8 Best Micro Camper Trailers

Are you looking for luxurious but tiny and lightweight campers? Check out the below list of best micro campers.

The biggest reason micro campers are so popular among frequent travelers and road adventurers is their towing ability. You don’t need to own a big vehicle to tow it since your car can easily do that. These micro campers are also multi-functional and versatile, as well as the best option for those who want to upgrade from tent camping to have more amenities to make their camping trip more memorable.

Moreover, they are also a good pick for couples who love to travel together and look for an excellent but affordable option. If you are one of those who want to know more about what the best micro campers are that you can have, this article is tailored for you.

Best Micro Camper Trailers

Below, I have listed some best micro campers available in the market that you should consider. So, let’s get started!

The Best Micro Campers are 

  1. Forest River Rockwood Geo-Pro 12RK
  2. Taxa Cricket Camper
  3. Happier Camper HC1
  4. Taxa Tigermoth Camper
  5. Hiker Trailer Highway
  6. Sylvan Sport GO
  7. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 12RK
  8. Polydrop Trailer
Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel TrailerForest River Rockwood Geo-Pro 12RK
TAXA Outdoors CricketTaxa Cricket Camper
Happier Camper HC1 UltralightHappier Camper HC1
Taxa TigerMothTaxa Tigermoth Camper
Hiker TrailerHiker Trailer Highway
Sylvan Sport GOSylvan Sport GO
Forest-River-Flagstaff-EPro-E12RK-FFL059Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 12RK
Polydrop TrailerPolydrop Trailer

Best Micro Campers Trailers

1. Forest River Rockwood Geo-Pro 12RK

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer

Forest River is a well-known brand that manufactures some of the most popular and most luxurious campers. If you are looking for a lightweight and tiny camper trailer, Forest River Rockwood Geo-Pro 12RK is one of the most excellent deals that you should consider.

This micro camper includes sleeping space, a small but functional kitchen, and storage space. The thing that makes it popular among duo travelers is its lightweight, and you can tow it easily with any vehicle, which means you can take it anywhere you want.

It can hold up to two persons with ease. Even if you are new when it comes to towing a trailer, you can pull it with ease since its length is 11.2 ft. And weight under 1,200 lbs. 

Forest River Rockwood Geo-Pro 12RK Specifications

  • Ext. width: 6 feet 4 inch
  • Dry weight: 1164 lbs
  • Length: 11.2 feet.
  • Hitch weight: 162 lbs.
  • Fresh water: 20 Gallons.
  • Grey water: 6 Gallons.
  • An excellent option for a couple of travelers.
  • Lightweight, affordable, and can be towed easily by just crossover vehicles and small SUVs.
  • It is equipped with a WIFI ranger to boost WIFI.
  • Dual entry doors.
  • An entertainment center.
  • A functional outside kitchen.
  • Storage space is a little tight, which means you will not be able to store much of your stuff when traveling.

2. Taxa Cricket Camper

TAXA Outdoors Cricket

The second one in our list of best micro campers is Taxa Cricket Camper. The thing that I liked the most about it is that it is a micro camper trailer that can comfortably hold up to two persons with two kids. You don’t need to look for an appropriate location to park it since it can be parked in a garage with ease as it is only 15 ft. in length.

Another unique thing that I like about it is its pop-up roof that is great for ventilation. Moreover, it also has a standing-room that features five mesh windows. Unlike the majority of other micro campers available in the market, it offers much more storage space that you can use to bring your stuff with ease while on the road.

To make the most out of its small size, it has a kitchen counter with cubbies that you can use to prepare food. Coming to its amenities, you will see a full-size bed, propane tanks, sink, and a burner stove, water heater and furnace, exterior shower, etc.

Taxa Cricket Camper Specifications

  • Dry weight: 1,800 lbs.
  • Exterior width: 6.7 feet.
  • Exterior height: 6.11 feet.
  • Interior height: 4.2 feet.
  • Interior width: 5.3 feet.
  • Freshwater: 15 Gallons.
  • Greywater: 16 Gallons.
  • A great deal for couples with kids looking for an affordable and lightweight micro camper.
  • Pop-up roof for better ventilation.
  • A full-size bed with storage space under it.
  • Shower with both hot and cold water.
  • USB outlets and a roof exhaust fan.
  • It can easily be parked in a standard garage when not in use.
  • It doesn’t have a bathroom, though it does have an outside shower.

3. Happier Camper HC1

Happier Camper

This is another best micro camper travel trailer called Happier Camper HC1. People who are looking to have a retro-style lightweight camper should consider this one. It features almost all the tech stuff inside it, and the most notable one is its adaptive modular platform system, which means you can modify the camper’s layout whenever you want.

For instance, if you are on a road trip with your family, you can easily cover up the whole floor of the trailer with bedsheets to expand the sleeping area. Moreover, you can also set up a kitchen or bathroom oriented layout. Regardless of its small size, this tiny beast has so much potential.

