5 Best Class C Diesel Motorhomes

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Motorhomes are the best part of camping life where you have choices of features from different models of different brands. These motorhomes have three categories such as Class A, B, and C.

The class C motorhomes are one of the most luxurious coaches that a family would ever need. These RVs are equipped with the most advanced and latest features to make someone feel comfortable inside.

Class C RVs are one of the most well-known styles of RV camping life today, given their general simplicity of driving and reduced outside the structure.

They aren’t generally so little as small campers or travel trailers, nor are they as extensive as Class A.

While Class C RVs range long from 20 – 40 feet, these RVs are frequently based on a tough and flexible truck or van chassis.

Class C Diesel Motorhomes are the most efficient motorhomes so here are the Best Class C Diesel Motorhomes that are available in the market.

Name Chassis Brand Fuel Type
Forest River Forester MBS Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Diesel
Thor Magnitude Ford Diesel
Winnebago View Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Diesel
Jayco Seneca Freightliner Diesel
Jayco Melbourne Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Diesel

Forest River Forester MBSForest River Forester MBS
Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34Thor Magnitude
Winnebago View Class C MotorhomeWinnebago View
Jayco SenecaJayco Seneca
Jayco Melbourne Class C MotorhomeJayco Melbourne

What are the Best Class C Diesel Motorhomes?

1. Forest River Forester MBS

Forest River Forester MBS

The Forester MBS by Forest River is a great choice to go with. This Class C diesel motorhome offers agreeable floorplans with open inside living, very much delegated stylistic layouts, and a few slide-out floorplan choices.

Besides, all Foresters are approved by TRA Certification as Green Vehicles. The MBS model has three complicated floor designs and all work on a solid Mercedes Benz structure.

There are great features to find in these motorhomes.


The kitchen includes a large refrigerator, convection microwave, and flip-up or overlap-down ledge augmentations.

The family room can be worked with a dinette or theater seating, contingent upon your floor plan decision, and the restroom has an underlying fan and shower lookout window.

That’s the explanation Forest River has taken the best spot for diesel motor Class Cs.

The company has for some time been viewed as a magnificent name in the RV world, picking quality materials and plans overmodest and fast assembling.

The Forester MBS is the same, an incredible RV worked around and built on a diesel motor.

The general elements and tank limits of this camper are standard and fit a normal little family’s necessities.

The diesel gas tank is 26 gallons across all floor plans, and the new water, gray water, and dark water tanks all have 35-gallon limits.

With ducted AC, a fuel generator warmed tank cushions, and more as standard included elements, you will not be feeling unwanted.

There are tank-level screens and discretionary solar panels, just as auto jacks for level and power outage shades all through.

There is an enormous 56-gallon propane tank limit too.

Forest River Forester 2401W MBS

2. Thor Magnitude

Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34

With the Thor Magnitude, which is 32 feet long class C diesel motorhome, there are 5 floorplan choices to select, and each and every one of them might work for a huge family, having space for 8 individuals.

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Take your Magnitude out for the end of the week for a paddling and kayaking outing, or transform this Super C RV into your home for full-time living.

With a few diverse floors, intends to browse, and track down the right design for your requirements and way of life.


The Magnitude Class C diesel RV has private vinyl flooring that covers the whole body and is an exceptional requirement for occupied families.

The huge sky view in the overhead cab bunk gets normal light during the day.

The Magnitude’s adaptable designs permit voyagers to utilize, appreciate and make the best of their RV experience.

The silk finish cabinetry with nickel-finish equipment gives your home-on-wheels a stylish and fresh new look.

This isn’t an ordinary Class C, and it shows. Based on a Ford F-550 or F600, contingent upon the floorplan, a V-8 engine is what powers this camper.

The four-wheel system is a definitive addition as a benefit for traveling to your favorite spots.

The enormous roto-cast storage compartments securely store, setting up unquestionable camp requirements.

The outside kitchen presented on selected floor plans is ideal for those radiant days.

Hang out under the power deck overhang with LED lighting is also available, and you can watch live TV on the 32-inch screen with an underlying Bluetooth soundbar.

The living region permits the entire family to accumulate on each floor plan.

The Dream Dinette with cup holders is agreeable for some espresso and to watch a family-top pick on the 39-inch TV. The overhead cab bunk is the ideal spot for little ones to enjoy.

A leatherette couch or theater seating is a spot you can go through hours relaxing, talking, and snoozing.

Thor Motorcoach Magnitude RB34 Floorplan

3. Winnebago View

Winnebago View Class C Motorhome

The Winnebago View is also one of the best class C diesel motorhomes.

It was planned in light of the camper’s necessities. It is 25’6″ long, and it has floorplans that deliver sufficient room for four individuals to rest easily.

It’s one of the small Class C as compared to others on the list, but there are still some great features inside this camper.


The rear of the RV includes a bathroom with a stand-up shower and even an extra closet room.

The kitchen cupboards have highlight lighting, delicate close drawers, overlay ledges, and a microwave broiler with touch control.

There is an incorporated paper towel holder and good lighting.

At the point when you move into the RV, the cab region with the overhead bunk is to one side, and an enormous u-molded dinette is across the entrance.

To one side of the section, the entryway is the cookroom kitchen with a twofold bowl sink, two-burner, and LP range cooktop, fridge, and storage room space.

