10 Amazing Small Campers with Air Conditioning (AC)

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Going out on vacation in your camper on the scorching days of summer might not be a good idea unless the camper has a fully functional air conditioner.

After spending a hectic day out hiking and exploring the area around, you might want to come to a cozy and comfortable bed for a good sleep.

Temperatures spike day and night, with little or no release from warmth.

In summer, the inside of the travel trailer looks like an oven. Sure, you can put one or two small vibrating fans, but this seems to move warm air from one corner of the camper to another.

Humans certainly need a cool room to have a proper sleep which can only be possible with an air conditioner.

A camper that lacks this critical feature might leave you with regrets for the entire trip.

The good news is that campers with air conditioners are common out in the market. A trailer with an air conditioner should be your priority while looking for one to purchase.

This article will look briefly at the Best Small Campers with Air Conditioning.

Name AC British Thermal Unit (BTU) Price
Jayco Jay Feather Micro 13,000 BTU $17,000
Coachman Viking Express 9.0TD 5000 BTU $6,500 – $11,000
Taxa Outdoors Cricket Camper 5,000 BTU $32,439
nuCamp Tab 400 10,000 BTU $31,941
Scamp Camper Trailer 8,000 BTU $15,000
Travel Lite Falcon F-Lite FL-14 6,000 BTU $39,995
The TOPO Series 5,000 BTU $19,750
PeeWee Small Fry Camper 5,000 BTU $6,895
NuCamp TAG 5,000 BTU $22,000
Forest River R-Pod 13,500 BTU $31,977

Jayco Jay Feather MicroJayco Jay Feather Micro
Coachman Viking Express 9.0TDCoachman Viking Express 9.0TD
TAXA Outdoors CricketTaxa Outdoors Cricket Camper
NuCamp Tab 400nuCamp Tab 400
Scamp TrailerScamp Camper Trailer
Travel Lite Falcon F-Lite FL-14Travel Lite Falcon F-Lite FL-14
Topo Series EscapodThe TOPO Series
PeeWee Small Fry CamperPeeWee Small Fry Camper
NuCamp TAGNuCamp TAG
Forest River R-PodForest River R-Pod

What are the Best Small Campers with Air Conditioning?

1. Jayco Jay Feather Micro

Jayco Jay Feather Micro

This vehicle is a small, lightweight travel trailer with a total weight of 1,580 to 4,700 pounds. It means that Jayco Jay Feather Micro can be towed by light trucks and medium SUVs.

It comes in five layouts. Other than the smallest, all designs come with a bathroom.

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This camper’s dry bath is located at the stern and has a separate toilet and bath.

You can also enjoy the additional perks of an outdoor shower.

Including a living-style kitchen counter with a 3-burner stove, the unit comes with a folding sofa and Jayco’s new patent-pending tray.

The optional package includes solar arrangements and 13,000 BTU air conditioning for standalone camping.

The Jay Feather Micro is a great camper.

Key Specifications

Length 13 feet 4 inches – 23 feet 2 inches
Sleeps Up to 8
Gross Weight 1,580 pounds – 4,700 pounds
Price $17,000

Jayco Jay Feather Micro Floorplan

2. Coachman Viking Express 9.0TD

Coachman Viking Express 9.0TD

With the patented GlideNLock Coachmen system, it’s easy to set up right out of the box. Waterproof tents are durable and protect you from a variety of weather conditions.

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It’s minimalistic, so it’s easy to use. It offers all the necessities of camping, including the air conditioner.

Its lightweight and aerodynamic design make it easy to tow. It is compact and easy to store.

It fits in your garage when not in use. Coachmen make the Viking practical while still maintaining great style and providing travelers with the ultimate travel comfort that has been their trademark for years.

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You’ll also be glad to hear that you can add space to your Viking Camping Trailer when you need more room for your family, plus 5000 BTU A/C for more comfortable camping.

You can also install bike racks and load safety systems to take your bike around and enjoy the outdoors more.

Key Specifications

Gross Weight 1,277 pounds
Height 4 feet 3 inches
Length 8 feet 2 inches
Width 79 inches
Air Conditioner 5000 BTU
Price $6,500 – $11,000

Coachman Viking Express 9.0TD floorplan3. Taxa Outdoors Cricket Camper

TAXA Outdoors Cricket

The Cricket from Taxa Outdoors is an ultra-light camper that can be towed by many four-cylinder vehicles.

