11 Most Expensive and Luxury Motorhomes

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Motorhomes are pretty big, and they are one of the most luxurious styles of living for a person or a family.

The motorhomes are built with perfection and focus that results in crafting a vehicle that resembles exactly like a home from the inside.

There are a number of the most expensive luxury motorhomes in the world that you would be amazed to see.

All of these motorhomes are well-equipped with the features you may not see in any other RV camper.

But they are ridiculously expensive too. Luxury can’t be afforded without a price which is why the best motorhome has a very high price tag.

If you are interested in the most expensive motorhomes, then here is a complete list with their details.

Name Price
eleMMent Palazzo Superior $2.5 million
eleMMent Palazzo Exclusive $2.3 million
Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus $2.5 million
Newmar Essex $1 million
Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection $1.7 million
Marathon Coach #1319 $1.8 million
Morelo Empire Liner $500,000
Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45 DLQ $600,000
Newmar King Aire $550,000
Anderson Mobile Estates $1.8 million
EarthRoamer HD $1.9 million

EleMMent Palazzo SuperioreleMMent Palazzo Superior
eleMMent Palazzo ExclusiveeleMMent Palazzo Exclusive
Featherlite Vantare Platinum PlusFeatherlite Vantare Platinum Plus
Newmar EssexNewmar Essex
Volkner Mobil Performance PerfectionVolkner Mobil Performance Perfection
Marathon Coach No. 1319Marathon Coach #1319
Morelo Empire LinerMorelo Empire Liner
Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45 DLQEntegra Coach Cornerstone 45 DLQ
Newmar King AireNewmar King Aire
Anderson Mobile EstatesAnderson Mobile Estates
EarthRoamer HDEarthRoamer HD

What are the Most Expensive Motorhomes?

1. eleMMent Palazzo Superior

EleMMent Palazzo Superior

One of the most expensive and luxurious motorhomes on our list is the EleMMent Palazzo Superior.

This vehicle is actually big, and it may cost you around 5 million dollars.

It is the best in class Palazzo Superior as considered by the manufacturer, consolidating configuration highlights from the universes of sports engines, flying, and yachting.

The vehicle has made a well-known base in various countries due to its luxuriousness.

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The Palazzo Superior is a motorhome with a mechanized lift system that raises its living area out of the vehicle’s body to make a rooftop deck a separate place.

An outside stairs section prompts the deck to the top, which incorporates relaxed furniture and brilliant floor warming.

The vehicle’s cockpit has complex focal advanced instrumentation and controls that you will normally see in private jets.

EleMMent says its Bedroom incorporates an extraordinarily evolved air convection framework to give the most agreeable inside temperatures.

There are additionally unique temperature zones inside the vehicle, which incorporate a 13-foot lounge chair, enormous TV screen, and open kitchenette.

In the main room, there’s a jumbo bed made by the very organization that provisions the British imperial family.

EleMMent Palazzo Superior Floorplan

2. eleMMent Palazzo Exclusive

eleMMent Palazzo Exclusive

Another most expensive and luxurious motorhome is also the eleMMent Palazzo Exclusive which is a basic model of the superior version.

This model is also made by uniting components from motorsport, flying, and yachting into an elite display of carbon fiber outside structure with incredible usefulness.

It costs around 3 million dollars, and you get loads of features for that.

The Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo is the most amazing and simultaneously most costly RV you could purchase at the present time.


The inside has a 4-meter sofa region, with a bar, wine cupboard, ice creator access and an enormous TV screen, and a kitchenette close by.

Assuming that wasn’t sufficient, neighboring the main room, there’s a spa region for light treatment, a precipitation shower, and furniture with an enormous capacity limit.

With a divider thickness of more than 60mm and a Sky comfort view offering a full wide perspective, you can take this RV anyplace, from rough terrain campaigns to astounding beautiful corners of the Earth.

The top deck can be gotten to through stairs. Given this large number of fantastic elements, the Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo is an RV worth its cost.

3. Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus

Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus

A Prevost transport shell furnished with probably the most extravagant materials and offering high quality and luxury inside is the Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus.

This is a luxury motorhome that costs around 2.5 million dollars, and it is worth the money.

The Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus is a jewel on wheels that you would love to have.


It is manufactured with uncommon Inca marble, copper, Swarovski gems, onyx, Schonbek Crystal, pearlized Italian calfskin, Sapele Pommele from Africa, and some more.

Inside, you will see a treated steel dishwasher, Sub-Zero cooler, a plasma TV, implicit treadmill, and driving steerage with an Avic N-2 GPS framework with continuous traffic and climate alarms.

In case that isn’t sufficient, rely on a carport slide-out for your vehicle.

In any case, you will realize what you paid for when you start to live inside this RV for a long time.

Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus Floorplan

4. Newmar Essex

Newmar Essex

The Newmar Essex is another luxury motorhome that you will find to be very amusing.

The sticker price is well more than the normal American’s home for a vehicle that expects to be “a hotel, any place you are” and gives complexity, style, and solace.

This RV is decent in looks, and the inside is also filled with all the features you need to see.


There are elements like Maple hardwood cupboards that come as standard, alongside a pullout storage room and calfskin coach, driver, and front seats, some of which are both air-cooled and warmed along with a cedar framed room closet.

You get choices like performance center seating, and a chimney with a 50-inch 4K TV that raises and brings down and rubs highlights for the driver and front seats.

The kitchen has a GE Profile Advantium microwave, Whirlpool two-piece stacked washer, and dryer, Whirlpool treated steel cooler, and an electric flush-mounted cooktop too.

Newmar Essex Floorplans

5. Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection

Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection

Volkner is a German Design vehicle like a motorhome that will give you the best feel of German engineering.

This is a luxurious and pretty expensive motorhome that you would want to see.

Its 35-foot Performance Perfection offers many formats, materials, plans, and shading blends.

It incorporates features parts from Volvo; however, the structure is an implicit house by Volkner.


The Performance Perfection remembers its own licensed carport for the “ground floor” that has space for a Mini Cooper or Fiat 500.

There’s enough extra room to bring along two electric bikes, a table and seats, and grill gear.

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The Performance Perfection S model has a price range of around 2.4 million dollars, and it can go up to 7.7 million dollars packages, which can incorporate a Bugatti Chiron sportscar in its carport alongside extra (noisy) fancy odds and ends.

Assuming the carport isn’t sufficiently useful, this RV incorporates a part that slides out with the press of a button to grow the vehicle inside by around 29 feet for more space in the family room, kitchen, washroom, and room.

The lounge can give seat space to six individuals.

The kitchen incorporates luxurious tools and appliances, and the room is the stature of a full room at home and elements an extra-large bed that is completely open from three sides.

Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection

6. Marathon Coach #1319

Marathon Coach No. 1319

The next on the list is Marathon Coach, which is a very luxurious motorhome based on its features.

Marathon has been planning extravagant RV campers for over 30 years and utilizes groups of specialists, architects, and craftspeople to assist clients with making modified dream motorhomes.

The Marathon Coach No. 1319 RV is a five-star motorhome that gives the comfort of a home in one place.

Each feature inside this RV is interesting and can be adjusted widely, incorporating numerous conveniences protected by the organization.


Among the prominent features are an exclusively constructed sleeper couch, GE convection broiler, Sub-Zero refrigerator, porcelain tile flooring with underfloor warming, Fisher and Paykel microwave, carefully assembled glass sinks, and a huge shower, and a full shower.

No cost is saved on the goods and stylistic layout on No. 1319.

These motorhomes incorporate a 49-inch Samsung 4K LED TV in the room, where there’s additionally a customizable leaning back bed and another 49-inch LED TV in the vehicle’s entertainment area.

There are two satellite dishes with three collectors and business-grade Wi-Fi.

7. Morelo Empire Liner

Morelo Empire Liner

Next on our collection list of most expensive and luxury motorhomes is the Morelo Empire Liner.

The smooth, German-assembled motorhome takes after a stylish loft on wheels, intended to offer travelers each solace and comfort along with its look.

It won a German Design Council award in 2018. You will be able to get this motorhome for a cost of around $500,000.


