7 Best Class C Motorhome Manufacturers and Brands

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Class C motorhomes are often selected on the basis of their reliability and fuel consumption in the long run.

These RVs have an extreme taste for comfort along with greater stability on the roads where you want to take them. Luckily, a large number of motorhome brands have been working on manufacturing the best class C motorhomes for their customers.

In such competition, a lot of brands and manufacturers were born, due to which we have a vast range of class C RV motorhomes to choose from.

While everyone one of them is different in some way from the other manufacturer, we have decided to list down all of these manufacturers and brands of class C motorhomes so that you can learn their differences.

So here are the Best Class C Motorhome Manufacturers and Brands.

Name Quality Ratings
Winnebago Industries 10/10
Forest River 9.8/10
Dynamax 9.5/10
Coachmen RV 9.2/10
Tiffin Motorhomes 9/10
Thor Motor Coach 9/10
Jayco 8.5/10

WinnebagoWinnebago Industries
Forest River Inc.Forest River
Dynamax logoDynamax
CoachmenCoachmen RV
Tiffin MotorhomesTiffin Motorhomes
Thor Motor CoachThor Motor Coach

What are the Best Class C RV Brands? 

1. Winnebago Industries


Winnebago is named for the Native American clan situated in Forest City, Iowa.

It has been in the business since 1958. Furthermore, it’s unquestionably advanced with the latest trends and innovations to add to its RVs.

The present Class C Winnebagos range from more modest apparatuses based on Sprinter or Transit diesel motors to bigger gas-driven RVs that depend on the Ford F-E40.

The diesel models incorporate the View, Navion, Vita, and Porto, and the gas models incorporate the Minnie Winnie, Spirit, and Outlook.

Winnebago offers an incredible assortment as far as size, cost, and elements. There are numerous slide choices with both broadened bed and differing kitchen formats.

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The Best Class C RV from Winnegabo is Winnebago Vita and Winnebago View.

Winnebago Vita

Winnebago Vita

The Winnebago Vita is a Class C motorhome based on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter and comes in two floorplans, the two of which are 24-feet, 5-inches.

The RV has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,030 pounds. There is a sovereign bed and a 49 x 87-inch overhead bed for a lot of dozing for yourself and visitors.

The Vita has a ton of highlights to offer, including versatile cruise control, a 32-inch HDTV, colored RV windows, a storeroom with customizable racks, a twofold sink with covers and a touchscreen interactive media infotainment with the route, Wi-Fi area of interest, wise voice, and a back camera.

Winnebago View

Winnebago View Class C Motorhome

The Winnebago View is also another motorhome based on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter frame that is presented in three floorplans that are around 26-feet long and have a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,030 pounds.

It has a sovereign murphy bed and bunk over the cab. A few highlights the View has to offer to incorporate sunlight-based power shades and leaning back warmed power control cab seats with customizable lumbar help.

You will also find a microwave/convection stove with contact control, delicate close drawers, a touchscreen sight and sound infotainment community with the route, a Wi-Fi area of interest, smart voice control, and a back shading camera.

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2. Forest River

Forest River Inc.

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Forest River makes the Forester series and Sunseeker series in the class C lineup situated in Elkhart, Indiana.

These RVs are made on the Chevy, Ford, and Mercedes structures. You can always get a smooth, comfortable drive with the Forest River vehicles.

The best Class C RVs from Forest River are Forest River Forester and Forest River Sunseeker LE.

Forest River Forester

Forest River Forester MBS

The Forest River Forester is based on a Ford frame and ranges long from 27-feet to 32-feet long.

The gross vehicle weight rating is 14,500 across all of the floorplans presented for this RV.

This RV comes standard with a sovereign bed and lofts. A couple of the highlights this RV has to offer are a recessed three-burner range with a flush glass cover.

You will see features like the 30-amp set up charger focus with power cord and the 12-volt LED Flat Panel flexible side TV.