Also inside are amenities such as a water heater and outdoor shower system not found on similarly sized trailers.

Cricket offers sleeping facilities for up to 2 adults and 2 children. NASA-inspired design by TAXA takes into account the choreography of life in space, offering a double bed with ample storage space under the bed, a safe interior, and a comfortable dining area.

It can be towed almost anywhere in any vehicle you already drive at just 15 feet long and a  dry weight of 1,760 pounds.

It comes with an optional 5,000 BTU air conditioner for a comfortable stay regardless of the weather.

By adding the fifth window, TAXA has created a more aerodynamic position for the air conditioner option.

Key Specifications

Exterior Width 6 feet 7 inches
Exterior Length 15 feet
Exterior Height 6 feet 11 inches
Interior Height 4 feet 2 inches
Interior Width 5 feet 3 inches
Gross Weight 2,700 pounds

Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland Floorplan

4. nuCamp Tab 400

NuCamp Tab 400

The NuCamp Tab 400 retains its old-style but comes with new school features like instant hot water and air conditioning.

At 18 feet long, the compact Tab 400 still offers a private queen-size bed, a spacious kitchen with storage space, a dining area for three, and a soaking tub.

Despite its small size, it can offer nothing less than other small campers as it comes with most of the essential basic needs.

It has a central AC system that will not leave you dealing with warm weather on your own.

Additionally, it is also equipped with a solar system to power the entire unit and remain eco-friendly at the same time.

There is a fridge and sink included in the floor design. It has a sleeping area of 55″ x 79″, enough for two adults.

Key Specifications

Exterior Width 7 feet 6 inches
Exterior Length 18 feet 3 inches
Exterior Height 8 feet 8 inches
Interior Height 79 inches
Sleeping Area 55 inches x 79 inches
Gross Weight 2,840 pounds

nuCamp Tab 400 Floorplan

5. Scamp Camper Trailer

Scamp Trailer Small Campers with AC

Because Scamp trailers are sold directly from the factory, each order is basically a custom assembly.

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The compact trailer is suitable for four people, available in 13, 16, and 19-foot lengths, and available in standard or deluxe trim levels.

According to scamp, all variants are designed to be towed by small vehicles like mini-vans and SUVs.

The Scamp trailer is custom-built. It is lightweight and aerodynamic when it comes to design. Air conditioning can be included if ordered by the buyer.

Key Specifications

Length 13, 16, and 19 feet
Refrigerator Size 3.7 cu. ft.
Heater Propane Water Heater
Stove 2 Burner Propane Stove
Price $15,000

Scamp 16 floorplan

6. Travel Lite Falcon F-Lite FL-14

Travel Lite Falcon F-Lite FL-14 Small Campers with AC

The Travel Lite Falcon F-Lite Road Trailer easily tows behind most small SUVs and can be easily stored after a fun weekend of outdoor activities.

When camping, you don’t have to sacrifice the comforts of home because it includes a refrigerator, hob, ball-bearing drawer slides, cast Granite kitchen countertop, and dining table.

You can easily prepare for the weekend in your trailer without spending the night in a tent.

You can also grab a bite to eat in the dining room that turns into a bed at night. A wet bath is convenient after hiking a trial or after a day of sitting outdoors.

External and internal compartments for large camping gear like games, camping chairs, and ample grill supplies are also included.

Key Specifications

Length 13 feet 5 inches
External Height 8 feet 1 inch
External Width 7 feet 11 inches
Internal Height 6 feet 1 inch
Gross Weight 3,680 pounds
Refrigerator Size 3 cubic feet

Travel Lite Falcon F-Lite FL-14

7. The TOPO Series

Topo Series Escapod Small Campers with AC

TOPO series enclosures measure 5″x8″ and are built on a hand-welded 2″x2″ frame of powder-coated American steel for complete weather protection.

Its exterior walls and roof are made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum. 

The TOPO kitchen is ready to be an outdoor kitchen on the go. It comes with waterproof HDPE, stainless steel countertop, LED lighting, two drawers, and a rear storage cabinet for essentials that can be used as a table and chopping board.

