7 Amazing RV That Sleeps 8 People

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Big RV coaches are for those who want the ultimate luxury and need more usefulness for their families and friends when a person wants to go out someplace far away to spend days traveling and enjoying nature.

The bigger RVs have more space, and they provide more room for a big family along with necessary features that help each individual to relax and get the best output from their motorhomes.

In case you are looking for the Best RV That Sleeps 8 People, then we have made a selection of some best options accessible that you would find on the market today.

These RV coaches have the best space and features in case you want a big coach that fulfills all your primary needs in one place.

Have a look at some best options for RV for 8 People.

Name Weight Capacity
Newmar Bay Star 22,000 lbs 6 – 8 People
Coachmen Freedom Express 4,442 lbs 4 – 8 People
Palomino Puma 7,598 lbs 6 – 8 People
Fleetwood Bounder 22,000 lbs 8 People
Thor Miramar 22,000 lbs 5 – 10 People
Dutchmen Aspen Trail 8,093 lbs 6 – 8 People
Newmar Mountain Aire 44,600 lbs 8 People

Newmar Bay StarNewmar Bay Star
Coachmen Freedom Express (279RLDS)Coachmen Freedom Express
Palomino PumaPalomino Puma
Fleetwood BounderFleetwood Bounder
Thor MiramarThor Miramar
Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel TrailerDutchmen Aspen Trail
Newmar Mountain AireNewmar Mountain Aire

What is the Best RV That Sleeps 8?

1. Newmar Bay Star

Newmar Bay Star

The Newmar Bay Star is the top priority in case you want an RV for your family of 8 members that can easily sleep and rest and do whatever they want to in a spacious and big motorhome.

Having more than 10 floorplans that rest up to 8 individuals, Bay Star furnishes you with the space you’ll require without thinking twice about the features being offered in this coach.

Key Features

  • Ford F-53 chassis with 33′ floor plans
  • One-piece colored windshield
  • 17 distinctive floor plans accessible
  • Dura safeguard insurance on the front cap
  • Lighted outside capacity compartments
  • Manually worked hold-to-run slideout switch

While we suggest looking at the Bay Star 3518 and the Bay Star 3419 floorplans, there is a huge load of different models with up to 3 slideouts assuming you need more space out of your RV vehicle.

The elements rundown of the Bay Star will give you all that you’ve wanted, such as it furnishes you with conveniences like curved outside mirrors that can rotate out, sidewall body protection, and a chimney in the living region for setting up your camp during winter.

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You will be baffled by the rich stylistic layout that the interior of this RV has. Bay Star shows vinyl roof boards, accessories divider workmanship, a unique soundbar framework, and considerably more features to add something to the extra.

Newmar Bay Star Floorplan

2. Coachmen Freedom Express

Coachmen Freedom Express (279RLDS)

Coachmen deliver a very luxurious and beautiful RV that suits well for a big family of about 8 to 10 people. This RV called the Freedom Express Travel Trailer is among the best options that you would want to consider.

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The features are awesome, and the build quality is extraordinary.

Key Features

  • Sealed/consistent ledges.
  • Divider in the main room.
  • Smoke and carbon dioxide identifier.
  • Insulated, painted sweep section door with screen entryway.
  • 26 diverse floor plans are accessible.
  • Dinette stockpiling access entryways.

There is a great opportunity of 26 special floorplans that customers can choose from, having a number of bed and resting place options along with the custom length and weight ranges covered.

In case you’re searching for ones that can deal with in excess of 8 individuals, 17 floorplans of this model can accommodate 8 people easily.

From the inside speakers to the pocketknife couch, everything is available in this motorhome for entertainment. Proper security measures are additionally thought about as the Freedom Express incorporates a smoke and carbon dioxide indicator.

At last, assuming you need to redesign this camper, later on, you can do as such through different upgradable models accessible, for example, moving up to a 15,000 BTU AC and frameless windows.

