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A Super C RV is an exceptional blend of RV classes.

Offering the various extravagances of a Class A and the great power of Class C, the Super C resists simple classification.

These RVs use diesel fuel, and they are mostly based on Ford F-550 chassis. The Super C RVs are bigger adaptations of Class C motorhomes.

There is additional room in these RVs that provides every one of the extravagances of a Class A Motorhome with extra safety highlights. You’ll also get an overhead bunk too.

I have listed some Best Super C RV in this article.

Name Chassis Brand and Model Price
Renegade Verona LE Freightliner Business Class M2 $395,000
Jayco Seneca Freightliner S2RV Series $264,300
Thor Magnitude Ford F550 $219,600
Newmar Super Star Freightliner Business Class M2 $350,828
Entegra Accolade Freightliner S2RV Series $269,925
Dynamax Force HD Freightliner Business Class M2 $276,111
Nexus Wraith International DuraStar $210,023

Renegade Verona LERenegade Verona LE
Jayco SenecaJayco Seneca
Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34Thor Magnitude
Newmar Super Star 4061Newmar Super Star
Entegra AccoladeEntegra Accolade
Dynamax Force HDDynamax Force HD
Nexus WraithNexus Wraith

The Best Super C RV are

1. Renegade Verona LE

Renegade Verona LE

The best Super C RV that you can get for your money is the Verona LE by Renegade RV.

It has a length of 40′ 2″ feet, and it conveys genuine extravagances.

They incorporate a washer and dryer, an open-air region for entertainment, calfskin seating, and immense tanks.

The freshwater tank holds 150 gallons of water, and the gray and black tanks hold 75 apiece.

The towing limit on the Verona LE is stunning. It can pull up to 19,900 lbs behind it.

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The best component of the Verona LE is the material that is used in its construction which gives a perfect fabricated quality.

The kitchen utilizes stone and rock ledges, and the drawers, and the floors are porcelain tile. With this motorhome, you will be happier than ever.

Renegade Verona LE 40LRB

2. Jayco Seneca

Jayco Seneca

The next Super C RV motorhome is the Jayco Seneca.

This big RV is a class in itself. It brings charm and solace to the owner as well as the family living in it.

You will be able to find abundant measures of capacity and regular comforts that make setting up camp significantly more pleasurable with this Super C motorhome.

The capacity compartments are gigantic in this Super C RV, giving adequate space to all your outside stuff and adornments.

The enormous hammer hook doors offer a secure lock, giving you additional inner serenity during traveling days.

Jayco has planned the Seneca to amplify space and assets.

The RV outline has Jayco’s Vacuum-Bond cover for the rooftop, sidewalls, and flooring plank.

The 84-inch high roofs offer a lot of headroom for even the tallest of the guests.

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The legless dinette region provides effective space utilization.

The bunk over the driving quarters offers a 750-pound weight limit.

Seneca 37HJ

3. Thor Magnitude

Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34

The Thor Magnitude is a big Super C RV that you may want for your family.

This Super C RV is a stage above large numbers of the standard Class C RVs available today.

Users have the option to browse from five distinctive floorplans, each having either a Ford F-550 or F-600 engine.

There are enough safety highlights, including pre-crash alerts and side cameras.

Notwithstanding which floor plan you select, you’ll get loads of seating.

You’ll find a completely supplied kitchen furnished with an expansive, twofold bowl sink and smooth, strong ledges.

Moreover, the lounge room region obliges an assortment of seating choices.

You will also get Thor’s Dream Dinette, which has worked in cup holders.

The Tilt-A-View bed in the SV34 model will be your comfort partner to have a quiet night’s rest. You can even track down extravagance in the restroom with its glass entryway, high lookout window, and treated steel sink.

Besides all of the things mentioned above, the macerating framework makes discharging your tanks more helpful than any other time in the past.

Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34 Floorplan

4. Newmar Super Star

Newmar Super Star 4061

The Newmar Super Star has the spark of becoming your dream Super C motorhome.

It is viewed as a definitive housing experience on wheels where you’ll find solace wherever you go inside this Super C RV.

It is available with four floorplans for the customers, including one 37-foot option and three 40-foot choices. All have a full floor-to-roof slide-out.

The ⅝-inch froth protection and aluminum-outline sidewalls add additional security against the components.

The 100-gallon fuel limit gets you farther between fill-ups. Also, not at all like most RVs, this motorhome has two side overhangs. With this motorhome, you will be prepared for any season.

Normally, you’ll have two Penguin heat siphon climate control systems, in addition to a 50-inch, 4K LED TV and Bose Solo 5 Soundbar for complete entertainment inside the RV.

Newmar Super Star 4061

5. Entegra Accolade

Entegra Accolade

The Accolade is another Super C RV on our list that has a reasonable price, too, as compared to most of the motorhomes listed in this discussion.

You will get this RV at a length of 39 ft 4 inches. The Accolade provides you with every one of the advantages of Super C RVs at a much lower cost.

You’ll get highlights like a touch screen control board, washer and dryer combo, and jumbo bed.

Furthermore, the Accolade can tow up to 12,000 lbs. With such features, you can make it your ideal RV for a full-time living.

The Accolade offers you an extraordinary towing limit with their Freightliner structure and a lower sticker cost.

You can consider it one of the best Super C options to look for when choosing a motorhome.

Its features will put a smile on anyone’s face and give the feeling of money well spent.

Entegra Accolade 37L

6. Dynamax Force HD

Dynamax Force HD

The next RV we would like to recommend is the Dynamax Force HD.