Besides its Adaptive system, it also offers some other amazing things that include its double insulated fiberglass shell. The dry weight of the HC1 micro camper is just 1,100 lbs., which means it can be towed with almost any small vehicle with ease. However, with add-ons, it tends to weigh up to 1,800 lbs.

The bottom line is, this tiny, lightweight camper trailer has so much to offer, and you should consider this when buying one.

Happier Camper HC1 Specifications

  • Dry weight: 1,100 lbs.
  • Exterior height: 7.4 feet.
  • Inside height: 6.1 feet.
  • Shell length: 10 feet.
  • Overall length: 13 feet.
  • Inside width: 6.6 feet.
  • Tongue weight: 110-150 lbs.
  • An affordable, lightweight, and feature-rich camper.
  • Retro-modern looks from outside.
  • Wide entry door, classic wheel fenders, and massive rear hitch.
  • Thanks to its Adaptive system, change the layout of the camper at any moment.
  • Rearrange components with ease that are made from durable materials.
  • It doesn’t feature a closed-off bathroom.

4. Taxa Tigermoth Camper

Taxa TigerMoth

This is the second micro camper from Taxa that I’m mentioning in my list here. Although it is not as exciting as Cricket Camper, it offers some pretty amazing things that many of you will like. The very first thing about it is its compactness, which is much more than Cricket.

With a length of 12 feet and just 1,300 lbs., it can be towed with almost any vehicle with ease, and you can take it anywhere you want. However, since it is more compact than Cricket Camper, it means there will also be only a few amenities that you will see.

It doesn’t have an interior kitchen, but you can have it separately as an option. Another thing that you must consider while buying this one is it has less storage space than what you can have in a Cricket camper.

The thing that I liked the most about Taxa Tigermoth is its pull-out outdoor kitchen, which means it is an excellent deal for those who love outdoors to spend some quality time with their loved ones. It can easily hold up to two persons for sleeping, but it does offer an RTT by Taxa, which is an optional rooftop tent to accommodate more people.

Another thing that is missing in this micro camper is an outdoor shower. However, if you want one, it offers a portable toilet and a shower tent as an option. To increase the storage space, it allows you to attach hooks and bungees to create additional space for ceiling-mounted cargo. For people looking to own a lightweight but storage efficient micro camper, you should consider Taxa Tigermoth.

Taxa Tigermoth Camper Specifications

  • Dry weight: 1,359 lbs.
  • Exterior Length: 6.7 feet.
  • Interior width: 4.7 feet.
  • Exterior height: 6.8 feet.
  • Interior height: 4.7 feet.
  • Freshwater: 5 Gallons.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Pull-out outdoor kitchen.
  • An excellent option for couples who love outdoors.
  • To accommodate more people, it offers a rooftop tent.
  • It doesn’t have an interior kitchen.
  • It doesn’t have an outdoor shower as well.

5. Hiker Trailer Highway

Hiker Trailer

For people who are looking to have a micro camper that they can customize with ease, look no further than Hiker Trailer Highway. These micro camper trailers are incredibly affordable, and you don’t have to worry about your budget.

The company puts together customizable tiny campers for its customers at affordable prices. While buying one of these micro campers, you will have the option to choose from a range of setups and then specify your own features and build type.

The feature that I loved the most about this hiker trailer is the simplicity that has sufficient angles on it not to make it a box but is not anything fancy. You will be able to access its shelves from not only inside but also outside. The basic models of the trailer lack features, but if you want to upgrade it, you will have plenty of options.

If you aren’t afraid of shelling out some money, these campers can do just about anything. Some of the basic models are equipped with solar charging kits, additional storage, A/C, and a roof rack.

Hiker Trailer Highway Specifications

  • White aluminum exterior.
  • No rear door.
  • 2,000 lbs. axle
  • Safety chains.
  • 110-Volt power strip.
  • A great pick for people who want to own a fully customizable camper.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • It offers a range of setups to choose from.
  • Its basic models lack features, and you have to spend some money to upgrade it.

6. Sylvan Sport GO

Sylvan Sport GO

If you are searching for a multi-purpose micro camper that is just perfect to even the most active lifestyles, look no further than Sylvan Sport GO. It is a gear transporter, pop-up tent, and a utility trailer, which means it can be used for multiple purposes.

To make things easier for people who are new to towing, it is a lightweight micro camper with a dry weight of just 840 lbs. And has a length of just 12 feet, which also means it can be towed by just any vehicle with ease.

With 6.5 feet inside height, it has a bright and spacious interior. It also features a big screen and windows and multiple dining and sleeping configurations that you can configure anytime, as required. To make an additional outdoor living space, it is also equipped with an awning.

When going for a camping trip, it allows you to load your stuff, such as bikes and boats on the roof effortlessly. Moreover, to transform it into a utility trailer, you need to make a few adjustments to use it for your everyday needs. All of this means that it can be used not only for camping but also for other purposes.

