7 Excellent Front Kitchen Travel Trailer Floor Plans

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The kitchen is a necessary feature in a travel trailer that allows you and your family to make and enjoy great suppers when you are off somewhere deep into your journey.

Camping becomes more fun when you are equipped with the necessary luggage and equipment all fit into your RV camper.

A travel trailer having a kitchen would be a great choice to consider for long weekend trips. And a travel trailer with a front kitchen would be an even better choice because of more room space and exquisite layout.

In case you want to read about the best front kitchen travel trailers, then this is the ideal place to start your search.

We have listed the best front kitchen travel trailers, and we have also explained their features and usefulness alongside everything that is present in these trailers and made available for the customers.

Here are the travel trailers with the front kitchen.

Name Weight
Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FKS 720 lbs
Dutchmen RV Kodiak Ultimate 2921FKDS 6,502 lbs
Jayco White Hawk 25FK 5,720 lbs
Livin Lite Camplite CL11FK 2,430 lbs
Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 26FKBS 6,836 lbs
Crossroads RV Sunset Trail SS257FK 5,558 lbs
Starcraft Autumn Ridge 336FKSA 8,274 lbs

Forest River Flagstaff Micro LiteForest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FKS
Dutchmen RV Kodiak UltimateDutchmen RV Kodiak Ultimate 2921FKDS
Jayco White Hawk ReviewJayco White Hawk 25FK
Livin’ Lite CampliteLivin Lite Camplite CL11FK
Forest River Flagstaff Classic Super LiteForest River Flagstaff Super Lite 26FKBS
Crossroads RV Sunset Trail SS257FKCrossroads RV Sunset Trail SS257FK
Starcraft Autumn Ridge RVStarcraft Autumn Ridge 336FKSA

What are the Best Front Kitchen Travel Trailers?

1. Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FKS

Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite

The Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FKS is our first recommendation because it is a travel trailer with a front kitchen that has a lot of reasons to be loved for.

To start with, it has an exceptionally extensive kitchen for a trailer. Most travel trailers don’t have an extensive kitchen.

So the way that this one has an open kitchen improves it more than most travel trailers out there. Other than this, it also comes in numerous floorplans which provide a different layout.

The best Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite front kitchen model is the 25FKS model. It is improbable that one of these camper’s many floor plan choices won’t intrigue you.

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Most travel trailers just have seven or fewer floor plan choices. Conversely, this one has seventeen-story plan choices. This means there are plentiful choices for you to consider.


It is a lightweight travel trailer, and it is accessible in seventeen unique adaptations of floorplans. None of the seventeen variants weighs in excess of 5,500 pounds.

Interestingly, most travel trailers weigh somewhere in the range of 8,000 and 12,000 pounds.

So assuming you need a lightweight front kitchen travel trailer, you ought to firmly think about this Forest River camper. Ultimately, it is an element-rich travel trailer.

Most lightweight travel trailers don’t have many highlights. Interestingly, this one has many highlights and conveniences.

Its elements and conveniences incorporate a back camera, a sizeable fridge, various hardwood cupboards, solid fiberglass dividers, a sturdy aluminum structure, a solid air BTU system, and an excellent advanced shade for outside recreation.

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Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FKS

2. Dutchmen RV Kodiak Ultimate 2921FKDS

Dutchmen RV Kodiak Ultimate

This Dutchmen RV Kodiak series is the ultimate travel trailer for your long trips. The 2921FKDS is a floorplan model with a front kitchen, giving an astonishing feel that is exceptionally smooth and agreeable.

You can spruce up in a stroll through the restroom in the morning, and then you can also make use of the kitchen to make your breakfast. The kitchen is also very roomy.

Talking about breakfast, after you have arranged it or your friend has set it up, you can take it to a corner dinette with your friend.

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There are theatrical seats, and you will have a lot of room to store your things, your utensils, and all the other things before you leave since it has numerous capacity regions.


A most exceptional aspect of this Kodiak Ultimate model is its touchscreen working framework. The framework permits you to screen and control the vast majority of its highlights utilizing the RV’s control tablet.

You will also have a lot of room to store your dry products since it has all-around situated storeroom racks.

All Kodiak Ultimate models, including this model, have aluminum outlines, protected sidewalls, warmed floors, and a chimney. They are campers you can use to go in any season.

In case your food things need cold stockpiling, you can store them in this current camper’s big 10 cubic foot fridge.

It additionally permits you to control the RV utilizing its integral cell phone application.

All in all, it will help to handle the greater part of this current camper’s elements while unwinding outside under its awning or resting in its extra-large bed.

Dutchmen Kodiak Ultimate 2921FKDS

3. Jayco White Hawk 25FK

Jayco White Hawk Review

The White Hawk travel trailer by Jayco is a great travel trailer with exceptional floorplans.

You can easily get a front kitchen with the White Hawk 25FK, which is an amazing layout giving an equal space for everyone to live comfortably on the inside.

This travel trailer gives a sleeping space to 4 to 9 individuals based on the floor plan you choose.

Regardless of whether it’s simply your group of 4, you have a lot of choices to go with while choosing this trailer.


From LED lighting to the 13,500 BTU climate control system and the 39-inch LED TVs to the auto-start heater, White Hawk will cause you to feel totally comfortable.

In case you actually wish for additional features, there are choices to make this RV agreeable. Also, you have the choice of a kitchen lookout window with a shade, strong surface kitchen ledges, one more forced air system with a similar 13,500 BTU, and some more.

It comes with 13 diverse, accessible floor plans, LED lighting all through, Aerodynamic, adjusted front profile with front diamond plate, and more.

It’s nothing unexpected that such countless individuals love the White Hawk and have prescribed it to other people.