Close to the dinette is the couch and platform end table and the murphy bed, which descends over the sofa when it is being used.

This provides enough space for the individuals to take some rest.

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Winnebago View 24D Floorplan

4. Jayco Seneca

Jayco Seneca

The next RV on the list is Seneca. This is a Jayco RV that has an incredible diesel motor under its chassis.

With four floorplans available with this RV for a 40-foot rig, you will most likely feel totally comfortable inside it for full-time living.

Not exclusively does every single accessible floor plan feel like home, but it does also have Jayco’s dependable and tough design to back it up.


The inside of this camper is similarly just about as rich as the materials utilized in its development.

Each floorplan incorporates an electric chimney in the living room. You can pick floor designs that suit a couple or a layout with lofts.

There are discretionary washer dryer hookups in pretty much every floor plan and a bed in each main suite.

It runs on a diesel engine with a 100-gallon gas tank and one piece of fiberglass outside the structure.

This makes the Seneca RV superb rigs. It has an 83-gallon propane tank limit just like a locally available generator, which fits well when you boondock or camp somewhere very far.

There are various kitchen designs, incorporating ones with condo measured kitchens, assuming you can trust them.

With a private refrigerator, inherent rack, and luxurious hardwood cabinetry, you will love the living style in your RV.

Also, the washroom formats on this camper are valuable, with independent latrine, sink, and shower choices.

There are sufficient storage areas like the main room closet and racking system.

Seneca 37TS

5. Jayco Melbourne

Jayco Melbourne Class C Motorhome

When you still haven’t made up your mind to choose the best class C diesel motorhome, then Melbourne is a great diesel camper you should look at.

While all diesel Class Cs at last expense a load of cash, the Jayco Melbourne has such a huge amount to offer, at a more attractive cost than most of the others.

The Melbourne Class C RV gloats all that you want for an agreeable experience, all in an RV that is intensely minimal and amusing to drive.


While this is in the budget RV camper, the inside of this motorhome is absolutely dazzling.

Cabinetry is dispersed all through, with wood grain texture and light marble ledges further featuring the hardwood’s design.

There are three exceptional floor designs, everyone taking into account various choices. Melbourne is the best blend of craftsmanship, worth, and drivability.

Melbourne is based on the expertly designed and eco-friendly Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, making for a noteworthy vehicle from start to finish.

When you look at Melbourne’s 24L floor plan, you will get a king bed and a close-bended dinette. T

he 24R is another choice to go with that has a sofa that proselytes into a bed when it comes time to rest.

Given this is a Class C on a careful spending plan, diesel generators and solar hookups won’t come standard.

Nonetheless, there are numerous standard elements of note, for example, electric stabilizer jacks, dark out shades, and a TV in the living region.

You’ll have Jayco’s awesome guarantee choices backing up your sturdy outside and amazing structure.

Jayco Melbourne 24L Floorplan

How to Find Best Diesel Class C RV?

To consider choosing the best diesel Class C RV, you have to be careful about a lot of things. The important points are

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1. Features

When you want to make a choice for your RV, always know which will be the standard elements found in a Class C RV and what more choices can you make with respect to these highlights, like inside and outside the plan and then some.

You will be able to get optional features like a tank heating framework for any colder time of year setting up camp, extra outside compartments for storage, and leveling jacks.

2. Length Of RV

The length of an RV is a critical aspect. The length prompts more inside residing space, and you might need to consider where you anticipate going anywhere in your coach.

A few campsites and RV locales have length cutoff points for every individual parking spot, and getting a big RV that is too long may mean something bad for you.

Assuming you anticipate boondocking and going far off, you might additionally experience length issues or spaces that you essentially can’t squeeze into.

3. Floorplan Options

The main thing to remember is what the floor plan highlights in the RV you are searching for. While there are endless and it might start to feel overpowering, figuring out what format may turn out best for your family is a decent spot to begin.

Diesel motor Class Cs are planned considering your necessities, including special arrangements for storage.

Assuming you are anticipating living in your Class C RV full time, you should watch out for floorplans that loan well to your needs.

4. Diesel Tank Size

Picking an RV with a nicely measured gas tank is a significant thought, particularly for a diesel RV.

Assuming you are arranging a long journey or one with continuous stops, a bigger fuel tank might hold importance with you. While the gas tank limit isn’t something that you can transform, it could be something to observe before you make the right choice.

5. Budget

You must think about your financial plan prior to plunging into your RV shopping.

Running in cost, diesel motor Class Cs are the most costly RVs available, which is why buying a Class C can be a major responsibility, particularly when you consider their resale value staying high. Remember your financial plan when you are making an optional package choice with these RVs.


This was discussed on the best Class C diesel motorhomes in which we have listed the top RV campers with diesel engines.

Each of these class C RV is luxurious and has its worth for the money.

For more details, you can see our FAQ section.


Who makes the highest quality class C motorhome?

Following are some highest quality class C motorhomes brands

  • Winnebago
  • Jayco
  • Coach House
  • Thor Motor Coach.
  • Coachmen
  • Tiffin Wayfarer
  • Forest River Sunseeker.
  • Dynamax Isata

What are the top 5 diesel motorhomes?
  • Tiffin Allegro Bus Motorhome.
  • Winnebago Forza 34T.
  • Newmar Ventana 4369.
  • Newmar Dutch Star 4369.
  • Tiffin Allegro Breeze 31 BR.

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