Coachmen Freedom Express Floorplan

3. Palomino Puma

Palomino Puma

Palomino Puma is among the famous RV motorhomes because of the luxury and durability that they offer. These RV motorhomes can be taken to any place without worries as they are very stable to go through any path and make your journey exciting if you have a big family.

The Palamino Puma is included as one of the most mind-blowing travel trailers for couples that have a big family and want to get a suitable RV that comes with their choice of floorplans. Gladly, this RV has many of them.

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Key Features

  • Carbon monoxide, LP break, and smoke alarm
  • 14-inch Deep overhead cupboards in Super-slide models
  • Rubber rooftop with long term guarantee
  • 43 diverse floor plans
  • Upgraded delicate bunk mats
  • 35,000 BTU heater

There are 21 floorplans implies you have enough choices accessible, and the length scope of 38 feet makes it perhaps the most extensive travel trailer out there.

You can get a lot of storage and space in this trailer with its length, and the interior design is quite amazing too. It’s a comfortable trailer with the best floorplans in Puma 28FQDB and Puma 29QBSS.

It has colored safety glasses, power outlets, and a pass-through storage area, as these are the sort of elements that can be incredibly valuable, particularly when going on a trip with a huge family.

It has LED lighting for mood, the entirety of the vital features, and huge loads of resting places for fitting 8 people easily in this trailer.

Palomino Puma Floorplan

4. Fleetwood Bounder

Fleetwood Bounder

Here is another choice as the RV for a family of 8. The Fleetwood Bounder is a good choice to go for, which has a good storage area and useful floorplans. The floorplans, for example, the Bounder 35K and Bounder 35P, have open-air diversions and can rest up to 6 to 8 individuals.

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In the event that more space is a need, the Bounder 36F has two full showers and is 38 feet in length, showing exactly how flexible the Bounder is.

Key Features

  • TPO rooftop thermoplastic polyolefin
  • 7 diverse floor plans
  • Vacu-bond aluminum rooftop, sidewalls, and floor
  • Dual sheet borderless windows
  • Steel built passage box

The type of features and components in this RV depends on the type of floorplan that you request. Nonetheless, a ton of them is comparable across the entirety of the floorplans, for example, a strong surface cooktop, inside design with a delicate touch vinyl roof and deck, interior layout decisions, slideout belt, customizable frames, etc.

There are numerous other features in case you want extreme comfort and luxury feels with this trailer. You can browse a bunch of accessible alternatives that can be found at the manufacturer’s site of this RV.

Fleetwood Bounder Floorplan

5. Thor Miramar

Thor Miramar

There is a classy and stylish option for your living style, which is the Thor Miramar Class A motorhome. This is a luxurious RV that will accommodate a family of 8 easily without any worries. It fills in the need for wide space and some serious luxury features that provide the comfort of your home in one place.

Most people who used this RV would agree that the Miramar is certainly their class A choice.

Key Features

  • Side aluminum compartment doors.
  • Power roller shield on the windshield.
  • Soft vinyl roof.
  • Solid surface kitchen ledges.
  • 5 diverse floor plans.
  • Premium one-piece TPO rooftop.

When we talk about the floorplans accessible on this RV, we can see there are a huge number of features in each one of them that a family can get. There are not many that likewise highlight open-air entertainment and an outside kitchen, for example, the Miramar 32.2 and Miramar 34.2.

The Miramar has every one of the useful accessories of a normal class A motorhome that makes it one of the most useful choices. The driver can be ready for a truly wonderful cruising experience because the touch screen runs the radio with Bluetooth and route, warmed outside mirrors with cameras, a stow-away footstool, and 22.5-inch tires with aluminum wheels.

You get a couple of alternatives to update this class A, for example, full-body paint and double sheet windows as well as additional charges from the manufacturer.

Thor Miramar

6. Dutchmen Aspen Trail

Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel Trailer

The Dutchmen Aspen Trail travel trailer is always among the list of best travel trailers because it has the spark or the charm to attract the user to itself.

