4 Excellent Class C RV with Washer and Dryer

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Having additional features in an RV can provide additional benefits when you want everything placed inside one RV to give you the comfort you need.

Extra features like a washer and dryer can serve a great purpose in an RV. Consider yourself on a long camping trip where you will be off-network for a while, and you won’t be returning to your home for days.

In such conditions, a Class C RV with a washer and dryer can be very useful as you would need to do your laundry.

There are several motorhomes that come stacked with washers and dryers as a basic feature in them, but if you want to consider a class C motorhome, then we have listed the best ones here.

Name Washer / Dryer Prewiring Price
Jayco Seneca 37K Yes $266,618
Thor Motor Coach Magnitude RB34 Yes $226,200
Thor Motor Coach Quantum KW29 Yes $127,425
Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS Yes $108,800

The Best Class C RV with Washer and Dryer are 

1. Jayco Seneca 37K

Jayco Seneca

Jayco Seneca 37K is the best option that you can get with a washer and dryer in the Class C category.

It is a diesel Class C RV that is intended to be rich to further develop your experience.

It has first-in-class conveniences, for example, hardwood cupboards, two climate control systems, an L-molded couch, 1.5 restrooms, a jumbo bed, a tempered steel standard cooler, and an outside entertainment area.

It has one freshwater tank of 72-gallons, two gray water holding tanks of 91-gallons altogether, and two black water holding tanks of 63-gallons.

This RV additionally offers a washer/dryer combo choice in a restroom storeroom at the RV’s back.

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It permits you to do your clothing during your street experience while keeping the clothing free from the vitally living region.

Jayco Seneca Washer Dryer

This makes it probably the best RV to choose in order to take on the best adventures.

Moreover, it has an extensive kitchen with bunches of drawers and a strong surface counter.

The main room has hot showers and closets to guarantee rest and comfort during your outing.

Seneca 37K

2. Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34

Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34

The next selection is Magnitude RB34 by Thor that also highlights a washer-dryer combo in your main room, and it has some truly slick outside highlights for agreeable indoor-open air living.

It offers a 35’6″ outside length, and it has eight individuals sleeping place inside with the over-the-cab bed, back master bed, crease down dinette bed, and lofts that proselyte to a wardrobe.

This is a Class C Motorhome with outside kitchen and a 32-inch TV for open-air amusement.

A 20-foot power overhang covers the kitchen and diversion region with the goal that you don’t get wet while barbecuing or cooking.

It additionally offers theater seating for when you’re simply unwinding, and the private fridge gives you a lot of storage for cold food capacity.

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Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34 Floorplan

3. Thor Motorcoach Quantum KW29

Thor Motor Coach Quantum

When you are searching for a private room or a washer and dryer in your Class C RV, this Quantum KW29 gives you the decision of everything.

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The mid-camper passage inside this motorhome gets you inside rapidly to get to the double entryway fridge or the pocketknife couch, and the slideout in this space offers a Dream dinette and an L-formed counter with machines.

You will also find a tempered steel sink and a flip-up ledge.

There is a security shade to protect the king bed slideout, the closet, and the 32″ TV, or you can close the sliding way to make a private room to incorporate a full restroom, cloth stocking, and a storeroom that is prepared for a washer/dryer choice.

The children or your visitors can rest on the cab-over bunk and the furnishings while watching the 39″ TV.

Furthermore, the outside offers a 32″ TV to watch programs while sitting outside.

It incorporates a welded rounded steel floor, a welded cylindrical aluminum rooftop and sidewall confine development, a superior one-piece TPO rooftop, in addition to dark outlined windows or frameless slider windows relying upon the model you pick.

The inside offers improving glass embeds in the kitchen overhead cupboard entryways and kitchen complement ledge lights for the style, full augmentation metal roller cabinet guides.

You will also find a 7-inch touchscreen to run the radio with a backup screen for the driver.

The Platinum bundle comes standard and offers hardened steel wheel liners, premium window protection roller conceals, and an external shower.

You will get a Full Bathroom, Cab Over Bunk, Three LED TVs, Underlying Skylight, and a Jackknife Sofa.

Thor Motorcoach Quantum KW29

4. Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS

Coachmen Leprechaun

The Leprechaun is one of the most extravagant class C RV models that comes with a washer and dryer option on the lookout.

It has a 6-speed transmission type with an overdrive. It has a towing limit of 7,500 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,500 pounds.

This RV is planned with a great inside layout with a one-year guarantee. It utilizes a V10 engine that produces 305hp.

Its body is built with aluminum with fiberglass side protection.

The main room has a full-sliding entryway, a storeroom, and a back of the RV. Plus, it has one bathroom and a porcelain kind of toilet.

This RV comes fitted with a washer/dryer combo in the washroom region, which is in the back.

It keeps the clothing free from the family room. Its water is provided by one freshwater 50-gallon tank and depleted by one 32-gallon gray water tank and one 31-gallon black water tank.

Its fuel limit is 55 gallons and 450-gallon storage limit. Moreover, it has a 16-gallon propane tank, with a sum of 68 pounds.