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You will find a plywood dinette, bunk, and bed bases along with the option for a kitchen bay window with shades and a 34″ shower with a strong-walled area.

Jayco White Hawk 25FK Floorplans

4. Livin Lite Camplite CL11FK

Livin’ Lite Camplite

The next option to consider as the best front kitchen travel trailer should be Livin Lite Camplite Travel Trailer.

This is a choice because the CL11FK model in this series of travel trailers is the lightest front kitchen camper on the planet. The camper is accessible in fourteen variants.

The best front kitchen adaptation is the CL11FK model. This is on the grounds that its front kitchen is roomy and impeccably situated close to the living region.

So assuming you need to go with your accomplice or potentially kids, it is an incredible choice.


Notwithstanding being lightweight, this camper has a decent dozing limit and a roomy region for sitting on account of a strong slide-out.

The outside plan of this movement trailer is extremely amazing. It includes an engaging, streamlined plan. This floorplan is extremely lightweight, which means it will not influence the gas mileage of your towing truck or SUV.

The inside plan is similarly amazing. It is extensive and highlights delightful strong wood cupboards, splendid LED lighting, alluring furnishings, simple to-clean vinyl flooring, and a quality bed.

The trailer has strong surface kitchen ledges, aluminum tank sections, a wonderful sewed blanket, a powered canopy, and a 24-inch current TV.

Livin Lite Camplite CL11FK

5. Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 26FKBS

Forest River Flagstaff Classic Super Lite

Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite is another travel trailer with the best front kitchen by Forest River.

This camper trailer is equipped with a large number of elements and features that provide sufficient space and living style comfort on the inside to its users.

It has a large number of elements, and it is extensively unique. There are some floorplans that you can get with this model series, but each of them will have a separate layout.


There are sixteen floorplan choices for this camper, and the 26FKBS has the best front kitchen floorplan that you would want.

This trailer is, for the most part, open. It has an open living region and an open kitchen. The way that this camper has every one of the standard elements and numerous extra elements is the motivation behind why people would love it.

Its elements incorporate a kitchen, a climate control system, a sink, ledges, a cooler, a bicycle rack, a living region, a smoke alarm, drawers with metal aides, resting regions, a full washroom, vaulted roofs, and security highlights.

Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 26FKBS

6. Crossroads RV Sunset Trail SS257FK

Crossroads RV Sunset Trail SS257FK

Assuming that you want a travel trailer with a front kitchen but also a roomy interior, then the RV Sunset Trail SS257FK is a model by Crossroads RV which provides amazing inside features.

The kitchen is additionally extensive, and it has a huge ledge for food planning, and three storage rooms for keeping food items, snacks, and tools.

There are also cupboards for putting away dishware and cookware.


There is more to talk about the features of the Sunset Trail Travel Trailer.

This CrossRoads RV travel trailer has an extensive restroom close to the back with all that you want to tidy up and get fresh using the latrine.

At the rear of this camper, there is a private room that includes an extra-large bed for yourself as well as your spouse.

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The room incorporates closets and capacity regions. This room, notwithstanding the other dozing spaces in this trailer, can easily oblige six individuals. Its living region and its kitchen are especially extensive.

The living region includes a foldable couch and an XL size dinette that will seat five individuals and can be changed over into an open resting space.

It tends to extend the space through the big slide-out on one of its dividers.

Directly close to the kitchen, there is a huge 12 cubic foot fridge for putting away extra items. So assuming you get this trailer to go with your family, you will have adequate room to store sufficient food and snacks and to get ready, warm suppers for everybody.

One thing your family will like a ton about this movement trailer is the way that it has a 30,000 BTU heater, an amazing AC, a lockable private room entryway, and more,

You will get an HDMI/Bluetooth sound system, solid section steps, slide windows, a 32-inch LCD TV, a trifold couch, a pet area, and a shoe cubby.

In case you get this trailer, you will admit that the company hasn’t compromised on the quality when building this trailer.

Crossroads RV Sunset Trail SS257FK

7. Starcraft Autumn Ridge 336FKSA

Starcraft Autumn Ridge RV

The Starcraft Autumn Ridge travel trailer with the 336FKSA model has got all that you really want for an advantage and is open to setting up camp.

You will get a front kitchen with a travel trailer, and you will also enjoy the gigantic slide-out that is available with it as a basic feature.

This trailer’s kitchen is situated in front, just like the case with every one of the trailers.


The living region has a diversion community and a storage region with a parlor seat that is exceptionally comfortable. Inverse to the parlor seat, there is a dinette and a slide-out couch.

So in case you have visitors or you are going with youngsters, they can unwind serenely on the couch and the dinette during the day, and the couch and the dinette can be changed over into sleeping beds.

The kitchen includes a storage room, a huge ledge, a broiler, a twofold sink, a microwave, a 3-burner cooktop, and a fridge.

It is great and prepared for setting up a supper. You, without a doubt, need the right utensils and fixings. There are various capacity cupboards in the kitchen and around it for putting away dishes and different things.

This front kitchen comes has a private room in the back with a major expert bed and agreeable private bedding. It has overhead cupboards and a total closet.

Close to the room, there is a completely utilitarian washroom. It has a corner shower, a material storage region, a latrine, a sink, and a medication cabinet.

Starcraft Autumn Ridge 336FKSA

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This was a discussion on Best Front Kitchen Travel Trailers and we have listed the top features of each of these trailers to explain everything about them with their comfort and luxury.


Which travel trailers do have a front kitchen in the floorplan?

Following are some of the travel trailers with front kitchen floorplans.

  • Jayco White Hawk
  • Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite
  • Keystone RV Hideout
  • Livin Lite Camplite
  • Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite

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