5th Wheel Truck Rental (Ultimate Guide)

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Don’t you just love the idea of spending a weekend in the woods away from the city’s busy life with your family? Yes, you do. And what’s better than camping? Of course, having an RV means you will have all the comfort of your home with you no matter where you go.

We all want to get out, leave the city’s busy life behind, and spend some nights under the stars at a peaceful, calm, and close to the nature site.

When planning a trip to discover the country in a 5th-wheel, the first question you have to deal with is what type of 5th wheel truck rental is best for you. 5th-wheel trucks come in different sizes and styles that make them convenient and a perfect option for one’s travel needs.

According to a survey conducted recently, it is found that about 8-million families have their own RVs in the United States. However, not all of them get a chance to use their RVs because of their everyday busy lives, so the best option that they use is to rent them out.

It means if you are tight on a budget and cannot afford to purchase an RV, you can take advantage of that and easily rent one out a 5th-wheel. Generally, 5th-wheel truck rental rates are cheap, and anyone can afford them.

No matter how big or small your family is, you can easily find motorhomes, travel trailers, pop-up campers, and fifth-wheels rentals that fit every type of family.

But, the thing is, unlike other smaller travel trailers that can easily be towed with smaller SUVs or other tow vehicles, 5th-wheels require you to have a suitable tow vehicle to safely pull them.

So, where can you find 5th wheel truck rentals for towing purposes?

Below, you’ll know everything about how to choose the best fifth-wheel truck rentals, where to find fifth-wheel truck rentals, and fifth-wheel hitch rentals.

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So, Let’s get started!

5th Wheel Truck Rentals

So, if you have a fifth wheel, you will need a 5th wheel truck to tow it. Renting the truck is always the best practice if you are not a long-term camper or short on money.

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A truck that can safely handle your fifth-wheel weight. To find a suitable 5th-wheel truck, you can either consult with your dealership or the rental owner. Generally, a 5th wheel truck that is considered ideal is a ¾ ton truck.

You can easily find a truck to tow a 5th-wheel at a car or truck rental dealership. Another option to find a truck rental to tow a 5th wheel that you can consider is moving companies. These types of companies usually provide heavy-duty rental equipment.

Furthermore, you may also consult local listings for truck rental to tow a 5th-wheel in your area, or even post a “Wanted” ad in the classifieds. 

5th Wheel Truck Towing

Fifth Wheel Truck Rental Prices

A 5th-wheel truck rental prices include some factors that determine the rates – where do you rent the vehicle from? How far do you want to drive it? How long do you want it? Etc.

However, it would be an outstanding idea to consider anywhere between $150 to $200 per day for a fifth-wheel truck rental. It is needless to say that this cost doesn’t include fuel expenses.

You may also come across listed 5th-wheel rental trucks that you will find less expensive, but most of them don’t include additional insurance policies, and some others exclude extra towing fees and fuel mileage.

I recommend always overestimating when looking for a 5th wheel truck rental because it keeps you worry-free and good practice to have a budget of a bit more than the actual estimated cost.

Fifth Wheel Hitch Rentals

Although choosing the right vehicle is a critical part of looking for a 5th-wheel truck rental, it is also equally critical to know the truck’s towing capabilities.

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Since fifth-wheels are available in different sizes and some of them hit up to 10,000 lbs, you should have a suitable tow vehicle to pull them safely.

There are some fifth-wheels that are light enough and can be towed by medium-sized pickup trucks, but if you have a larger family and have rented a larger vehicle, you will have to look for a larger, heavy-duty truck.

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Here are some critical characteristics that you must consider for both a fifth-wheel and truck;

  • You should know the Gross Trailer Weight is packed, and the tanks are full. If you are going to rent a fifth wheel, you should consult with the owner in this regard.
  • The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the weight that your truck can carry when it is packed and have cargo and passengers.
  •  The Gross Combination Weight is the combined weight of both your fully-loaded trailer and fully-loaded truck. You should make sure that this doesn’t surpass the Gross Combination Weight category. Your fifth-wheel hitch is another important aspect that you must consider. It tells you the weight of your fifth-wheel hitch rental that it can handle. You should take a look at Gross Hitch Weight Rating which will give you the maximum number it can handle safely.
  • Your truck axle weight is also important to consider when looking for a truck rental to tow a 5th-wheel. This number will give tell you how much weight your truck axle can accommodate.

Fifth Wheel Hitch Rental Rates

When looking for a rental truck with a 5th-wheel hitch, you can consult with your rental facility to know whether they will charge you additionally for the fifth-wheel hitch rental that you want to attach your truck to.

If they charge you a bit extra for the fifth-wheel hitch rental, it will be included in the final price.

Moreover, you can also buy your own hitch at a reasonable cost ($200) from any heavy-duty truck supplier or U-Haul. It means you will equip yourself with your own, trusted fifth-wheel hitch that will be handy for you in the future when you decide to buy your own 5th-wheel.

Is Fifth Wheel Worth It?

There are many things that make the fifth-wheels best towable vehicle. Some of the best parts of having a fifth-wheel truck include, 

1. Privacy

5th wheels set themselves apart from any other RV. They have a second-floor bedroom that can be found over the bed of the truck. Generally, it is considered the master bedroom perfect for couples who are traveling with kids.

Another sleeping area for kids can be found at the other end. This setup is ideal for families who don’t want to compromise on their privacy when on the road.

2. Easy to Tow

5th wheels are also the most comfortable towable vehicle. You will find the 5th wheel towing less stressful than most of the trailers. The main reason that makes 5th wheels easy to tow is their unique hitch (Gooseneck hitch).

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Those kinds of hitches are more stable and have a better turning radius.

3. Luxury

5th wheels are also a luxurious type of towable vehicle. They come equipped with plenty of high-end amenities. Full-size appliances, showers, solid countertops, premium entertainment systems, electric fireplaces, leather lounges, washer/dryers are just a few of them.

How to Choose Best Fifth Wheel Truck Rental?

If you have decided to have a fifth wheel truck rental, you should consider the following aspects,

Do you want a short bed or a long bed?

Considering the bed size when looking for a fifth-wheel truck rental is essential. Since there are SuperCrew Cabs and Mega Cabs available in the RV market, the bed length in trucks has been decreased significantly.

The bed length of a 5th-wheel truck rental is crucial. It determines the cost of the hitch setup and the towing ability when you are on the road.

What is Fuel Type Best for a Fifth-wheel truck rental? Gasoline or Diesel?

Almost all of us with a car know that gasoline is more cost-efficient than diesel. Except for fuel efficiency, having a gasoline vehicle also means cheaper powered engines and fewer maintenance costs.

However, when looking to have a fifth-wheel truck rental, the situation is a bit different.

For instance, for longer distances, diesel engines are much superior to gasoline-powered engines. It means if you have a diesel-powered engine vehicle for longer distances, you will save a bit of money.

However, diesel-powered engines are more expensive than gasoline engines, but they also have more power.

Wrapping Up

Fifth wheels are the greatest towable vehicles. They are luxurious, comfortable, and easy to tow.

If you have decided to rent a 5th-wheel truck, I sincerely believe that the above guide will help you in finding the best 5th-wheel truck for rent.

Good luck and happy traveling


Where can I find a fifth wheel rental truck to pull a fifth wheel?

Most of the car and truck rentals provide heavy-duty pickup truck rentals to tow fifth-wheel. You can also find a fifth-wheel truck rental at a dealership.

What is the average cost to rent a fifth wheel?

When renting a fifth-wheel, you can expect between $150 to $200 per day.

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