Entegra Odyssey Reviews and Problems

Entegra Odyssey

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  • High Tech
  • Ford E-450 chassis
  • Luxury
  • Expensive


  • Bad Fridge

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Entegra is a business company that deals in RVs and coaches. This brand makes some great models like Entegra XL Coach, Odyssey, and much more with various floorplans. Users have always stayed positive with their vehicles. Each Entegra model is different from the other in terms of feature, which means the Entegra Odyssey also is a unique and one-of-a-kind motorhome for living and traveling.

This is a discussion article in which we are going to specifically review Entegra Odyssey with its features and positive sides, along with some problems that are faced by some customers.

So let’s talk about Entegra Odyssey in detail.

Entegra Odyssey

Entegra Odyssey Reviews

Entegra Odyssey is a great motorhome equipped with necessary and useful features for a camping family. You can experience a clean ride wherever the road leads to this motorhome that is powered by a 350HP 7.3-liter V8 engine, and the rugged Ford E-450 chassis facilitates short- and long-distance travel. Each version of the Entegra Odyssey features a Sony’s information entertainment center, backup, and side-view cameras, as well as a rotating passenger seat and power supply.

There is more; TuffShell’s vacuum-bonded floors and sidewalls, along with bead foam insulation and a seamless one-piece fiberglass roof, provide a capacity and storage area to keep your things. Inside, you can unwind with 84-inch ceiling panels and built-in LED lights, as well as make dinners with Furrion all-in-one stoves and oven-cooked homemade dishes, and convection microwaves.

This is all just the beginning because there are lots of features that we need to talk about in this Entegra Odyssey review.

These features are


  • Hitch 7,500 pounds
  • 750 lb-tongue capacity
  • Leveling Jacks
  • Tire Strains Tracking System (TPMS)
  • Anti-lock brakes with an electric energy field.
  • 55 liters gas tank
  • 15,000 BTU air conditioner
  • Computer balanced transfer
  • Fashionable front bars
  • Seamless fiber one-piece cover
  • Rubber insulation frame assemblies
  • Side Walls of TUFSHELL connected to a vacuum
  • Highway toll – LT225 / 75R16
  • Fiberglass outside vinyl
  • Tuffshell Floor Vacuum Link
  • One-piece seamless fiberglass roof
  • Outdoor shower
  • Electric patio tent with LED lights.
  • Frameless Windows
  • 4,000-watt generator Microquet 4000 Watts
  • Winter drainage system
  • Privacy curtains for a cab.
  • 30,000 BTU automatic ignition furnace
  • A/C and cruise control
  • Heated conservation tanks (12 V pads)
  • Windows and door locks
  • Panoramic window with an auto joint on the cover of shade
  • Garage compartment by light (selection models)
  • Water filtrering system
  • Bumper pipe sewer
  • Electric front step
  • Outdoor LED TV with (2) high-performance outdoor speakers
  • Remote inputs without key
  • Satellite TV Preparation for PC board
  • Solar preparation
  • Backup camera and side view
  • Power rotating seat and passenger seats (N / A 25R)
  • Sony InfoCtion Middle Apple Carplay and Android Auto

These are some of the basic features that come as standard in each Entegra Odyssey model. These features make these motorhomes more attractive for the customers. There are amazing floorplans for this model, due to which each feature gets its own worth for inspiring and motivating customers to buy an Odyssey for themselves.

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The common floorplans of Odyssey are.

Entegra Odyssey Floorplans

1. Entegra Odyssey 24B

Entegra Odyssey 24B

This is a common floorplan model of the Odyssey that gives extreme comfort and relaxation to any family. In this floorplan, the children can sit on a chair in the dining room formed inside. You can also choose the non-compulsory theater bank in the area of the dining room that is ideal for enjoying an evening chat with family.

In the kitchen, you can put your meal on the stove cook your meal in just a few minutes when you want to.

You get a convection microwave and other appliances to use. This version consists of a lot of storage, including a lapping box and a pantry, a chamber box, more suitable upper cabinets in their unique possessions. The queen mattress will offer an excellent night break, and you can choose to offer the non-compulsory TV set in this floorplan in case you want to enjoy the TV from your mattress.