Inside, it includes sleek furnishings, top-end hardware, clear lighting, and display rooftop windows. The kitchen incorporates a 177-liter AES cooler with an isolated 33-liter cooler compartment.

A dishwasher can be added.

The restroom feels more like a portable spa, with a refined regular stone look, sleek installations, and abundant measures of room.

Extra features incorporate a warm shower space encompassed by genuine glass and a super snappy washbowl.

8. Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45 DLQ

Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45 DLQ

The Entegra Coach Cornerstone is another motorhome that you have to consider while looking at the most expensive and luxury motorhomes.

This luxury motorhome has a price tag of around $450,000, and it will give you a front cab bunk structure.

It has a Mobileye touchscreen innovation and a soundbar and theater setup. This RV is one to be wanted, yet be cautious about what you wish for.


Inside this delightful RV, you will notice a wood-fixed stroll in a storeroom with ledges of quartz crystal, porcelain flooring with a coordinated heating framework, and a shower.

Back in the RV, you will initially see a closet and a washer.

At the point when you enter the room in this RV, you will see the extra-large bed and drawers. From that point, you will access the entertainment place and the roomy living region.

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In that room, you will get a comfortable chimney and couch where you can spend your evening time for fun.

Entegra Coach Cornerstone

9. Newmar King Aire

Newmar King Aire

The Newmar King Aire is among some of the motorhomes that were made to be versatile with their elegance and royal residence structure.

These RVs are equipped with conveniences that may make you reevaluate your life decisions.

There are a number of notable features to be found on this specific RV.


The King Aire RV coach has double side canopies with LED lights and an open-air community for entertainment. You will see a cooler and camera checking framework at the passage door.

Inside this expensive vehicle, there’s a colossal front room ideal for individuals who like to lay down and relax after work.

Highlights incorporate Samsung UHD 4K LED TVs, a Bose Sound Touch bar, a Sony Blu-beam player, and Italian full-grain calfskin furniture.

The kitchens incorporate hardwood cabinetry, hardened steel Viking microwaves and fridges, and electric Wolf brand cooktops.

Main suites, behind a sliding style door, have extra-large beds and retractable 4K TVs.

The back restroom has a basilica roof.

Newmar King Aire floorplan

10. Anderson Mobile Estates

Anderson Mobile Estates

The next RV as an expensive and luxurious motorhome is the Anderson Mobile Estates.

It is one of the RVs that is mostly found in the hands of celebrities.

You can have an idea about what it is worth. Anderson Mobile Estates broadly constructed a two-story trailer for popular celebrities and offered a broad determination of extraordinary woods, fine calfskin, sound, visual hardware, and more.


You will find exquisite features like a smart bar, a cosmetics vanity, and a music table for turning tunes. The Aspen configuration seems as though a shop lodging fit for a style expert, with rich wood cabinetry, and treated steel equipment.

You will also get the Zebra floor covering and a stroll in a storeroom with columns and lines of shoe racks and a lot of seating to take into account sitting and appreciating your fashioner clothing.

11. EarthRoamer HD

EarthRoamer HD

EarthRoamer HD is a luxury campervan motorhome.

The least expensive and luxury motorhome on our list is EarthRoamer HD. This is the RV that would take you to any corner of the planet.

The EarthRoamer XV-HD has a four-wheel drive and enough tech to make it an independent travel RV.

You will find numerous features with it.


It has huge fuel, water, sun-oriented, and battery limits.

This extreme vehicle can have 115 gallons of diesel fuel and 250 gallons of new water and also provides a big housetop solar charge.

There’s a water-driven leveling framework for putting down the RV on the unpleasant landscape.

EarthRoamer insides are profoundly adjustable; however, the vehicles are intended to get you anyplace you want.

There are huge, auto-withdrawing canopies with LED lighting, an outside kitchen, a discretionary slide-out, and an outside shower.

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This was a discussion on the most expensive and luxury motorhomes. We listed the top and most luxurious motorhomes ever built with their features.


Which is the name of the most expensive motorhome you can buy?

Marchi Mobile’s EleMMent Palazzo Superior is the most expensive motorhome with a big price tag of $5 million that you can buy.

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