Sylvan Sport GO Specifications

  • Standing height (camping mode): 77 inches.
  • Interior floor dimension: 48*48 inches.
  • Trailer size (travel mode): 143*75*53 inches.
  • Trailer size (Transport Mode): 143*75*81 inches.
  • A lightweight multi-purpose trailer that can be used not only for camping but also for daily needs.
  •  It can be towed by just any vehicle with ease.
  • Large windows and screen.
  • Multiple dining and sleeping configurations.
  • It is equipped with an awning to make additional outdoor living space.
  • Some people might consider it expensive.

7. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 12RK


The second product of Forest River that I’m mentioning here is Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 12RK. The layout out of this micro camper is almost the same as you see in Geo Pro 12RK, but this model has entirely different graphics on the outside that gives it a slightly different look.

For people searching for a lightweight and straightforward micro camper, Flagstaff E-Pro 12RK is a good option. It features a sleeping space that can comfortably accommodate up to two persons, a roomy storage space, and a small functional kitchen.

For people who are new to towing, this trailer weighs less than 1,200 lbs., which means it is an easily towable micro camper and can be towed by any vehicle. With a total length of the trailer is 11.5 feet, it is a micro beast camper that you should consider.

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 12RK

  • Hitch weight: 162 lbs.
  • Exterior height: 7.6 feet.
  • Exterior Length: 11.4 feet.
  • Exterior width: 76 inches.
  • Freshwater: 20 Gallons.
  • Gray water: 6 Gallons.
  • A simple, lightweight micro camper is a great deal for couples who love traveling and looking for an affordable and easy to tow a trailer.
  •  It is equipped with a small kitchen and storage space.
  • Thanks to its size and weight, it can be towed with ease, even by people who are new to towing.
  • It is not a good pick for couples with two or more kids.

8. Polydrop Trailer

Polydrop Trailer

Another feature-rich micro camper is the Polydrop trailer. With a geometric-look, it is a modern teardrop camper that you will love to own. Its notable exterior features include an exterior shower, a solar road shower, rhino rack for transporting gear, and an incredible fan for better ventilation.

You will see a small yet fully-functional kitchen equipped with pull-out counter space, a sink, cooktop, and even a Domestic refrigerator. The thing that you will not find in any other micro camper is its security cameras system.

It is equipped with four security cameras that cover all the directions, and the screen is located near the bed. It means when you are inside your camper, you will be able to see what’s going on outside. Moreover, this micro camper trailer also includes an air conditioner, storage space, a twin-size bed, and an awning to give you some additional outdoor covered area.

Polydrop Trailer Specifications

  • Tongue weight: 80 lbs.
  • Cabin height: 43”
  • Length: 149”
  • Width: 65.6”
  • A small yet incredible micro camper with amazing features, including security cameras, covers all the directions.
  • An exterior and a solar road shower.
  • A small yet fully-functional kitchen with a Domestic refrigerator.
  • You will have to pay for features that it doesn’t include.

A Brief Introduction to Micro Campers

Before proceeding further, let’s briefly discuss what precisely micro campers are and who are micro campers made for? Micro campers are lightweight and small-sized or micro-sized camper trailers that usually weigh under 2,000 lbs, which means they can be towed by almost any vehicle with ease.

The majority of micro campers extend or pop open while setting them up to utilize the interior space. These campers are popular among travelers who don’t want to tow a large travel trailer, don’t have a space to park those large travel trailers, or just want to upgrade from tent camping.

Who are Micro Campers Made for?

Micro campers are elementary and not for everybody. Below are some campers for whom a micro camper will be a perfect pick,

Couples who love traveling together: If you are a couple and don’t have any kids yet, micro campers are a perfect fit for you. They can comfortably accommodate two persons. However, If you have a family of more than two persons and don’t mind sleeping in a tent, these micro campers are also a great pick.

People who love to travel and want to bring their mattresses with them: If you are the type of person who loves traveling and want to bring your mattress with you wherever you go, micro campers might be the one you should consider having. The majority of micro campers can fit a queen size mattress in them.

The Nomad: If you are a person who loves traveling and lives a simple life, then it is perfect. These campers are incredibly easy to stealth camp in if you need to park on the roadside.

Budget-conscious people: If you can’t afford those luxurious fifth-wheel travel trailers and a vehicle to tow them, you should consider having a micro camper since they are affordable and can be easily towed with almost any vehicle.


What are some best micro camper trailers are?

Some of the best micro camper trailers are Flagstaff E-Pro, Rockwood Geo Pro, and Riverside Retro Travel Trailer.


So that is all about micro campers. These campers are not only affordable but also lightweight and can be towed with any vehicle. If you are willing to upgrade from tent camping, these micro campers are a perfect solution that you should consider.

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