Travel Lite Falcon Reviews

Travel Lite Falcon






Interior Design







  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Tranquil Design


  • Low Sleeping Capacity

The Travel Lite trailers are quite famous, and they have been produced for a long time. The company was founded in 1998 in Syracuse, Indiana. It has now become a global RV manufacturer that gives out all the models in travel trailers, campers, toy haulers, and more. There are innovative trailers and toy haulers like the Falcon series, which provide something more than ordinary trailers.

Travel Lite Falcon Review

Travel Lite Falcon

The Travel Lite Falcon is an ultra-lightweight toy hauler that offers to doze space and a large group of different elements that make it stand apart from others in its class. The Falcon F23TH is a common model. It has a dry load of 3,120 pounds. From hitch to guard, the Falcon F 23TH is 22’9 long, 117″ high with the discretionary climate control system. The smooth, streamlined outside is all lightweight aluminum, including the 18″ edges.

Its new water tank can hold 31 gallons, and the dark tank and dark tank can hold 30 gallons each. The water warmer has a 10-gallon limit. There are two 20-pound propane tanks. The trailer has manual scissor stabilizer jacks and double axles, appraised at 3,500 lbs each, so it can convey a lot of weight and still tow without a hitch. There is an acceptable measured pass-through capacity for a trailer of this size, so you have someplace to store your more drawn-out things, such as casting rods.

The light, spring-helped slope entryway is appraised at 1,600 lbs. There’s an outside shower. With five floorplans accessible, you can find precisely what you really want for your family for the ideal RVing excursion.

Some common features of Falcon models are


  • Sleep capacity for 3
  • Slides 1
  • Furnace 18000 BTU
  • Interior Color SLATE
  • Cooktop Burners 2
  • Refrigerator Size 5 cu ft
  • Angled Shower Type
  • Dry Weight around 2500 – 2840 lbs
  • Fresh Water Capacity 31 gals
  • Water Heater Capacity 6 gal
  • Axle Weight 3650 lbs
  • LP Tank Capacity 20
  • Large Wardrobe
  • Grey Water Capacity 30 gals
  • Rear Bathroom
  • Front Queen Bed
  • Number of LP Tanks 2
  • Black Water Capacity 30 gals
  • Slide Out
  • Available Beds Queen
  • Water Heater Type Gas
  • Axle Count 1

Things That Make Travel Lite Falcon Amazing

There are some amazing things about the Travel Lite Falcon that makes these campers pretty neat and useful.

1. Tranquil Design

A stunning aspect concerning the Travel Lite Falcon is that it is worked and designed so well to make it a decent and good-looking camper. The body is made of high-grade aluminum, and the streamlined plan meets up to make a lightweight, upkeep-free, simple to-tow model. Also, it can be towed by most 6-cylinder vehicles, so you’ll go through less cash by improving gas mileage, and you won’t need a big truck to pull it.

2. Comfortable Feel

The inside of these movement trailers is made with probably the best conveniences to give more extravagance to the camping area. You get a kitchen with all hardened steel machines and strong surface ledges, just as a lot of sitting and resting spaces for everybody. With choices including a sovereign expert with under capacity and, surprisingly, some with a bunch of cots, every individual will have a spot to call their own.

3. Super Lite Construction

The primary concern about the Travel-Lite Falcon that such countless individuals love is its ultra-lightweight plan. The 100% high-grade aluminum body will give strength and soundness to the camper without adding a great deal of weight. You’ll see that this camper is a breeze to tow because of the smoother ride that can be towed by most 6-cylinder vehicles.

4. Extra Space

With the lightweight, reduced plan, you will, in any case, get a lot of space for each of the conveniences you need at the camping area. Rest up to six people with convertible furnishings, cots, and a sovereign bed. In addition, you’ll even have space for a full kitchen complete with shaped Granicote ledges and treated steel apparatuses and also a full shower or mix wet shower choice.

