8 Amazing Class C RV with Outdoor Kitchen

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Class C RVs are very common in the RV world due to their ideal size and unique design.

These motorhomes are mostly based on truck chassis, and manufacturers load up all the essential features on the top of their RV.

Such RVs are also equipped with an outdoor kitchen which can be a great facility that allows a person to cook his food outdoor while camping at a beautiful spot.

In case you consider yourself an adventurer, and you want to go out on long trips and cook your own food while enjoying the weather and environment, then there are some class C RV that come with an ideal size outdoor kitchen to provide you the features you need.

This is why we have gathered useful information on all the Best Class C with Outdoor Kitchen.

Name Number Of Oven Burners Price
Coachmen Freelander 3 $86,121
Coachmen Leprechaun Premier 319MB 3 $130,663
Forest River Forester 3 $109,995
Entegra Coach Odyssey 3 $113,993
Thor Chateau 3 $116,100
Winnebago Ekko 2 $163,662
Jayco Redhawk 25R 3 $103,268
Thor Motor Coach Omni SV34 2 $221,850

Coachmen Freelander Class C RVCoachmen Freelander
Coachmen Leprechaun PremierCoachmen Leprechaun Premier 319MB
Forest River Forester MBSForest River Forester
Entegra OdysseyEntegra Coach Odyssey
Thor Chateau 28AThor Chateau
Winnebago Ekko 22AWinnebago Ekko
Jayco RedhawkJayco Redhawk 25R
Thor Omni 4x4Thor Motor Coach Omni SV34

What are the Best Class C RV with Outdoor Kitchen?

1. Coachmen Freelander

Coachmen Freelander Class C RV

The best choice as an RV with an outdoor kitchen is the Coachmen Freelander.

One glance at the floorplans of the Coachmen Freelander, and it’s undeniable why it is our top choice.

Aside from a number of outside kitchen floorplans, for example, the Freelander 21RS and Freelander 26RS, these floorplans additionally fall in the reach somewhere in the range of 24 and 31 feet in length.

This is wonderful on the grounds that whether you need something that you can camp anyplace with, or something a touch roomier and made for setting up camp with the whole family.

While there are a few elements selected for certain floorplans, the rest of the astounding conveniences you get with this camper are very critical.

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On the inside of this motorhome, you have cabinet guides, a leaning back driver and front seats, and hardwood drawers.

On the outside structure, you get the solid development of the all-aluminum dividers, and fiberglass ivory front wrap will tank those knocks that you may experience.

There’s a tremendous line of updates and packages accessible also, making the Freelander worth considering to anybody searching for a flexible and best class C RV with an outside kitchen.

Key Features

  • Outdoor Kitchen.
  • Hardwood entryways and drawers.
  • Divider mounted indoor regulator.
  • Trip control.
  • 20 distinctive floor plans are accessible.
  • WiFi router.
  • Look out the window over the shower.

Coachmen Freelander 31MB

2. Coachmen Leprechaun Premier 319MB

Coachmen Leprechaun Premier

The next best RV choice that you have is a motorhome from the class C category called the Leprechaun Premier 319MB by Coachmen.

This amazing motorhome is the one that will give you a fantastic outside kitchen and all of its essential features.

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With such a motorhome to move around, you will never worry about preparing food anymore.

Coachmen Leprechaun Premier 319MB Ford 450 class C RV with an open-air kitchen is the best summer RV assuming that you love to go with your family.

This unit gives resting space to six people and incorporates a lot of inside space for your group.

The take-out outside kitchen highlights all that you want to make your cherished campsite plans, and the open-air entertainment region makes family film evenings simple.

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Key Features

  • U-Shaped Dinette
  • Open-air Camp Kitchen
  • Bunk Over Cab
  • Twofold Slides
  • Private Bedroom
  • 62″ Sofa

Coachmen Leprechaun Premier 319MB

3. Forest River Forester

Forest River Forester MBS

A forester by Forest River has a general impression running somewhere in the range of 25 and 30 feet, yet adding some space on account of the number of slideouts.

