13 Amazing Class C RV With Twin Beds

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When you want to arrange a long trip someplace far off with your friends or your family, you might want to consider an RV that has the space and provides the facilities that one would ever need.

Such needs can lead you to search for the ideal class C motorhome that has the facilities and features that will prove to be useful on your trips.

This may include the addition of twin beds for more resting places for your kids as well.

In such a case, you can get the ideal class C motorhomes just by deep research.

Fortunately, we will help you through this discussion, where you will find a class C RV with twin beds.

We have categorized them and listed them according to the features and comfort that they can provide to a family.

Name Max Sleeping Count Price
Leisure Travel Unity 24TB 2 $124,605
Coachmen Orion T21TB 6 $83,810
Thor Chateau 25V 6 $112,200
Winnebago Trend 23D 4 $100,392
Dynamax Rev 24TB 6 $91,204
Winnebago Fuse 23A 4 $127,777
Tiffin Wayfarer 24TW 6 $147,050
Winnebago View 24V 6 $162,291
Winnebago Navion 24V 6 $162,291
Gulfstream Conquest 6315 10 $87,395
Leisure Travel Wonder RTB 2 $121,420
Forest River Sunseeker TS 3 $91,277
Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24TP 6 $145,943

Leisure Travel UnityLeisure Travel Unity 24TB
Coachmen OrionCoachmen Orion T21TB
Thor ChateauThor Chateau 25V
Winnebago TrendWinnebago Trend 23D
Dynamax RevDynamax Rev 24TB
Winnebago FuseWinnebago Fuse 23A
Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RWCTiffin Wayfarer 24TW
Winnebago View Class C MotorhomeWinnebago View 24V
Winnebago NavionWinnebago Navion 24V
Gulf Stream ConquestGulfstream Conquest 6315
Leisure Vans Wonder MBLeisure Travel Wonder RTB
Forest River Sunseeker TSForest River Sunseeker TS
Jayco Melbourne PrestigeJayco Melbourne Prestige 24TP

What are the Best Class C RV with Twin Beds?

1. Leisure Travel Unity 24TB

Leisure Travel Unity

The best motorhome with twin beds in the class C category is the Leisure Travel Unity 24TB.

This RV is best in class in looks and is really costly. Nonetheless, the design of the RV is exceptionally convincing.

Most importantly, given the size of the RV, it has an ability to get vigorously stacked easily, to such an extent that clients have announced an amazing gas mileage on the full burden.

It uses Mercedes diesel alongside bluetek.

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The RV additionally accompanies valuable elements like path help alongside reverse cameras.

This is actually an extravagant pleasant RV that may cost you a bit for its features.

There are solar chargers fused into its plan to assist you with adequately dealing with the battery.

A seriously incredible AC unit, alongside propane warmers and a hotness siphon, oversee great living temperatures inside the RV.

Leisure Travel Unity 24TB

2. Coachmen Orion T21TB

Coachmen Orion

The Coachmen Orion is a motorhome based on a cutting-edge Ford Transit chassis having a lot of elements to yearn for, including an eco-friendly V6 and incredible sightlines from the driver’s seat.

To assist with mobility and unwavering quality, every Orion RV incorporates a specially crafted controlling stuff made for RV use.

The T21TB offers a lot of resting choices too.

The format puts the restroom in the actual back of the RV, right close to two twin beds. On the opposite end, a cost estimated 48 X 87 inches gives many additional resting choices.

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You will get a lot of space for resting individuals in this small motorhome easily.

Coachmen Orion T21TB

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3. Thor Chateau 25V

Thor Chateau

Thor offers you more decisions for adaptable resting plans with the Chateau and Four Winds models.

Both proposition twin beds at the back can be changed over into one king bed. They offer the decision of a Ford or either the Chevy suspension from the models such as E-350.

The main genuine contrast between the two Thor models is, by all accounts, the shading plans.

You will see a bit of change in them, and even the costs are indistinguishable.

In this way, look at the stylistic layout and check which one is ideal for your choices. If any of them appeal to you, you can make your decisions, and, If not, head on over to the other models that may assist you with what you need.