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5. Cash Saver

The Falcon travel trailers are not very heavy, which saves a lot of fuel costs. Not exclusively will the cost of the RV be unbelievably reasonable; however, you will likewise set aside cash because of the eco-friendliness it. The lightweight casing matched with the streamlined, wind-cutting plan will diminish the protection from making pulling it more straightforward on your vehicle. You’ll make fewer stops to top off, so you can have more cash to spend on your get-away.

6. Unique Experience

The Falcon is pretty different from other toy haulers. The floorplan in this camper will allow you to bring along more fun for the experience. The back freight region will be handily reached by the incline entryway, so stacking and dumping open-air toys will be easy. Also, when these things are removed, you’ll have more inside space to appreciate.

Travel Lite Falcon Floorplans

As we have seen some great things to find in Falcon trailers, there are some models which deliver extreme quality and comfort to the customers with the features. These models are:

1. Travel Lite Falcon F-21RB

Travel Lite Falcon F-21RB

This Travel Lite Falcon F-21RB is one of the common models in the series. It will give you a lot to discover and enjoy once you are out with your family. You will adore the back washroom design and a single slide out. Inside the slide-out, there is a dinette that effectively changes over into a bed. There is extra resting space at the front sovereign bed. From the enormous closet in the restroom to the multi-rack storage and the secret drawers in the kitchen, you will not be missing for capacity with this model.

In the kitchen region, For cooking, there is an impeccable two burner with a range hood and a tempered steel microwave. There are some great elements that loan the space a private vibe: the formed Granicote ledge, glass tile backsplash, and a skyscraper fixture over the hardened steel sink. Every one of the machines is composed of spotless, present-day hardened steel, incorporating the underlying five-cubic-foot treated steel fridge, which is bigger than whatever you’d ordinarily expect in a Travel Lite trailer.

At the front of the trailer, the sovereign measured bed dozing region has two windows for a pleasant cross breeze around evening time. If you pick the Eclipse bundle, your trailer will have a sleek matte dark aluminum outside, just as a side overhang, outside speakers, cooling, and a power hitch. Under the kitchen counter or more the couch, the capacity pantries and drawers are outlined in clean-fixed aluminum with treated glass embeds which gives the space a pleasant light and present-day feel.

Straightforwardly opposite the section entryway, the wet shower has a safety glass shower entryway that keeps the visual space open and permits all the more light into the trailer through the bay window over the shower. At the point when security is needed, there’s a shower drape you can pull across the entryway.

Key Features

  • Slide Out
  • Large Wardrobe
  • Rear Bathroom
  • Front Queen Bed

2. Travel Lite Falcon F-20

Travel Lite Falcon F-20

This is another Falcon trailer that can change the entire setting up camp insight for you. This trailer highlights all that you may have to appreciate investing energy away from home. Step inside and notice the wet shower straight ahead. There is a shower with a lookout window overhead and a latrine, including a power fan. Along the contrary side of the unit, in the kitchen, you will track down a 5 cu. ft. cooler for your meal and feast alongside a sound system.

To one side of the entry is your kitchen region, where you will observe a sink nearest to the door, a two-burner cook-top with overhead microwave, and a lot of storeroom space underneath the counter alongside some secret drawers. The actual front of this Falcon trailer includes a sideways sovereign bed with capacity under for an incredible night’s rest and windows on one or the other side of the trailer that will give extraordinary cross ventilation on those hotter evenings.

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At the extremely, back partake in the stall dinette/bed that is 74″ x 44″ for suppers, and furthermore dozing space for a couple of contingent upon size and measure of the room should have been agreeable. This region includes tight slider windows for cross-ventilation, just as an enormous 48″ slider window toward the back. Outwardly you will get an outside shower along the street side, and an enormous pass-thru compartment at the front, and other such features.

Key Features

  • Side Awning
  • 14″ Spare Tire with Mount
  • Front Stabilizer jacks
  • 13,500 BTU AC

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This was the Travel Lite Falcon review in which we have discussed the basic and common features found in Falcon trailers and toy haulers. We also discussed the most selected camper models by the customers. For more, check out our blog.


Who manufactures Falcon RV?

Falcon RV is manufactured by Travel Lite. It is one of the coolest units produced by the company with its features and standards. There are various models in the category.

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