This class C additionally has a couple of floorplans to offer that have outside kitchens, like the Forester 2861DS Chevy and Forester 2861DS Ford, and others offer a U-molded dinette and bunk over the cab for having a resting limit of up to 5 individuals.

Obviously, in case you want to bring much more individuals, then, at that point, a floorplan, for example, the Forester, adds a bunkhouse for an all-out dozing limit of 8 individuals.

With a 15,000 BTU climate control system and a 30,000 BTU heater, you can anticipate that the Forester should keep you cool throughout the late spring months and warm throughout the colder time of year.

To make it a genuine season camper, there is a discretionary Arctic bundle that adds a ton of highlights to winter-verification your RV–including 12V radiators.

There are other accessible choices, for example, outside 12V TV, turn taxi and front seats, convection microwave, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Key Features

  • 13,500 BTU roof ducted rooftop air.
  • Ultra cowhide driver and front seats.
  • 12 distinctive floor plans are accessible.
  • SuperLite composite substrate.
  • 12V USB charging station.

Thor Omni 4x4 Class C RV Outdoor Kitchen

4. Entegra Coach Odyssey

Entegra Odyssey

The next up on the list is Entegra Coach Odyssey which is a great option since you want to go with an outside kitchen floorplan RV.

Since the Odyssey is worked for indoor setting up camp, the Odyssey 25R, with its outside kitchen, appears to separate itself as a camper for closely following certain friends.

A resting limit is provided for about 7 people on this motorhome in a 29 feet body that guarantees adequate room, particularly when you utilize the slideout.

The Odyssey has features that will assist you with partaking in your open-air setting up camp insight without limit. The marine-grade speakers and electric overhang assist you with cooking in the shade while paying attention to your cherished tunes.

Notwithstanding these elements, it has a list of different highlights, for example, a backup camera and screen, an inside room for living, a pop-up charging station, and a microwave.

Key Features

  • 15,000-BTU ducted climate control system.
  • Back-up camera and screen.
  • Popup charging station of 110 outlets and USB ports.
  • 9 diverse floor plans are accessible.
  • King bed with quilt and under-bed storage.
  • Double high-yield marine-grade outside speakers.
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Entegra Coach Odyssey 25R

5. Thor Chateau

Thor Chateau 28A Class C RV Outdoor Kitchen

To the extent comfortable RVs go, you can’t turn out badly with the Thor Chateau class C.

The Chateau 29G is the just floorplan with an open-air kitchen that is an ideal fit if you are hanging out with friends and want a space for every single one of them.

Obviously, a big determination of sizes is accessible with this model, assuming that you have a craving for an RV on one or the flip side of the long range.

This RV has the one-piece TPO rooftop, an outside super storage compartment with a versatile table in it, trip control sun visors, and private vinyl flooring.

A ton of the elements can also be redesigned, for example, a front bundle that gives you a strong surface kitchen ledge, a 30-inch microwave, and an RV water filtration system.

Key Features

  • Welded cylindrical steel floor.
  • Redesign living region speaker.
  • Private vinyl flooring.
  • 22 distinctive floor plans are accessible.
  • Divider cubby with net and USB charging port.
  • Premium one-piece TPO rooftop.

Thor Chateau 29G

6. Winnebago Ekko

Winnebago Ekko 22A Class C RV Outdoor Kitchen

This Class C RV by Winnebago is the ideal decision for individuals who wish to genuinely partake in a decent trip without question, anyplace. With AWD ability and the entire season protection, you’re allowed to get the maximum comfort with the Ekko.

It is modest in contrast with most of the class C motorhomes but still, this small-scale RV packs a lot of inside and outside the extra room for your experience gear, alongside a 5,000 lb. trailer hitch.

What makes this Class C most special is the underlying heated stuff carport with L-track freight secure capacity, permitting you to make your space totally your own with unfathomable freedom to move around.

The customization doesn’t end there. You can pick between packages with some upgrades, including a gear rack or a pop-top resting region.

Feast prep is made simple with the flexible counter set that is removable for additional traffic space when not being used.