It is very great on its specs that you would normally find on a lightweight trailer with 3,125 pounds to 8,126 pounds of weight. It offers greater strength, length, and a good resting limit at the expense of the additional weight.

The best floorplans that can be used for a family of 8 will be Aspen Trail 2340BHS and Aspen Trail 31BH.

Key Features

  • Cable TV hookup with sponsor
  • Two outside speakers
  • Tinted security glass windows
  • 36 distinctive floor plans
  • Seamless one-piece rooftop
  • Radius overhead cupboards

The Aspen Trail is similarly amazing with regards to its list of capabilities. You’ll discover the fundamentals that are a must in an RV, like a microwave and a 13,500 BTU climate control system, alongside certain additional items like 2 outside speakers, a completely useful rooftop, and a sound system with aux, CD, and DVD support.

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Updating the Aspen Trail is not difficult to do, as there are options given by the manufacturer to update it for additional charges and features. It’s nothing unexpected that the Aspen Trail is considered one of the most incredible travel trailers for Dutchmen to bring the best RV. 

Dutchmen Aspen Trail Floorplan

7. Newmar Mountain Aire

Newmar Mountain Aire

The last best campers that sleeps 8, according to our recommendation, is the Newmar Mountain Air Class A motorhome. This RV is among the top selected coaches, and we would recommend it because it is particularly a reasonably priced RV that will accommodate your eight people family in one place.

There is good size storage available in this huge size RV which gives enough space for every one of your family members to have a good resting space along with a decent time out when they are not working.

It has some good features.

Key Features

  • Close Hinges on Cabinet Doors
  • Cedar Paneling in Bedroom Wardrobe
  • 9 distinctive floor plans
  • Entrance Door with Automatic Step
  • Aluminum-Frame Sidewalls and Roof Construction
  • Three 15M Penguin Heat Pump Central with Remote Control Thermostat Air Conditioners

It comes with the 3 slide-outs that will keep everybody comfortable. The best floorplans of this RV motorhome are the Mountain Aire 4535 and the Mountain Aire 4550.

The Mountain Aire leaves you amazed with its beautiful paint finishing on a fiberglass rooftop with walkable decking and froth protections.

This is a durable RV that is genuinely flabbergasted. The 44 feet floorplan complements the addition of maple cupboards in the kitchen, and the design includes a roof, tile deck, and hardwood window corners.

There are more features to add to this RV in case you are willing to pay something more as an extra.

Newmar Mountain Aire Floorplan


This was a guide on the best RV for a family of 8, which involved the discussion of top choices to consider with a spacious interior and more features that would benefit your family easily.

All of these RVs have space enough to accommodate an 8-person family.

In case you find this guide helpful, leave a comment in the section below.


What is the best RV for a large family?

Here are some options for as best RV for large families.

  • Grand Design Solitude 3740BH.
  • Newmar Bay Star Class A Motorhome.
  • Fleetwood Bounder Class A Motorhome.
  • Newmar Mountain Aire Class A Motorhome.
  • Thor Miramar Class A Motorhome.
  • Holiday Rambler Admiral Class A Motorhome.
  • Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB.

What is the best RV for a full-time living?

In case you want an RV for full-time living, here are the options.

  • Grand Design Reflection.
  • Casita Spirit.
  • Newmar Dutch Star.
  • Airstream Classic.
  • Roadtrek CS Adventurous.

What are the best RVs?
  • Newmar Bay Star Sport.
  • Leisure Travel Vans Serenity.
  • GTRV Conversions.
  • New Horizons Summit.
  • Tiffin Open Road Allegro.
  • Grand Design Reflection.
  • nuCamp RV T@B 400.
  • Casita Spirit.

Which is the best RV for a family of 5?
  • Thor Miramar.
  • Newmar Mountain Aire.
  • Holiday Rambler Admiral.
  • Newmar Bay Star.
  • Fleetwood Bounder.

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