Thor Motor Coach Chateau 25V

4. Winnebago Trend 23D

Winnebago Trend

The Winnebago Trend 23D is one of the motorhomes to meet your needs for twin beds.

Unfortunately, this model is not in production anymore. You can just purchase used models. They made it up to 2019.

This RV runs on RAM and has an amazing design. The Trend 23D is regularly mistaken for Winnebago Navion 24V and Winnebago View 24V on the grounds that every one of the three RVs has comparable floorplans.

Nonetheless, while Trend 23D sudden spikes in demand for RAM, Navion 24V and View 24 V are Mercedes-based RVs.

The Trend 23D is very comfortable and different with its format that has a slideout with an eating stall or little love seat.

You will find out the ProMaster engine by Dodge on this motorhome, and it accompanies a gas generator.

The water warming framework is tankless, and the fridge is a 3-way model.

There is a bit of a problem to look at. Assuming you make one major bed, the washroom can’t be utilized. The storage room is in the restroom. The seats can be turned, which is in some way a very good option, but the price is still high for what you get.

Winnebago Trend 23D

5. Dynamax Rev 24TB

Dynamax Rev

Dynamax has quit producing the REV, and they currently don’t have any small RVs with the twin design.

However, you can, in any case, track down used ones. This RV runs on a frame of RAM and has a slick Dodge 3.6L motor. The strong features of the RV say a ton regarding its quality.

Another intriguing component is that the plan of the latrine is really fancy and reasonable for two people.

There are turn seats in the front, which makes the driver region turn out to be essential for the living region.

This RV includes a limitless boiling water limit with respect to a freshwater tank of 25 gallons, or you can get city water associated.

The two twin beds can be changed over to a full bed when you have the proper organization.

The sofa transforms into a more modest bed too. It has a good measure of extra room; nonetheless, it doesn’t have a bigger space outside for a bike.

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Dynamax Rev 24TB

6. Winnebago Fuse 23A

Winnebago Fuse

Winnebago Fuse 23A has a Ford Transit frame, and power mirrors accompany the cool capacity of a thaw-out choice.

This RV has an external shower and a warmed waste framework, settling on it a decent decision for movement in colder environments.

The cooler accompanies swinging doors.

In any case, a disadvantage of this RV is that the storage room is put inside the bathroom, which I don’t like.

Moreover, the plan and floorplan are to such an extent that it is difficult to utilize the bathroom when the flex bed has been spread out into a major bed. Likewise, the driving seat won’t turn, just the front seat.

Those are enormous downsides for me. What is incredible is that it is a diesel-fueled Class C, so it would be more practical and last longer than an internal combustion motor.

It’s more costly too. I don’t know whether I am sold on the Ford undercarriage.

Winnebago Fuse 23A

7. Tiffin Wayfarer 24TW

Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RWC

Tiffin’s Wayfarer models are based on the recently overhauled Mercedes Sprinter van skeleton. This cutting-edge van stage gives these RVs an eco-friendly 3-liter super diesel motor combined with a 7-speed transmission.

Huge loads of time have gone into downplaying outside sound too. On the 24TW floorplan, Tiffin introduces two twin beds in the exceptionally back, with the toilet and shower arranged close to the beds.

A tri-crease couch or discretionary leaning back performance center seats dwell in a slideout that makes some space in the kitchen region.

Tiffin Wayfarer 24TW

8. Winnebago View 24V

Winnebago View Class C Motorhome

The Winnebago View 24V is an RV offering the Sprinter van chassis with a great number of features.

Investigating the floorplan, you will see the twin beds in this C-class RV are likewise arranged at the exceptionally back.

Obviously, Winnebago has injected its very own lot of character into this RV, with another plan bringing a lot of extravagance contacts that any RVer ought to appreciate.

Choosing the Wayfarer and the View may very well boil down to individual inclinations, yet it’s consistently great to have choices!

Winnebago View 524V

9. Winnebago Navion 24V

Winnebago Navion

Assuming that you thought the past two RVs were comparable, you haven’t seen anything yet. All things considered, the Navion is indistinguishable from the View – same 25’5″ length, same stockpiling, same design.

