9′ 7″
Winnebago Solis 59P 19.75 ft 8′ 11”
Thor Motor Coach Chateau 24 ft 11′
Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 22.08 ft 10′ 6″
Leisure Travel Wonder 24.75 ft 6′ 5″
Phoenix Cruiser 2100 21 ft 6′ 4″
Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TE 23.5 ft 10′ 11″
Airstream Interstate 19 19.42 ft 9′ 7″
Winnebago Porto 24.58 ft 11’6″

Winnebago Ekko 22AWinnebago Ekko
Winnebago RevelWinnebago Revel
Airstream Interstate 24GTAirstream Interstate 24GT
Winnebago Solis 59PWinnebago Solis 59P
Thor Chateau 28AThor Motor Coach Chateau
Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5245Gulf Stream BT Cruiser
Leisure Vans Wonder MBLeisure Travel Wonder
Phoenix Cruiser 2100Phoenix Cruiser 2100
Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TEThor Motor Coach Gemini 23TE
Airstream Interstate 19Airstream Interstate 19
Winnebago PortoWinnebago Porto

What are the Best Mini RV?

1. Winnebago Ekko

Winnebago Ekko 22A

The Winnebago Ekko is the best Mini RV which comes in the Class B category. It is smaller than class A and class C motorhomes, and it is made on Ford chassis.

This tiny RV consolidates the advantage of a Class C RV with the vibe of a campervan. You can bring this RV down back roads to find the most flawless boondocking locales.

The Ekko includes a warmed pass-through garage, a second open-air kitchen, and a resting space for four.

This is an extravagance mini RV dissimilar to some others in this category.

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This one-of-a-kind little RV is exceptional for a really long time off-networking experience with a 50-gallon water tank, fueled deck canopy with LED lights and Bluetooth, a tape latrine, and a wet shower.

A 445 watts of solar power charger is supported with this RV from three boards on the rooftop and a second alternator for controlling batteries while driving.

While the enormous water tank and fuel tank will save you off-network for a really long time, the 5.3-gallon limit tape latrine may leave you needing somewhat more space in the dark water tank.

Winnebago Ekko 22A Floor Plan

2. Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel is another class B RV that comes in small size as a motorhome with useful features.

Not exclusively is this Class B four-wheel drive, but it also provides notable features to improve the driving experience of a person.

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The Revel has a bed, and it tends to be raised up to make a “carport” toward the rear of the RV.

It has an ergonomic kitchen, a 21-gallon fresh water tank, and 125-amp hour LiFePO batteries charged by the housetop solar-powered charger.

The wet shower serves as a stuff extra space.

This large number of incredible features also put a hefty price on this RV which makes it a bit more expensive option than other mini motorhomes on this list.

The cost may be sufficient to deflect some first-time purchasers from buying this model.

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Nonetheless, Winnebago still has other mini RVs for reasonable costs.

Winnebago Revel 44E

3. Airstream Interstate 24GT

Airstream Interstate 24GT

Airstream’s Interstate is a class B diesel RV that offers the comfort of big luxurious motorhomes.

This motorhome has always been at the top because of its compact size, along with the features that it provides to a person.

The vehicle is designed and crafted carefully with precision and accuracy which leads to its success today.

Airstream’s 80+ long periods of involvement permit them to tailor each plan choice dependent on their owner’s requirements for camping. That implies usable spaces, accommodation, and extreme effectiveness.

The Interstate mini RVs are best suitable for couples and are generally intended for 2-man long haul travel, and both floor plan choices follow through on that.

One choice elements twin beds that can slide together into a standard bed, whereas the other floorplan offers boosted seating region as a convertible sofa that effectively changes into a regular bed too.

Airstream Interstate 24GT

4. Winnebago Solis 59P

Winnebago Solis 59P

Weighing in at just 8,900-pounds, the Solis 59P is a mini motorhome that sits well on the Pro Master van chassis.

Winnebago acquires their sharpness and experience with the RV specialty, which leads to constructing a tiny RV that is not difficult to drive.

It helps make the most out of the 280hp engine that runs in it.

You get a towing limit of 3,500 pounds with this motorhome. This is sufficient to certainly tow a boat or a trailer with other open-air toys.

The 80-inch width makes it simple to keep any trailer you tow in your mirrors. In this way, you will not need to be worried about the back like you do while towing anything with a big RV.

There isn’t any kind of slide-out segment, but still, this gives you more inside living and extra room.

Generally, you can expect to fit 6 people inside this RV for sleeping and resting.

Winnebago Solis 59PX Floorplan

5. Thor Motor Coach Chateau

Thor Chateau 28A

The Chateau by Thor is without a doubt the most adaptable choice as a mini motorhome that comes with 13 floorplans going from 24′ to more than 31′.

This implies you can get comparably a lot or as little space as you really want, with a design ideal for your needs. You will be happy with any of the choices you make with this RV.

A portion of the wider choices for full-time RV residing gloat almost regular kitchens, dry restrooms, and residing quarters sufficiently enormous to serenely house a little family.

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These tiny RV models are likewise an incredible value for your money, and they are affordable for everyone who wants to spend the littlest of their investment in camping RV.