Different elements incorporate dark shade in the room, an 8-inch touchscreen Carplay/Android radio with USB and Bluetooth, and side-view cameras.

Forest River Sunseeker LE

Forest River Sunseeker LE

The Sunseeker LE is another example of a Forest River class C RV motorhome that is based on a Ford suspension giving a very smooth ride.

It comes in lengths going from 24-feet to 32-feet, long, so there is a lot of space for having some good times when out and about.

The gross vehicle weight rating is somewhere in the range of 14,200 and 14,500 pounds.

There is a lot of dozing space as each floorplan comes standard with a sovereign bed and a bunk.

A few elements that make this RV stand apart are the recessed three-burner range with a flush glass cover, 30-amp with a power line, a full-shading system camera, and a 12-volt LED leveling board movable side TV.

3. Dynamax

Dynamax logo

Dynamax is another manufacturer that comes as a division under Forest River situated in Elkhart, Indiana.

It produces the Isata series using Mercedes Sprinter chassis with a few slide format choices to expand space inside this little diesel Class C RV.

Dynamax began as an autonomous organization in 1997, preceding being bought by super-producer Forest River in 2011.

The Class C models that carry out with the Dynamax identification incorporate more modest gas engines just as a line of bigger and more lavish ones based on a Freightliner frame.

The Dynamax Isata 3 is the famous diesel model, while the Isata 4 and 5 are the gas-consuming variants.

The Best Class C model from Dynamax are Dynamax DX3 and Dynamax Isata 5.

Dynamax DX3

Dynamax DX3 37BH

The Dynamax DX3 comes on a Freightliner frame (semi-truck) with a 6-speed Turbo diesel motor.

Also, with lengths going from 36-feet to 41-feet, the DX3 brings a ton to the table for highlight savvy.

It has a keyless passage touchpad at the section, an outside divider-mounted entertainment place, with a 32-inch LED TV.

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RVers will have a lot of room to loosen up inside this RV.

The gross vehicle weight rating is 33,000 pounds.

It has a gas range with a glass cover, strong surface ledges, a touchscreen room with switchboards and Bluetooth cell phone application control, and a sprung private style dinette with seats that lift up for capacity.

Dynamax Isata 5

Dynamax Isata 5

The Dynamax Isata is one of the successful series from the brand based on a Dodge Ram suspension and incorporates the Turbodiesel Cummins engine.

A few highlights the Isata has to offer are a gas range with a glass cover, strong surface ledges, treated steel twofold bowl sink with covers, and premium vinyl flooring.

It also has five floorplans going from 31-feet to 36-feet.

The gross vehicle weight rating is 19,500 pounds.

It has private-style dinette seats with flip-up capacity, delicate shutting drawers, 39-inch LED TV in the living region, a soundbar in the living region, security shades for the over-taxi bunk, and an outside shower in the help inlet.

4. Coachmen RV


The Coachmen RV is a well-known manufacturer, and it has been in the business for a very long time.

You can find its Class C RVs that are very reliable and great in quality.

This company is based in Middlebury, Indiana.

Famous models by Coachmen include Freelander and Leprechaun. More up-to-date models remember the Cross Trek and Orion for the Ford Transit body and the Prism on the Mercedes Sprinter base.

Coachmen Leprechaun

Coachmen Leprechaun

The Coachmen RV Leprechaun is a class motorhome that is considered the best in class RV.

With lengths going from 24-feet to 33-feet, you will feel what this RV is offering on the inside.

It’s based on either a Ford or Chevy body, contingent upon the model, and the gross vehicle weight rating ranges between 12,500-14,500 pounds.

This RV additionally offers a sovereign bed and a bunk.

A portion of the highlights the Leprechaun Class C has to offer is the congolium design, lighthearted vinyl flooring, a shower lookout window, a private size microwave, leaning back pilot and front seats, and LED roof lights all through.

Coachmen Freelander

Coachmen Freelander Class C RV

The Coachmen RV Freelander is also a successive model as a class C motorhome that has a wide scope of lengths between 24-feet to 33-feet and is based on either a Ford or Chevy frame.