The main genuine contrasts are in the shading plans presented on each model. Note that on the two models, the flex bed framework implies that the two twin beds can undoubtedly change over into one extra-large for definitive adaptability.

Regardless of whether they are twin RVs, they actually have a lot of extraordinary highlights to bet on. Simply look at their sites to observe a shading subject that turns out best for you.

Winnebago Navion 24V

10. Gulfstream Conquest 6315

Gulf Stream Conquest

At 32 feet in length, this Gulfstream Conquest offers huge loads of room inside. That makes this the ideal C-class RV for enormous families.

The back quarters of the RV can rest 4, with two arrangements of twin-bed bunks.

Parents can take care of themselves an agreeable 30 feet at the front overhead bunk. In the middle, the enormous slideout moves the dinette and couch back to make some pleasant living space when halted.

This Gulfstream is based on either a Ford E350 or E450 body, making it a somewhat more dated stage than others on this rundown.

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Gulfstream Conquest 6315

11. Leisure Travel Wonder RTB

Leisure Vans Wonder MB

The Wonder is a class C motorhome with twin beds.

It is called Rear Twin Bed (RTB), a progressive new Class C RV based on the Ford Transit undercarriage.

The Wonder RTB includes North America’s initial outside go-through carport on a Ford Transit-based Class C, enormous enough to house two standard-size bikes and considerably more.

Inside, the Wonder RTB’s creative design highlights separate regions to live, eat, and rest, an inventive three-piece dry restroom, and the biggest cookroom presented in the Leisure Travel Vans setup.

Inside capacity can be found in bounty all through the new Wonder, including two standard size hanging closets situated under the twin beds. The Wonder is loaded with features like Natural Rift cabinetry, offering a cutting-edge warm feel.

Bended upper cabinet doors add a layer of style and are done in Italian-made FENIX NTM matte surfaces that are scratch-safe, against finger impression, and hostile to bacteria, making their European plan simple to clean and really focus on.

Leisure Travel Wonder RTB

12. Forest River Sunseeker TS

Forest River Sunseeker TS

The Sunseeker TS Class C gas RV by Forest River is a great choice that comes with twin beds.

It has been designed for eco-friendliness with a 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine and ultra-light, eco-accommodating structure materials. For an eco-friendly, better-assembled RV, the Sunseeker TS Class C is the best choice that you have got.

You will be amazed and happy with all the features to find in this RV.

You will cherish the private style cabinetry, the turn skipper’s seats, and the full showers with a protection door and no wet showers.

Each model highlights class-driving pass-through capacity, smooth frameless windows, and backup and side-view cameras for a problem-free driving experience.

This RV incorporates a Trump Combi electric warming and high effectiveness water radiator, and a 2.8 kW gas generator; in addition you can add the all-wheel-drive choice in the event that you intend to go going romping.

Forest River Sunseeker TS2370

13. Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24TP

Jayco Melbourne Prestige

The last suggestion for you is Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24TP. It has a lot of sitting and sleeping space for everybody between the back 32″ x 72″ twin beds, the overhead bunk with a 750 lb. limit, the couch, and the Ultraleather turn driver and front seats.

There is a wealth of capacity between the overhead cupboards and the closet close to one of the twin beds, in addition to a 6 cu. ft. cooler to keep your perishables cold and new.

Assuming that you needn’t bother with the additional dozing space, then you can add the B-Plus choice where the cabover bunk is changed out for a diversion place.

The Customer Value Package incorporates extra lavish elements like the auto pleather, cap all-encompassing window with power conceal, the Girard armless porch shade with LED light strip, and more.

Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24TP


This was a discussion on the class C RV that comes with twin beds as basic and standard features from the manufacturer.


Which RVs have twin beds?

Following are some common RV that come with twin beds as their standard feature.

  • Coachmen Orion T24TB
  • Winnebago View 524V
  • Winnebago Fuse 23A
  • Thor Chateau 25V
Which is the best motorhome with twin beds?

Jayco Melbourne is one of the motorhomes with twin beds to provide a lot of seating and resting space.

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