This is a motorhome under the Super C category that oozes strength, class, and constancy. Customers can look over three sublime floorplans that are available with this RV and also add their custom choices from the dealers.

The RV is around 36 to 37 feet in length.

Inside, users get intelligent protection conceals and a tri-crease or L-formed couch, contingent upon the floorplan that is selected.

The entertainment area incorporates a 39-inch LED Smart TV, just like a chimney.

The RV incorporates automatic four-point water-driven leveling jacks and a full-body paint assurance bundle.

Automatic steps assist you with entering and exiting, and the foil-lined ventilation work ensures safety for the people living in it.

The delicate touch vinyl roof with LED recessed roof lights can make a warm, welcoming atmosphere for your loved ones.

This is one of the most eye-catching Super C RVs.

Dynamax Force HD 37BHHD

7. Nexus Wraith

Nexus Wraith

The Nexus Wraith is a bit costly RV that you can get but with great features.

This RV is about 32′ 5″ ft long, and it offers a lot of useful features inside. With huge holding tanks and a 6.7L Cummins 300 HP Engine, you’ll have loads of limits with respect to freight and supplies.

There are innovative features to find in this RV, such as touch screen controls, Bluetooth systems, and backup cameras.

Extra elements found in the Nexus RV incorporate stirred steel boxes for storage, updated Beau Flooring, heated and encased holding tanks, and “plug and play” electrical ports all through the camper, making each Nexus RV’s electrical framework more reliable.

The styling of the RV is also pretty, and you will also get a comfy and smooth ride with this Super C motorhome.

Nexus Wraith 34W

Understanding Super C RV

Here are some ways to distinguish Super C RVs from normal class C RVs.

1. Huge loads of Exterior Storage

The Super C RVs have more outside capacity due to their length of the body.

2. Tow and Cargo Capacity

Super Cs can tow up to 20,000 lbs. These motorhomes can carry significantly more weight than customary Class C and Class A motorhomes.

3. More Extensive Wheel-base

This makes a more secure and more agreeable driving experience.

4. Simpler Repair

These RVs are equipped with truck engines which means they are easy to repair as you will find shops in your neighborhood.

Advantages of Super C RV

You may have been thinking about why you should choose a Super C RV instead of the normal class C RV. We are going to give you many reasons to answer this question.

All things considered, it is on the grounds that Super C motorhomes enjoy a few upper hands over conventional Class C RVs and different RVs.

The major advantages that these RVs offer are:

1. More Storage

Since these RVs are greater in size, they commonly have more inner and outer stockpiling regions. Some of them even have an open-air kitchen or a garage.

2. Huge Size

Since they are based on big business trucks, like Ford F-550, Super C motorhomes are commonly large. They are greater than Class C RVs and a few many Class A RVs.

Since these motorhomes are large in size, they are, for the most part, more extensive and have more furnishings, highlights, and conveniences.

3. Security

These motorhomes commonly have a more extensive wheelbase since they are based on big business trucks. This makes them more stable on the road, and they are more secure to drive.

They are additionally more straightforward to drive on rough terrain or on the harsh landscape on account of how stable they are.

4. Good Towing Capacity

The Super C motorhomes have an exceptionally amazing towing limit. A large portion of the RVs is produced using the undercarriage and the engine of the Ford F-550.

The F-550 engine gives great towing capacity with incredible performance. This implies a common Super C motorhome can tow some genuine weight.

Many use it to pull their boats or toys for long trips when setting up camp.

5. Sturdy

Since Super C RVs are constructed with a very stable suspension along with the engine of the truck, these motorhomes are very sturdy for a longer lifetime.

These are meant to deal with weight and tow as much as they possibly can.

The Super Class C is not normal for more modest RVs that are made utilizing the modest size trucks.

Disadvantages of Super C RV

While there are a number of positive features and advantages of using Super C motorhomes, there are also some disadvantages to using these motorhomes.

We have highlighted the negative sides one by one below so that you can have a better idea.

1. Expensive

The cost of these motorhomes is usually high. There is no rejecting that the value makes possession unavailable for some future owners.

Even the basic models in the Super C category range from $200,000 all the way up to $700,000.

This is a negative side for those who are looking for reasonably priced motorhomes.

2. Limited Inside Space

Although these motorhomes may have a good outside length the inside space is still less somehow. About 10 feet is covered with a hood and front seats, so you get less inside space for living as compared to Class A motorhomes.

3. Efficiency

No RV is incredible on gas except because of their cumbersomeness and weight, and Super Cs will place a ding in your wallet from the fuel perspective.

As may be obvious, there are two upsides and downsides to these RVs.

Considering fuel options, class C motorhomes provide a better average than these motorhomes.


This was a guide on the Best Super C RV. We have shared a list of some useful Super C motorhomes.

For more, see FAQ.


What is a Super C motorhome?

Super C is motorhomes that offer a plan like a Class C motorhome, however, with a bigger body and engine. The Super C models add incredible engine for a lot of potential outcomes with regards to the subtleties of the motorhome.

What is the top-quality class C motorhome?

Here is a list of some highest quality class C RV motorhomes ever made.

  • Jayco Greyhawk.
  • Coachmen Freelander.
  • Thor Tiburon Sprinter.
  • Tiffin Wayfarer.
  • Dynamax Europa.

What is the longest Class C motorhome?

The biggest Class C RVs are generally 35′ long. The exceptionally longest Class C is the Jayco Seneca at 39′ 1″; however, that is most certainly an oddity. Most Class C RVs are in the 27-32′ range. Class A RVs can get a lot bigger.

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