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Travel trailers are really big rigs, and they need a proper truck or powerful SUV with more power in order to tow them nice and smooth. These trucks can be pretty expensive for the power that they offer, which is why it’s not possible for everyone to afford one for their family. In such a case, they may think about renting a truck for towing their travel trailer.

There are some companies that provide rental trucks in case you are one of those people who are in search of a truck to tow their trailer. There are various policies set by each of the companies from where each of them has its own pros and cons for the customers. We have got all about where you can find rental trucks for towing travel trailers in this discussion.

You should read in detail below to get the information about these rental truck businesses and how you can choose the best rental service.

How to Choose Best Trucks for Rental?

In case you want to pull bigger rigs like a travel trailer, then you may want to check these points in rental trucks before selecting any of them from rental companies.

1. Size Of Bed

Considering the bed size when searching for the best truck rental is fundamental. Since there are many options available in the RV market, it’s important for you to get a super comfortable interior. The bed length of a rental truck is significant. It decides the expense of the hitch arrangement and the towing capacity when you are out and about.

2. Fuel Type

A gas vehicle is cost-effective than diesel, but diesel engines have better performance for weight carrying and long trips. It implies that in case you have a diesel-controlled engine vehicle for longer distances, you will set save a lot of trouble of having no power. Diesel engines have good power to take you through any path while pulling a lot of weight.

Best Truck Rental Companies

Here we have a list of the truck rental companies where you can find rental trucks for towing travel trailers and fifth wheels easily,

You can lease a truck to pull a travel trailer at most truck or vehicle rental vendors like Budget Truck Rental, U-Haul, Penske Truck Rental, etc. Probably the easiest spot you can discover a truck for renting is the Enterprise trucks organization that gives a course of action to a travel trailer truck in case that you plan for a drawn-out rental of over a half year.

For example, Enterprise Truck Rental organization charges rely upon the area; however, as a rule, the truck rental rates range between $90 to $480 each day while the cost-per-mile runs between $0.20 to $0.70. Different organizations that give rental truck administrations to pulling the travel trailers incorporate U-Haul, Penske Truck Rental, Budget Truck Rental, and Hertz.

Rental Truck for Towing Travel Trailer

How to Choose The Best Rental?

Rental costs for a truck that can pull your travel trailer fluctuate. In any case, the costs rely upon the distance you are driving, the rental organization, how long you keep it, and regardless of whether you take extra protection strategies. Much of the time, it is a smart thought to have a spending plan of around $100 to $150 each day for a rental truck most rental outlets, barring gas costs.

Pulling a loaded trailer decrease the eco-friendliness of the truck. In case that the trailer is more extensive than the pulling truck, you will legitimately be needed to have one with expanded side mirrors. These mirrors cost between $4 to $50 per pair or $150 to $450 for installation on the truck.

In spite of the fact that the facts might confirm that you can see rental trucks promoted that they offer reasonable rates, you may. Nonetheless, the greater part of the promotions does exclude extra protection offers, while some companies add extra towing and mileage charges.

Notwithstanding the circumstance, after you have tracked down the suitable rental supplier, you need to make sure and check with the rental organization to get a total value citation before you plan your RV trip.

After use, you can revise your exercises or objections, yet one of the most un-debatable parts of your journey adds the expense of leasing a truck to pull your travel trailer. In case that you wish to discover the truck that can best draw your trailer, you ought to think about the trailer’s weight and stature.

When you have a travel trailer that weighs in excess of 15000 pounds when it is loaded with stuff and length of somewhere around 40 feet, a full-ton truck will pull it without confronting any difficulties.

To put it plainly, you might wish the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the truck to surpass the heaviness of the trailer tongue and truck when consolidated by in excess of 10%. As a rule, Japanese pickup trucks, for example, Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara, are the popular decisions for pulling lighter travel trailers.

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For heavier travel trailers, American trucks like Ford F150 and Dodge RAM 2500 are best suitable to choose. For example, RAM 2500 truck can tow up to 30,000 lbs implying that it can pull the biggest fifth-wheel RV without a problem.

Do Rental Trucks Have Tow Hitches?

No, Most of the truck rentals who rent their trucks for towing a trailer don’t offer towing hitches. It is because they normally don’t rent the vehicle out for long and for towing purposes. Only a few of the companies allow renting trucks for towing that also have an option for tow hitches.

A similar will go for vehicles, SUVs, and different vehicles they lease. U-Haul has trucks with hitches, yet those hitches are intended to tow their trailers, not RVs. The way into this subject is that you might need to keep some severe organization guidelines to tow with their trucks.

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A few organizations, similar to Hertz, will demand that they introduce the towing system before you are permitted to do any towing. You would need to actually look at the singular rental offices to read and understand what their policies are.

Additionally, while organizations might permit towing, they might not have towing travel trailers or fifth wheels at the top of the priority list. They may just have ordinary towing as a main priority utilizing vehicle transporters and little freight trailers that don’t hold a great deal of weight.


Rental Trucks for Towing a Travel Trailer

It’s not easy to find rental trucks for towing travel trailers because most of the companies don’t allow it. One explanation is that the protection presented by the organization or even your approach just covers the vehicle, not the trailer. Despite the fact that numerous vehicle rental offices don’t permit towing, some will save a couple of greater trucks from satisfying that little need.

They need you to utilize their towing bundles on their vehicles. Then, at that point, a few organizations do exclude travel trailers and bigger fifth wheels from towing list. A significant number of these organizations prefer that you tow a smaller trailer or fifth wheel with the rental truck.

In case that you need to tow a trailer or fifth wheel, you would require a 2/2, 3/4, or 1-ton get truck to deal with the weight. A few organizations that offer these trucks for lease necessitate that you stay inside the producer’s towing rules. For instance, in case that you lease a Ford, you keep Ford’s rules. In the case of a Chevy truck, you stay inside their weight cutoff points and guidelines.

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Truck Rental to Tow a Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheels are bigger than travel trailers which would require either a 3/4 or 1-ton truck and ensure it is prepared to deal with it. To discover this size of the truck and an organization willing to lease it to you will take some tests. You should benefit from it by exploring and discovering the power of a truck to tow the fifth wheel first.

The organization may not be in your space, but it will be if you live in rustic regions or humble communities. The burden factor might make certain individuals wonder whether or not to lease a truck. It is feasible to contact Ryder, U-Haul, or other truck rental organizations and see what they need to say. In any case, the tow limits might be restricted on most trucks they lease.

Check this guide on 5th Wheel Truck Rental for more detailed information. 

Rental Truck Prices

A rental truck costs incorporate a few factors that decide the rates so that to make it clear where you lease the vehicle from? Does this also depend upon how far you need to drive it? How long do you need it? And so on

In any case, it would be an exceptional plan to think about a range between $150 to $220 for a day of renting a truck. It is obvious that this expense does exclude fuel costs. You may run over a lot of rental trucks that you will observe to be more affordable, yet a large portion of them do exclude extra packages and features, and some others add extra towing charges and fuel mileage.


This was a guide about where to find rental trucks for towing travel trailers or fifth wheels. The discussion includes some companies along with suggestions that would help a customer to find the best suitable rental organization in order to get his rental truck at good pricing.


Can you rent a truck to haul a travel trailer?

Trucks can be rented from the organizations that provide rental trucks based on daily charges. The leased vehicles can cost differently based upon their types. Bigger trucks like Ford F150 or Dodge RAM 1500 can haul a travel trailer easily.

What trucks can pull a travel trailer camper?

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