This depends upon the floorplan model that you choose.

The gross vehicle weight rating has a scope of 12,500 and 14,500 pounds.

It additionally offers a sovereign bed and a bunk over the front of the RV.

Highlights that are standard for this RV that assist it withstanding apart are a private size microwave, a 32-inch TV in the family room, congolium planner lighthearted vinyl flooring, a composite twofold bowl kitchen sink, colored span 50/50 slider windows with safety glass and a magazine rack over the entry entryway with HDMI ports and a USB charging station.

5. Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin Motorhomes is an extravagant Class C RV producer that is situated in Red Bay, Alabama.

The Wayfarer based on the Mercedes Sprinter frame is around 25 feet with a slide, and it’s one of the successful examples of the brand.

This motorhome brand has its own position in the RV world.

The Best Class C RV from Tiffin Motorhome is Tiffin Wayfarer. 

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Tiffin Wayfarer

Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RWC

The Tiffin Wayfarer is about 26-feet long and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,030 pounds.

It is based on a Mercedes Benz undercarriage. For resting space, it has a queen murphy bed and an over-cab space.

Highlights that help the Wayfarer stand apart incorporate a 16-foot wind sensor canopy with speakers and protection shades.

You will find extra features like a backing camera, warmed seats, turn seat bases for driver and front seats, LP cooktop with worked-in cover, house radio with DVD and Bluetooth, under and over the counter lighting, and a ledge expansion.

6. Thor Motor Coach

Thor Motor Coach

Thor motor coaches are known for their big bulky sizes, along with a list of features that are included with them. This brand is also one of the best class C motorhome manufacturers.

The Tiburon Sprinter is one of the examples of a class C motorhome that has quite a name for its quality.

Thor Tiburon Sprinter

Thor Tiburon Sprinter

The Thor Tiburon is based on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter that has a V6 engine.

This model has three floorplan designs, so you can select one to be that fits you and your family.

The twofold door fridge with impeccable entryway embeds is standard on this model, just like a big hardened steel single bowl sink.

Dinner is a breeze with squeezed overlay kitchen ledges with sink covers.

You’ll have a sense of security pulling your beloved toy on the 5,000 lb. trailer hitch on account of the RV’s backup checking framework.

Enter with the keyless passage system and put on the cruise control to make a beeline for your next objective.

A two-burner cooktop with an electric switch and a glass cover, alongside a convection microwave, will get your dinners arranged rapidly and proficiently, leaving a lot of time for no particular reason.

7. Jayco


Jayco motorhomes can be found in all categories.

This brand produces some of the finest RVs in the market, and it has the Greyhawk model for the class C division.

This motorhome manufacturer perfectly designs a motorhome that is appealing and charming for the customers.

Jayco Greyhawk

Jayco Greyhawk

The Greyhawk model is one of those class C motorhomes that are known for their stockpiling and friendly ease.

The latest RV is based on a Ford E-450 chassis with five floorplans and a delightful Modern Farmhouse inside plan.

The Greyhawk has a roomy kitchen with a simple activity legless dinette table, a Furrion managed cooktop and stove, and a private microwave, and just a double entryway refrigerator.

Contingent upon your decision of floorplan, the Greyhawk can incorporate a sovereign or extra-large bed just as a little restroom with a latrine and shower.

Shift to the Customer Value Package to add on a 24″ LED TV in the room, an electric shade with LED lights, and other improved highlights.

Different choices incorporate couch theater seating, a front diversion community, and two 11,000 BTU A/Cs.

If you are interested then check out Best Class A Manufacturers and Best Class B Manufacturers.


This was discussed on the Best Class C Motorhome Manufacturers. We have listed all the top brands and manufacturers that are known worldwide.


What are the best brands of class C RV motorhomes?

Some of the best brands of class C RVs are

  • Winnebago.
  • Jayco
  • Dynamax
  • Coachmen
  • Tiffin

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