Any Motorhome Odyssey will drain the capabilities of the domestic abilities for a single visit experience. The kitchen is composed of ornamental back countertops relieved by LED, plus a pop-up load station with a 110 V charge to recharge your devices and USB plugs on your phone and gadget. You will have an HDTV LED. Outside, the electric canopy with LED lighting fittings and a high-performance sea-degree external sound system will create a great environment for you.

The Odyssey has E-Z Drive, which includes a rubber drive binding, rubber insulation frame congregations.

Key Features

  • Rotating chairs
  • Complete wall slide
  • 16 electric sunscreens
  • U-shaped dining room
  • Cabin litter

2. Entegra Odyssey 26M

Entegra Odyssey 26M

You can have more fun with the 26M floorplan model of the Odyssey. Depending on what time of day you enter this unit, it will decide whether you discover the queen Murphy mattress or not. You can get direct access to a 50″ TV and Fireside, so you have a nice sleep. You get an amazing and attractive dining room that is formed in the center of the floorplan. The cabin both helps you carry out an additional guest or visitor and gives enough space for sleeping.

You can prepare easy meals in your kitchen while having a view of the TV in front of you in the living area. Odyssey motorhome will drain the capabilities for hands and household abilities for a single visiting experience. The kitchen is composed of ornamental back countertops, printed countertops relieved by LED, plus a pop-up loading station with 110 V charges and a USB dock and charging point for phones and gadgets.

You will be able to watch HDTV with an LED screen and enjoy your day off in a nice comfortable environment inside this 26M model. Outside, the electric light with LED lighting accessories and a high-performance sea-degree external audio system will bring more charm to your camping experience.

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  • Outside shower
  • Outside TV
  • Full of backlash
  • Cabin litter
  • Hidden bed

3. Entegra Odyssey 31F

Entegra Odyssey 31F

The Odyssey 31F is a bigger floorplan with more space. This is great for families who love to travel for days and camp at various spots. This floorplan model consists of bunk beds, in addition to a cabin area. The full wall slide will allow you to easily lay inside when you arrive on your spot during any holiday. You will be able to find a seat and the sofa in the dining room. The kitchen space provides useful appliances to cook the meals while having a chair beside for the chef to rest as well.

It is all decorated from the inside with LED lighting accessories. The backroom can be accessed straight from the bedroom while there is another access for the guests from the other side. This motorhome gives great experience to the families who like to stay inside the motorhome and spend most of the time inside using its features and accessories. The kitchen that is used for cooking has ornamental back countertops, printed countertops relieved by LED.

There are also charging points with 110 V and also a connection for USB plugs to recharge phones and devices. Everything with this floorplan is as interesting as it sounds to provide a complete camping experience and more fun with the comfort so that users can have the ultimate experience.

Key Features

  • HDTV LED in the Lounge
  • Double Entry Bath
  • Bunk Wall Slide
  • A Hut Bunk
  • Swivendic Captain Seats

Entegra Odyssey Problems

Although Entegra Odyssey is a great motorhome for camping and having fun, there are still some problems that are found by various customers who have shared their experiences. We have shared some of the comments from various customers who faced problems with their Entegra Odyssey models. This will allow you to determine and understand the risk that you have when owning an Entegra Odyssey Motorhome.

It’s brand new, but from a fridge and freezer perspective, I struggled with various incidents of small cabinets with good and negative finishes, and the slides stopped working. I need the help of a slide.

– Barham, Nebraska

I got an Entegra Odyssey, but the show had problems from day one. On the first day, the leveling jack stopped working. Then on the same trip, we used our tank heating block, and they fell due to the wrong glue while we were getting the house; I smoothed it. I went to check the ceiling to do, I noticed two cracks in my new fiberglass roof, and it’s a single trip, we’re getting stuck more and more due to multiple issues Is now three more.

– California Mark


This was a discussion about Entegra Odyssey reviews and problems in which we shared the floorplans and features of Odyssey motorhomes. There were also some problems found by the user in the Odyssey models that we have also highlighted for a better experience.


Is Entegra Odyssey a reliable motorhome?

Entegra Odyssey is one of the best-selling motorhomes from Entegra company. This brand has provided some great features in this model, and it is pretty reliable to take on long trips and journeys.

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