8 Ultra Lightweight Campers Under 2000 lbs

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Travel trailers are of different types, and it’s up to you to choose a type of travel trailer to match your camping needs. There are various campers and trailer options that allow you to fulfill your needs with the exquisite features that they provide, but a little bit of a problem that most users face is the towing limit of their vehicle.

In case your vehicle isn’t powerful enough, and you want a camper under 2000 lbs of weight, then this article is for you.

We have made a list of the best travel trailers under 2000 lbs which includes all of the best options that vary with different specifications and weights.

You can make a selection for your best choice from our review to choose the travel trailer under 2000 lbs that your vehicle can tow easily.

Now we move to the list of travel trailers under 2000 lbs that will be useful for your SUV if it has a less towing capacity.

Name Weight (Pounds)
Jayco Hummingbird 1,545 lbs
Happier Camper HC1 1,100 lbs
Riverside Retro 1,900 lbs
Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 1,252 lbs
Taxa Tiger Moth 1,310 lbs
Scamp 13′ 1,500 lbs
Forest River E-Pro E15TB 1,980 lbs
Palomino PaloMini 1,800 lbs

Jayco Hummingbird ReviewJayco Hummingbird
Happier Camper HC1Happier Camper HC1
Riverside Retro Travel TrailerRiverside Retro
Forest-River-Flagstaff-EPro-E12RK-FFL059Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro
Taxa TigerMothTaxa Tiger Moth
Scamp 13Scamp 13′
Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TBForest River E-Pro E15TB
Palomino PaloMini 177BH 2015 Travel TrailerPalomino PaloMini

What are the Best Campers under 2000 lbs?

1. Jayco Hummingbird

Jayco Hummingbird Review

Jayco provides an amazing lineup of travel trailers that come in all types of categories. One of them is Hummingbird that is a very lightweight trailer coming under only 2000 pounds of weight, making it the ideal choice to tow with your vehicle.

This makes an unimaginable showing of living space in an extraordinarily low-weight territory with their Hummingbird campers.

These ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds are accessible in five distinctive floor plans. The bigger floor plans are a bit over our 2,000 lbs cap, yet they’re totally worth focusing on.

The hummingbird models that come with slide-outs are famously weighty, yet, Jayco oversees three different plans with pop-outs that you can consider getting for yourself.

There is additional room to offer full dry showers, a committed sleeping space, huge wardrobes, and roomy kitchens.

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It’s really difficult to envision how Jayco squeezes all that into a super lightweight camper. In case you’re searching for all the common luxuries of full-size campers at an ultra-lightweight, the Jayco Hummingbird truly nails it.

Jayco Hummingbird 10RK Floorplan

Key Specifications

Weight 1,545 – 2,015 pounds
Length 13 feet – 20 feet
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • A lot of living space inside
  • Range of inside choices
  • Optional pop-outs and slide-outs
  • Best for camping
  • Additional features increase weight
  • Limited floorplans

2. Happier Camper HC1

Happier Camper HC1

The Happier Camper HC1 has stayed among the best choices of the customers who used this travel trailer. This is a small trailer having 13 ft in length and 1100 pounds in weight. This is the extremely lightweight trailer to tow with your vehicle that comes under 2000 lbs.

This little camper trailer has a lot to offer with regards to the inside, as you’re just restricted by your creative mind. There is a completely adaptable floorplan choice on the inside from which you can choose what you want to add and what not.

It has innovative Adaptiv technology that makes this super lightweight travel trailer under 2,000 pounds endlessly adjustable. You can pick between a few choices of furniture pieces to make your own remarkable design.

Fitting together like lego blocks, the modules can, without much of a stretch, be adjusted, rearranged, and surprisingly removed from the camper to be utilized outside when you want to enjoy a bright day.

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Having the option to transform the outside into usable living space is an enormous advantage for a little camper.

Happier Camper HC1 Colors

Key Specifications

Length 13 feet
Dry weight 1,100 pounds
  • 100% fibreglass twofold body shell
  • Adjustable design
  • Striking, bent outline
  • Very lightweight and fuel-efficient
  • Limited length

3. Riverside Retro

Riverside Retro Travel Trailer

Riverside Retro is the next best trailer that you would want to consider under 2000 pounds of weight. With its checkered floor, splendid shadings, and birchwood furniture, the riverside retro is unquestionably satisfying.

It has 18 distinct floorplans to look over, 2 of which are really under 2,000 pounds: the Retro 155XL and the Retro 509 Jr, which means you’ll have something among the pack which takes after the design you had as a primary concern.

