How Much Does a Class C RV Cost? (With Examples)

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The typical cost of a Class C RV varies greatly. The cost of the Class C RV you want to buy might range from $12,000 to $150,000, based on a number of factors (year, brand, model, size, and previous repairs).

In this article, prices of new and old Class C RVs are available on the market will be discussed.

Average Cost of a Brand New Class C RV

Brand New Class C RVs range in price from $50,000 to $100,000 on average. This is where the majority of the prominent Class C RV models fall.

The price of a new Super C ranges from $100,000 to over $250,000. Generally, everyone from weekend adventurers to full-time RVers considers Class C RVs to be a cost-effective and cheap option.

The Super C Class is seen as a more cost-effective alternative to Class A Motorhomes. As samples of layouts and prices currently offered for purchase, we’ve listed costs for both Class C and Super C motorhomes below.

Examples of Class C RV Cost

Jayco Redhawk 26XD $71,700
Jayco Greyhawk 31FS $90,000
Jayco Redhawk SE 27N $74,000
Coachmen Freelander 21QBC $50,000
Coachmen Freelander 26RSC $69,000
Coachmen Freelander 32DSF $97,800
Thor Freedom Elite 22FE $58,000
Thor Quantum RC25 $87,000
Thor Chateau 22E $67,000
Entegra Coach Esteem 30X $100,000

Examples of Super C RV Cost

Thor Magnitude $159,700
Jayco Seneca 37K $231,800
Dynamax Corp Isata 5 Series $141,000
NeXus RV Ghost 33DS $190,000

Price of a Used Class C RV

Because motorhomes depreciate significantly after a few years, it is possible to get a fantastic price on a used Class C RV. It is wise to go for a used Class C RV if you are low on budget. However, the condition of the vehicle must be good.

Below are a few examples.

Examples of Used Class C RV Cost

2008 Winnebago View 24H $43,600
2015 Thor Chateau 26A $60,000
2008 Four Winds Chateau 31P $37,000
2014 Coachmen Leprechaun 319DS $70,000
2011 Four Winds Chateau 31P $50,000
2014 Forest River Forester 3051S $61,400

Examples of Used Super C RV Cost

2016 Thor Four Winds Super C $103,000
2014 Thor Four Winds $89,500
2012 Winnebago Itaska 24D $64,000
2012 Jayco Seneca 37FS $120,000
2016 Jayco Seneca HJ 37HJ $140,000
2008 Gulf Stream Conquest Independence 6311 $64,990
2015 Nexus RV Ghost 36G $120,000
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Additional Miscellaneous Costs to Consider

When acquiring a Class C RV, there is a distinction between the cost and the price. The price you pay for the motorhome is just the negotiated pricing.

The total cost of the RV comprises the purchase price as well as all additional costs associated with RV ownership. We’ll go through a comprehensive list below, so you’re well-informed before making a purchase.

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1. Finance Interest Rate

Unless you buy an RV outright, you’ll almost certainly have to finance it. The duration of the finance period is determined by the RV’s year of manufacturing, and the interest rate is determined by your credit score.

Before you start shopping for RVs, you should talk to your finance firm about loan rates and terms, and you should prepare to get pre-qualified for a motorhome loan.

Use this RV Mortage Calculator to know the approximate rate. 

2. Storage Costs

Many people aren’t permitted to park their RV next to their home, or even in their driveway, or it’s simply not practicable. As a result, you may also need to include in the expense of storing your motorhome.

We discovered that the cost of storing an RV ranged from $75 to $250 a month while we were looking for a location. Outdoor storage costs $75 to $125 a month, while indoors conditioned storage will cost you about $150 to $250 a month.

3. Sales Tax and/or Property Tax

Remember to account for sales tax when purchasing an RV. In Maryland, for example, you would be obligated to pay a 6% sales tax. So, if you purchased a $50,000 RV, you’d have to pay $3,000 in sales tax. Also, verify if your state or county levies an annual personal property tax, which would apply to your motorhome.

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4. RV Insurance

You’ll need to think about two different sorts of insurance. One of those is liability insurance, which is necessary in order to register and drive a car. It’s the same as having auto insurance. The second type is extended warranty insurance, which is designed to lower your vehicle’s prospective maintenance expenditures.

At approximately $500 per year as average, RV liability insurance is most affordable. The expense of an extended warranty policy might be up to 3% of the RV’s purchase price. Considering the $50,000 RV pricing as an example, a 3% extended warranty would set you back $1,500.

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Difference Between Class C and Super C

1. Class C

Jayco Melbourne Class C Motorhome

The Class C motorhome is easily identified by its front end, which resembles the front end of a huge pickup truck having a sleeping compartment positioned over the cabin. They vary in length from 19 feet to 35 feet and can accommodate two to eight people.

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In a Class C vehicle, the sleeping compartment is located above the cab, which helps to maximize the living space.

Class C RVs are the traditional mid-sized powered recreational vehicles, offering many of the same features as bigger Class A RVs but at a lower price. A bathroom featuring a bath, kitchen equipment, and a dinette and/or couch that transforms into a bed are all standard amenities.

Check out some of the Highest Quality Class C RVs in the market. 

2. Super C

Renegade Verona LE

Super C RVs have a bigger chassis than ordinary Class C RVs and are often equipped with a diesel engine. They also include a sleeping compartment over the cabin, but the front end resembles that of an 18-wheeler. The bigger frame and diesel engine together provide more power and hauling capabilities.

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A Super C diesel RV is an excellent alternative if you need to tow your automobile behind you. On the interior, Super C versions are larger and resemble a class A motorhome. Large storage rooms, premium-quality equipment, an entertainment unit, upholstered flooring, countertop enhancements, a king-size bed, a booth-style dinette, as well as televisions in the main living room and bedroom are common features of the C+.

Check out some of the Best Super C RVs.


In this article, we tried putting all the important information regarding the prices of Class C RVs with examples. Given all of the RV brands, floor designs, and additional choices available, purchasing an RV might be a bit complicated.

This article should serve as a solid beginning point for you as you consider all of your alternatives and prepare to make a significant investment. You’ll need to outfit your new Class C motorhome with all kinds of important camping equipment and gadgets once you’ve bought it.


How much does a Class C RV cost per month?

A Class C motorhome can be rented for somewhere from $85 to $500 per night, but the average cost is approximately $179. You can save money by renting for extended periods of time.

For example, renting the same Class C motorhome for a week costs approximately $157 per night, while renting for a month ends up costing approximately $133 per night.

Is a Class C RV worth it?

Class C RVs are one of the most cost-effective motorhomes, and they are well worth the investment for many customers. RVs in the Class C category are larger than those in the Class B category but smaller than those in the Class A category.

They’re built on a conventional truck chassis (like an F450) and feature a storage area, entertainment unit, or sleeping area above the cab.

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