The biggest of them all is the 32′ 7″ size Chateau which can rest up to 7 individuals easily, settling on it as the best decision for bigger gatherings and families out and about.

Thor Chateau 28A Floorplan

6. Gulf Stream BT Cruiser

Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5245

The BT Cruiser RV is one of the well-known models best for your choices, accessible at 24′ 5″ in length, which is not very big. This small motorhome has an inside height of 10′ 6″ to the roof.

You will see that it has a different king bed and a four-man dinette, and generally an appealing floor plan and conveniences that are to be found with extra features.

Its Ford E350 Engine and Chassis make it a good RV that won’t ruin your trip experience by breaking down again and again or getting you into some other trouble.

It doesn’t have the latest suspension, and you will expect a little less MPG than the other RVs on this list, but it is a very comfortable vehicle to use indeed.

Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5240

7. Leisure Travel Wonder

Leisure Vans Wonder MB

The Leisure Travel Wonder is also among some of the small class B motorhomes to choose from.

You get a great experience with this RV due to its design and outside the structure. It is high as 10 feet high however is 24′ 9″ long, scarcely under 25 feet to be at most extreme.

It is extremely open with loads of capacity all around.

The kitchen is all around spread out with great counter space, and the shower has a different ample shower. Open outside the extra room will effectively hold our two golf packs.

The murphy bed model is a special component. It permits you to keep a made-up bed yet not have the bed taking up all that usable floor space during the day.

A bay window and bigger windows give it an inclination inside.

Other than it being a little on the long side, the main drawback is the feasting region that is restricted to two people. This restricts its seating for day travel to 4 people.

It’s based on a Ford Transit Chassis with a 3.2-liter Turbo Diesel. You can find It with varying costs like the other motorhomes.

8. Phoenix Cruiser 2100

Phoenix Cruiser 2100

The Phoenix 2100 is a small Canadian-made Class C that you can consider a mini motorhome to bring along to your camping spot.

As far as giving usable space and accommodations are concerned, it is the most spacious choice that you would get. It’s a small RV with 21′ 7″ length and tallness under 10″ including the AC unit.

It has a four-man dinette and a full dry shower with a different shower.

You will get a kitchen with a ledge expansion. The slide-out contains a standard stroll around the bed that in the daytime overlays up into a couch.

The Phoenix gives safety belts and seating to 6 individuals, so it fills in as a Van elective for agreeable road trips.

In contrast with other RVs, it is a cost-friendly RV. This motorhome is based on the Chassis of the Ford E350, having a 6.8 Liter V-10 gas motor.

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Phoenix Cruiser 2100

9. Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TE

Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TE

The Gemini 23TE is a small motorhome based on a Ford Transit van’s frame and runs with great power due to its engine.

It is good for traveling to long distant places. However, it’s not generally so little as it would appear when you see it driving not too far off.

You will get a single power-retractable slide-out area with a convertible murphy bed. The company goes above and beyond in boosting the inside space of the Gemini 23TE by planning the floor plan to just rest, two individuals.

There is anything but a convertible dinette or seat someplace that can transform into extra resting. While this allows little families to settle in peacefully, it eventually makes the Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TE one of the most outstanding little RVs for a couple that loves to travel on weekends.

There’s even a 39 square inch level screen TV straightforwardly opposite the convertible sofa/murphy bed.

Toward the rear of the Gemini 23TE, you will observe a full open washroom complete with a huge, single bowl sink, a decent measure of space to breathe, and a flushing toilet.

Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TE Floor Plan

10. Airstream Interstate Nineteen

Airstream RV Interstate Nineteen

Another RV by Airstream on our list of mini and tiny RV is the Interstate Nineteen.

This is a class B motorhome with a small size giving the most luxurious features that you will see.

It is around 19ft, and it sneaks up suddenly in the camper van market. It appears to be odd to consider it a camper van because it looks more like VW Kombi with blossoms painted on the outside.

With this motorhome, you will get a seating/bed combo for resting as well as for sitting which makes this van very multifunctional.

You will have enough space inside to take your time off and relax.

Airstream Interstate 19 Floorplan

11. Winnebago Porto

Winnebago Porto

The last mini RV on our list is Winnebago Porto.

It is a small Class C RV that we have listed here that has got the essential features you might be seeking for. It has an extraordinary design and an expertly planned inside layout, making it best suitable for a couple to enjoy their vacation days.

The Porto motorhomes incorporate a helpful overhead bunk for sleeping to give usable regions.

This camper gives space for sleeping without cutting the inside living space.

There are just two layouts accessible with this model; however, their arrangements are two of the most common designs for this size vehicle.

This tiny RV additionally offers some abilities which you need when you go out boondocking.

With the biggest holding tanks in its group, a great outside storage compartment, a 200-watt solar charger framework, a 1000-watt inverter, and double-group 31 batteries, the Porto can go pretty much any place you want it to be.

Winnebago Porto 24F


This was discussed on the best mini or tiny RV that users can buy. We have listed different RVs with their inside and outside features for the users to choose from.


What is the easiest small RV to drive?

Class B RVs are the least demanding RVs to drive for the people who want to drive a van. At times, RVers have even felt they drive like a normal vehicle.

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