It has 4 closets, 2 drawers, and closed storage space behind the bed that provides everything you need to store your clothes and gear.

The base price for this teardrop is $ 19,750.

TOPO series trailers measure 5 feet x 8 feet with a 2″ x 2″ frame and are small enough to extend the kitchen outside the building.

AC is a small 5,000 BTU portable device. It provides all the ports you might require for a fast and convenient setup.

Key Specifications

Exterior Length 12 feet 6 inches
Exterior Width 7 feet
Gross Weight 2000 pounds
Air Conditioner 5000 BTU
Price $19,750

Topo Series Escapod Floorplan8. PeeWee Small Fry Camper

PeeWee Small Fry Camper Small Campers with AC

Small Fry is a small camper with a height of 66 inches and a total width of 64 inches. It has a full length of ten feet and six inches.

It also has a large frame tongue with shelves that provide storage boxes, generators, batteries, and more space.

It has a solid wall construction and is factory laminated, interiorly and exteriorly, with white high-gloss aluminum.

The air conditioner, available for SmallFry, is located on the front wall of the trailer.

The device weighs 42 pounds and operates at 5,000 BTU.

As mentioned on their official website, the base price for Small Fry starts from $6,895.

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Key Specifications

Total Width 64 inches
Total Length 10 feet 6 inches
Total Height 66 inches
Price $6,895

9. NuCamp TAG

NuCamp TAG Small Campers with AC

NuCamp RV TAG is cute and cool at the same time.

TAG is light and easy to pull, which makes it ideal for those seeking to level up their camping experience.

The NuCamp RV TAG enables you to bring the comfort of your home when you get out on the road.

The new TAG models feature large star viewing windows, a heater with a wireless thermostat, air conditioning, solar panel, and cooler options.

The TAG makes it easy to camp in a cozy campground or get off the winding road.

It has a tag price of $22,000.

Key Specifications

Exterior Width 6 feet 8 inches
Exterior Length 13 feet 7 inches
Interior Height 43 inches
Exterior Height 6 feet 3 inches
Fresh Water Capacity 8 Gallons
Gross Weight 2,200 pounds
Price $22,000

NuCamp TAG floorplan10. Forest River R-Pod

Forest River R-Pod Small Campers with AC

R-Pod Travel Trailer is a joyous mini caravan. With air conditioning for scorching summer days, a stove with a burner, bunk beds, and the ability to accommodate 3-5 people, you will find space for the whole family!

They come in 11 distinct floor plans that you can go through on their website. Depending on the model you get, you may end up with a tight toilet, shower, or shaving-type bathroom.

Toilet and shower are accommodated in one room.

However, it also offers a small camper with a separate shower and a complete bathroom with a toilet.

The air conditioning unit in Forest River R-Pod is 13,500 BTU.

You can own an R-Pod for a retail price of $31,977.

Key Specifications

Exterior Length 17 feet 6 inches
Exterior Width 96 inches
Exterior Height 9 feet 8 inches
Gray Water Capacity 30 Gallons
Fresh Water Capacity 30 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 30 Gallons
Gross Weight 3,159 pounds
Air Conditioner 13,500 BTU
Price $31,977


Choosing a small camper with the air conditioning feature will be easy with all the options now in your mind.

Small campers are comparatively cheaper and affordable.

You will need to have a car that can tow the camper, and you are set to go on a trip to explore places even in the scorching days of summer, all thanks to the air conditioning system that is a part of your camper.


Do small campers have AC?

Most small campers come with built-in air conditioning systems, but they can also be installed manually in the campers. The air conditioning systems can be installed with a bit of effort and require minimum skills. You can modify your camper on your own if you have a camper that lacks an air conditioning system.

What is the cost of installing AC in a small camper?

The cost of installing an AC in a small camper is somewhere from $400 to $700, depending on your requirements. You can avoid the installation costs by opting for doing it by yourself.

What is the smallest RV AC?

5000 BTU units are the smallest air conditioning units available at the moment for campers and RVs. 2000 BTU units are also available, but it is recommended not to pick them as they are less efficient in warm areas.

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