Key Features

  • Chest-style cooler/fridge, 2-burner LP cooktop, flip-up counter augmentation, folding sink.
  • LP quick interface for your barbecue.
  • Stand-out batwing shade as the LED lighting.
  • Extra customization options.

7. Jayco Redhawk

Jayco Redhawk Class C RV Outdoor Kitchen

The Redhawk 25R, which has an outside kitchen, makes itself an unquestionable requirement on our list of the best class C RVs with open-air kitchens.

Inside its 7 floorplans, the Redhawk covers a ton of the length that provides great resting space inside.

For instance, you have the Redhawk, which has a generally little impression and a resting limit of 4, and on the opposite end, you have the Redhawk 31XL which sleeps 8 individuals and is 31 feet in length.

There are more of the other floorplans in the middle. When added with a mileage scope of 7 to 10 mpg, the Redhawk is an absolute necessity to have for newbie RVers.

You additionally have a huge load of choices, most remarkably the consistency to Canadian RV guidelines that create the Redhawk a camper you can use during your long winter trips.

Key Features

  • One-Piece consistent fiberglass front cap.
  • 31,000-BTU heater with indoor divider regulator.
  • 7 distinctive floor plans.
  • 15,000-BTU ducted AC system.
  • Back-up camera and screen.
  • Vacuum-reinforced covered rooftop, floor, and sidewalls.
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Jayco Redhawk 26M

8. Thor Motor Coach Omni SV34

Thor Omni 4x4 Class C RV Outdoor Kitchen

The Omni SC34 is a motorhome with a cab-over bunk and a bay window that provides great light inside the RV.

There is a 39″ TV on a turning mount. You can decide to prepare your dinners at both of the two kitchens, one inside and one outside, in addition, you can keep your extras new in the extensive private fridge.

There is even an outside 32″ TV for your diversion while cooking outside.

Inside the private backroom is a slant a-view slanting king bed for you to sink into and unwind while watching your cherished film on the 32″ TV over the dresser.

In any Thor Motor Coach Omni Super C diesel, you will find an RV that was worked with the style and solace of a motorhome.

They are developed with a welded rounded aluminum rooftop and sidewall confine, a superior one-piece TPO rooftop, and imperceptible front paint security to give you an RV that will endure forever.

Helpful elements like the porch power overhang with coordinated LED lights, the AM/FM radio outfitted with the SYNC with MyFord, and the FordPass Connect 4G WiFi modem are only not many that will keep you intrigued with these RVs solace and quality.

Key Features

  • Private Refrigerator
  • Cab-Over Bunk
  • Back Private Bedroom
  • Outside Entertainment

Thor Motor Coach Omni SV34

Considerations of an Outdoor Kitchen

In the current, there is great competition between manufacturers to provide the RV with top features like an outside kitchen.

With time, the demand and need are growing, which is why it’s important to understand some of the important things before choosing an RV with an outside kitchen.

You can feel safe with them. The water, electrical, and propane plumbing are threaded through the RV’s walls, not under the couch.

Many of their bays are positioned behind bunk beds or interior cabinetry to share space. Cooking appliances are usually on pull-out arms to keep potential fire hazards away from the unit itself.

If you are interested in Travel Trailer with an Outside Kitchen, then check out this article on Best Camper with Outside Kitchen.


This was information on some of the best class C with outdoor kitchens in which we listed the top RV models that you need to see.

All of them are equipped with essential features like a kitchen outside and a powered canopy.

For more, see the FAQ.


Is a Class C RV worth it?

Class C RVs are among the most reasonable RVs and are certainly great for some clients.

Class C RVs are bigger than Class B and more modest than Class A. They are based on a standard truck frame (for example, an F450) and have space over the lodge that serves for capacity, diversion focus, or rest.

Which RV is most straightforward to drive?

A Class B RV overwhelms with regards to the simplicity of driving. Class B RVs are the most straightforward to drive since they are based on a Van. Now and again, RVers have even felt they drive like an ordinary vehicles.

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