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It is equipped with lots of features, and you’ll observe this camper to be truly sturdy, highlights enriched, and expandable. It has the inside feel enlivened by the retro American feeling, yet additionally has all the necessities that you want with a lightweight camper.

A 15,000 BTU AC, USB charging ports, solar energy controlled prep, electric jacks, rooftop vents with rain sensors, and a 14-inch overhang are only a portion of the reasons you ought to consider this great camper.

Riverside Retro Floorplan

  • Aluminum confine structure
  • 15 amp solar panel
  • 6.0 Cubic foot fridge
  • 18 distinctive floor plans
  • 16,000/20,000 BTU Furnace
  • Weight can increase with additional features

4. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro


The Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro is a travel trailer that would suit well with your needs and requirements because of its lightweight body and floorplan.

It is one of the best travel trailers under 2000 lbs in case you need something where you don’t have more than 10 floorplans to browse.

These are largely adequately light to be towable and make this trailer best for your needs. Just one of its seven floorplans is really more than 3,000 pounds in dry weight, which means you get a camper that is really simple to tow and can, in any case, keep its roomy interior to fit a lot of family members in one place.

The highlights of this trailer incorporate a strong Aluminum structure combined with vacuum covered rooftop and dividers with a fiberglass cap. This is one of the reasonable trailers with a fiberglass cap at its cost range.

Step on the inside, and you’ll see that it astonishes you with the vast majority of the stuff you’d expect to say the least. Loads of capacity, which is particularly essential in more modest campers, murphy beds, Wi-Fi range extenders, and an advanced design, are only a portion of these.

Forest River E-Pro 12RK


  • Outside speaker
  • Nitro filled outspread tires
  • Recessed cooktop with flush mount cover
  • Tinted fortified frameless windows
  • 20,000 BTU heater
  • 7 diverse floor plans accessible
  • Repairs and additional items can be costly.

5. Taxa Tiger Moth

Taxa TigerMoth

Another option that we have in the list of travel trailers under 2000 lbs is the Taxa Tiger moth. This is a trailer designed to handle the toughest of experiences.

In case you’re hoping to drop down the street in a 2,000 lb rough terrain camper, tackle some genuine slopes or travel far-off places and off the network, the Tiger Moth is actually the trailer you’re searching for.

This trailer totally reconsiders what campers under 2,000 lbs can do. Progressive trapdoors and front doors open and unfurl to make living space apparently out of nowhere.

There is also a folding kitchen and overhang given as an absolutely utilitarian and beautiful cooking space.

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You can feel the beauty of nature from the sides of this camper’s living space that will set up your mood, hoping to get very close to the outside. There is a discretionary mosquito mesh and screen blocks that can allow you to keep protected from the outside environment.

The real inside space of this unit is generally committed to living, resting, and storing. There is additionally a choice to add a roof tent, changing this from a 2-man over to a 4-man sleeper.

For a little profile and weight, serenely helping 4 grown-ups to sleep beautifully in a sound environment.

Taxa Tiger Moth

Key Specifications

Dry weight 1,360 pounds
Length 12 feet
  • Maximized usable open air space
  • Ultra-tough outside
  • Rests up to 4 grown-ups
  • Large lookout windows on sides
  • Small living space

6. Scamp 13′

Scamp 13

Scamp trailers are famous for lightweight trailers as all of them are meant to be small, and they don’t weigh much. The Scamp 13 is also one of the trailers by the company that offers necessary features packed in a small camper that you can get under 2000 lbs.

Their streamlined, vintage outsides have shot them up with positions of prominence. The 13′ camper, the littlest of their armada, by one way or another squeezes everything inside them in one place, making it outstanding amongst other ultra-lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds.

The two fundamental designs of this trailer are generally something similar, with a kitchenette, a storeroom, and an enormous convertible dinette/resting region.

The formats vary with the purchaser’s decision between a wet shower or a sofa that can be converted easily.

In general, the Scamp is an incredible 2,000 lb camper for travelers needing an exemplary camper at a somewhat more limited size.

Scamp 13 Floorplan

Key Specifications

Length 13 feet
Dry weight 1,200 – 1,500 pounds
  • Vintage
  • Smart design
  • Fuel efficient
  • Less repair cost
  • The interior design is not the best.

7. Forest River E-Pro E15TB

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TB

Forest River’s E-Pro is a travel trailer that was planned to fulfill and satisfy the needs of a user under 2,000 pounds of weight, making it a suitable option to tow with almost any SUV easily. It was planned explicitly for individuals without uncompromising towing trucks.

