When is the Best Time of the Year to Buy an RV?

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Is purchasing an RV your long pending dream? Are you looking for help that can guide you through buying an RV at a reasonable price? Are you willing to know what is the best time of the year to buy an RV?

If you have answered yes, this is a perfect piece post for you.

Everyone wants to get the best possible deal when buying something, and it becomes even more crucial when you are thinking about making a considerably big investment.

The same thing happens when you are going to buy an RV to fulfill your long-pending dream of exploring your favorite areas of the country, camping with your family, and experiencing the RV lifestyle.

Although the RV market is full of jaw-dropping options to choose from, you have to look at your budget as well. There are multiple aspects that you have to consider first. If you have a tight budget, you cannot overlook these factors as they can save you thousands of your hard-earned bucks.

Before you go into the RV market to buy an RV, you must ask yourself,

  • What type of RV will be perfect for my traveling needs?
  • How to choose the best option in my limited budget?
  • And the most important one, which is the best time of the year to buy an RV?

These are the most vital questions that you should ask yourself that will help you to get an absolutely perfect RV and save a lot of money.

The best time of the year to buy an RV is fall and winter. This is because people don’t usually travel due to weather conditions. Moreover, RV dealerships want to save their winterizing cost as well.

In this piece of article, I will discuss everything about the best time of the year to buy an RV, which will help you save thousands of bucks.

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So, let’s get started!

Make a Budget Plan First

Before we move to the best time of the year to buy an RV section, the very first and essential factor is financial planning. Since even though you want to buy a small travel trailer, it requires a big investment.

So, it is an outstanding idea to create a budget plan in your mind before considering buying a travel trailer.

You can consult with a financial advisor and help you dial in your maximum payment to start the preapproval process. This means you will be able to trigger the right spot as soon as the right recreational vehicle appears.

However, most lenders require you to pay a basic percentage, so you should also create a considerable down payment plan.

Best Time of the Year to Buy an RV

Since buying a motorhome or RV means you are going to shell out a considerable amount of money, you have to prepare yourself by doing thorough research to find out the best time.

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Here are some examples of the best time of the year to buy an RV.

1. RV Shopping During RV Trade Shows

RV Trade Shows

You can easily find out where the next RV trade show will happen and when. This is one of the best times to buy an RV by striking the best possible deal on new RVs. The RV dealers don’t only attend these shows to just display their brand new RVs but also to sell them multiple units at a time by offering remarkable discounts.

Another reason why dealerships at these RV trades shows are willing to sell their brand new recreational vehicles even at the lowest costs is they don’t want to drive these vehicles back to their showrooms so that they can save the transportation cost.

However, it doesn’t mean that you just attend an RV trade show and buy a motorhome for yourself on your very first day. You should utilize this opportunity wisely by looking around for a few days, discussing your requirements with other people attending the show, and gaining as much information as you can about RV models.

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After that, you should create a list of all the RV models that you think would be the best options for you. Finally, on the final day of the RV trade show, when RV dealers are willing to reduce the prices and offer incentives, this is exactly the moment you were waiting for.

You must also pay attention to checking the manufacturer’s website to confirm the RV’s price with a “Show Sale” tag. In doing so, you’ll be able to know if the price is special or not.

RV trade shows are also great for striking a potential business deal. People from every industry love attending these shows to grow their networks and business. It would be best if you also interacted with vendors to discuss RVs.

They will provide you with accurate details regarding which RV is good and intended to last years, and which one you should avoid buying.

Check this page for the Upcoming RV Shows

2. RV Shopping at the End of the Sales Season

Another best example of the best time to buy an RV by striking a remarkable deal is at the end of the RV sales season. Just like any other automotive dealerships, RV dealerships also have a yearly work schedule.

They have reserved a sales quota to hit at the end of each year.

It is the best time to buy an RV because dealerships are willing to offer discounts and incentives to close their sales cycle at a high point. In most, if not all, areas of the United States, RV season closes at the middle or nearly end of the fall season.