It additionally has one entryway, two power-retractable slideouts, one retractable power shade with 19 feet.

Its inside has a vinyl floor, a kitchen, a living region, the main room, a toilet, and a shower. The kitchen has a U-formed dinette table setup. It has a middle-found kitchen and a front living region.

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The kitchen has a 3-burner broiler, an overhead fan, and an electric/propane-controlled standard fridge. It has a propane-controlled 6-gallon water radiator tank limit, an automatic air condition of 13,500 BTU, and an automatic heater of 36,000 BTUs.

Furthermore, it has a family room that has a vinyl couch.

The RV has a greatest resting count of 8 individuals, with one twofold bed, one king-size bed, and two convertible couch beds.

Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS

Advantages Of Washers And Dryers in Class C RV

Getting a Class C RV with a washer and dryer is a useful thought as you will be able to wash your clothes without an expense.

We have listed some major benefits that you will get by having a washer and dryer in your Class C motorhome.

So the most intelligent spot to begin is to lay out a portion of the benefits of RV washers and dryers so you can choose if it’s ideal for you.

1. Simplicity And Convenience

Not every person likes to perform multiple tasks, but some do. So that is the reason simplicity and comfort can be a major benefit of having a washer and dryer in your RV.

Rather than sitting at a laundromat and wasting time while the machines deal with your clothing, you can make food or dinner ready until the washer is doing its work.

You don’t need to stress over overlooking exchanging clothing from the washer to the dryer since you will be inside most of the time and keep a check on the time of the washer and dryer.

Also, having a washer and dryer inside the RV enables you to run a little heap of towels rapidly and later prepare a supper without wasting time.

2. Provides Facility Inside The RV

With the washer and dryer present inside your RV, you won’t have to rush to a clothing shop to do your laundry. With so many different conveniences to keep up with, you just have to leave the washer on and let it do its work.

It’s better in a way that you don’t have to share and put your clothes into the laundry of a shop where a lot of other individuals are doing this work too.

3. Eliminates Unplanned Stops

Indeed, even the best-laid experience plans can be diverted when someone runs out of clean garments. While part of adventuring is escaping your typical everyday cleaning schedule, no one gets a kick out of the chance to continue to get into messy garments for a long time.

In any case, if you don’t have a washer and dryer inside your RV, you’ll most likely need to make spontaneous stops to get your garments cleaned.

Regardless of whether those stops are at a laundromat in the city or an RV park with a clothing office, changing your itinerary items just to clean garments is irritating work to do.

4. Reduces Laundry Expenses

While some RV points offer free clothing offices, a large portion of them use coin-worked machines to extract a couple of additional dollars from your pockets while you’re making a stop there.

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Without a doubt, you’ll, in any case, need water and power to run your RV washer and dryer, yet you will not need to place coins in your machines to turn them on.

In general, your clothing costs will be diminished by picking an RV with a built-in washer and dryer.

What’s more, you will not need to go through the cerebral pain of tracking down another spot for cleaning to get change in the event that you’re out of the city when it’s an ideal opportunity to run your next heap of clothing.

Disadvantages of Washers And Dryers in Class RV

There are also some bad sides to having a washer and dryer inside your Class C RV.

These are:

1. Higher Consumption

Clearly, washers and dryers don’t run themselves. The washer and dryer will both need an electrical connection with a power system.

The washer should be associated with your RV’s water system, and the dryer will doubtlessly require a propane connection.

This means two extra huge machines will be taking power, propane, or potentially water each time they’re turned on.

2. Occupies Space

In case your camper is now on the more modest side, having a washer and dryer inside is simply going to cause things to feel considerably more minimal.

There may be other RVs that you would focus on over having a washer and dryer.

You may even choose to have added extra room over a clothing machine. Assuming you don’t anticipate going on big RV outings where doing clothing will be required, then, at that point, the space taken by the washer and dryer may be somewhat irritating for you.

3. Washer/Dryer Capacity

Contingent upon how rapidly you’re going through your garments, you may simply have to spend a couple of days cleaning all the filthy garments in one of these washer and dryer units.

It is because they have less capacity as they are small to be fitted inside a class C motorhome.

That could mean running numerous heaps consecutive to cleaning of everything.

Therefore, RV washer and dryer units probably won’t be the most proficient answer for bigger families living or going in an RV.


This was a guide on Best Class C RV with washer and dryer options.

We have listed some models in the class C category that offer this feature.

You can choose any Class C according to your own interest and leave a review for us in the comment section.


What is the most reliable Class C RV?

A list of the most reliable class C RV consists of the following models

  • Coachmen Freelander
  • Thor Compass
  • Winnebago View
  • Forest River Forester
  • Tiffin Wayfarer
  • Jayco Redhawk

Can you install a washer and dryer in an RV?

Yes, you can add a washer and dryer combo in your RV if you want to. It is not as difficult as it may seem. The process is very simple, where you have to get an existing washer and dryer from a supplier and get it fitted inside any open space of your RV.

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