With more than 15 distinctive floor plans, you have got to make the selection for the best features that you want in your trailer. While over our 2,000 lbs, there are toy hauler E-Pro models, ideal for individuals hoping to take some genuine stuff alongside them for camping.

Forest River additionally offers extra features with the E-Pro that remove the standard components and change them with what you want to have for additional charges. That implies each E-Pro camper accompanies advantageous options like WIFI boost and a rooftop mounted satellite dish or even solar panels.

As they have many floorplan options, you’ll notice an immense scope of usefulness in each one of them. These floor plans are changed with the customer’s demand and design as they are absolutely reevaluated and organized.

Regardless of whether you need an enormous living space, a comfortable, private room, or a space with a bunkhouse, you’ll find an E-Pro ideal for your necessities.

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15TB Floorplan

Key Specifications

Length 11′ 4″ – 21′ 1″
Weight 1,252 – 3,513 pounds
  • Good living space area
  • Many floorplans
  • Optional features
  • Luxury highlights
  • Additional features cost extra
  • Additional features increase weight

8. Palomino PaloMini

Palomino PaloMini 177BH 2015 Travel Trailer

You might not hear of it, or you may be hearing about it for the first time; the Palomino PaloMini is an attractive and lightweight trailer coming under only 2000 lbs of weight that will definitely catch your interest.

Wearing something like a 16 feet length and having a resting limit of 3 individuals and as yet holding the dry load under 2,000 pounds makes the PaloMini an amazing travel trailer. Assuming you need a good sleeping space, then it has got the space for you.

It has some smooth looks and super-tough material body construction to the side. One of its floorplans has a toy hauler, so you can stack your bicycles and whatever else you need on it. Inside you’ll see the full degree of features added into this trailer by adding more extra room.

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You get a regular-sized cooler, lofts, 13,500 BTU system, and additional space to provide you with endless capacities for your work.

Palomino PaloMini Floorplan

  • 13,500 BTU rooftop climate control system
  • Fully-walkable rooftops
  • Residential-style cupboards
  • 10 distinctive floor plans accessible
  • Pillowtop adaptive padding sleeping cushion
  • Hard to find repairs
  • It is hard to maintain

We would like to explain some factors that you should consider before choosing a travel trailer under 2000 lbs.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Camper under 2000 lbs

Following are the factors to consider prior to choosing a trailer with less than 2000 lbs of weight.

1. Size

You’ll have to choose which travel trailer is best for you under 2000 lbs and the size it has. Make a point to pick a trailer that your vehicle or truck can pull. You would prefer not to buy a trailer that is too heavy to even consider towing.

2. Storage Space

While you shouldn’t overpack your trailer, extra room helps keep you coordinated and lets you rest pretty well without disturbance. You can store your equipment and luggage in certain places. It’s important to consider its storage space when purchasing a travel trailer.

3. Check For Any Damage Before Buying

When you are buying a travel trailer, especially a used one, always check for the damages that are caused to the body of that trailer. You can walk the floor and corners with exposed feet. It is an incredible method to check for problems.

Try to actually look at the cupboards, bathroom area, and other regions for the damage.

4. Check Mechanically

It’s additionally significant that all mechanical parts should be properly working, and you need to ensure that the travel trailer you are getting is perfectly safe and will match the environment in which you are going to use it.

5. Choose a Suitable Trailer

Choose a travel trailer that has less weight and is suitable for your family’s needs, and also matches the towing capacity of your SUV. Otherwise, it won’t be any good to buy a heavy travel trailer and then regret it later because you won’t be able to pull it along if your vehicle isn’t powerful enough.

6. Check Interior Features

You should also check for the features that you are getting with that lightweight travel trailer. As you and your family are going to be spending most of the time in it, it is important that you check for all the necessities that are required should be present in the trailer.

7. Match It With Your SUV

Ensure your vehicle or SUV is capable of towing the weight of the trailer that you are getting. There are various options; some may have low weight, and some can exceed the towing capacity of your vehicle, which can be a problem if you don’t look at it in depth.

8. Repair and Maintenance

It’s important to keep repairs and maintenance of a travel trailer in mind as some can have really expensive parts and aftermarket services.


This was a discussion about the best travel trailers under 2000 lbs. We discussed the best models of today’s choice that you can get for your family with all the necessary features.


Which are the best campers under 2000 lbs?

There are various options accessible if you want a camper with a weight of fewer than 2000 lbs.

  • Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro
  • Palomino Palomini
  • Jayco Hummingbird
  • Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro

What is the best quality lightweight travel trailer?

Some of the best quality lightweight trailers in the market are,

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