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So, you will have an opportunity to pouch a great deal before the cold temperatures settle in.

3. RV Shopping When the Fall Season Starts

Since not all the RVs are manufactured for all weathers and don’t have high scale value, many RV owners are looking for ways to sell their old RV because they either want to buy a new one or want to retire from RVing.

If you have good negotiating skills and have enough knowledge about RVs, chances are you will save a few thousand bucks.

However, one of the best locations to shop for an RV form is storage facilities. RV owners want to get rid of their recreational vehicles when the winter season is closing because they find it hard to pay the expense they are paying for the recreational vehicle they rarely use.

4. RV Shopping Prior to the New Models Release

The majority of RV manufacturers release their new products in the spring season. So, before they release their new models, they are willing to clear out the old stock first to make sure new models get a clear way.

This is why I suggest you pay a visit to a local dealership and bargain to get a steep discount on the RV you are dreaming of owning.

So, technically you should consider buying an RV when winters are preparing to settle in. However, this is among the best times to buy an RV for those who wouldn’t mind having an older model.

The majority of people want to get their hands on the latest models in order to maintain their status quo. They cannot even imagine buying an older RV model.

But, you shouldn’t worry about it as there will be not much of a difference between an older and a just-released RV model – except for the cosmetics and a few minor changes in the RV interior.

5. RV Shopping During the Mid Winters

All the RV manufacturers struggle to maintain their sales during the winter season since the sale of recreational vehicles drop significantly. So, this will be an opportunity for you to negotiate and strike a deal with an RV dealership by paying a visit to an RV showroom.

In the middle of the winter season, salespeople keep looking for ways to boost their sales even if they require to offer a massive discount that otherwise they cannot even think about.

However, on the opposite, this whole thing will be changed when the weather starts warming up. The same RV dealership where you were treated like a VIP in the winter season will ask you to stand in the queue and wait because you want to talk to the salesperson.

The bottom line is, to grab the opportunity when the dealerships are desperately looking to boost their sale.

6. RV Shopping When the Fuel Prices are High

Now, most of you might be surprised to see this on the list. You might be wondering about how it could be the best time to buy an RV? What’s the point. Well, people who ever had an RV know what it means to tow an RV behind their tow vehicle and how much fuel it consumes.

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During such circumstances, people who cannot afford fuel prices are willing to sell their RVs to get rid of them. However, they are used RVs, but if you put in a bit more effort, you will find various RVs in pretty good condition that are well-maintained and just a few years old.

Moreover, remember that time is key. If you plan early, there is a high chance that you will get the best unit.

Additionally, even if the fuel prices are high, the extra cost that you pay for an overnight stay in a hotel or at a B&B will never surpass the expenses.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of the fact whether you are willing to buy a small or an enormous recreational vehicle to explore the attractions all across the country, it requires a big investment. They are luxurious and offer all the amenities even when you are dry camping or boondocking.

However, to enjoy all these luxuries and amenities and to experience the RV lifestyle, you have to invest big time first. However, there are opportunities that let you save thousands of dollars when buying an RV.

Before making an investment, you should consider the time to determine whether you can enjoy the huge discounts offered by RV dealerships. Above I have explained in detail what is the best time of the year to buy an RV.

Considering any of the above ways means you are going to save big. However, it is also vital to have good negotiation skills and knowledge about RVs, so that you can get the best possible RV for the best possible price.


What time is best to buy a Travel Trailer?

Ideally, the winter season is the best time of the year to buy a Travel Trailer. Moreover, the fall season is also great. However, you should avoid buying a Travel Trailer during the summer and spring seasons as they are considered the worst ones to buy a Travel Trailer.

Where can I find the best RV at the best price?

If you are going to buy an RV, you should search thoroughly about RV trade shows. They happened every year, and there you will find the best brand new RVs at a reasonable cost. Moreover, when attending an RV trade show, you should wait until the last day before making any move.

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